Why I believe that Arsenal will beat Tottenham on Sunday

Looking at the Premier League table, this must be perhaps the most tricky North London derby we are going to encounter in recent history, as Tottenham, like us, are unbeaten this season and has 13 points. Nonetheless, we should not be concerned, and here are two reasons why:

Gabriel Jesus, The Difference-maker, Is Back On The Pitch

Other than the 3-1 win over Manchester United, we can all agree that our attack was not performing at the level we expected. We just weren’t scoring as many goals as we should have; we won by a goal against Forest, Crystal Palace, and Everton. Winning by a goal can be tricky because the opposition team can take a point at any time.

But we won 4-0 against PSV on Wednesday night, leading 3-0 at the break. With Jesus back in the lineup, we were certainly more efficient in front of goal. Yes, Nketiah has scored for us, but he does not influence the attack like the Brazilian does. When leading the Arsenal line, Jesus creates absolute mayhem for opponents; he pops up in so many areas that opposing defenders fail to track him, as he hunts for chances to score or set up his teammates. We can be confident that our forward line in the North London derby will be firing on all cylinders with Jesus’ impact.

Star Boy Shines Bright

Bukayo Saka has returned to form. He’s back to his best, where even if he doesn’t score, he does everything he can to create something for the team in attack. It took him approximately 8 minutes to make his mark in the Champions League, scoring his first goal in the Premier European competition. The 22-year-old appears pumped up to lead us to league and European glory. Destiny Udogie will face his hardest challenge as Spurs’ left back this Sunday; Saka will give him nightmares.

If our attack clicks against Spurs, with our midfield reliable under Declan Rice’s leadership and our defensive block solid as it has always been when Saliba plays, we’ll be earning another significant win on Sunday evening, putting us one step closer to winning the 2023–24 Premier League title.

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  1. I caution against those who appear to think this game will be an “easy win”!. I have witnessed countless NLD ‘s and way back in dinosaur times , the boot was often on the other foot, form and league position wise and we were expected to be easily beaten But we hardly ever lost convincingly in NLD s.


    I predict a tight and close game with us winning, but far from easily.
    I KNOW WE WON 5-2 at home,twice running but neither were THAT one sided in actual play

  2. Spuds are seriously making noise. Son said arsenal are scared of facing them and postecoglou also said they will scare the hell out of arsenal. Hmm i hope they receive the beat they dont expect

    1. Was fuming internally after reading those comments from those two, i really can’t wait till it’s 2pm sunday. DAMN!!! such disrespect to whatever we’ve been doing.

      1. Vamos, if a player or team goes into a game expecting to lose they will. What do you expect professionals like Son and Postecoglou to say; that they are only turning up at the Emirates for appearance money?

        1. Also from the pre match interviews by Mikel Arteta and Ange Postecoglou, there has been nothing but mutual respect shown by each to the other.
          It is unfortunate that too many of fans/supporters of both clubs fail to show the same, despite the long term rivalry.

  3. Arteta is no fool. He knows Ange got something different in his sleeves. Many teams come to the Emirates to sit and wait. Ready to pouch. The boys gonna treat his new Totty team seriously and the boss will make sure of that. No more incompetence of the old times. A must win game, both on keeping up with Man City and keeping down the emergence of the Totties.

  4. There is a way to go about it, they can’t be that bullish towards an opponent who’s a fierce rival and on paper favourites to win the game given the fact it’s not taking place at their home ground, perhaps they feel they are the real deal with their usual fast start to the season. Speaking of respect have you ever heard Mikel say things like “they don’t want to face us now” or “scare the life out of them”?? Of course not! Which goes to show what they think about us upon comparing themselves to us and to me sounds nothing like respect. Ange should be aware that this is not OLD FIRM DERBY, IT’S THE NORTH LONDON DERBY. So it’ll be safe and smart for him to read the room first before invading spaces.

      1. Vamos, don’t under rate the “old firm derby”, as unfortunately it is more intense than the NLD, because there is a religious element involved.
        I still dont see where Ange Postecouglou has been disrespectful to Arsenal by stating that he is coming to try to win the game? What do you expect a manager to do, admit he coaches his team to lose?

        1. He does not have to concede defeat neither should he be bullish as no sane manager or player should not even city. And no old firm derby is not on par forget about being above the NLD.

          1. Vamos, unfortunately you need to acquaint yourself more about world football. The hatred underlying matches between Glasgow Celtic and Rangers (religious and racial sectionarysm) and Real Madrid (Franco’s team) and Barcelona (Catalan – read up on the Spanish Civil War) are levels above the NLD.
            Many of us have friends and relatives who follow Spurs; the difference is we don’t want to kill each other over a football match!

  5. I read in the newspaper today that Spuds manager will go on all out attack as their best chancce to beat us.

    I rarely believe much I read in the sports section of papers at all, but HOW I WISH this report could be true. Doubt it though! They would be committing suicide against us.

    1. jon, Postecoglou has to go with the style of play he believes will maximize the player resources he has available, win him this game and build for the future. He has never varied his philosophy of play in 26 years of management of multiple clubs and the Australian National Team across 5 countries. In the World Cup Australia under Ange took it to the Netherlands and were unlucky to lose 3-2.
      Arsenal is at home, has a stronger squad and performed much dtronger last season. In addition Postecoglou has had only since June to plck up the reins, manage preseason, one transfer window and lost Harry Kane at the end of the window, with no chance to replace him. Mikel Arteta has had over 3 seasons and the associated windows to develop Arsenal to the team he wants. Arsenal are far further advanced than Tottenham, with greater resources. That’s why Arsenal should win.
      I believe Postecoglou’s approach is to play the way he wants, see how his players react and how they are developing, because at this stage of the season, a 1:0 loss or a 5:0 loss is still only 3 points lost!

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