Why I am confident that Arsenal will beat West Ham in crucial Top 4 clash

With the Brentford v Man United game now postponed, this game against West Ham has become even more crucial for both Arsenal and Mikel Arteta, although there have been whispers that the Gunners themselves may have a Covid outbreak that needs to be carefully contained as well.

But I’m assuming the club will keep the players wrapped up in cotton wool and the game will go ahead as planned, and it could prove to be the most important game of this year if they can leapfrog the Hammers into the Top Four.

Arsenal are currently in 6th with 26 points, just 2 points behind West Ham in 4th with the same amount of games played, although our big rivals Tottenham could overtake both of us if they win their two games in hand.

Although all the best betting website offers are making Arsenal the favourites, if this had been played a couple of weeks ago the odds would have been very different in West Ham’s favour. Although I actually believe that the Gunners are well worth their status as favourites right now.

The Gunners are regarded as being in a bit of a slump having lost 3 of their last 5 League games, but are most definitely in the fight for the European places at the moment, but exactly the same could be said for our opponents at the moment, who have actually only won one of their last 5, but have managed 2 draws and 2 defeats. Their only respite was beating Chelsea in an exciting 3-2 reverse at the London Stadium.

But other than the Hammers recent bad run, the main reason I am convinced that it is great value to have confidence in an Arsenal win, is the advantage that the Gunners have had since the fans returned to the Emirates and it has turned into a bit of a fortress.

Arsenal have won 9 of their last ten home games, and were only beaten by the European Champions Chelsea during our early season Covid crisis. Five of those games were won with clean sheets, including our last three in a row, and that cannot do other than fill me with confidence tomorrow. I think we can probably thank Aaron Ramsey for being instrumental in this, and he encourages the 12th man behind him to keep the opposition away, also aided by Ben White and Gabriel of course.

Conversely, West Ham have only gained one point from their last three away matches, but there is one more telling form line that makes me think we are certain to win. The last time West Ham won at the Emirates was in 2015, and we have won all six matchups since, so there is a massive psychological advantage to us on home soil as well.

I am definitely looking forward to this game with the utmost confidence.



  1. I count on Arsenal to disappoint in the big games. In recent history, they have lost many more games against the top 6 teams, and WH is 4th at the moment, than they have won.

    I can see a lukewarm effort where we only start playing when it is too late.

      1. Don’t worry PAT. I SOMETIMES EVEN FORGET MY OWN NAME. So then I look on my clothes labels to see what my name is. Seems I am St Michael!

        I reckon we miss him like we miss not having the flu.

  2. I wish I were as confident of an Arsenal win!as for WH not having won at the Emirates since 2015,it seems that under MA many teams have broken their long losing away streak against us.also I cannot believe that betting sites have us as favourites,then again I’ve never been a betting man.

    1. This is one game I’ve really been looking forward to. I’m relieved we’re going into it on the back of a win, siamois. 5 minutes in, we’ll know whether we’re up for it or not 😄

      1. 😂,I would actually be more confident if we were playing them after a loss,the reason being our inconsistency results wise.usually a win followed by a loss or draw,or a loss followed by a win/draw.would be happy to be wrong.

  3. Auba is causing a distraction at the club right now and I can not judge him or the club for what is going on behind the scenes but I hope it doesn’t affect our performance and preparation.

  4. WH seem to be starting to lose a bit of form which is lucky for us.

    Spurs have won as many games as us but have played 2 less matches and form seems to be picking up

    Man U are above us and also seem to be improving form

    Leicester is my 1 big concern, they seem to have turned the corner and are looking very good at the moment.

    1. Not only that Leicester have several first team players still to come back from injuries.i expect them to have a very good 2nd half of the season.

  5. If we beat West Ham that would off set the lost to Everton, but
    A lost or draw would not look good on our Team/manager. I really expected us to beat Everton because of our improvements and their form. Home advantage could be the difference but I would not put money on it…Hoping for the best 🤞🤞

  6. I’m not hugely confident but like the fact that you are. It’s the kind of game that I’m tempted to put £10 on for WH to win as “happiness insurance.”

    I’ll be watching out for how Arsenal deal with the high press in the first twenty minutes. From what little I’ve seen of WH this year, they have a pretty good pressing game and we know that Arteta’s tactics will be to tempt them further forward. The first goal on Saturday should give the lads confidence but they are a ways away from executing like that on a consistent basis.

    1. Hi Voyageur

      I think the Achilles heel of Arsenal this season as been the lack of goals, Scoring goals like we did against Southampton is really hard to do. We need to control the midfield keep the pressure in their half, and let them try to counter attack us. When we lose you can almost see it coming, because we sit back through fear….

  7. Arsenal need to guard against two things in this game
    – break-away counters, and
    – set plays near our goal area
    With players like Socek, Boufal, Antonio, etc, the Hammers can be dangerous with set pieces
    All said, if the team plays to its strengths, we should be able to come away with a good victory.

  8. They have players like Antonio, Fornells, Benramma, Lanzini and Bowen who can hurt any opposition. We must deal with their high press and press them in turn. If we play well according to a plan we should be able to beat them.

    1. Expect a lot of crosses/set pieces from the Hammers, that’s how they will put us under pressure and punish us(headers, rebounds),of that I am certain.

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