Why is Emery still refusing to praise Ozil?

Given how badly he got it wrong in the first leg you would have thought Unai Emery would have been delighted his more attacking Arsenal team rescued the tie on Thursday? Yet our manager seemed at pains not to give Ozil any praise, nor any guarantees that the German would get a run in the side. It seems harsh, the midfielder has constantly been told what he is doing wrong and yet even when he takes part in one of our more creative performances in recent times, he still can’t get his boss’ approval. It would be unfair if the World Cup Winner doesn’t get another chance to impress this Sunday.

The old rule is not to change a winning side and it’s hard to see how Southampton at home does not qualify for a game ‘tactically suitable ‘for our number 10. The likes of Iwobi have had enough chances to prove they are a better option in the final third, which begs the question why does Ozil seems to be the only one having to jump through hoops to start? Based on our two fixtures with BATE, you would think our coach had learnt his lesson by discarding our best player, and would never wish to make that mistake again?

A lot of Gooners lost faith in the Spaniard by not sending our highest earner to Belarus. Having got away with it, he should breathe a sigh of relief and rethink his position. So why in his post-match press conference was he not doing everything to lift the confidence of man whose self-belief he has hurt? Why was he still demanding more from one individual yet not the rest?

Potentially this could be the period we learn about Emery the man. His problem with now trusting Ozil, is it will be an admission he’s made mistakes. Not just in terms of his opinion on the player but his wish to sacrifice an offensive minded player for a defensive one. This past week was the first time he was pressured into naming Ozil in his eleven. He knew that being knocked out of Europe while a man on 350 000 pound a week played Fortnite would have been a sackable offence. It was clear his joy to still be in the Europa League, but he didn’t seem to enjoy the assertion that the guy he froze out had proved a point.

If Ozil is dropped against the Saints, we know (like Sarri at Chelsea) it is stubbornness coming into play.
All managers should stick to their ethos, the very best should not sacrifice their principles but you also have to adapt to what you see daily. Emery needs to be big enough to admit he hasn’t been able to find a better alternative to Ozil. There’s no guarantee he will buckle. He didn’t speak to Ben Arfa for a year when the two clashed on tactics, while he even tried to take on Neymar at PSG, a power play he was never going to win.

Long term, Mr Kroenke is most likely to be open to getting such a sum off his wage bill. Yet for a man who seems content to stay in North London, it’s advantage Ozil.

Dan Smith


  1. Xxnofx says:

    The way I look at it is what attacking trio would fans rather see .
    Auba laca ozil
    Iwobi miki laca or auba
    Surely if the 1st trio was given enough matches together we would see fireworks between them .
    I’m sure as a defence ,opponents would rather the 2nd trio I’ve listed .
    I wanna see football that gets me out of my seat not football where I wanna stop watching at half time .

    1. Th14 says:

      What happened Dan? I see you’ve taken up your old pseudo name…. will you be trolling Iwobi with this too?

      1. Xxnofx says:

        No it seems pat as banned me for some reason
        Not sure why ,as I never take things personal and call people names like quite a few on here do

        1. AlexLaca9 says:

          Maybe it’s because of the aggression and strong language he WARNED you about before??
          Ozil has his strengths, just like Iwobi, and it’ll depend on Emery’s homework on the opposition who he prefers or how he pairs them up. One of the things we were complaining about under wenger was the same team and tactics week in week out, and I guess we got what we wished for. I also don’t think Ozil deserves any particular praise for finally training as expected and doing what he gets paid for on the pitch. What about the rest of the squad who do it week in and out even though they don’t have the level of talent Ozil does? Favoritism?? Nope, also one of the complaints under the former manager.
          Let him get some consistency then maybe we can start praising, we all know he has a good performance in him, they just don’t come often enough is the problem

          1. Xxnofx says:

            Strong language?not by me but ok
            Aggression? Been commenting on here for probably 12 months ,no different from when I first started .
            And no different from most posters on here I don’t recall me ever name calling which a lot do on here and if my comments come across as aggressive that’s just because of the way I write ,so not sure what the problem is ,maybe I’m just not one of the favourites on here .

