Why is Wenger not worried about Alexis and Ozil’s Arsenal contract talks?

Everybody in the footballing world knows very well that both Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez will be entering the last year of their contracts at Arsenal this June, which clearly means that they will have to agree to extend their deals this summer, or be sold to the highest bidder.

That tells me that a clear decision one way or the other will have to be decided before the transfer window opens at the end of the season, which by my reckoning is only six weeks away. That would make it very urgent indeed! But not according to our esteemed manager Mr. Wenger, who after seeing our two superstars both score to secure the points last night, was asked if this showed how important Ozil and Alexis were to the team: “Of course.” he replied. “But their future, they have still one year of contract after [this season] so I don’t think there is an urgency about that. Anyway, I said that many times. You perform on the football pitch because you love to play football.”

That blase answer makes me think that he is willing to keep them both at the club next season whether they sign an extension or not, which would be a massive waste of resources as they will then have the risk that they may leave for free the following summer.

Either that, or he already knows that they are going to leave and is simply avoiding any further discussion.

Which one do you think it is?



  1. Muffdiver says:

    I would sell ozil..the 5 percent xavi is boring to me now. Goes missing forever an cameos his quality once a leap year. bottlers like him have ruined arsenes legacy

    Keep alexis. Really doesn’t need explaining only world class player we have.

    And spend to show the Intention
    Problem is wenger can’t be trusted to spend well.
    It’s quite telling the more we have spent the worse we have got over the years…perhaps it runs in tandem with the decline of arsenes ability

    I’m glad we won but perspective is important here. We went 3 at the back with officially the worst forward line in the league.

    Next 4 games will be far more telling. Hopefully we kick on from here

  2. twig says:

    Who else liked Coquelin’s cameo on the left wing? 😀 Will like to see him play there sometime

  3. bran99 says:

    “they have still one year of contract after [this season] so I don’t think there is an urgency about that”, really? every other super star player in this situation ended up being sold to a rival or abroad, so it’s like the old man is just playing with our minds like as if we already forgot what happens next.. I’m sure ha said that with a smile on his face (thinking of how much money will be gained from selling both)

    1. Quantic Dream says:

      I agree we will probably lose them, I just don’t think Wenger/the board will make any profit from it. Ozil no way he will fetch the 42.5M we bought him for and Alexis with his wantaway gimmicks and only 12 months remaining we will be lucky to get the 35M we bought him for….unless the Chinese bail us out on this one.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I think we’d get high twenty’s for Ozil, definitely north of fifty for Alexis. I’d expect 65 – 70 for Alexis by some team that has pressure on winning the next title rather than waiting a season to see if Alexis chooses you or if you can find someone better in meantime. So I’d expect close to 90m for both. With Ozil though, only if teams want him, I think Fenerbache or some German team might give us about 28m for him.

  4. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Wenger his more worried bout his own contract than that of Alexis or Ozil…

    Hehehe….I’m sure we all know why….

  5. Ack7 says:

    Why is Wenger not worried about Alexis and Ozil’s Arsenal contract talks?
    Because he wont be there next season to manage it LOL

  6. John Ibrahim says:

    Wenger is leaving at the end of the season and its finalise and decided

    so why would he bother at all

  7. ThirdManJW says:

    Wenger’s never been under any pressure, hence he doesn’t even know HOW to worry. ALL other managers worry because they know results will decide their fate.

  8. Goonerboy says:

    Wenger has said before that the contract talks will be restart in the summer therefore I blv he just game the reporters that answer so they can let him be…..

  9. Goonerboy says:

    Will restart**……..he just gave**

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