Why are people criticizing Arsenal for celebrating? Footballers are human too…

Why are Arsenal always blasted for celebrating wins!!

Players these days just cannot seem to catch a break.

If they do not celebrate each and every win in some way, some are criticised, but if they do, they are equally criticised!

Are they not human? Of course they are!

Football for some of these players is their life and some of their passions, these players go out each day and train and step out on to the pitch with the aims and wants of winning. To walk away knowing they have done something successful and that their hard work has paid off, albeit for that one game.

But more recently after we have had a few wins over the likes of Wolves and Aston Villa, the players have been pulled up on their celebrations saying it is as if “they’d won the premier league.”

Now I understand that sometimes they can overdo the celebrations and that this can come to bite them later on, however these players, or most of them, work hard everyday and surely deserve to celebrate each and every win. If they cannot celebrate then why do they do what they do?

It is like a “normal” person achieving something great at work and being successful, do they not deserve to celebrate as and when they want, of course they do..

So why do people feel the need to criticise I never will know, but then I guess there are good and bad words said from people on the outside, even those that have no experience in the game, yet like to act like they do. Although the criticism doesn’t just come from people outside of the game, we have been criticised a number of times by ex-players and pundits.

I do however think our players deserve to celebrate the wins. Why shouldn’t they I mean us fans have a smile or two on our faces after wins, especially those big derby ones. And some fans celebrate long into the night in the pub so these players deserve to do whatever they want as long as they recover in time and do not over do it too much.

Of course, I do not agree when they overdo it but they are humans and they have a right to express their feelings just like anyone, and if that means playing well, winning games and then celebrating, then we should welcome that. As long as they remain serious and get the job done when they need to!


Shenel Osman


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  1. I think you are allowed to celebrate, especially when these games come down to a few marginal opportunities. Which is probably what tends to irk the neutrals,who see a game without our emotional attachment. What they see is probably an ordinary performance where the football gods have favoured Arsenal and are wondering what all the fuss is about. As someone with a long-term emotional attachment to this club, I find myself somewhere in the middle, excited by the prospects of Champions League football but extremely cautious regarding the quality of the squad, manager and long term prospects.

  2. I do think the celebrations are over the top and lets wait to celebrate something other than a win. Its great to see the players celebrate but a little embarrassing at the level of celebration for what amounts to 3 points. While i dont think we need to be so over zealous yet, i do think an over the top celebration is well expected if we actually finish 4th. Not because it is something we have reached but hopefully something we have started. On the other hand all these celebrations will look silly if we dont finish 4th. Lets celebrate a win with a bit of professionalism, then go mad when we achieve our targets.

  3. I promise to sit in my seat and politely clap if/when we score a goal on Sunday.
    After all, heaven forbid that I allow my love for The Arsenal to be judged excessive in any way, shape or form.

    Mind you, seeing a 76 year old, slightly overweight, grey haired man jumping up and down and giving high fives with anyone round him, might constitute bad taste and could even scar some people for life!!!! 🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️👀

  4. It is said that a team that celebrates together wins together.

    An individual has the ability to, consciously or unconsciously, impact the people around them through verbal and none verbal cues.
    Put simply, this means that we take on the emotions of people around us, and in turn influence how they feel.

    So when tem members are happy , confident and focused, they are more inclined to feel positively and perform better.

  5. I believe they should celebrate the wins because it shows that every single game is if importance. Additionally, football goes way beyond the pitch, they are people who travel week in week out to support the team, so if us even travel from other parts of the world to see them play. Every time they play the have an impact in some person in some way.