            1. Xxnofx says:

              And then in turn makes me feel like I can’t then express my comments to some of the reply’s you and a few others have just written in reply to my comment .

    2. Goonster says:

      But we have had the same people criticising the likes of Auba and Laca for not being clinical enough in front of goal.
      These were some of the comments from the Ozil apologists between November-January when Ozil had just 1 assist since the season started.
      “Auba needs more than 4 clear chances to score and this is one of the reasons Ozil’s assists are not manifesting. All his chances created are being wasted by the likes of Auba who is a more glamorous walcott”.

      “Laca hardly takes shots, he hardly gets in the box and always waits for a perfect shooting opportunity to have a shot. He needs at least 2 touches to ready himself before taking a shot. And you guys want to blame ozil for the flaws our 2 strikers have”.

      “Ozil chance creation is still consistent like it has always been but as always it’s our attackers that waste them.”

      Sometimes I just can’t believe the excuses people will come up with in order to cover for their personal favourite players.

      Lol ?

      1. Thomo says:

        Iisn’t auba one of the leading scorers in the premier league goonster do you know what you’re talking about

  2. Heyzee says:

    Sentiments aside,praise for what exactly?goals or assists in the match?y’all should stop this and give emery a break…and stop making it seem as if iwobi is the reason ozil is on the bench… I put it to the original poster, fine,ozil added more creative spark to.our game against BATE but would you have asked emery to heap praises on iwobi for a similar “okay” performance??

    1. Red and white says:

      Truly a sensible comment

  3. jon fox says:

    I completely disagree with Dans article in its central theme. The daft notion that a manager who has tried his level best to get Ozil to give the 100% regular effort that all our others give, bar Mkhi , should, after one merely half decent game against rank poor opponents, come out and single out Ozil for praise is nonsensical. MANAGEMENT IS ABOUT DOING WHAT IS BEST FOR THE TEAM AND CLUB. Ozil , IMHO, has ducked out of giving his all and does so virtually all the time. IF ,Ozil is FINALLY to decide to do what ALL professional players should automatically do and sweat blood for the team, then he has to show it on a regular basis first. ONLY THEN can he expect open praise. He has a lot of ground to make up first , at least with us who refuse to fool ourselves that he is not lazy. He is lazy and the ones with clear vision know this only too well. It is Ozil that owes the team and fans his regular committment, NOT Emery who owes him premature and falsely spoken praise. I repeat my firm opinion that Ozil will be gone by next season. In my view he simply lacks character and that is unforgivable. However because of injuries and the fact that Mkhi is even more ineffective, Ozil will probably play tomorrow. He now owes us big time!

    1. Darthballz says:

      I disagree , what do you think makes him lazy

      1. jon fox says:

        The fact that my eyes work well.

        1. d says:

          Except all of the statistics show that he consistently comes in for the most number of KM’s covered per game, so what you think your eyes see is a moot point, because clearly it doesn’t matter what they see if they have such a dysfunctional brain behind them.

          Just because he isn’t constantly screaming in anger or running around like a headless chicken doesn’t mean that he’s lazy; if you’d ever actually been to a live match you would see how much work he puts in for the team off of the ball. And that’s not just a stupid argument like “my eyes tell me he does”, because the numbers literally prove it.

          1. Pat says:

            D. I don’t know you and am not sure I have commented on your post before but this is what I have faught Jon Fox for. I have said the same arguments, I have repeated the same facts and pointed to the same statistics but Jon Fox will have none of it. Instead he said he doesn’t have any statistics to back his claim that Ozil is lazy, ineffective and lacks character. So I gave up. I think he agrees with himself and since that is the case, I realised it is worthless to argue with his obviously subjective analysis of a player when all written and documented facts are pointing to a different direction.

