Why talk about Alexis Sanchez ahead of Arsenal clash, but not Mhkitaryan?

In case anyone didn’t notice Arsenal are preparing to take on Man United at Old Trafford tomorrow in a game that doesn’t really mean much to either side in the sense of trophies, but it is still a last crunch match with Wenger’s biggest rival Jose Mourinho, but the emphasis all seems to be on Alexis Sanchez who finally got his wish to leave Arsenal in January for a very sizeable wage increase.

Alexis was unimpressive in his first months under Mourinho but was very influential in their FA Cup win against Spurs, and Mourinho said he never doubted that the Chilean would come good for United. “He was playing in our competition for years. We all know how good he was, that’s why he was chased by many teams,” Mourinho said.

“I believe that’s why we fought to have him here and I was, since day one, sure that he was the right player. Not just by the typical football qualities but also by his mentality, and we needed that.

“We needed a little bit more experience, we need a little bit more of mental aggressiveness, and I knew that sooner or later, it was coming.”

“I keep saying I don’t like the January market, but it was now or never, so it was now and obviously if we can have good Alexis until the end of the season, better for us.

“We need seven points, we have a final to play… can he help us the way he’s helping us lately? I hope so and I feel so.

“But what I am sure of is that next season, after pre-season, after being comfortable and adapted, he’s going to be great for us.”

Arsene Wenger also said that he thought it would be “strange” to see Sanchez on the other side. “At the time he did not accept our contract offer and the best possible way where we could get something from his departure was to make an exchange for the player of the quality of Mkhitaryan,” Wenger said.

“For him, it was a move to another big club. Overall, both parties had interest to do what happened.

“Of course [it will be little bit strange to face Alexis]. The only thing that he has not changed is the colour, that’s still red.

“It’s strange for me to see him in a different shirt because he had a strong bond with the club and of course he was here for a few years. He did extremely well for us.”

He may have been influential for Arsenal in previous seasons, but this year he was rubbish and contributed to the bad atmosphere in the dressing room before his departure and I think most Gooners were glad to see the back of him in the end. Not only that but we got Henrik Mhkitaryan in exchange who could be just as influential for us as Alexis was. The Armenian has just returned from injury and I am sure he will take the field tomorrow on his return to Old Trafford as Wenger will want to get him match fit for Thursday’s game.

Although Wenger has said he will be rotating tomorrow I think that Mhki and Aubameyang will be given free rein to cause havoc to the United defence. I sincerely hope that Sanchez has one of his headless chicken days that we have seen so often, and that Mhki upstages him. I have a feeling that Mhkitaryan will also be keen to get one over on his former boss for the way he was treated.

Stuff Sanchez and long live Mhki!!!


Sam P


  1. Durand says:

    Because it was a huge transfer that Arsenal bottled back in the Summer. No offense to miki, but I’d rather taken the £60 million in the Summer, and used that towards a top DM or CB.

    I know hindsight is 20/20 but many fans wanted Sanchez sold and that money better utilized.

    Instead, we held onto a player who had one foot out the door, and the miki swap was making the best out of a bad situation.

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      Durand my friend,
      Hope all is well over the pond.
      Agree with you on your first paragraph, but i do question your second observation.
      There were many fans chanting his name and as the post from ThirdManJW explains he was seen to be one of the top players promised by the club.
      My thoughts are: What would have happened if he had been sold and what the fall out from those fans like ThirdMan towards the club?
      Wenger is already the fall guy for not selling him, but he would also have been the fall guy if the club had sold him.
      Between a rock and a hard place is the phrase that comes to mind.
      I personally think that Sanchez’s actions gave the club no option but to sell him finally, despite Wenger wanting him to stay.
      Myk will be one of the stars for us next season and he has said how much he wanted to play for AFC, so let’s get over the past and look forward to the future.
      Anything coming out about Vieria becoming our manager from NYC?

      1. Durand says:

        Hello Ken my friend!

        First let me admit I am a bit envious of you attending Wenger’s last games at the Emirates!
        It’s history and the end of an era, love him or hate him he is ours and hopefully gets a good send off.

        Sanchez situation was a nightmare, and hard to debate with so many facts unknown. I agree it was a lose/ lose situation, and wonder who made a mess of it all.

        I think it was a group failure to be honest Ken.
        1. Why so long negotiating contract?
        2. Doesn’t seem replacement identified, more like mad scramble to get something/anything
        3. Ownership/board making funds available

        The club seemed unprepared for Sanchez’s departure, and made to look unprofessional and amateurish by their own actions.

