Why I am very confident Arsenal will beat Burnley (Form Guide)

Arsenal have been suffering from injuries, Covid, fatigue and AFCON in January but have already played 4 fixtures in that time, suffering 3 defeats and a draw, but I am pretty certain that the Gunners will get back to winning ways when they face Burnley tomorrow.

To be fair, other than Nottm Forest, Arsenal have faced some formidable opponents in the last few weeks, but before our last-minute heartbreak against Man City we had won 5 games in a row and had moved up to 4th place in the table.

In the Premier League you would have to say that Arsenal are turning the Emirates into a bit of a fortress. Since our opening home game defeat to Chelsea we were unbeaten until that added time winner from Man City spoiled our record.

As for Burnley, they are now rock bottom of the EPL with just one League win all season, which came back in October against Brentford, and are now 5 points below Norwich in 16th place. Their last outing ended up with a home defeat to Championship side Huddersfield in the FA Cup.

They actually have 5 games in hand over Norwich after having numerous games postponed, but unless they suddenly start winning, I can’t see that making much difference.

In the Head-To-Head games, Burnley have beaten Arsenal just once in our last 18 meetings, and that was last season at the Emirates. Is lightening likely to strike twice?

I don’t think so…..

Watch Mikel Arteta talk about Arsenal v Burnley and the pressure on the race for Top Four


    1. You had better start looking for where to hide😂😂. We still don’t have a Midfield, LOKONGA is still the only one available.
      Just pray they turn up. Arsenal is Arsenal!!! You know what I mean 🥴

  1. Down to the nitty gritty now ,no other competitions to worry about (Arteta saw to that )so all the eggs in one basket type of thing ,no more silly excuses about tired players and any other stupid reasons that he can come up with , let’s see what the matador can do and see if he can grab us a CL spot .

  2. So many Covid cases, injuries, and suspensions. Really feel for Arteta at the moment. Had no chance against Liverpool.

    That said, poor planning for January. We knew we’d be light in midfield with AFCON, yet we let players leave without replacements in first. That decision has cost us.

    Hopefully a good end to January.

    1. Your first and second paragraphs contradict themselves. How can you feel sorry for someone who failed to plan properly and on purpose.? The injuries, covid and Afcon and outgoings were imminent from before the transfer window was open. Nobody to blame for all our exits in the cups than Arteta and the board. Period. No need feeling sorry for anybody

      1. My point was, that you cannot blame Arteta, or any manager for that matter, for injuries, suspensions, and Covid cases. What you can blame him for was letting other players leave without getting in replacements first.

        So no condradiction from me, I am just using context.

  3. Suddenly they want to give Arteta an extended contract. How stupid. We have been shite and lower than second rate against Forest and Liverpool. Remember Villareal…eh. In big games we are Rubbish. My club is deluded. Let Arteta PROVE himself. We are often Shite. Confident to beat Burnley? We are playing poorly…very poorly.

    1. Sean, that is the sorry state we now found ourselves when we are now confident to beat Burnley, the last team on the log, at our home. We should be ashamed of ourselves as fans of this club to have that notion. We are not confident to beat team both big teams and smaller teams anymore. Some had me believed we were going to nowhere in the last season of Wenger and have been asking them where are we heading now with Arteta

    2. That the club thinks/ believes they can take actions without putting into consideration what the fans think shows how far we have fallen as a club and how much more actions we need to take as fans to make our voices heard. Reminds of the day sometime last season when a rallying cry was made to all arsenal fans to come protest against the club but failed to turn out because of a little rain. Some where even at the stadium watching the game. Majority of Arsenal fans are reactionary fans, we are OK when we are winning and only complain when we’re losing. Many don’t see the big picture in how far we have fallen and how we will continue to struggle and move in circles.

  4. I expect us to win but would not be surprised if we lost. I’m not into this very very silly and really quite childish “trust the process” nonsense but we have to put some of the blame on the players who dont seem to playing as well as there should and that’s where the blame goes to arteta who cant seem to motivate them or change the game plan once we go a goal down but I’m hopeful for a win but again not confident

  5. We’re playing Burnley FFS….20th on the Log(Bottom Team). Are we supposed to be discussing this. If we can’t beat Burnley, we don’t deserve to go to Europe. How the Mighty have fallen!!🤦

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