“Why is he getting this now?” Piers Morgan reacts to Arteta’s new deal

Piers Morgan has reacted to Arsenal’s decision to give Mikel Arteta a new contract, and he questioned the reason behind the decision.

The Spaniard has turned the Gunners into a very competitive team, and they could secure a return to the Champions League at the end of this campaign.

Most fans have been impressed by the work he has done at the club so far, but Morgan is arguably his biggest critic.

The English TV host doesn’t think the former midfielder is the right man for the job and constantly asks for the club to axe him.

Instead, the Gunners have extended the Spaniard’s stay, and Morgan is unimpressed.

In reaction to the news, he tweeted: “WHAT? Maybe wait until he achieves something? Why is he getting this now?”

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Morgan has chosen a side to stay, and he would probably never be a supporter of Arteta.

The club has done very well to ignore him and support its manager so far, and it is just the right way to go about it.

Hopefully, they will keep getting better under him and secure a trophy by the end of next season.

Even if Morgan will not support Arteta, the Spaniard can shut him up with some outstanding achievements at the helm.
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Video – Mikel Arteta on his new contract, Leeds game, and incoming players…

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  1. I’m tired of Pierce Morgan reacting to everything or anything at all. The guy is a douche.

    1. He is representing a certain section of our fanbase.
      He reminds me of a few people on this site..

  2. Please don’t give this phone hacking Tosser the oxygen of publicity. Don’t forget his paper named the Arsenal fans attacked in Copenhagen, many of whom lost their jobs.

  3. Some human are created with super weired critical mind……never satisfied and very rebellious.

    That’s Piers

  4. He is ungreatful and does not have critical thinking, even if artera won champion league, he will be asking for epl, so that is opinion. He is the only one that didn’t see what artera is doing at the club. Let the dudu be and stop given him attention that he didn’t deserve.

  5. I quite like him even though I do not agree with his disdain for Arteta but there are quite a few on here who feel the same as him. Hopefully they will all have to eat humble pie soon😊. It’s all about opinions and we can’t all agree on the same things.

  6. Why does Piers Morgan hates Arteta so much like this? He can just go and hang himself as there’s nothing he can do about it.

    1. You Should be ashamed for a comment like that no matter how much you dislike someone .
      I have the same opinion as him should I go hang myself as well .
      Fcking weirdo ….

        1. Yea Declan this hits me
          As I lost an old school pal from exactly what this tool wrote .

    2. i dont think its that he hates arteta, its more that he hates that we have not won the league since 2004 and have rarely been competitive enough to compete for it there after.

      He wants a big time owner to come in and a big name manager to basically do what Manure were trying to do since Fergie left….didnt work out well for them so far has it?

      Then i could be totally wrong and he just hates him with all the passion in the multiverse…

  7. I don’t agree with Piers ever and his comments are only negative without any reason. The fact is Arteta has made progress. He is the youngest manager with the youngest team. If spurs don’t make 4th with their experienced manager and team then Arteta should be at least mentioned for manager of the season.
    We are making progress and we can see it and the players seem to trust him. While this is true then we should back him and the players. And the owners must back him with money as the last time they did last season look at what we were able to do from a profess perspective.

  8. I really cannot understand how one Arsenal fan can argue, or believe, that another Arsenal fan “hates” anyone involved with our club.

    Opinions may vary wildly about an individual, but to “hate” another Gooner just doesn’t make sense.

    Now, as an individual, Morgan registers as an insignificant person in my life and he probably hasn’t a clue that I exist.

    But it is his opinion and, surely, he has a right to air his opinions… it’s obvious that they are of no consequence to those who matter within the club.

    The next four games will show how far Mikel has taken us forward (or backward) and that reported £8,000,000 plus salary and three (?)year contract could be a fantastic bit of business.

    One things for sure though, kronkie will have to reach into his pocket again, as we are down to the bone with our squad.

  9. CAN AdPat, please explain to all we GOONERS exactly why JA persist in forcing the the odd opinions of this arch self publicist down our throats?

    Would PAT please ignore it , the next time this ego on legs spouts his usual nonsense!! We couldn’t care less. So why bother PAT?

    I have always maintained proper supporters actually support, while mere fans, such as “ego on legs” CLAIMS to be, constantly criticise, and especially those who manage. whoever they be.

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