Why I believe Arsenal CAN win the title this season

Why I think Arsenal can break the duck and win the league this season by JM

Typically these periods in past few seasons has seen us chasing the top table team with average of 10 points, then comes our end of season charge which has seen us gaining more points than any other EPL team in the final two months of the season, over the past few years at least.

This is mostly due to injuries plaguing key members our team around this period every year, apparently we’ve gone through our rough mid season patch again or might still be going through seeing as we have lost some key players like Cazorla and Bellerin to injuries again. The only difference this time around is that we have coped better than the aforementioned seasons due to our stronger squad depth.

With players like Xhaka, Elneny, Ramsey, Jenko and Gabriel coming in to deputise for our injured heros and they have done admirably well albeit on few occasions. We didnt lose certain games in which we were second best and have managed to keep our rivals within touching distance as we are only 3 measly points away from the top.

Now if we can manage to find our end of seasons strong form, like we have done in previous seasons. While we are still in the title chase, we just might be able to do it this time around.


John Mayor


  1. John Legend says:

    I hope so.
    Never forget that we have the habit of bottling it towards the end if we are top.
    My hope is quite different though. We have a different mental strength this time. We seem to have more luck on the pitch this time. We have more than one match winner this time. Arsene who has always been the unmotivated leaders seems to want to win it before bowing out.
    I am expecting a tough end to this campaign. I hope we do enough to be crowned Champions.

  2. Wilshegz says:

    yea we can win the title but still need some things to fall in place for us..
    1. it’s been a while we kept a cleansheet
    2. we need to find a proper back-up to Bellerin, Gabriel is trying in the RB position at least defensively, Jenks is poor, Debuchy is too injury-prone.
    3. one of Gibbs or Monreal needs to improve, our LB is still not at its possible best.

    4. We need to sort out the CM pairing. Xhaka has to start always either with Xhaka-Ramsey as a DM(deeplying playmaker) or Xhaka-Coquelin as the CM(box-to-box).
    Elneny shouldn’t start games for Arsenal talk more big games.

    offensively, we good but could still improve the Left-wing position. Iwobi,Ox can keep rotating the position till the summer when we go for someone like Reus

    1. Kotte says:

      Dont put Monreal and Gibbs in the same bracket…its rare for Monreal to have a bad game i think he is the best in that position…how many chance did he create yesterday that went beggin?! and still i think defensively he is strong!

  3. summerbreez says:

    Very possible indeed but we need to improve particularly on picking up runners that run in from the middle but as the Ox said the whole 25 man squad most contribute well and be prepared to put in a good shift last year we were bullied by westham I was nervous through well until we started to register our attacks on the board there is still a long way to go we need to keep our legs on the ground and push up together game by game well done Arsenal

  4. G-Rude says:

    There are four teams that can win the League this season, and I’m sure it will go down to who beats who else in the Top Four. There is a long long way to go.

  5. Harold says:

    You seems to think Arsenal lost past titles because of injuries, other teams did suffer from injuries as well. A few year back Arsenal had Fabregas, Nasri, Van Persie, Vermaelen, Song etc they played the most attractive football and was by far the most dangerous and effective team in the League. The real reason why Arsenal did not win the league was because of over confidence not injuries.

    Arsenal used to pinned teams down in their own half for the entire 90 minutes, most of Arsenal matches was one way traffic in their favor. By doing so, they committed so many men forward that they left themselves horribly expose at the back, one good pass by the opposition puts them clear though on goal, the space Arsenal left behind them in matches cost them the title. That was a result of being overconfident injuries was not a factor.

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