Why I am getting nervous ahead of Spurs v Arsenal…

A positive result against Spurs is a must!

These are the words I have used quite a lot this season and I probably will use a lot more in times to come, but we have another BIG TEST tomorrow and I go into the game with mixed feelings.

And I will tell you why.

Spurs on any day, but especially during more recent seasons is tough, but away is another story.

We saw what they did to Liverpool on the weekend and they could have easily beaten them and that was at Anfield.

There is no denying that their front line is scary when they are on their A game. I know we have faced Chelsea, Manchester United and West Ham, and have come away with three wins out of three, but Spurs’ front line is a different story and each of those previous teams have had major struggles of their own.

I also feel maybe our front line is not as strong as Spurs’ yet we do have the talent so we cannot deny that.

I guess one positive we can take going into the game is that our boys are on a high at the moment, they are on a streak and a winning one at that, and we do really have the players that can hurt teams on their day.

My only worry is that Spurs may be a little too strong for us.

But I guess we can only wait until tomorrow to see how our boys perform and either way it will be a good game and although every game has meaning, this one is definitely the most important than has been in recent times.

We can also hope Spurs are nervous and edgy despite being at home, and that Arsenal can have a fast start and take advantage as they have done in more recent games.

I also pray we end the game with 11 men as our discipline so far has seemed to improve, but we know what derbies can be like…

One thing we do know is that losing to Spurs is NOT and should never be part of our DNA, and so the boys will be aware of that and I am sure they will do their utmost to ensure the smiles on fans and players faces continues up until the end of the season at least, if not longer.

Heres hoping hey Gooners.

Shenel Osman


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Video – Mikel Arteta talking about our nerve-filled win over Leeds United

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  1. Watching the city game. No penalty for Wolves. But against Arsenal, Man city was awarded a penalty. You know Xhaka is harsh and undisciplined, but Man city’s poor Ukranian boy never meant to hold the Wolves player with both arms, it was just accidental. Not worthy of a review.

  2. Spurs game is based on keeping it tight, nicking a goal and then continuously playing on the counter. This works because they have runners in the team who understand how use space making them one of the most dangerous counterattacking teams.
    A number of teams of teams have demonstrated how to deal with Spurs by controlling the play, keeping the game tight and drab and avoiding any ambitious attacks until Spurs themselves lose focus when they might concede themselves.
    Other “solutions” are also possible (such as that adopted by Southampton, and earlier Arsenal) but are high risk especially at their ground.

  3. We need to control the midfield. We do that, couple with a focused defence and our front line putting the pressure on their defence, as well as shooting sharp, then we got 3 points in the bag.
    Arteta has got to get his team selection and tactics on point. Most of all, the lads gotta show up…IJS

    1. True but both teams are weak in the middle .. they have a better attack we have a better defence … it’s down to team performance where I fear comte has the edge … mentality of players will be key .. watching nketiah loitering up front and saka losing energy makes me worried

  4. I also fear the worse just think spuds have that bit more experience and son and kane could be the difference only plus is we will still be 4th regardless of the result so still in our own hands to get champions league football!

  5. The spuds on the counter are as good as any team in the prem
    The front 3 are pretty frightening on there day but when they have to take the game to the opposition they are clueless.
    We need to keep tight not allow them to get behind us and stop kane having time on the ball for those threaded balls to son. Watch him at corners and man mark h like our good old keown the rash would mark. No quarter given.

    Our front line have an important job to do and that is press high and press hard as there back 4 are shambolic in my opinion.
    We don’t need to go looking for a win as a draw is just as good enough for us but when we get the chances as we will we need to be clinical and stick them away
    It will be hard fought, nervy, shocking at times but after the whistle blows we will be joyous with pride and safe with a min 1 point if.not all 3
    Keep the faith
    1-3 to the mighty arsenal
    Onwards and upwards

  6. No need to get nervous or be afraid-its just a game!

    We’re winning the NLD
    Tottenham 0: Arsenal 2-take this to the nearest bank.

    We’re better than them ALL round and our Manager,Arteta,is a Master tactician!

