Why is Aubameyang out wide and not scoring?

Aubameyang’s lack of passion is worrying. by Shenel

I know I had previously written an article to say that since he signed his contract he has rather dipped in form, but my opinion still has not changed especially not after the performance he showed against Manchester City.

Whatever has changed with regards to our skipper, I hope it is quickly rectified because it seems when he is not on his game most of the team, if not all of the boys are affected by it. When Aubameyang is on his game the whole team clicks, but against City the lack of quality really shone through from everyone.

Many of the chances in the game actually fell to young Bukayo Saka. Aubameyang for me hardly got a mention, he was unable to make his runs behind the defence, he hardly created any goal scoring opportunities, and yes there will be games where he will struggle, but he will need to find some points in those kind of games to stamp down his authority and produce.

There were times where he would float into the centre which is when the game opened up and some chances came through, but for me with Aubameyang starting out wide, it just does not work. He was putting crosses into the box that he should be finishing – not setting up.

Something was clearly off with the whole team barring a few glimpses against City, but whatever it is Arteta needs to sort it out and sort it out quickly!

And Aubameyang whether he is tired, is carrying an injuring of some sort or if it is a mental issue, whatever it is it needs to be addressed, as we need the whole team to click and perform, not just some, because if the whole team is off then we will struggle this season after a strongish start.

Despite the attitude and the “high” spirit in the team, the performances of some of our players needs to be addressed. And Arteta needs to make it clear that if they perform below par, they will be dropped for the next game, because right now each player in that team seems to start whether they do well or not.

If he makes it clear they are not guaranteed starters, then maybe only then will we see players step up for every single game! Aubameyang included! Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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  1. Really????….people questioning why Aubam is not scoring!! Shenel Osman you should remove this story your wrote! Ridiculous statement,…..yes their is an arguement about where Arteta plays him but his scoring record is incredible….. I dont know to laugh or cry! “Just Arsenal” write something sensible!

    1. Leo, much as i allow you your opinion, the fact is that Aubz hasn’t scored in 4 games since the easy win against Fulham on opening day. And Shenel actually mentions that he is out of position, so you should remove your ridiculous comment and actually read the article…

      1. Read the other comments Pat!….Wow, he hasn’t scored in 4 games. So what he suddenly is having a goal drought! Such an over reaction! So great players score in every game. And like Val said he played out wide and won Golden boot! So maybe we should get rid of Aubam then Pat because he hasn’t scored in 4 games? A non-story!…

      2. Admin pat you are a reactionary like a lot of people on this sight, when we or certain players don’t play well you question their ability and reason to be in the side, auba has been up there with the premier league top scorers ,he is entitled to have games where he doesn’t score or contribute

  2. Rediculous article, auba has become our quickest scorer to 50 ever, playing out wide and has played there a lot for previous teams. Being out wide is not the problem at all.

    1. Akonteh ,aubameyang has been a leading goalscorer over the last few years he doesn’t need to change anything

  3. Aubameyang has to be versatile like Sterling/ Mane who are hungry and looking for the least opening to scorevgoals. No one can track down either Mane/Sterling or Marez.
    How does Pepe really prove in Training
    that he is fit to play when he is so inconsistent and none chalant( He is never goal hungry. Pepe like Marez is.
    Please, William is good at corners and free kicks at the Peripheri of the
    18 box Not Luiz nor Pepe when Willian is there. There are times when Pepe Can take free kicks.

  4. Well i dont think he is playing out of position at all, although I would prefer him to play through the middle over Laca or Nketiah.

    Since Auba signed for Wenger he has been played as a wide forward.
    When he signed in the January of that year, he basically scored with every shot on goal from out wide.
    He played out wide for UE and MA has followed suit and played him there aswel.
    He won the Golden boot from out wide, lost out by 1 goal last season from out wide.
    So I fail to see the reason for this article as alot to do with his goal s is service, we make few chances per game and that has got to improve if we are to become a more attacking proficient team

  5. My opinion is Aubameyang has always been silent in big games as regards the league.. I don’t know if he seems disinterested or something, I so wish he could be as hungry as Aguero, Mane, Sterling, Ings, Vardy to mention a few… Plus, I hate the way these guys play against the big six (They don’t hold possession, so many passes are made at the back which is inappropriate; (I mean) this passes should be in the midfield, in the opposition box where they can cause trouble and not in our box, where fans will start panicking!)… I wonder why on earth Arteta would play last night without a striker until die momentsof the game, not that they are on the injury list or something but refered to playing Willian in the box C’MON! He doesn’t even have a starting 11.. His experiments should stop right now!.. He should pick his starting 11 and stick with ’em regardless.. I’m super sure if pepe hadn’t scored against Sheffield he would have come on a substitute!… And as for Aubameyang, he should better fix with his goal scoring boot as well as celebrations ’cause I can’t wait to see ’em… I still don’t know what to say about Saliba (Not in the league nor European squad). This Arteta guy is just something else!!!

    1. Wow aubamayang has always been silent against the big teams? Wow just wow. Aubameyang’s 22 Premier League goals have earned Arsenal 19 points, 37.5% of their entire total in 2019-20. – Of those 22 goals, 17 have had a direct impact on the game’s result. – In 11 appearances against ‘Big Six’ clubs this season, the striker has scored seven goals.Aug 2, 2020

    2. Stars I totally agree with you. 100% . Those back passes I don’t know what are they for. Imagine Leno the goalkeeper had many touches more than any striker we can think of.!

  6. Lips tight.
    I hope he gets more into games,cos for auba I saw yesternight and the Liverpool game he is not commiting himself more into the game

  7. Well sorry it is not Auba’s fault. Since MA started to press and defend we barely manage to have 40% possession. That’s less chances to score. With less possession comes more defending. That’s less chances to score. At first when we won the cup, other managers were taken by surprise and auba scored mostly from counter attacks. Managers are now shifting more players to Auba’s side and taking away his space. That’s less chances to score. Bottom line, Artera needs to change and play to the best ability of his players and not his failing system.

  8. Uh, he is not touching the ball, getting the ball in good places.
    Simple really, hope Mikel gets him in the middle in some of these upcoming games.

  9. Let Arteta bring back Ozil to balance the team. There are sentiments surrounding Ozil’s issue and only God knows what’s going on about Auba’s goal droughts but I have a feeling it has to do with lack of Ozil presence.

  10. Teams realize he is our only way of playing out. Either that or an overlapping run of the left from Tierney or the wingback. It’s gotten predictable and I agree with others that we need to find a way to bring the right side of our attack into the game more. The sooner we integrate Partey and push Ceballos up, the far better we’ll be. Because right now our play just stops once it gets to midfield.

  11. The Ozil £8 million bonus/loyalty payment? No excuse for professional to be so off! Something definitely didn’t seem right on Saturday evening! As for the German maestro, the sooner he’s gone the better! He doesn’t fit in the manager’s plans and doesn’t appear to want to but shamelessly and hypocritically hangs on – with his irritating hound of fanboys! His president pal and his minnows should arrange a loan transfer to the club of his choice in January if he feels playing under Arteta is so beneath him.

  12. I think by omitting Ozil from the team is kind of making Arteta happy but in the other hand costing the team badly.There is no player in that squad who can do a half of what Ozil can do.I think Arteta Is a good coach but his problem is putting emotions into the game.Wanting to show some stupid authority which benefits only him not even the club.I think he doesn’t even deserve to be a coach of a team of arsenals calibre

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