    Keep celebrating guys, down let the hate media keep us down. When ever we doing well, people still want to find ways of spilling negative vibes about us. Keep going Gooners

  6. The Gunners celebrated the victories excessively, because Arsenal haven’t been qualified for the Champions League since 2015/2016 season. It was six years ago and getting a CL ticket will be a big achievement for those young players, since the more decorated players like Giroud, Ozil, Sanchez and Aubameyang couldn’t do it at Arsenal

    The players’ excitement/ enthusiasm show that Arsenal, Arteta and the staffs have successfully instilled the fighting spirit back into the club. We mostly rely on young players now, so extra motivation and boost are required to keep them excited

  7. My question is: Which everyone are you talking about? If by everyone you mean a few so-called pundits then I understand. Why would anyone mind Arsenal’s celebration after a game? Let’s not forget this is a very young team which sometimes get very excited about their exploits. Would anyone blame them for that? Besides sometimes they can’t imagine beating big teams like Chelsea and Man U. The other cause of celebration might be the way they keep coming back up after some disappointing results. Why would some people concentrate on the celebrations instead of applauding the performances? Is this out of jealousy or love of etiquette? Let us just give our players a break!

  8. What’s worse are the Arsenal social media armchair fans criticizing their own club for celebrating! None worse than Lee Gunner.

    If you watch him, he is happiest when we lose. Watch his ZERO celebration when Gabriel scores the winner against West Ham.

  9. When Arsenal was always celebrating and fighting for too 4, others do mock us. Now that everyone sees the importance of the top 4, Arsenal are still not permitted to celebrate, why? All haters can continue to hate while we make steady progress. COYG

  10. Why the persecution complex. Celebrate any which way you like and get on with it. Lee Gunner and others have higher standards for this club. Hopefully the celebration after the Everton game will be the one that matters.

  11. Criticism is not allowed for league matches, only for cup finals. Any unlawful celebrations should be reported to: A Nobody, from Portugal, Celebration Police Commissioner, who resides in the Wolverhampton area. Real Madrid were granted an exemption for their semi-final win.

    1. I watched a video of RM celebrations in their dressing room after beating City.they were having a party,music blasting, players dancing…I thought it was great!!

  12. Haters of Arsenal who never in their wildest dreams saw Arsenal in this position 4games to the end of the season are the moaners.
    The Players, Manager and Staff are aware that achieving 4th is beyond the world’s expectation. Every single step towards that is worth whatever level of celebration.

    I remember a poll earlier this season that puts Arteta as the 2nd worst Manager in the leahlgue, only bettering Lage of Wolves. It shows the general view of people and their expectations.

    Let’s celebrate always please, it will continue to give the guys reason to win again.

  13. Its so pathetic when we allow few bitter individuals to influence our passion, feelings and enthusiasm about our dear club.
    Since when did it become unpopular and ill advised to celebrate our wins.
    Every football clubs go into football matches to win and when that objective is achieved, its worthy of celebration.
    The last time i checked ,celebrating wins is not a punishable offence in football. And if for any reason any fan or supporter feels ashamed to celebrate our wins,then such a fan is a Fake fan.
    Supporting arsenal football club is not by force but by choice and we should identify with them at the good and not too good times.
    Did anyone see the team celebrating our losses in recent times.
    We need perspective.
    Don’t just follow these jealous pundits that are just bitter about where we now find ourselves as a football club.
    Long live our dear club.

  14. I for one will be celebrating like Ramsdale did against manu if we get 3pts on sun and also if liverpool win. Football is about emotions so if you dont want to jump up and down go to the theatre but definitely dont criticise fans that do.

  15. Football just like any sport is for recreation basically and I dont see why would need it if it wasnt to make happy, I already go thro the routine of clapping at work for my bosses.

    Mayb fans/players should only avoid rubbing it in on there faces just to avoid provoking violent reactions

    I mean is there a law that say, now celebrate for this EPL and not that cup or match.

    I will celebrate anything be it the shield, a block from Holding, Xhaka blowing them up… I expect the same from players

  16. Wow. Arteta has just signed a new deal till 2025. I believe it is a great move from the board.
    Hopefully, this summer, Josh Kroenke would give us some great signings too.

    We are headed for the top!!!

