Why Hector Bellerin WILL NOT be leaving Arsenal

There have been numerous transfer rumours lately saying that the Spanish giants Barcelona are interested in bringing our newest young Academy star Hector Bellerin back to La Liga as a replacement for the departing Danni Alves, but in his latest interview (with Marca), the 20 year-old has revealed he was pleased to leave the Catalan capital.

“I got the chance and I took it,” Bellerin said. “Wherever you are, you have to work. If I’d stayed at Barcelona, I don’t know if I’d have made it to the elite, you just never know.

“I’ve worked as hard as I could and always had the mentality of reaching the top. Whether I was in one place or another, I’d have done the same.”

Bellerin also believes that the Premier League is one of the best in the world, but he only quotes three Spanish teams of being in the same bracket.

“A lot of people in Spain watch Premier League games and know what kind of a league it is. It would be madness to say that it isn’t among the best leagues in the world,” he continued.

“The Spanish league is also at a very high level, with Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico. In the Champions League maybe we should have done things better. Perhaps we underestimated Monaco.”

That doesn’t sound like a player that wants to return to his hometown club, like Cesc Fabregas did all those years ago. Bellerin has now become a regular in the Gunners first team, playing 19 games so far this season, and has recently signed a new long term contract.

We can all safely assume he will be a Arsenal player for the forseeable future….

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  1. BELLERIN Is a gooner for life! Top quality and upcoming Spanish right back… Btw he can play @ LB, lets hope he doesn’t become another Fabregas!!

    1. He wont become another Fabregas. When Fab left, the times were difficult at Arsenal. We were very thin financially, the players around us were leaving one by one and no world class singing was happening and the sight of a trophy win was hazy and foggy. But now we are able to sign 50mil players, world class players , have a debt free world class stadium, won FA cup last year, might win this year and might win the PL next year too. We are gradually becoming top destination for world class players. If Barca come calling we are now in a much better position to hold them off.

  2. So which is true? L’Equipe says Bellerin already signed a 4 years deal. If I remember this was also said on this very site.

  3. Hector is a good player, but I think it’s too early to judge if he will be leaving or staying….. Let’s talk about Saturday’s match.

  4. i heard he signed a 2 years extension to his last contract which runs up till 2017 which makes it right 4 years!!

  5. Bellerin knows that he has a future here.
    Debuchy is getting older. He is still quality though

    Bellerin knows if he goes to Barcelona that he won’t get anywhere near the playing time he would get.

    That said the only thing that worries me is that Spaniards seem to get more home sick then other players. But hopefully Bellerin will be happy playing in the best League in the world, good money and adoring fans.

    Barcelona fans won’t love him as much as GOONERS lol.

  6. Just read article about the top 10 worst signings of the year. We didn’t make the top 10 lol

    Guys like Ballotelli, Falcao, Di Maria, Rio Ferdinand, Gareth Barry, Lambert, etc.

    Arsenal signings have all been good
    Alexis and Ospina have been super
    Debuchy is better than Sagna
    Chambers is good but has time to improve
    Welbeck same but hero of the United match.

    I will always remember the United FA Cup match at OT.

    Hopefully come May: Arsenal 12-11 United

  7. Abou Diaby joins Debuchy, Mikel Arteta & Wilshere in a return to FULL training Hoping for an update on Ox & Welbeck today

    diaby always returns when he knows we could be looking for his replacement I hope he doesn’t get another contract doesn’t deserve it had enough

    1. Gnabry is also back & played for Germany u21’s on weekend, whilst Welbeck & Chamberlain almost fit . diaby our new signing is back

  8. for liverlool sturridge could be back, wasn’t he supposed to be out 4 a month. That month for Sturridge went quick . not wanting to play for his country but funny how he recovers in time for the Arsenal game

    1. Lol one of those mystery recoveries or they have better medical staff then us. Maybe Witch doctor

      Seriously, I still see us winning with Sturridge and/or Ballotelli 😉

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