Why Higuain may not be the right striker for Arsenal?

The Higuain dilemma…

Hello fellow Gooners, I personally am not the pessimist kind and i just want to share my opinion as well as hear yours on this whole Higuain transfer matter. We all know he is a great striker and has been among the best in the world ever since he left River Plate but i noticed a small pattern with him that may be detrimental for him and us if he were to join Arsenal.

When he left River Plate for Real Madrid in 2006 he scored 10 goals in 44 appearances between then and the end of the 2008 season. I’m sure on a few occasions during this time he came on as a sub which may explain his low goal scoring rate. The following season however, he became the prolific striker we’ve known him to be but when he left the Los Blancos for Napoli in 2013, he scored 35 goals in 69 games between then and the end of the 2015 season which is decent and slightly better than Giroud’s average during that same time.

The following season of 2015-2016 he then went one to score a staggering 36 goals in 35 matches and bear in mind that all these stats are solely from La Liga BBVA and the Serie A.

Some of you may have already noticed this but this is my concern; every time he’s moved, it took him about two years to settle and start banging in goals for fun. ”IF” he follows this pattern and joins us that means he will potentially be 31 when he starts scoring prolifically for us with all other factors being constant. Very few strikers have played for a top club after 30-31 and been prolific; and i know that i can’t by any means predict exactly how his transfer will play out but i’m simply going by the numbers.

I, like most if not all of you can’t hide my excitement at the thought of Higuain joining us but i can’t help but prefer us to invest in a younger and talented striker who can do his best to have an impact now and grow even better in the next few years. Nothing guarantees us that Higuain will score even 20 goals for us next season; and if we are going to spend big on an established striker, might as well try our luck with Aubameyang or Lewandowski who have reached their form much quicker after moving.



  1. Since, we are ready to spend around 60 million mark on Higuain. Why not spend that amount of money on Aubameyang with 5-10 million here and there.

    1. we are not ready to spend 60 mill on anyone
      wenger offered 40 mill for luis suarez.
      LUIS S.U.A.R.E.Z
      40 goal a season record breaking worlds best striker

      theres the market valuation , an wengers valuation

      1. Wenger offered £40m to trigger suarez release clause. Remember that he had been banned for racial abuse, was part way through a ten match ban for biting, was reported to be fed up with the media attention in UK, was refusing to train with liverpool. He gave all the impressions of being deeply disturbed. At the time I thought our bid was a bit on the high side compared to what we had sold RVP for and RVP had just fired manu to the PL title.

        1. In hindsight 😀 if we had of offered £60m we would have won the title a few times since then

          1. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Assuming liverpool would have accepted a £60m bid from a rival, and that suarez had stayed with arsenal particularly after the subsequent biting incident then we perhaps would have won a PL title. Not so sure about a few titles, that is three titles so it would be three in a row.

    2. Aubameyang has actually had similar first season form issues. I’d say Morata & Icardi make most “Arsenal sense” for a big transfer fee outlay, as they have resale value & can afford a settling in period as time is on their side…….. but then again, we moved for Vardy.

  2. All of which is why AW won’t be paying anywhere near the valuation, and indeed probably hasn’t even shown any interest in the player.

    Media hype/silly season.

  3. Yawn**

    Tired of Higuain articles already as this is the third one today….


    1. Why don’t you prefer Suarez of Barcelona?? We have UCL football to offer him,Icardi is just like Sanogoal……

  4. I got your point but he’s now in that peak period for most players, and also he’s now fully aware of challenges that European football offers unlike when he just arrived at madrid.. with the influx of foreign managers in the bpl the style of playing is more continental than years gone by so he should hit the ground running as did aguero,costa and a few others.

  5. OT:

    Been hoping for an article on J.Toral to no avail, as Higuain has taken over for now, just like Vardy was dominating some few weeks ago….

    Anyway, I think Toral has Arsenal’s future and I like the way he has now been loaned to Spain,Granada….
    He has learnt the physicality and ruggedity of the EPL and now he will learn the technical side in Spain IMHO….

    Therefore am tipping him to replace Cazorla in 2years from now…

  6. Italian media are more unreliable than uk media. All these stories originate in italy. Thursday meeting to be held in london. Then surprise surprise, meeting is cancelled because details have leaked.

    More likely explaination is it is all fiction and meeting is a complete fabrication.

    Before euros there were no stories about giroud leaving. He has a good euros and now he is part of a swap deal for higuain.

    95% of these rumours are made up to fit the perceived facts or concerns of us fans. They are designed to get us to view the websites and increase advertising revenues.

  7. Sorry I still don’t think Higuain is anything special. Better than Giroud? sure. Not by a significant amount though.


  8. Arsenal fans are hard to please… Scratch that impossible to please. I bet y’all were moaning like mourinho when Giroud was wasting numerous chances upfront now u don’t want higuan … Geez! . By the way this rumor is as true as the benzema deal last season. Not happening.

  9. Not dissing Giroud but he’s never been prolific and we’ve stuck with him so why not give someone else who’s proven quality a try. I said it a few weeks back I’d love varane draxler and Higuain but God knows who we’ll actually get

  10. By Suarez, you mean Luis Suarez, Luis Suarez playing for Barca…??
    That is £100millions easy…!!
    First Barca will never sell and he will not down grade to Arsenal , that is just a fact…!

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