Why I believe Alexander Isak will be the perfect fit for Arsenal

Should Arsenal go all out for Isak?

Rumours have began to heat up about the possibility of Arsenal going all in for Newcastle United’s Alexander Isak and I for one, am all for it. Isak has had an incredible season for the Geordie’s and with Newcastle not being as good as last season, he’s been their best player. Scoring 22 goals (in all competitions) and 1 assist, he’s been a bright light in a somewhat shady season for Newcastle.

It’s no secret that Arsenal will be on the hunt for a striker in the summer transfer window and with the window only just around the corner, rumours are starting to fly around and options are being thrown out there in the media and one of the stronger stories to come out is Newcastle’s interest in Isak.

For me, Isak makes perfect sense, he could walk into this Arsenal side and hit the ground running. He’s found his feet in the premier league and because of that, I think he would come to Arsenal and be an instant success. He fits the type of playing style that Arteta has built at the club and at a big club like Arsenal, could thrive.

His current contract runs out in 2028 and Newcastle will not want to let him go, he’s been one of their best players in decades and they will try everything in their power to keep him at the club and if Arsenal were to have a chance at getting him, I think he would have to force the move and by the looks of things, he seems happy in Newcastle, but, Arsenal is a bigger club than Newcastle, we can offer him more top level football and it really depends on what he would want for his future.

Another obstacle would be the price. Because his contract doesn’t run out for so long and because they value him so high, I can only imagine they would overprice him completely. We broke the bank with Rice this season and it worked and I think it would work with Isak as well, but for Newcastle, he could be priceless and we can’t afford to get stuck in a transfer saga.

So do I think we should sign him? If possible yes. He does seem like the perfect fit. He’s Premier League proven, he’s producing great numbers and goals and I think he would work well under the manager, but like always, football isn’t simple and we will just have to wait and see what happens in the summer.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae


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  1. I think he would be perfect for us and I really hope we try to sign him but even though Newcastle reportedly are sailing close to the wind regarding FFP/PRS, I can’t see them selling him.

  2. Arsenal might as well try to go all out for Mbappe as you’ve got zero chance of getting Isak. Do you think Newcastle will roll over and give him up? His goal record is up there with the very best, he’s on a long contract and he’s perfectly happy up North. Daisy Mae lives in her bedroom dream world.

    1. A top striker is content not playing in Europe? Maybe it’s you who lives in dreamland? This reeks of the Rice transfer, deluded Magpies think their player would reject a huge move to a far bigger club. All it takes is Isak to show interest in the move and the ball will start rolling. If Newcastle overprice him drastically and continue to miss out on Europe, then they’ll struggle to attract other big players.

  3. No true Arsenal supporter who have seen Viktor Gyökeres want Alexander Isak. They want Viktor Gyökeres. He is not only a traditional big strong CF, he is a modern mobile forward player who can score from all angles. And he is a team player. He doesn’t only score a lot of goals himself, he pass the ball to his teammates (15 goal passes so far this season). This guy is on a complete different level than Isak, who is thin, weak and often get injured. Don’t Arsenal have had enough of rehab boys?
    Viktor Gyökeres is a John Radord or Frank Stapleton, but in modern shape. The perfect man for this club, if they want to take the final step to success and victory. With Viktor Gyökeres Arsenal can win the EPL 2024/25. With Alexander Isak… never. Not a chance. Viktor Gyökeres can challenge Erling Håland. And he will not cost more. Get Gyökeres!

    1. Very silly comment given one has established himself into a striker who is already pushing Haaland and the other had a decent season in the Championship and then a fantastic season… in the Portuguese league. Don’t get me wrong it could work out, but assuming with such limited scope and maximised arrogance is why scouts are trained thoroughly and you clearly are not.

      1. To be fair though, Arsenal scouts are not that well trained lol 🤣
        For every hit like Trossard, there’s 5 misses like Cedric, Nuno, Mari, Trusty, Sambi etc.

        1. Make a list of all Artetas buys and sales and then rate them as hit or miss. I think you will find your 1 in 5 ratio an over the top comment.

    2. Nah mate, wrong Victor…
      Even truer Arsenal fans who follow Leverkusen would know that Victor Boniface is the one. Everything you said about Gyokeres is also true for Boniface. Plus he shows shades of the OG Ronaldo Phenomeno

      1. Victor Meldrew has all the attributes according to the Sun!!
        I don’t believe it myself.

  4. Isak will cost at least £120m. His finishing is outstanding as well as his holdup play and close control as well as heading ability. Newcastle FFP issue isn’t a major one from what I understand with new shirt deal and champions league money coming through.

  5. I would go with Joshua Zirkzee. He’s tricky, fast, very good in link up play and a good scorer

    1. No thanks with Zirkzee, his conversion rate is so poor. Sesko is likely cheaper and a better finisher.

      Regardless, I believe any striker will be a backup and Arteta has already decided Havertz is his starter.

    2. So let me get this right. You was slating Havertz for not scoring enough goals yet you want someone with less goals playing in a easier league who has started at cf all season. I love reading your messages because you make me chuckle with your nonsense.

