Why I believe Ramsey is leaving Arsenal

The simple fact after Arsenal’s purchases this summer is that we have, right now, our biggest squad ever and we definitely need to start off-loading or at least arranging long-term loans for at least five of them.

As mentioned in the earlier midfield post, the Gunners have 9 midfielders, plus Iwobi who isn’t really a striker, plus Perez if he stays as a winger and of course Danny Welbeck, who is only going to be out wide if Aubameyang and Lacazette stay fit.

So the so-called midfielders/wingers we have are…
4 Mohamed Elneny
7 Henrikh Mkhitaryan
8 Aaron Ramsey
10 Mesut Ozil
11 Lucas Torreira
15 Ainsley Maitland-Niles
22 Jeff Reine-Adelaide
29 Matteo Guendouzi
34 Granit Xhaka
17 Iwobi
23 Welbeck
28 Perez

Elneny and Xhaka have got new contracts and Torreira is defintely going to be a first-choice. Arsenal have cancelled Guendouzi going to the U20 tournament and Emery says he will be a first-teamer. So I think…

Jeff is definitely out on loan if he’s not injured
Iwobi will be sold
Perez or Welbeck will be sold (if we can find a buyer!)

So we will then have ….
7 Henrikh Mkhitaryan
10 Mesut Ozil
11 Lucas Torreira
15 Ainsley Maitland-Niles
29 Matteo Guendouzi
34 Granit Xhaka
plus Perez or Welbeck

Even that is much too many even if we have different teams for the League and the Europa League….

So that is why I believe Ramsey will be sold, not only because we have too many, but also because we will get a big lump to reduce our overall nett spend. Who else could Arsenal sell to bring down the numbers?

Sam P

Updated: July 13, 2018 — 4:20 pm


  1. ADMIN: Shitty comment Scarra. Next time keep your opinions to yourself…..

    1. ramsey has no descipline forget about him

    2. @admin

      Hey man I need some of that kush you’re on.

      “Iwobi will be sold” 😂😂

      You wish 🤣

      1. He will most likely leave on a FREE.Who in their right mind would seriously pay money for him?

        1. If you follow up or are knowledgeable about Emery’s tactics..youd find out iwobi has a great chance under Emery…Emery is about pace, power and attack.. iwobi has all these and could flourish under him..

  2. This article is lame, no point, no message.. nothing interesting bout it…

  3. I believe Ramsey is staying (this season at least),, I also think El neny would be shown the door since there are so many options in that position

    1. Yes, I also believe Ramsey is staying, because he is a homegrown and British

      To bring down the number of our bloated squad, they could sell Ozil, Elneny, Xhaka, Adelaide, Mustafi, Koscielny, Martinez, Ospina and Perez

      1. leave Perez out. he was good had it not been that old fossil Wenger.

        1. No he wasn’t.

          1. stubill, please check Perez’s record for goals and assists in games played for the Arsenal and get back to us.

      2. He’s staying because he’s a very good player. The home grown thing means very little to competitive managers, they’d have them sit on the bottom of the squad if they held them back in any way. Pep doesn’t scramble for home grown players, not enough of them stand up against the best foreign players. After Kane, Sterling and maybe a fullback or two, things get a bit dicey. The Welsh have two that would walk into the England team. I’m hoping our young CB’s and a few academy products can break the mold, but its a seriously bad time for home grown quotas.

  4. Judging by Unai’s press conference, the next signing is either a Marquee signing or no one at all…

    Dreaming of Lozano or Costa

    1. If dream players are allowed then how about Dybala?

      I had dreamt of getting Auba since BvB got him while we was linked back then. I was upset that BvB got him and who would have thought we would have got him while no UCL football and dropping?

      Sometimes dreams do happen 😛 lol

  5. Ante Rebic seems like a world class material …
    Very skillful on the ball, he doesn’t have blistering pace although he is a bit fast but damn his work rate is unparalleled, it’s like Kante on the wing

    1. I’d prefer Douglas Costa, Leon Bailey, Adama Traore or Malcom

  6. You made some good points in your article, and I agree that something has to give. Hopefully training sessons show who stays and who goes.

    Some decisions will be easier than others, but I hope he is ruthless enough to do what is necessary.
    I look forward to seeing Arsenal 2.0 under Emery.

    1. Worst article ever. So your solution is to sell our best player from last year. Perez and Welbeck could both be sold and we can keep Ramsey. Sell Ramsey? You crazy!

      1. The conclusion of the article is something I do not agree with but the thought it provokes I feel is good.

      2. Selling Ramsey is not a SOLUTION! If it is going to happen it will be because Arsenal know he won’t sign an extension and have already bought his replacement(s)

      3. Neo I never mentioned selling Ramsey! Never even typed his name!

        Perhaps you should respond to Sam P the author.