  7. Don’t worry gunners..it’s spurs 1 2Arsenal…. Champions league here we come!!!!!!!!!!

  8. A draw will be great but a win means everything. We can beat Newcastle and Everton look like they will survive relegation so they could be on holidays by time this games comes around.

    Let’s play with freedom tomorrow a d have a good go at them as they will have to come at us as they need to win to keep top4 alive.

  9. Nervous: Definitely.
    Question is about emotions: If we are focused, we will get at least a point. If we are emotional, then things could get really bad. But we can still get CL football if we win the next 2 games even though our games are harder than the Spuds if we were to loose to the noisy neighbours.

  10. What I like or want to see is what I have predicted in Dan’s prediction game. With all the overall improvements we have seen in the team spurs should not be a problem and my prediction should not be hard to achieve. At least we beat both Chelsea and Man u conveniently. I’m all confident it will be 1-3 to The Arsenal tomorrow.

  11. What we need is a control performance, stay compact and run the midfield.

    They are at their best when team take the game to them, these one off games is perfect for the gaffer.

    My only concern is Xhaka, but his disciple has improve significantly.

  12. Not too worried. The boys know what is required and totenham have there faults and weaknesses just like arsenal. If we win then arteta have done an above average job without playing the best of football and giving us champions league football. I think we will draw and keep our 4 points above them intact,needing a win from our last two to make the champions league. A draw is not a bad result. A win and I will be extatic

  13. For me, the most must-win game is against Newcastle. Lose or draw we are out of top 4 contention.

    1. Only if we lose to Spurs.

      If we beat them we’re already top4. Draw and we can lose to NU and still qualify by beating Everton.

  14. If White is fit I would play a back 5 be playing into spuds hands if we try and play attacking football and leave ourselves exposed they will take full advantage like they did against city and Liverpool that is there big strength counter attacking football if we can stop that then great chance of getting the result we all crave for!

  15. Spurs are stronger than us this season period and im nervous too but i would tell the players exactly this so that they go there with a determination of poving us all wrong,that way they would not die if we lost the game either .. spurs are not creative and they would struggle to deal with a low block .. hitting them on the counter would be using their own style which should work.. so 3 at the back for me like we did against many big teams would kill spurs

  16. Arsenal should take the game against Tottenham as Champions league finals with just one game to play.

    Mikel A. Should field in his best squad to ensure maximum point.

  17. I think we haven’t won a game at their place for long right? It certainly looks difficult but as many posters have said above, a controlled performance can be the way to go.

  18. If you look at Spurs recent games they won, you will realize that they are all won the counter attack. That’s where they are dangerous. But they are also vulnerable when defending on the counter. They were struggling to contain Luiz Diaz, so Martenelli can pose a problem to them. If we cut off the supply to Son and Kane job done. The game could be won in the midfield. COYG!!!

  19. Are Spurs a good team? Of course they are.
    But as evidence shows, so are we.
    It can go either way IMO, but we can go there with confidence, as they will have just as much fear for us, as we might have for them.

  20. Spurs are great at parking the bus and light speed counters.

    Why would we try to attack and play to their strength. They are the ones under pressure, not us.

    Let’s sit back, park the bus and leave the ball to them. They’re not good at ball possession football, we’ll get them on the counter.

    We’re in a good place for tonight’s game

  21. One of our CBs should nullify Kane. Most of the spurs counterattacks involve Kane being the fulcrum. If he is nullified, like how Bissouma did, we have a good chance. If he is allowed to dictate in the middle of the park, we are doomed. Also there is the pace and unpredictability of Son which is always a big danger. He can salvage points just by himself without anybody’s help. Glad we have Tomi back but I doubt if he’ll play on the right flank. I think he should today.

    1. Should be one of our midfielders nullifying Kane,not cb,if a cb is dragged to him then that leaves a lot of space behind for their wingers to exploit

      1. I know, but I don’t think we have the kind of midfielder to do just that. It’s a tactical challenge for Arteta. I am curious how he does that.

  22. i think it will depend on who is fit in our backline. The worst case scenario is a loss. A draw gives us two more nerv-wracking matches to suffer through (very on brand). A win has us dancing in front of our TV’s. (please let it be so!) COYG

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