Why is Sokratis still an Arsenal player?

It could be said that Arsenal have done some pretty decent business regarding incomings at the club, but one question I have asked myself this morning is why was it so hard to get rid of Sokratis over the transfer window?

He is clearly not a player that is in Arteta’s plans, as his last appearance came in a cameo role for around four/five minutes, to help us shut up shop in the FA Cup final against Chelsea. (Correct me if I am wrong Gooners, but I am sure that is the last time we saw him, given our decent performances and ability to defend I don’t think we saw him any other time, or I would have remembered it.)

If any of our defenders were going to be sold this transfer window, I was sure that Sokratis was going to be one of them. Considering reports suggesting that this was going to be the case and given that he managed to get himself back nice and fit before the close of the of the window I am disappointed that he has not left.

It would have been another save of wages, and even getting £10m for him would help towards our finances, every little helps of course. I am sure he is not in Arteta’s plans, so why have we struggled to get rid of him? Will he use him as a backup? I doubt it because I am sure other players will get in front of him.

The only thing he would be good for is if god forbid we have such a bad injury crisis in that department that he is the last resort, but my hopes are high that that doesn’t happen and moving forward I hope as we haven’t managed to offload him in this window, then come January he should be the first one on the list to be out the door. Gooners?

Shenel Osman


  1. Osman, this is the same question I have asked countless times already.
    It’s a bad decision, yes Napoli and PSG wanted to take him for free, on the surface it looks ridiculous, but it was a costly show of class not to oblige, he will sign with either of those clubs by January and from now till end of the summer he get paid to see other players play, except we are forcing him to championship, at subsidized wage

    1. No point letting him go for free with no money, if Luiz and Gabriel get injured we have no partnering at the back until mari, Chambers come back from injury, makes no sense to let him go on a free right now just to save 100k a week. He may well turn out useful

  2. It wasn’t “hard to get rid of Sokratis” as the article asks. The club turned down offers from two teams so I assume he is wanted as backup and also think he has been named in the preliminary squads for EL and EPL.

    1. I looked for his name on the EL website and it wasn’t there. Several interesting omissions on the home grown front too.

  3. Just because a club wants to sell a player doesn’t mean anyone has to buy them. Similar situation with Danny Rose at Tottenham, no doubt if you looked at all the clubs you’d find more. Even if you want to give him away he doesn’t have to go. Bottom line is if you give a player a contract you have to pay him whether you use him or not.

  4. If a club wanted him they had to pay essentially any amount of money. I’m sure we wouldve taken even 4-5mill. Everyone wanted him for free tho. In Jan maybe he will move. Like Ozil, unlikely he will play for us again. Both were probably told to find new clubs or they will sit. Not in the plans.

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