        However, check his career stats before saying “best player.” I would choose Aubamayang as best player next year, now he has “best player” stats. Ramsey is average, no more no less. Good tp have in squad, but not a captain, and certainly not “best player.”

        1. Absolutely spot on…he is an average player…unless he stops fazing around on the pitch and sticks to his box to box position and helps in defending as well…and i dont understand how ramsey is our best player last season…he was may be our best player 2 seasons ago when he had a great run of games.

          If there was any one close to being our best player last seaon then it would either be Nacho or even Auba.. That tells you how bad we were last season. Coz one is a left back who scored some crucial goals and was consistent for the better part of the year and the othervis a new bee who just had 6months and handicapped(no europa) to gel with the crew of a sinking ship and did far better than any other player who played for the entire year.

  7. Admin wtf u r becoming a big joke guess u r regracing shud start adm out lol

  8. We lost 3 and gained three. Carzola, wilshire n coquellin

    1. Phil?Are you sure because I sure didn’t write that comment

      1. See?Just look at my face to yours!,,,,,I am so beautiful and very pretty and YOU look like the rear end of a battered fish.Whats going on here Admin?

  9. Pretty lame article if you ask me.

  10. It is a nonsense article. I don’t usually complain about someones opinion unless I feel they’re being unfair or over the top. Xhaka and Ramsey are the only two for the CM position next to Torierra, unless we go with three. The others either aren’t ready or are they aren’t good enough for starting team place. We need to buy to strengthen not sell to weaken.

    1. We also have Gendhouzi and Elneny. Elneny did some starting eleven last year, and Gendhouzi is considere as starter by Emery. So make it five CM options.

  11. I agree with you guys. Pointless and stupid article. 4 people can not be wrong. I was really looking forward to reading from my favourite justarsenal but this is waste of my time.

  12. -I think Welbeck and Perez will go if anyone.
    -I think we will play a 5-man midfield with a more traditional midfield.
    -I think the fullbacks will supply width, not any midfielder or forward.
    -I think Ramsey will stay.
    -I don’t think we have too many midfielders, we have too many forwards/strikers.

    1. Its soo difficult to understand human behaviour , jxt last season all arsenal fans were killing Wenger for not buying n now we have a new coach who is buying n somehow we r still complaining abt buying too much.
      God help us

  13. Emery has already told Sven, Ivan and Raul that he wants Rambo and he thinks Rambo will be an important player for him.

    Ivan, Sven and Raul should either back the manager they got in which case we should keep Rambo, or the board ignore the manager and not support the new manager which results in Rambo being sold and Emery being overruled for business reasons.

    Although Xhaka has signed a new deal, if he fails to impress Emery in the next 12 months then I do think the board may look to sell him in 12 months, if we do look to sell then we do not want low contracts to undermine our own position in the transfer negotiations.

    Same for ElNeny who signed a new deal prior to Emery joining, who is to say he wouldn’t be sold in 6-12 months if he fails to impress Emery?

    I do not think any one player will be given a free ride, they are all sellable if they let Emery down, Emery sounds like he wants players to earn their star status by performing. If Rambo does sign a new deal then he may be one of the five captains and as such becomes an important player but he will still need to perform.

    This is why I feel that we shouldn’t sell Rambo yet unless he refuses to sign a new deal.

    Emery needs to be backed by the board so if Emery wants to say “Sell Xhaka, he isn’t performing for me” then he will have trust that the board will back him… Meaning his say has more potency with the players, they’ll know that his word is final and they need to put the effort in.

    Heck, if he turns round in 12 months after Rambo signs a new deal and says “Sell him, he isn’t putting enough effort in” then Emery needs to be backed and the board should sell.

    1. Midkemma, a well reasoned assessment of why contract extensions have been given to the players mentioned. The new Arsenal management do not want a repeat of players running their contracts down to the last year and then leaving on a free. That is why Ramsey has to sign the apparent £200k per week on offer or be sold.
      Although Emery wants to retain Ramsey, Arsenal have to look at value for money. There are quite a few international credentialled ball to ball and wide AM’s available, who would happily come to the Arsenal for a lot less money.

  14. I don’t believe you would be sayiing this.. You sell Ramsey and keep the lazy ozil ?
    How can you sell iwobi and keep welbeck that actually forgets ball behind his move 😀
    Sell Perez
    Sell jekinson
    Why Ramsey?
    You just be high before writing Al this😁😁😁

  15. pls Kev, I come here all the time because of you. pls if there is any transfer the club is cooking, kindly update us. Some may not value your update here but you have got a fan in me.

    1. Lol..thumps up on that

  16. What kind of comments is that about Ramsy being sold? If you dont have nothing to write of, pls take a quant of syanide and ………

  17. Admin, so we’v bought Ramsy’s replacement eh? And who may those or that be? Admin, I think you just woke from a very bad dream where Nigerian herdsmen
    were chasing U.

