Why I believe Havertz should play centre-forward in Arsenal’s away games

When Kai Havertz joined Arsenal, there was some discussion regarding where he would play. Many were sceptical that he would excel in the No. 9 role (a role he struggled to make his own at Chelsea), but they were calmer when it was discovered that the German would play as an attacking midfielder, similar to his Bayer Leverkusen days when he was a hit.

Unfortunately, he has not been a success as a midfielder either, and the question is how Arsenal can get the most out of him.

Why can’t Arteta use him as his No. 9? Some Gooners could boldly claim that they don’t want Havertz near their attack and ask why I would recommend it in the first place. However, Nketiah has done nothing notable in attack in the last two games. In fact, my frustrations with the Hale End Graduate has prompted me to ask whether it is time to explore another alternative in the No. 9 slot with Jesus out.

Nketiah has only scored five away goals in 52 appearances, which is disappointing. At Saint James Park, it was evident Nketiah was a passenger as the Magpies attempted to take the game to Arsenal, as most teams do on their home turf. Nketiah isn’t particularly pressing off the ball.

However, while facing such opponents on the road (who want to take them as they’re playing in front of their fans), Arteta can benefit from Havertz’s services up front.

His physicality, aerial presence, and ability to hold up the ball would allow the Gunners to adopt a more direct style of play in games where they are under pressure and failing to control possession.

Kai Havertz could be the answer to Arsenal’s goal-scoring problems away from home, don’t you think?

Darren N

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  1. Kai Havertz could be the answer to Arsenal’s goal-scoring problems away from home, don’t you think? “No” Bring back Giroud, he can play at both ends – CF and GK. Better than both we have Kai and Raya. 6 goals, 3 assists in 10 games only dreamers (Mikel included) can dream of Kai

  2. The only reason I’d play him CF is to get him out of the midfield, rather him out the way for the most part if MA has the dying need to start him.

  3. I believe Havertz has gone on record to say he is not a center forward. He is playing with zero belief in his own ability at the moment so I would not play him there. I think we have another ‘Pepe’ in our midst with Havertz. Maybe he is one of those players who will never make it the PL. the CF position is a problem though.

  4. The pundit makes lots of football sense, not only should the big German leads the line in tough away fixtures, but a 4 : 2 : 3 : 1 formation would be ideal to tap into the £65 million man strength.

  5. Well Haverz striker percentile stats are one of the worst, not only in the prem but Europe. I dont get this Haverz love in, when he has done JS.

  6. Havertz needs to play up front with another striker and he just isn’t going to get that chance. He needs to occupy a Bergkamp-esque role where the pressure isn’t on him to score 15-20 goals per season but more to enable someone else to. Havertz and Nketiah have a Poundland Bergkamp/Wright feel to them but they will probably never get the chance to even be half as good as those two were.

  7. No No NO,Havertz is playing with too much fear in him.He is to scared to dare/ last night on a few occasions when Saka drifted towards the center he instead of taking Sakas position came in late. now, was he tired, playing under orders or just not seeing the space

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