Why I believe Arsenal are certain to win a major trophy next season

Since taking over, Mikel Arteta has proven season after season that, after Arsene Wenger, he is the man to lead Arsenal to glory. Thanks to the Spaniard’s guidance, Arsenal has developed a new identity both on and off the pitch in recent seasons.

Under him, the club appeared hopeless at first, but there has been a pattern that implies that the project at the Emirates could reach its pinnacle next season. Arsenal were again in contention for a top-four spot in the 2021–22 season, but they fell short. They won a spot back in Champions League football last season, and not just that; they found themselves competing for the Premier League title.

They didn’t win it, but if the pattern continues as planned, we can assume they’ll win it next season. However, we cannot accept a simple pattern suggesting that Arsenal will win the league next season. However, for the reasons below, we can be confident that Arsenal will win a big trophy next season, whether it be the Premier League or the Champions League:

1. Strong Squad Reinforcements

With three acquisitions already completed (Kai Havertz, Jurrien Timber, and Declan Rice), the Gunners have taken their game to the next level. It should astound every Gooner how powerful they will feel knowing that there are still further signings to be finalised. With such a successful summer transfer window, the least we can expect Arsenal to do is win something.

2. Heightened Expectations

After last season’s performances and the summer transfer additions, Arsenal fans expect Arteta and the boys to start quickly winning trophies. Arteta will have to make judgements to ensure his team achieves success. Odegaard and co, on the other hand, will need to perform and sacrifice their sweat and blood to see Arsenal back collecting silverware as fans demand.

3. Progressive Development

Mikel Arteta has undoubtedly helped Arsenal rise from strength to strength. It was difficult to predict where Arteta would lead the club at first, but season after season under the Spaniard, we have seen hope build at the Emirates, feeling the club is on the right track. Arsenal has improved over the last few seasons, and based on their improvement, winning major honours is the next step.

4. Competing on Multiple fronts

Arsenal is back in the Champions League after a long absence. This time, they can compete for either the league or Europe’s highest prize, the Champions League. Winning one of the two titles, or both, helps Arsenal’s season be considered a success next season.

Arteta and the boys can consider their alternatives near the end of the season, see what is worth fighting for, and win it to complete the season with silverware.

Daniel O

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  1. Aren’t there only 2 certainties in life? Joking apart, I do expect Arsenal to deliver more than last season which means being competitive on more than one front. The club has come a long way since Arteta arrived and even though progress has been up and down at times, there is reason to be hopeful that we can supplant past winners of the league as he enters his 5th season at the helm. COYG

    1. I just can’t wait to see what Arteta’s 5th season brings.
      I do feel that we are there, now can he and his players deliver? It’s up to him as his 5th season has much higher expectations..


      1. Come on Goonster, you know this isn’t even his 4th season! Get with the times! Quik maffs….

    2. Being the most valuable club in entire world, not winning any title will be a complete failure. And I m not talking about league cup or FA cup. It most be either premier league or champions league.

  2. It’s a possibility because we added two tall players for set-pieces, but I don’t think we’d win UCL or EPL without the likes of Vlahovic/ Osimhen

    1. Your opinion, there is no reason we can’t win it
      I mean no reason from where we are right now, we seem to have the right mixture of players in skill and status, watching havertz last night it’s obvious he is our Raumdeuter, a tactics well defined by muller and he will equally be a target man to avade press…
      And Timber what a player he was class and explosive in his little cameo too..
      Saying we can’t win major titlles without another center farward is undermining the intelligent of Arteta, there are many ways to win and play football, we can teach city something they don’t know rather than copying every thing they do

        1. Check our squad worth and man city squad worth Manchester city has a squad worth of about 1.1billion while we are close at 1billion
          Please our squad have cost millions to assemble don’t make it look like we are Brighton

          1. It would still be a big task to win EPL or UCL without a strong CF like Haaland, Vlahovic, Osimhen, Kane or Lukaku

            Tuchel won UCL with Havertz as false-nine

            1. You do know that city won the league 4/5 times, once with 100 points and reached the champions League final without haaland?

          2. Arsenal current squad worth is more than mancity around 1.2b as per transfer market. So, now we don’t have any excuses, we cant say we need this or that or we don’t have this or that or our players are young or didn’t have enough time to form cohesive unit. No not at all, no excuses. Now is the time to deliver. Its Arsenal time now. No gossips, no discussion, time for action.