        We both hope miki finds his Dortmund form for sure; onwards and upwards.

        About Vieria, he’s well liked here, but Arsenal fans want an experienced manager that can compete from day one.

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    I hate fans like this. Sanchez basically carried this club on his own since he joined us, played a major role in winning us two FA Cups, and you have a pop at him because he didn’t want to play for a clueless manager any more, and for a club that is constantly regressing! You say he was rubbish this season, but he was our top goal scorer when he left, which gives you an indication just how much worse everyone else was! It also wasn’t his fault he was here this season contributing to the so called ‘bad atmosphere’. We had £60 million on the table in the summer, but Wenger blocked it. So blame Wenger!

    Yes money played it’s part, but that’s the case with about 99.9% of modern day footballers, so the term ‘mercenary’ is always a flimsy one. I think the other reason he didn’t go to City, is because he wouldn’t be guaranteed a regular starting role.

    I have no ill feeling towards Sanchez. We’ve been begging for a player with his mentality for years. We finally get that winning mentality, 100% intensity every game, and guess what…our pathetic, snowflake, loser, no blame culture, that Wenger has been developing for years, couldn’t handle it! They couldn’t handle a REAL leader, who’s not afraid to tell a few home truths. Bellerin even admitted to it publicly.

    I am delighted with Mkhitaryan, and let’s focus on him. He’s been a mixed bag so far, but hopefully we’ll see the best of him next season, under a new manger who knows what on earth he’s doing.

    1. John0711 says:

      Thumbs up

    2. Goon3r says:

      Well said

  3. Godswil says:

    Inconsequential match.
    Let’s move on. Thursday on my mind.

  4. Baluu says:

    This is craziest thing I have ever seen… Arsenal will Always be Arsenal to Manchester United no matter who they brought in or what tactics they opts to play. Sanchez and Pogba finally find their big match rhythm #GGMU

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      Perhaps you should be more concerned about becoming the second team in Manchester.
      Your noisy neighbours have certainly put your club in their place, but not the manure supporters it seems.
      We have gone through our cleansing period, debated our owner, board and manager and now look forward to next season.
      You, on the other hand, have still to come to terms with Mr Mourinho and his management / playing style.
      So, be prepared to be the second team in Manchester for many years to come.

  5. Phil says:

    Can anyone seriously hold it against Sanchez for wanting out from a club that was in complete turmoil due to inconsistent performances and a Manager who had lost his way.I certainly don’t blame him and he will be impossible to replace.But we will move on and we will go forward.I am grateful for him and his performance last week against the Spuds so ta for that Alexis

    1. Ted-Esi Samson says:

      so sad that most of you have forgotten that we lost most game because Sanchez kept holding on to the ball and losing it. he was the laziest of all our players covering the least distance in the team in every game. Stop kissing his ass and support Arsenal. We should even be talking about him.

      We got Mkhi and Aubameyang, both players I really love.

      1. Phil says:

        So let’s work put this Sanchez issue-Yeah he continually lost the ball and that was very frustrating as well as annoying.But this is a player that TRIED to make things happen every time he was on the ball.He played in a side that played the famous Wenger Fourstep which is SIDEWAYS SIDEWAYS SIDEWAYS BACK
        At least credit the guy for attempting to make things happen.
        As far as him costing us games because he kept losing the ball I would have thought our Defence And Goalkeepers have done a decent enough job of giving away goals without you trying to blame it on Sanchez.That is pure idiocy and you know that.
        The players gone.Im glad he’s gone as he obviously wanted out last summer and we should have grabbed the £60m on offer at the time.Im also a fan of Mhkitaryan and glad we got him.The real reason fans turned against Alexis was simply because he with Ozil were our two best players and we didn’t want them to leave.I wish we still had him because that would be some attacking lineup SANCHEZ AUBAMEYANG LACAZETTE MHKITARYAN OZIL.So we settle for 4/5 but Sanchez would have made an even greater impression with the other Four and would most likely still be here if the Club was showing that level of ambition.

  6. John Ibrahim says:

    Sanchez still need some respect for what hes done for the club….

    lets move on….the reserves will be playing in the Utd game

    whoever is the new manager…we shall still finish top 6….

  7. Sue says:

    Sanchez is in the past now…. Yes money (& greed) had everything to do with It
    Mkhi is our player now… and I hope he has a great game today ?

  8. Ozziegunner says:

    Remembering some of the dressing room bust ups (eg Koscielny) I’mconcerned that there may be some residual enmity towards Sanchez by some of the Arsenal players. They may try some pay back in the game and get a silly red card.

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