Why Henry Thierry is the Greatest Striker in Premier League History

Arsenal faced a unique challenge when deciding how best to honour Henry Thierry outside the Emirates Stadium: this French striker didn’t have a signature goal celebration or move; rather, his game displayed strength and versatility.

After considering various ideas, they decided to commemorate Thierry’s notable goal against Spurs during the 2002/03 season with a statue depicting him standing upright on his knees with fists clenched tightly like a boxer while showing the grace and elegance of a ballet dancer.

Today, this statue honours Thierry’s extraordinary career – which ended officially with his retirement announcement last Tuesday – which has received wide acclaim and respect – it truly deserves them as Thierry is unquestionably one of the greatest strikers to ever grace the Premier League.

Thierry became the embodiment of Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal dynasty during its peak. Thierry stood as their most formidable player when the North London club was unbeatable. Thierry remains a genuine Arsenal and Premier League icon in an era where the Gunners are searching for new legends.

“What sets him apart?” Wenger once mused, as reported on Arsenal.com. “He possesses a blend of physical prowess, technical skill, remarkable intelligence, and, above all, an immense passion for the game.” It’s debatable whether English football will ever witness a player as astute and gifted as Thierry again.

Before we try to answer this question, it’s worth noting that knowing more about the best players of Arsenal makes the viewing experience much better. It also plays a massive role in decision-making for fans who decide to place a bet on Arsenal matches.

Will there ever be again a player as gifted as Thierry?

Now, the question arises: who can challenge Thierry’s claim as the Premier League’s greatest striker? Thierry’s statue proudly stands outside the Emirates Stadium beside that of his former teammate, Dennis Bergkamp.

The “Non-Flying Dutchman” is arguably one of the most technically gifted players ever to don the Arsenal jersey. His famous goal against Newcastle showcased his remarkable attributes: anticipation, awareness, an extraordinary first touch, and composure in front of the goal.

However, despite his undeniable class, Bergkamp always seemed to be in the shadow of Thierry, especially considering they shared the pitch for nearly a decade. Thierry was undeniably Arsenal’s star player, even though Bergkamp was far too talented to merely play a supporting role.

Some may argue that Eric Cantona deserves recognition as the Premier League’s best striker, but Cantona falls short when we examine their goal-scoring records. He netted 64 goals in 143 appearances, while Thierry managed an impressive 174 goals in 254 appearances.

It’s undeniable that Cantona had a significant impact at Old Trafford, perhaps even surpassing Thierry’s influence at Arsenal. Cantona’s arrival at United marked the beginning of Sir Alex Ferguson’s successful era, but it’s crucial to acknowledge that Cantona lacked Thierry’s natural footballing ability.

As Thierry’s French national team teammate, Lilian Thuram, once stated, “He is a wizard with the ball at his feet and has the innate gift of scoring goals. His greatest strength lies in his speed while controlling the ball. He might be the fastest player ever to lace up a football boot. No defender in the world can keep pace with him.”

Even Thierry’s regrettable handball incident against the Republic of Ireland in 2009 should not mar his remarkable career, during which he earned nearly every accolade available in sports. While he received much acclaim with Barcelona and the New York Red Bulls after departing Arsenal, Thierry remains most widely revered in the Premier League.

Thierry was an influential force in English football, revolutionising perceptions of strikers in the Premier League. He demonstrated that their role entailed more than simply converting crosses in the six-yard box; he brought an artistic touch without diminishing effectiveness.

Thierry was often met with mixed responses during his career in England, yet should never be undervalued when considering his impact on the Premier League. Thierry wasn’t only one of its finest strikers but one of its most powerful.


Q1: When and where was Thierry Henry born?

A1: Thierry Henry was born on August 17, 1977, in Les Ulis, a suburb of Paris, France.

Q3: What clubs did Thierry Henry play for during his career?

A3: Thierry Henry played for several top clubs during his career, including AS Monaco, Juventus, Arsenal, Barcelona, New York Red Bulls, and a brief loan spell back at Arsenal.

Q4: What is Thierry Henry’s playing style known for?

A4: Henry was known for his pace, dribbling ability, clinical finishing, and intelligence on the field. He was particularly renowned for his ability to score goals and create opportunities for his teammates.

Q5: What are some of Thierry Henry’s career achievements?

A5: Thierry Henry’s career achievements include winning numerous league titles, domestic cups, and individual awards. Notable achievements include winning the Premier League with Arsenal, La Liga with Barcelona, and the FIFA World Cup with the French national team in 1998.

Q6: Did Thierry Henry win any individual awards during his career?

A6: Yes, Henry won several individual awards during his career, including the FIFA World Player of the Year, the Golden Shoe (awarded to the top goal scorer in European leagues), and multiple PFA Players’ Player of the Year awards in the Premier League.

Q7: What are some memorable moments or goals from Thierry Henry’s career?

A7: There are numerous memorable moments and goals from Thierry Henry’s career, including his stunning solo goal against Tottenham Hotspur, his record-breaking goal for Arsenal, and his performances in the 1998 FIFA World Cup. These moments have solidified his status as a football legend.



  1. Sliding on his knees with fist clenched and fully pumped up, he own this iconic celebration.

    I remember big Sam went on a rant claiming Arsenal is guarantee over twenty goals a season before a single ball is kick because of this legendary Frenchman.

  2. Can’t think of ibe negative thubg to say about this man _he was hyst the ultimate professional.

    But that Invincible squad had some wonderful players and I would rate Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieria as Henry’s equal, along with Sol Campbell at the back… what a fantastic experience it was to watch that group if players week in and week out – just sublime football.

    1. Can’t think of anything negative!!!
      He was just the ultimate professional!!!

      Wish I could say the same about my typing skills! /

  3. His leadership skills were underrated. I believe he really helped get the best out of his teammates and played an even more oversized role in the invincibles season than people realise for that reason.
    I think there have been better pure goalscorers in the EPL – Aguero and possibly shearer stick out to me – but none who could score 25+ goals consistently AND set up so many goals for their teammates as Thierry Henry. It’s why the “contest” between van nistelroy (who was also a great player) and Henry was never really a contest in my eyes – who cares if rvn scores one or two more goals in a season when Henry also gets 10+ assists?

    1. Wasn’t he a pure goalscorer with extra technical abilities? How were the others better, you didn’t clarify that.

      On TH14 he is probably the only complete player with extras I have ever seen. Power, skill, speed, accuracy you name it. Playing against him must have been a nightmare.

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