    2. Gotanidea, I am surprised that you tie our club’s destiny to two players whom we have not even been linked to! Does this mean you don’t trust any of the players we have? Secondly, which major trophies have those two won where they are currently? Has any of them been nominated for Balon dor as proof that he would indeed take our team to that higher level? Why don’t we learn to to appreciate what we have and make the best of it? The grass is not always greener the other side.

  3. SueP
    Strongly agree, talking to ESPN explaining his interview with Arsenal board, the gaffer stated not only did he had to show them a plan and process in which he believed would be in 5 phases, but he stated specifically what phase 5 would look like, below are his exact

    ” Completing all 5 phases would mean creating something of an Arsenal era, akin to Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp at Man City and Liverpool respectively “

      1. I thought the manager or club did not have any plan or progression process that they all discussed and agreed up on before putting pen to paper.

        No phases or expectations were discussed before the manager was given the job. May be they just plucked the manager from Man City with absolutely no process or phase plan in mind.

        Arsenal: “Hello Arteta, you want a job?”

        Arteta: “Umm, Hmm okayyy then. But it’s not April Fools day yet”.

        Arsenal: “This is a serious call”

        Arteta. “Hmmm, ummm, ookkaay then”.

        Arsenal: “Perfect, you got the job, when do you want to start?”

        Arteta: “Alllllright, you caught me unexpectedly, I might available in December..”

        Arsenal: “Brilliant. You got yourself a deal. Don’t forget your boots and training cones. See you when we see you.”

        Arteta: “I am going to need a few days to get my power point presentation ready. You know, me presenting to you what my Aims and future goals for the club are, stuff like that?..”

        Arsenal: Don’t be silly, that will be so cringeworthy. Aims and future goals? You are so WOKE. Don’t worry mate, just turn up at the Emirates and we will just wing it together. We will make it up as we go along.”

        Arteta: “Ahhh, Ummm, Hmmm, oookayyy then.🫣”

  4. @Sue p
    What are those 2 certainties. Death for 1 isn’t as some including myself & Jesus believe in eternal life.

    1. Energy and Death..
      Because the Second Law of Thermo Dynamics says “Energy can’t be created or destroyed.”

      That is certain.

  5. We have a squad that can compete for all the trophies but this will be their first season doing it so it is possible we will fall short in all of them. The Champions League is a lot tougher than the Europa when we were rotating half the first eleven and often subbing those who did play two games a week. We also put in a poor show on the domestic cups.

    I would be happy with a top four finish and a serious tilt at least one cup.

  6. Come what may, arsenal will lift one trophies. Either epl,ucl or europa regardless of what problems as the clab has squad depth and will be chasing to rub tears of last season having shortly blinked one eye when mancity completed it all.

  7. GB here in Africa & other indigenous tribes or ‘first people’ simply avoid the latter by living of the land.

    The former can also be bypassed by living morally & just. You can come back frm the dead in a matter of days. So it begs the question, did you die or did you rest?

    1. Your faith is important to you BB and it is best for me not to question it. I think these things are personal matters

  8. I think we will win 1 of 3 major trophies at least
    1. PL
    2. FA Cup
    3. UCL

    I think we will win one of them

  9. Arteta has not make five years, he come on December 2019, he should be foure years on December 2023. we should still make it step by step and see weather we are enough to win something. We are much stronger this season hope we win epl or champions league.

  10. Man City will always be seen as the favourites and rightly so, however no reason Why can’t win it. I would still like us to sign two more players(RW,CM) just to give an even greater chance of leap-frogging them this season but that will depend on outgoings.

    Havertz/ESR/ Bitello?

    Out: Runarsson Okwonko Cedric Holding Trusty Tavares Elneny Pepe Marquinhos(Loan) Balogun(unfortunately)

  11. Arteta was able squeeze the maximum juice out of the club and the players for the past 4 seasons. Part of it was because of his youthful age as a manager. We are very lucky to have him as a lot of big timers are looking at him. Hope these fake fans don’t send him away with their ridiculousness. Every man gotta have his limitations.

  12. Simply put, football management is a performance based profession. Mikel Arteta cannot argue that he hasn’t been backed financially by the Club over his time as manager.

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