      1. I’m glad you love reading my messages and they inject joy into your life 😊 I will keep them coming.
        That aside, Zirkzee is the only consistent attacking player in Bologna and spends a lot of the time in midfield falling deep to pick the ball. He’s created among the most clear cut chances in the league which his team mates unfortunately squander. Compared to Havertz time at Chelsea, his stats are way better. Compared to Havertz at Arsenal, their stats are almost equal. Imagine that!! In this Arsenal team, he will be leaps and bounds better than Havertz. Oh, and he is almost solo carrying Bologna yet earns just 6% of what Havertz is unjustifiably taking from the club weekly

        1. He has scored less than Havertz has though ? Havert who didnt drop deep into midfield because for 80% of the season we was playing in midfield !!! Are you paying wages SS? Did Zirkzee score the winner in the champions league final? Lets be honest as well the Italian league is pony compared to the premier league. Why do players like Abraham and Lukaku flourish over there but struggle here? If you hate Havertz that much i reckon you should just find another club because clearly hes one of Mikels favourites and rightly so

          1. I’m really trying to be objective here, I hope you will be too. Firstly, I don’t hate Havertz. I actually want him to succeed. But, I also know that Arteta favours him and that has cost us points, including in the Villa game where he was ineffective in midfield. I condemn that favouritism. I would equally complain if currently he was benched as he is the best CF we have. Secondly, as long as Pep is around, we need the best we can find. This article was about a new CF and I just gave my opinion, that doesn’t mean I don’t like Havertz, it just means I think we can do better. Lastly, I still insist Havertz hasn’t marched what the club gives him. A wage is given as compensation for work done. Are Havertz antics worth 330k weekly? Is the compensation correct? I’m definitely not the one paying Havertz wages, but then his presence means the club is limited on how much more we can spend. As a fan, I must be concerned about that

            1. Havertz will be cheap compared Gyokeres who will be £100m+

              also this article is about how Havertz has benefited our defensive solidity, particularly in 2024 since moving to #9 (and not the first article to say so either)

              that may seem contradictory but we can all see it and the stats speak for themselves

              and his visionary long ball assist for Saka vs Spurs was stunning

              this is the problem with measuring performance on goals scored only

              his overall performance and influence on the game makes Arsenal a better team

              a guy who has a purple patch in the Portuguese league has to do a lot more than just score goals, and their is distinct risk of Nunez 2.0 which would take us backwards in a big way and £100m poorer

              1. The just arsenal article showing the top five earners with Havertz at 330k p/w (I’ve shared the link and I hope it will be approved) finishes by saying:
                “These high earners must justify why they are paid so much when next season comes around and we believe they will do so”, Which is something I have been shouting my voice hoarse about. Every player needs to justify their salary

  6. I don’t know who Arsenal will sign but I think the roles planned for Rice,Timber and Havertz will play a big role in who is recruited. For instance, if the plan is to have Rice play as an 8,they’ll probably sign a 6 and vice versa.If they see Havertz as the substantive centre forward, they could go for versatile forward who can play across the front line.

    I’m a big fan Isak, but I suspect he may be too expensive in the end. Newcastle will probably want Declan Rice kind of money but I doubt Arsenal will be willing to pay that especially if you consider his injuries. For 70-80 million pounds,that’s a different story.

  7. “walk into this Arsenal side”

    so who is dropped for Isak to walk in?

    Durand and Onyango are right, Arteta has clear plan for this successful XI, Rice moving forward to #8 and Havertz at #9, and after this incredible run of PL form in 2024 he is not going to throw this successful system out the window to accommodate a new striker to solve a problem we don’t have

    Isak starts on the bench!
    as does Gyokeres for that matter

    player will not be satisfied with that, club not willing to part with £100m for that

  8. I would also argue that we need Bruno G more than Isak and Newcastle will only sell one of them

    1. of the two I would take Bruno G, we have far more urgent issues in defensive midfield rebuild, Partey and Jorginho are too old as long term solutions and will only decline (not get better) from here

    2. Then let’s go for Bruno Guimaraes. Guimares and Gyökeres would settle it. Gunners will be favourites 24/25.

  9. He is an option but not the best when compared to Gyokeres.
    1. His injury record is a worry
    2. His play participation is not as strong as that of Gyokeres from the number of assists provided by Gyokeres.

    I would go for Sesko before Isak. He’s still young and can only get better. He will be a more affordable option.

    If all of the above didn’t work, it’s better to sign Guirassy as a stop gap. He can still play for many years.

  10. Arteta will eventually get who ever he sees as a perfect fit for the team and system he will be deploying next season and beyond.

    Its Arteta’s team, only him knows what his plans are for next season.
    All we have to do is wait out this season with the hope that we will will our remaining matches while ou competitors faulter, that way we will all be super excited thereafter.

  11. Where would this leave Havertz? Effective in our system as CF, rather deficient as AM or anywhere else.

    1. I think Arteta will sign a backup striker, because Jesus and Nketiah are failed experiments.

      Havertz has been successful as CF, so I believe Sesko or Gimenez are the targets, maybe even a lesser player as well.

      Foolish to not bring in a striker, we have no capable backup.

  12. He would be a great signing. In fact, I advocated for him when we were trying to land Vlahovic but failed. He would have helped us to get CL football that season, instead we missed out.

    However, now I think he will be way too expensive and Newcastle won’t want to sell him.

    But we can always keep our fingers crossed and hope.

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