Why I believe that Granit Xhaka will NOT be sold by Arsenal this summer (again!)

This is becoming an all-too-familiar sight at the close of the season. All the papers are full of articles about Granit Xhaka finally leaving the club after seven years of service, just like has been reported last year and the year before. Now, it is usual during the transfer window for all the sports betting sites to have odds on where certain players will end up after the transfer window, but I couldn’t find any that were giving odds on Xhaka at all, which made me think about past transfer windows….

Who else remembers the continuous connection with Jose Mourinho back in 2021, when Xhaka himself wound up journalists at the Euros when asked about the Roma rumours. He said: “Arsenal know what I want to do”.

“If I speak Italian?” the midfielder repeated back to the reporter. “Not yet … In Rome there are many good schools where you can learn the language. I learned English, I can also learn Italian, it’s always important to know foreign languages. Now I’m an Arsenal player, everyone knows what Roma represent. Let’s see.”

Everyone was fully convinced he would leave (and quite a few JA readers were very happy about it!) but I was certain that Xhaka was simply stoking the fires with no intention of leaving Arsenal. In fact I wrote an article about it nearly exactly two years ago, called “Contrary to the rumours, Granit Xhaka is not leaving”.

Oh! I was roundly abused in the comments with one reader saying: “This article should be be taken down just for your sake or are you waiting for Fabrizio Romano to confirm it?”

And another reader (no names) wrote: An obstinate reluctance to accept the news that is plainly happening is not something done by true thinkers and wiser fans, I’d suggest, Admin PAT.

Well, strangely enough, we are now two years into the future and Xhaka has still not left, and in fact the same rumours keep being written every year.

And as one of the readers mentioned Fabrizio. This is what he has said this time around (in fact, 3 weeks ago)…..

“Very very advanced”… “Final stages”…. “€15m fee” Pull the other one Fabrizio!

Now, if I remember rightly, two years ago, the rumours began with Xhaka going home to LeverKusem, and then that Roma were going to hijack the deal. Does that sound familiar by any chance?

So, for me to be explicit, the facts are that Xhaka is a highly respected team member and has also had his best season ever in this last campaign. Can ANYONE give me a reason why Arteta would even consider letting him go for a paltry 15 or 20 million.

And lastly, when Arsenal are the closest to being a very successful team since Xhaka arrived, and are back in the Champions League, WHY ON EARTH WOULD XHAKA WANT TO LEAVE!

So I say, once again, Xhaka will still be an important Arsenal player next season. Will anyone believe me this time, I wonder?

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  1. It’s a possibility. I guess Arsenal will only let Xhaka leave if they manage to sign Rice or another CM

    1. Gai,
      Xhaka should leave now that the ovation us loudest. I think with or without Xhaka in Arsenal team for next season, Arsenal would still sign a midfielder to booster their squad for Champions league. His playing time may diminish. I advice Xhaka should leave for e a team needing him seriously. Arsenal should take the 15k as part of player investment for new players.

      1. Yup, the next transfer window would likely be Arsenal’s last chance to get a decent amount of money from his sale

    2. I think everybody forgets xhaka is still 30 and he is still improving, while KDB is 31. Its evident how well xhaka fits in Arteta style and we dont play that efficiently if xhaka is replaced by other midfielders in our team, so it will be hard to find a player who fit more efficiently than xhaka at the moment. If he continues to play the way he is playing, he still have 4 yrs at top level. So that’s plenty of time to find good replacement. When our team is playing so balanced game it will not be wise to change any of the 1st team players suddenly, yes we can buy able replacements and gradually integrate them in our system and see if it is more effective, then implement. So I would not hurry to sell xhaka, rather I would focus to clear deadwoods and others who dont have future with us

      1. Romano just said Xhaka has signed the contract with Leverkusen one month ago, but Arsenal will only give the green light once they sign a new midfielder with Rice as the priority target

    3. It’s best to keep Xhaka than to make a mistake selling him.

      That is why Xhaka will not be sold this Summer, as simple as that.

      1. Romano said Havertz is available for £60m + add-ons and many clubs are expected to approach Chelsea for him. Maybe Arsenal will sign him to replace Xhaka, instead of Rice

        1. There is no doubt they are bargains that can be salvage from Chelsea scraps heap, but Havertz in the space of Rice would raise a few eyebrows.

  2. Exactly what my thoughts have been all this while. I would rather have Xhaka as a backup than accept a €15m. That money cannot buy anyone who will do anything close to what he brings, both in the dressing room and on the pitch. In fact, I would rather we lose him for free next season because that money is too paltry and will do us nothing good of note. He might be getting old, but what he will offer us next season is far more than that money. Leverkusen should go fish somewhere else

    1. While I agree that 15 million is not worth it, but I believe it’s the player’s wishes to leave and keeping someone against their wishes is not a good idea.

      OT, I heard somewhere Jorginho is attracting interest from Lazio. We can’t lose both, their experience, leadership, skills on the pitch are valuable

  3. I hope he does stay and fights for a starting position in the face of competition from Rice and/or Caicedo.If we sign Rice, then Jorginho is unlikely to figure much and may want to move on.If we sign Caicedo , Xhaka becomes more vulnerable in my estimation .In any case strength in depth is essential if we are to compete in all fronts next season.

  4. Arsenal has bigger problems than Xhaka..should not be sold..many others should be sold before him..start with pepe..

  5. Playing in the CL this uocoming season will require much more depth. Arsenal NEED to hold on to experience, quality leaders like Xhaka

  6. Even though we need him and will miss him, I think there is no better time for him to leave than this. In his absence, Arsenal is going to bring in someone who will fill the void. Like I said, I for one, am going to miss him cos I’ve come to love Xhaka and what he brings to the team is immense. He is a gunner through and through. In all of these, what I’ll not like to hear is the prospect of grooming Veira to take his place in the squad. That is going to be very calamitous. I will be the happiest fan to see Veira leave, not even on but on a permanent base. Whoever scouted Veira for Arsenal and convinced us that he’s going to come good in Arsenal should be arrested. That lad is not built for the EPL and is never going to cut it here. Please, may we not see him donning the Arsenal jersey again next season. Also, i think it’s time to let Rob Holding move and also Lakonga. These are Arsenal problems not Xhaka

  7. I’d love to keep Xhaka as a backup but if he stays I can’t seeing him sitting bench.

  8. If Xhaka leaves, it’s going to be a huge loss. However, Arsenal must bring an upgrade on him. There other surplus to requirements that should be offloaded. I wouy rather you sold Jorginho than Xhaka. So, if he didn’t move after all, that will be good news.
    Please those in charge should leave no stone unturned in making sure that Viera is sold at any cost minimal.

  9. I have to always ask, if this guy is as good as many Arsenal fans believe, then why are so few clubs willing to fork out more than fifteen million for his services.? Get over him. There are better alternatives even within our club.

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