Why is Arsenal’s Alexis trying to hide that he is in Paris?

Alexis Sanchez has long been linked with the exit door over the past 18 months, and could well be leaving Arsenal in the current window.

Arsene Wenger has been adamant that the Chilean forward is staying put this summer, despite having let his contract run into it’s final 12 months, with the knowledge that he would likely leave for free next year if he was forced to stay.

A number of top clubs have all been linked with his signature, but many look to have pulled out the chase, although Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona and Real Madrid are still speculated.

The latest reports however have claimed that he has jetted off to Paris, which Arsene Wenger seemed to play down whilst citing Alexis as having been training with the first-team squad, but the forward has mistakenly posted on Twitter, whilst failing to turn off location settings, alerting the world to his whereabouts.

The fact that he has since removed his post from his Twitter only enhances the likelihood that he is moving clubs, although it remains unclear whether the intention was to hide it from the fans, or from the club themselves.

Arsenal will no doubt have to replace Alexis, although latest reports claim that a deal for Thomas Lemar is now off the cards. Jullan Draxler is yet to be linked with us this summer, but was left out of PSG’s team for last night’s 3-0 win, and may well be able to be included as part of the deal to sign Sanchez, having fallen down the pecking order following the arrival of Neymar.

Would Draxler be a good replacement for Alexis? Why would he delete the post?

Pat J

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  1. muff d... says:

    just because he knew everyone would latch onto his location an make assumptions
    hes stayin

    as is most of our deadwood.
    in place of proper reinforcements

    i miss a title charge..feels like forever
    whats another year eh 😉

  2. gmv8 says:

    The club must know he is in Paris. the point is that the club hold all the aces – they know he isn’t ill, but they also know that this is a world cup year, and if he was on the benches all season, it would damage him a lot more than the club. There isn’t the time to find a replacement, even if one were available and Kroenke would sanction it, so money is useless. Don’t really know what PSG are up to – they are on thin ice with UEFA over FFP, and if Arsenal haven’t given their blessings for him to be in Paris, then they will also be on thin ice for tapping up, and Arsenal should be lodging a complaint. It seemed to me strange that AS was in the directors box, I thought the team usually sat together, even with a serious injury – I noticed SC19 has been sitting with the rest of the team, and he has been through a lot worse than an attack of egoitis.

    1. GO says:

      I love AS to bits. But if he’s leaving he should do so NOW! These uncertainty is driving me mad. if he’s heart is no longer with us, then sell him. I don’t want overrated mbappe, I prefer Ousmane Dembele. Thats the real deal. His movement off then ball is superb and on the ball he is orgasmic. This is one of Wenger’s failings. Instead of being all over Lemar, if truly we bidder 89m for Mbappe we should have turned to Dembele the moment that money wasn’t rejected. I have such a good feeling about him and I believe he is going to be a bigger star than mbappe in the future.

      1. Jay says:

        If you think you can scout a player better than Arsenals professional scouting network, then how about you apply for a job? It always makes me laugh whenever armchair pundits (and the regular ones) think that they know better than people who are working at the absolute top of the game. Ignorance through arrogance.

        1. GO says:

          Proper Bullshit. If Wenger had listened to so called Arm Chair critics last season Arsenal won’t be in this mess. Henry said from the beginning of the season Arsenal need another more clinical striker, Wenger got one a year later when we lost first four and bundled into Thursday games. The number of star players this so called Professional scouting network have passed up on should tell you how shitty they are and how they should be done away with. I have brains and somethings are just no brainers. For instance, Chelsea want the OX, he won’t renew with us, Costa wants out at Chelsea at all cost. Arsenal should swap him for the OX! you know why? If we don’t swap him for the OX, he will end up at Atletico Madrid in January and guess what will happen? Griezmann will Join Man United! Thats what we don’t want, so we have an opportunity to kill it now. Costa in this market is a 120M Pounds player, getting him for the OX will not be a bad deal at all. Your so called Professional scouting network don’t know that. I DO.

  3. Alex says:

    I don’t mind if Arsenal sell Sanchez especially so if they are selling him to PSG. Get the money to fund our replacement. And bring in one more midfielder.

  4. Wengers Coat says:

    If Sanchez moves to PSG and plays the benchwarmer role, I can guarantee you he would still make Chile team. He is a god for the country. So thats a stupid assumption for him not to move.

    I think the whole situation is leaning toward him leaving, sickness are after extended leave? Missing training. Virgil Van Dijk also missing training and EPL opener to sickness. Its too obvious.

    I think at this moment, negotiations with PSG rep and Sanchez/Arsenal rep are taking place. We lost Cesc, RVP, club captains, Song, Nasri at their peak. Sanchez will leave i guarrantee

  5. Emmanuel Chukwuma says:

    When arsenal went out early and bought kolasnic and lacazette we arsenal fans were in high spirit that there’s now a renewed ambition of the club to mount a serious challenge for the premiership title this season. One expected further additions in areas that need them. Then suddenly everything came to a halt. Wenger spent the whole summer chasing Thomas lemar of Monaco, having put in 3 half hearted bids that didn’t impress Monaco. Now reports have it that arsenal have given up the chase for lemar. Typical arsenal! Now, when I look at our rivals in the premiership and how amazingly strong their squads look I understand why no one is giving arsenal any chance to make the top four talkless of winning the title. Now no one is sure if Alexis, ozil or even oxlade-chamberlain are going to stay beyond the end of august. With this situation of things I confidently predict that we’ve gotten into a familiar terrain. There’s going to be so much upheaval at the emirates all season. I see wenger kicking water bottles and fiddling with the zip of his top coat. There’ll be lots of ‘wenger out’ songs and banners on the stands. But there are yet a couple of weeks remaining till the end of transfer window to remedy things. Will they remedy the situation?