          2. AlexLaca9 says:

            I honestly don’t know what all the raving about kms covered is about, cause it’s certainly not like those kms covered are utilized to close down players or press, it’s not what he’s in the team for and his no box to box midfielder that much we agree on. So what exactly are they for? With a player who offers only final balls, deft first touches and cute passes?? Look closely and you’ll see a player constantly moving out of passing ranging, away from the action and sometimes behind opposition players so he doesn’t get passed to. He works his darn hardest to not do anything at all and that where those kms are coming from lol the enigma that is Ozil ladies and gentlemen

            1. Sue says:

              Well he hasn’t had a bad career if that’s all he does! So all those scouts, managers & fans must be wrong then!
              Aren’t people allowed to have a favourite player??

              1. Pat says:

                True Sue, to think the man has played in more countries than most of our English players. Won several high ranking trophies, has been the the German team that won the World Cup from his youth, has proven records, natured by many different managers. He must be a player that avoids football totally. I agree with you Alexlaca, Ozil does nothing on the pitch. Except that he is the only player who created 11 goal scoring chances in a single game in the last World Cup considering how bad his team was. He must really have avoided touching the ball.

        2. Maks says:

          jon fox
          Maybe your eyes are well but thinking from all angles… no.
          Not everybody have to be “crazy moving” like Iwobi or Ramsey but with just a drops of end product. Ozil is a master of ball but also without one, like opening space, little runs in behind defenders and else. He had lot s of problems this year but that does not mean he have to be out of the 1st team.

        3. Midkemma says:

          Well for someone 500 years old right Jon?

          To everyone else, I am only poking fun at Jons age as he used it as a way to look down on me along with everyone else. I hope to educate this fool that age doesn’t make you wise, age doesn’t make you intelligent, age doesn’t mean you are worldly… It just means you have existed for XX amount of years..

          Sitting in the front room jerkin the gerkin for 50 years like Jon doesn’t make you wise, it just makes you an old vvanker.

          1. AlexLaca9 says:

            Your obsession and abuse of Jon truly astounds me Midkemma. You always seem to seek him out and it has been going on for months. I see you have finally graduated to verbal abuse and I must say your behavior is sickening. If you dislike him that much than don’t engage him in conversation and go on with your life

            1. Phil says:

              Midkemma-for someone who is capable of writing such clear and precise comments you are also very prone to placing comments that are quite pathetic.There was no need for that and you know that.
              Jon I’m sure won’t have a problem with the 500 years old comment even (if he is only 238) but the final bit was totally out of order.Whats more you knew that before writing.
              We are all (well Most Of us anyway) Of regretting some posts we have made.I still have sleepless nights about highlighting how TH14 was trying to chat up a female contributor to this site (who I won’t name as it would not be something Sue would wish to be reminded of) when he could easily join a dating site.
              But there was a line you overstepped.Take Jon on over football related affairs and you will find yourself in a challenge.What you wrote made YOU look foolish not your intended target

              1. Midkemma says:

                I know it made me look foolish.
                Pssed off at him and his reliance on his age as some kinda reasoning to why he is right.

                I am right though ain’t I Phil.
                I might not have been nice about it but what I said isn’t wrong, is it 😛

                1. Phil says:

                  Actually Jon and I have pretty much the same mindset on most things Arsenal with Mesut Ozil being one subject we have differing views and I accept that.If we all had the same opinion then we wouldn’t be here on this site today.I respect Jon’s stance on Ozil (even though the old codger must be off his mind the soppy sod) but even though it differs from mine I wouldn’t result in calling him as you did.
                  And I will tell you something else -along with plenty of other old ‘uns on this site (no names as we know who WE ARE) Jon has more experience of being an Arsenal Fan than you have with stories and experiences to back up what he says.
                  And that concludes my sermon from SAGA today ( look it up if you’ve never heard of SAGA) and remember-LOOK AFTER YOUR PETS AND OLD PEOPLE ( that’s of course unless they support 5pur5 then have them put down immediately)

              2. Sue says:

                Phil… it’s amazing my sides are still intact from all the laughing I do reading your comments!! (Sorry Th14!) Poor sod will never live that down will he?
                Can always rely on you for a laugh Phil ?????