  17. Fine and sensible article. IT NEEDS SAYING TOO.

    Misleading and factually wrong headline though , once again.

    Headline says “why is EVERYONE criticising Arsenal for celebrating…”.
    Notice to Ad PAT, “EVERYONE” plainly is not criticising us! Certain people are though.
    It may seem obvious to most, though presumably not to AdPAT, BUT certain people are NOT EVERYONE.

    I object extremely strongly to deliberately false and deliberately misleading headlines to describe the following article. Esp since the article itself did not say “everyone”. Though for accuracy’s sake, it did say “people” criticise us, butit did NOT say ALL PEOPLE, nor “EVERYONE.”

    This common and underhand tactic, used so regularly by Ad PAT IN HIS HEADLINES, is deliberately used to polarise us and provoke arguments – arguments are NOT the same as discussion or debate btw – and is done at the expense of using truthful words, which would instead give an entirely accurate summation of thr article.


  18. I couldn’t care less, as a kid you feel the joy when you get your first ball, first pair of real football boots or your first football shirt. Never forget the joy and the love for the game, being together and enjoyint great moments on and off the pitch that’s football ❤️

  19. Having said my piece about how AdPAT MISLEADS so many articles with his headlines, I now wish to praise Shenel and what I believe is virtually EVERYONES wish and everyones right to celebrate whenever they wish.

    We are discussing passion for our club/ team/ players .

    If anyone has a FUNDAMENTAL OBJECTION to the healthy concept and act of human celebration – not only during or after matches but in life matters of ALL happy kinds- then they have very warped and diseased minds, IMO.
    I dislike repeating the blindingly obvious, BUT will do so now, when I say that without great passion you may as well not have sport at all!
    FAN PASSION is the incontrovertible proof that we fans are the LIFEBLOOD that keeps the game going. Without us and our PASSION , there would be no pro fooball. We need never to let that important fact be taken for granted or understated.
    Sometimes in life, stressing the obvious and widely known, though often forgotten by some or not given enough credence, IS OF VITAL IMPORT.
    For that reason among others I FIRMLY APPLAUD Shenels timely article and agree with almost every word**.

    ** Personally, I would have preferred the more accurate phrase ” certain people” or “some people” to just “people”.

  20. A young team who are bonding and forging a team spirit are now being targeted for over celebrations?

    Arsenal after three games at the start of the season were written off and ridiculed, but now recovering and forging a new destiny for themselves?
    But that seems to irritate a few pundits and journalists?

    The thing about hurt people is that they’ll nit pick any perceived misdemeanours, and in all honesty? I find it quite amusing.

    Arsenal are a target and these doughnuts feel the need to be relevant.
    If my team want to celebrate, no matter at what intensity? Then more power to them.

    1. Totally agree with you, positive energy and togetherness makes us stronger, the opposite weaker. If someone wants to get annoyed please feel free 😉

  21. They can go to HELL for all i CARE if they find our celebrations annoying cos long will this continue…….i’m still celebratiiiiing,lol.

  22. The question is, why are people so quick to criticize us whenever we win or lose??? And now, us celebrating exuberantly has become the talk of the town. So, what I simply think is that, Arsenal still remain a threat to them and oppositions cannot help themselves seeing us achieve a top four finish, having treated us with contempt after those three consecutive defeats at the beginning of the season. While some even suggested us getting relegated from the top flight. Oppositions went into hiding at a particular point, and now they are out again, having lost against Crystal palace, Brighton, Southampton. But it seems, the wins against Chelshit, Manure, Westham have muted them a bit. We shouldn’t because of hater’s complaint of us, then we stopped celebrating; No!
    And who give a F**k what they say😂😂😂….


  23. Let us not focus on one or two critics out of a thousand pundits. If we win tomorrow I will coo and yodell from the peaks of Mount Everest.

  24. After the way the media and some of our so called fans have reacted after defeats, I take great.pleasure in seeing this young team celebrating their wins. UTA.

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