    1. Budd says:

      A signing involves 3 parties. Maybe Lemar wants to join or maybe he doesn’t. Monaco does not want to sell him, this is straight from the horse’s mouth. I am sure if we table 50 million offer we can get him but I ask you this: is he 50 times better than Iwobi? And Iwobi is homegrown.
      Also, how can you buy when you didn’t get rid of surplus? If we can at least free two place then we may get a chance to buy one more player. We really need to get rid o the surplus. Debuchy, Gibbs, Jenkinson etc.

    2. John says:

      Calm down dude…….it is football……an addiction………you win with the best team output………but not always with the best players that money can buy………with or without Alex Sanchez we still can win the league title………this Arsenal team……I mean the players appear hungry for a title like from last year………if they correct what went wrong when they hit their losing streak last year…….they will win trophies…..,let’s support them.

  6. AmbassadorJB says:

    Wenger must do tbe rivht thing that’s my only very word

  7. Gabie says:

    i am sick and tired of hearing Sanchez everyday transfer. Do we have to entertain this real ? Come on guys, if he wants to leaves let him go but that is between Arsenal and Wenger, Wenger promised fans that Sanchez is not leaving if he does then he will be only person to let us know,
    Let us concentrate on supporting the boys who are playing at the moment and stop mourning about Sanchez while he is still alive. Man city, Chelsea, can carry on dreaming Wenger wont give them one of our players to strengthen them that i am 100% he wont. At the moment Man city is struggling got hold up till half time and get one goal and gifted by an own goal. Their biggest signing will go to drain and Pep will get sucked. Let us support our boys and see where we will at the end of the season.

  8. Turbo says:

    Even though it seems unlikely, I hope there’s something to getting Draxler in if Alexis is out! Big fan of Draxler, a very creative and versatile player. If not, let’s hope that it is Alexis out and serious cash in, way better than losing him to City for free next year and having the uncertainty contaminate the club, esp. if an announcement about City were to come out in January.

  9. Ronny says:

    Wengers told him to be descreet as the sale impacts shares our current team morale etc and also could impact asking prices for required signings.

  10. Ronny says:

    Exactly totally agree with you.
    I just hope this has been on the cards for a while and if so we have a replacement or 2 secured already if this gets over the line it’s the best scenario for everyone I think.
    You like Draxler I like Rabiot. Very creative ball playing midfielder who’s tall strong and also good ish defensively. Perfect player to strengthen the midfield. Doesn’t take care of the attacking threat lost though Wenger may think we’ve enough up front now without sanchez
    At this stage I’d be delighted with sanchez send mahrez. Not completely convinced the lemar deal is dead yet.

    1. Turbo says:

      Rabiot would also be a great addition! Re. Draxler, I wish we would have pulled the trigger a couple years back when we first rumored to have interest, much the same way I wish we had gone in committed for Lacazette seriously around the same time rather than messing about. Seems a common pattern, bid a silly amount under value, increase it a few times, others join the game while we’re messing around, then the deal never happens for us. I have to wonder if we wouldn’t already have Lemar if not seeming to following this same pattern again this summer. Oh well, we finally got Lacazette at least!

  11. Finding Dory says:

    The real question is: why was Alexis sitting up in a box with his girlfriend and not with the rest of his team? Other injured players were with the team. Even Cazorla.

    1. Mobella says:

      Obviously, that is his girlfriend first visit to Emirates stadium. Maybe the club deemed it honourable for Alexis to watch the match with her since he didn’t make the team due to his sickness. We shouldn’t read too much into that. What if he didn’t show up for the match.

  12. MANTAK says:

    So many people have a childlike view of the transfer window. You assume you can just source a player and buy them? The intricacies behind transfers go way beyond how most of you see or understand it. Maybe clubs should perhaps explaini it a bit better so that people stop making stupid assumptions about what clubs should be doing..

  13. Waal2waal says:

    the press intrusion is at times so overwhelming so he cannot find a moments peace or quality time for his beautiful girl. mayb theres more to him being in paris or maybe not – we’re about to find out. once he does make a choice to part the focus will be on yet another football talent whose began capturing the imagination of arsenal fans, critics, commentators and football pundits – because arsenal re-produce a lot of stars – i dont see that stopping anytime soon.

  14. Ambangile says:

    Yes i agree with you @Ronny! But i prefer to keep him and buy his replecement this transfer as well! Then use him to the maximum! Lets loose him for free next season anyway, because with his age at 29 he is not going to be the same alexis am sure!

  15. Coldzero says:

    If we get Draxler and he leaves them I am happy.

    He need to leave asap, he doesn’t want to be there so needs to get out- if that means we get Draxler as part of the deal even better.

  16. cre8tiveone says:

    What all the armchair pundits on here forget to realize, is that transfers at big clubs are all a case of musical chairs. No club can sell a big player unless the receiving club have moved out a player to another club. Arsenal will probably sell AS, but the question is to whom, and what do they get in return?
    That’s why it always comes down to the end of the window.

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