                1. Th14 says:

                  I just thought it’d be nice to be friends outside this blog, get to know one another like in a fanclub. First with you Sue because you’re always jovial and then Phil, Dan and anyone else that fancies it. I didn’t read read much into it but seeing the backlash I got, I didn’t bother to go beyond Sue. I will now have to live with it for the rest of my days on this blog thanks to Phil

                  1. Phil says:

                    TH14-I only have one word to say to you “TINDER”.

                  2. Sue says:

                    Th14… don’t worry about it!
                    I’m sorry but Phil has a way with words and really does make me laugh (not just where you’re concerned btw!)
                    You also have a way with words & I’d just like to say good luck with your degree – although I suspect you’ll smash it ??

                    1. Th14 says:

                      Thank you Sue, that means a lot

            2. Pat says:

              AlexLaca9, am not sure you have read most of Joh Fox’s comments, he is so abusive, he calls people all kind of terrible names, he insults people who do not share is opinion of Ozil, he has a low standard when it comes to adding others. I did one on him about 4 days ago because he just couldn’t refrain from calling me naive because I opposed his opinions based on facts. He didn’t stop until I gave his a full cup of his own abuses, soon he called me a young man then I told him I am not young and I am not a man. He needs to stop bulling people and calling them all kinds of names because they disagree with him.

              1. Midkemma says:

                Wise words pat.
                Also ones I should pay attention too.
                Feel free to slap me in the future if I need it, like I did this time.

          2. Midkemma says:

            Sorry for the colourful language.

            1. Sue says:

              Jerkin the gherkin – not heard that before!!

        4. Malik says:

          HAHAHA exactly

      2. Lionbrave says:

        You are asking a question concerning somebody who goes missing in big matches? If he were not lazy, how comes he doesn’t do much in tough matches? Let’s keep sentiments aside. Emery just came to bring a change to what has been the norm and one is seeing that Ozil who plays all the time even when he’s not good enough for tough matches, prove his metle. The fans are unsettling a coach just because he refused always starting Ozil? It doesn’t make sense. We’re giving these players more power than they deserve mate.

    2. d says:

      The single most ignorant and stupid comment on this entire thread. There’s just so many things you’ve said which are categorically (and provably) incorrect, I just look at comments like yours and wonder how you could be so incredibly unlucky in the brain department to perceive reality in such an incorrect way.

      1. jon fox says:

        What planet are you on! It is not Earth, FOR SURE.

        1. Maks says:

          jon fox,
          have you ever think that you is one who is wrong? Not just in Ozil but everyday life…. you seems to be one above the Earth, not others…

          1. Jah son says:

            He’s ignorant Jon Fox am referring to only resort to calling people names and writes a thousand words to make the simplest of point. I’ve asked him to please desist from commenting on my posts but he just can’t help him self.

    3. Ingleby says:

      For me, it’s the lack of character that is most damning. Unfortunately this failing is also shared with others in the squad.

    4. Midkemma says:

      Facts Jon.
      Care to use them?
      No? Cause you are talking out your backside… Thought so.

  4. Th14 says:

    When Arsenal tied Mesut Ozil down to a new contract last January, it looked like some of the best business of the window.

    It came at some cost – a deal worth £62 million ($80 million/€71 million) over three and a half years but at these prices – is Ozil benefiting the team?

    So far, the German’s deal has cost the Gunners a whopping £19 million, which works out at an incredible £587,000 per game played.

    That figure would not be such a problem if it was worth it in his contributions, but it is not.

    Ozil has scored five goals since signing his new deal and provided seven assists – none of which have come in crucial games.

    Strikes against Europa League minnows Ostersund and Vorskla were hardly noteworthy, with the rest coming against lesser Premier League opponents – Newcastle, Watford and Leicester. Yet, they cost Arsenal £3.85 million each.


  5. Tissiam says:

    A lot of managers don,t like to praise individuals,klopp is one of them and is right,it stops them getting big headed,anyway you don,t win a game with/because of one player.imagine GK,defenders….hearing the manager praising one player,how do you think iit makes them feel,it doesn,t help unity..I know it,s a cliche but you win/lose as a team,one of few which are really true,if a player wants,needs individual praises let him take up tennis,snooker….