  18. i think that ramsey will leave, otherwise he would have signed a new contract – emery made it clear to him that he wants him to stay – gooner = forever

  19. I want to believe, Ramsy is comited and looking towards a having good season wit us. Admin, u ar simply having this rotten opinion because of his delayed contract? Be relaxed ok. At least, Ramsy did not ask for a regular shirt on like onc upon a time Wilshere. Ramsey only want a good contract . At least that should b understood.

  20. @qoni. I think Ramsey will leave otherwise he would have signed. Sign what? Is Ramsey Guendouzi ? Listen, Ramsey is a very senior Arsenal player and he surely knows his present value. Ramsey is staying, he’s comited.

  21. Some of us Arsenal fans have not yet accepted the new regime. Wenger has left , so has Wilshire and Cazorla and it seems the thought of Rambo leaving is too terrifying a thought for the Gunner faithful to accept. Ramsey was never our best player anyway neither was Wilshire and Wenger struggled to find the right role/position for both. A shame we let that happen for that long. Nevertheless, Ramsey should be sold if he fails to re-sign with us and we should aim to avoid a repeat of the Sanchez situation. Sell him before the season starts, replace and move on.

  22. I hope Ramsey signs da tin and arsenal to sign a proper winger eg d.Costa, Lozano

  23. Isn’t there something about Ramsey’s agent setting up his own agency? That could explain the delay in signing but equally could explain why Ramsey is thinking of moving on as his agent might like a big bonus to pay for the coffee machine and gym membership at his new digs.

  24. how dare you tell others to keep their shitty comments to themselves when you have inflicted this negative and pointless ramblings onto the internet? live by your own words in future and stop with this negative bs and give the team and the new manager a chance.

  25. Emery wants Ramsey to stay, Ramsey wants to stay, so if there is any issue then its down to the contract negotiations. Does anyone know if Ramsey is still trying to get his Rhino clause in? That seemed to be holding things up earlier in the year.

    As for who is going to leave, some will undoubtedly have to go, the question is how much more Emery thinks he can get out of each player. He seems to believe that Arsenal have a talented but underperforming squad that lacks leadership, which suggests that he thinks some players who perhaps werent so impressive under Wenger, may improve with the right coaching/leadership. That judgement is difficult to make without seeing the player perform over a longer period of time. Preseason will do little more than weed out the players who cant cope with Emery’s new tactics/training regime.

    I suspect that Xhaka, Elneny and Ozil may well fall into the evaluate & coach for a year and sell next summer if they dont improve. Welbeck and Perez may fall into this group too possibly, or they may be moved on sooner.

    As for too many midfielders, probably yes, but I dont think its a huge problem. In a 25 man squad, probably a third of them will be midfielders, (ie 8 or 9 players,) a third defense, 3 goalkeepers and the rest as forwards. So only a few need to be sold or loaned out.

    Dont forget 8 of the 25 need to be ‘home grown’ players. Martinez, Bellerin, Holding, Chambers, Maitland Niles, Jenkinson, Ramsey, Iwobi, & Welbeck currently count as home grown players I believe. If more than one of them are loaned out or sold then they would need to be replaced by another home grown player, possibly from the youth teams.

    So, all of that makes me think that Ospina, Jenkinson, Campbell and Akpom are likely to be sold.
    A few others will be loaned out. The rest will be evaualated and sold/replaced as necessary.

    1. 👍Just remember Arsenal requires a squad large enough to compete on 4 fronts.

  26. Emery will never sell Ramsey, he needs his experience, commitment and goals. If he goes it will be his decision not to sign an extended contract, giving the club no option. I don’t think he will leave exactly when things are starting to buzz around the club. Just offer him the armband, he will be a great example for the young players in the squad. He is one player that always gives 100% in every game.

    By the way I too think the article is poor and ill thought out.

  27. You could be right in saying that Ramsey could be leaving but you had sited a wrong reason for him to leave. If Ramsey leave Arsenal, it certainly not because AFC had too many midfielders but it is because of him do not want to spend the final stage of his below thirty year of age at Arsenal.

    Unai had said it before that Ramsey is an indispensible player, that it so if AFC want to reduce the body count they will have to look for other.

  28. The article asks who else we could sell. Bellerin , Mustafi, Xhaka SHOULD be sold as soon as possible and Elneny used only as an emergency back up, this season. None of those are even near the standard we need. I realise we cannot sell them all immediately BUT that should be our aim, as soon as practical. Players of that ilk will not get us remotely near the top of table and not one of our main rivals would entertain the idea of severely limited players like them. If we can get Ramey to stay then fine, but should he leave, it won’t be a catastrophe , not by a long chalk.

  29. Emery is pretty direct with his message. He either stays or go. I think is just contract issues and if he leaves is not the end of the world.

    We’ve lost Sanchez and we are not doing that bad.

  30. if we can get Kovacic then i would say adios to ramsey for free

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