    1. Midkemma says:

      When being asked about Ozil, Emery has a chance to big the player up or to belittle him. Emery is choosing the destructive option. Praising a player doesn’t mean it has used up some make believe praise restriction.

      I can praise as many people as I like…

      Ozil played well, Auba played well, Kos played well while on the pitch. See, praised 3 people in 3 seconds.

      1. Tissiam says:

        I have to admit good point,(10 seconds):)

  6. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Been busy a lot so I’ve hardly had the time to read articles or comments.. I’m yet to read even this article, I just opened my browser, saw the headline and came down here to just say this, I don’t expect Emery to praise Ozil, after the game almost all of the players spoke how and why they were glad to have Ozil back into the team, all except Emery. Now I don’t have a problem with Emery not doing that, if he refuses to accept the team needs Ozil then that’s his business, only someone with some sort of blind eye will deny Ozil doesn’t bring the best out of players around him.
    That being said, Emery knows this is the truth, he sees it and went on ahead saying how he expects Ozil to be ready and always prepared and to always play like that.
    I call that Búllshít. That’s exactly how Ozil has been playing all through under him except for the Leicester city game, that’s why I keep insisting and asking all these anti-Ozil fanatical groups on here if Ozil was really terrible before he started getting benched. I asked em to go watch every game he played before Emery started this treatment, Ozil wasn’t even half as terrible as people on here painted him to be.
    Emery knew that too, watch him start giving Ozil chances slowly because he knows this defensive crap isn’t working

  7. Tas says:

    Arsenal V Man-City ladies Continental Legue cup final about to start

    Good luck to our Ladies ?

  8. ThirdManJW says:

    How can Emery praise a player who is not bothering in training, and has barely done anything when given a chance? I was hoping the rewarding failure culture had died with the previous regimes departure, but it seems some fans are desperate for it to return. So why stop with Ozil? Let’s give Mustafi a pay raise, and give Lichsteiner another year! Haha!

    1. jon fox says:

      Thank the Lord above for fellow realists. I get so frustrated with all the fool themselves (because of what they WANT to happen rather than what they SEE) types on here.

      1. Midkemma says:

        Delusionalist, not realist.
        Realist would recognise the truth.
        You guys ignore it.

        You are the fool that you are talking about.
        You refuse to accept facts, you cut out real facts to fit your delusion.

        Many people have asked you to prove your BS.
        Go and get the stats Jon, go on… We are all waiting.

        You have called Ozil lazy on many occasions.
        Prove it.
        Show his distance ran per 90 mins… Go on Jon. If Ozil is lazy then you should find many stats which would lead to that same outcome… if it is true.

        Let me guess your reply.

        “Stats don’t prove anything”
        “I know what I see, I don’t have to explain it to fools”
        “I have eyes in my head”

        Am I close?

    2. Darthballz says:

      I don’t like to reward failure but it seems like cutting off your nose to spite your face . Makes no sense to leave out the only player that’s not so predictable in his play

    3. Pat says:

      Can you provide us with accurate facts to support your opinion that Ozil is not bothering in training, and has bearly done anything when given the chance, or are this just your perception, do you go to training with them, or has his team mate said so, because the last time I heard from Sokratis was that they need him to be playing. Everyone knows that every player good bad or average need consistent playing time before anyone can judge their performances. Let us talk honestly and with integrity. I am not saying he is the best player right now, but he sure brings something special to the team.

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        Its not my opinion Pat. Just been listening to what Emerys been saying, and I’ve been watching Ozil play. He’s been one of worst performers this season, unless jogging around, making non risk passes, constitutes a quality performance?

      2. Goonerboy says:


        “Everyone knows that every player good bad or average need consistent playing time before anyone can judge their performances”

        Apart from this season, Ozil has been a regular in this team, why does he need more playing time before we judge him? Or are we talking Elneny??

        “am not saying he is the best player right now, but he sure brings something special to the team.”

        Well, he is not the best player at least for me anyway, so tell us, when last has he brought something special apart from that Leicester game you guys keep mentioning???

        You love Ozil, I get it, but do you honestly think he has lived up to expectations in the whole of his career with us??

        1. Pat says:

          Goonerboy yes I love Ozil and I believe he has lived up to expectations when we had ca good team, his responsibility is to provide and create goals scoring chances which statistics will suggest he has done. He was one of our best players when we had Olivier, Sanchez, Ramsey, morel, cazola, and our defence was pretty decent too. Ozil came into our club when we didn’t have enough good footballers because we sold them all. His country was disappointed he choose Arsenal because were a lower standard to other teams wanting him. His goal scoring chances are in the premier league data (you can please check). Then the contract, Olivier left, Sanchez left, (Abu came, Laca can) Wenger left and we are left to what we have now. One can can not make a team but one man can improve it. We are not better without Ozil in the team, but we have more with him. As to his salary that an not be my business because the owner and board must have seen something good in him (I don’t care if it was Wenger) before signing it. If we have him today Emery should utilise him, if we don’t have him anymore then we move to something else. Emery hasn’t done better without him in the team so my conclusion is the both Emery and Ozil are not doing well. I want to watch exciting football irrespective of who ever plays. We don’t defend well even with our defenders so that nullified Emery’ s argument about his work ethics. None of them owns the club but both of them need to work together and bring excitement back to Arsenal Football Club.

    4. Goonerboy says:

      Been following your posts and I must say you almost always say mind as you have done here again, nice post Sir.

      It seems many people on here easily forget things or maybe they do not know exactly what they want.
      Even Wenger who always pampered Ozil, said he has been a little unmotivated after signing his bumper deal.

      If any player is really good, you wont have to ALWAYS defend him because the genuine quality will always manifest
      My biggest issues with Ozil??
      He is one dimensional
      And predictable
      That’s why players like David Silva, Debruyne, Kante, even Cazorla do not need anyone to defend them, because apart from being good, they are consistent performers against the best.
      How I miss Cazorla….he made everyone including Ozil around him looked good with his crazy quality. No sane person would argue with you on that. Wenger described him as our technical security, what a player he was for us!
      That is the sort of impact Ozil should be making consistently but is he??
      As far am concerned, Ozil is just another player in the team, nothing special

      1. Pat says:

        Goonerboy did you watch the rest of the interview. Because Sky Sports and other media outlets only picked on what he said at the beginning and not the whole of what he said about Ozil. And you should know Wenger is a very intelligent man and he will only give two sides of an argument.

  9. Floyd says:

    He gets £350000 per week at Arsenal. The new manager doesn’t want him, we all know this… but where were the offers from any club to buy him in Jan? The truth is no other club wanted him for that money becsuse he’s a lazy, overpaid, unmotivated fraud.
    “So why in his post-match press conference was he not doing everything to lift the confidence of man whose self-belief he has hurt?”
    Are you aware of how pathetic you sound? Confidence comes from within, it looks like this was written by a teenage girl with body issues? Dan, if you are a male, my advise to you and ozil is the same… grow a pair and stop with all the BS.
    We seen how he played in the world cup, but rather than say “the team preformed badly including myself” he released social media posts about how many ‘key passes’ he made and then quits the national team calling people racists.
    You’ve been dishonest about the Bate games. The truth is we were always going to go through. We didn’t need to send the top earners there. If the pitch hadn’t been so poor the result from the first leg may have been different too, but that doesn’t fit your narrative.
    Have a nice weekend.

  10. Lupe says:

    All this ozil arguments speaks volume. Think about it, no other so called world class player divides opinion like this, bergkamp never drew this type of argument amongst fans. If after 6 years at arsenal people are still questioning him and others still have to defend him, it says a lot. I have more of a balanced thought about ozil, i think he should play most games except for the big away matches but i also think it’s time for arsenal and him to move on from each other in the summer. He’s never going to be the ozil of madrid because of he age, so come summer, we should get something for him and use that to invest in fresh and ambitious talents.

    1. Goonerboy says:


      You highlighted my point well in your first paragraph.
      Even at his very few “best” I never thought he was world class and I will always stand by that
      Someone asks you, what is Ozil’s biggest attribute?
      The answer is Final ball or assist. That’s all.

      What excuse hasnt been made for this guy?
      I cant even start mentioning them
      You know what?
      I really want Emery to start playing him in every game so he can prove how oridinary he is for those who need reminding.

    2. RSH says:

      correct. He’s not going to get much better than he is now, and the truth is he has never reached his Real Madrid level at Arsenal. He has a lot of fans and sells a lot of shirts, but on the pitch, he doesn’t cut it for the amount he earns. Time to move on from him. I don’t think it’s that complicated of a situation to analyze. Nobody above us would have him in their side either.

    3. Floyd says:

      Who in there right mind would take him? He understandably wouldn’t take a pay cut. What club anywhere would match those wages let alone pay us x millions on top? This is another player who’ll see out his contract. Terrible business from Arsenal.

  11. Goonster says:

    Have not had enough of OZIL article after article on here. It’s like the last 3 or 4 articles have been about this overrated / overhyped excuses galore player. The guy has had more than 5 seasons to prove us his critics wrong but he has failed miserably.

    He is 30 years old now. If a young ozil in his mid to late 20’s could not lift us then why are people deluding themselves that their Prince Charming will all of a sudden start to man up in his 30’s? Lol

    Delusion is hard to shake off. The earlier some people accept that Ozil is finished the better. Need to be more honest to yourselves guys. Move on.

    It looks like the Era of “Ozil Excuses Galore” is thankfully over.

    Gazidis, Wenger and Ramsey gone. Ozil nearing the end.
    Now the big one “Silent Satan Kroenke” should sell up. How to solve a problem like him remains. Reminds me of trying to find out what was before the “BIG BANG”.. Near impossible to solve. But I am
    Optimistic he will leave some day.

  12. Maks says:

    Emery should praise Ozil if he shines against big teams. I like Ozil but I want him to prove himselfs again…. against 5pur2s, United, Inter or Napoli, etc…

    1. Pat says:

      Sue always on point. Me too from now on. Noooooooooo. ???????

      1. Sue says:

        ?? when it comes to Ozil articles Pat, I can’t always be bothered to comment… as it’s like banging my head against a brick wall!
        I don’t think some people get that you can have a favourite player, that you’re not obsessed or in a cult, you just appreciate what that player does! At the end of the day, he’s part of the team. That team we all love & support!!

  13. Jah son says:

    How do you praise someone you dislike? What a sham of a article

  14. RSH says:

    It was a decent performance against Bate, not exactly praise-worthy from anyone to be fair.

  15. Midkemma says:

    I do feel that Ozil should have been praised, he has been excluded for a long time and I thought he put a decent effort in, I noticed that Ozil was putting his foot in to make tackles…

    It would have been nice if Emery had praised him, instead of the ‘tough love’, show the supporting love.

    I can’t ignore the difficulties Ozil had at the start of the season, Germany issues… It can’t be nice for Ozil and he needed support from his manager, instead he has been blasted by the one he should be supported by.

    It is disgusting that so called Arsenal fans are happy for an Arsenal player who wants to stay with us.. Happy to treat a dedicated player in such poor ways. It is disgusting.

  16. Lionbrave says:

    Anybody who knows Ozil has agreed on one thing. He doesn’t show up in tough matches. He goes missing and you are wondering whether the team is a team of 11 players or just 10. I don’t have any issues with his level in terms of skills. He has that but in modern football especially in England, you need more than that. What do you do with a player who is good and then disappoints you by nit doing much on a day you need him 100%? The coach, Emery has just spent less than a season, taking over from a manager who has been at Arsenal for like forever and you expect him to perform magic while also expecting him to use Ozil in every game? It doesn’t work thay way. Go and ask the Liverpool coach how many trophies he has delivered for them since he came. Let’s leave Emery to do his job Ozil fans, and he will come up with the right balance with time.

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