Why it is good that Arsenal’s U21s are being sent to Coventry

This season the Arsenal U21s have been entered for the very first time into the Checkatrade Trophy, which allows Premier League reserve sides to play against senior sides from the lower divisions. Not only does it help the youngsters gain experience playing against bigger crowds than the reserves would normally get, there is also the prize of a Wembley Final at the end of it. Last year Lincoln won the trophy on their first ever Wembley appearance after knocking Chelsea out on penalties in the semi’s.

The format starts with 16 groups of 4 with one U21 side in each group and we have been drawn in Group E, alongside Cheltenham Town, Coventry City and Forest Green Rovers and the games are due to begin in the week commencing Monday, September 3. If any games are drawn at 90 minutes, there will be a penalty shoot-out to gain one extra point….

Our new Academy coach Per Mertesacker believes that this competition will be great for the experience it will give our youngsters. He said: “We’re pleased to be entering our Under-21s in the Checkatrade Trophy this forthcoming season.

“We feel it’s important to provide our young players with a variety of experiences in their development and we certainly felt that by entering the Checkatrade Trophy, the players will face different challenges from strong club sides.

“With many of the players in this age group destined to go on loan soon in their careers, the experiences from this competition can act as a very good link between academy and first team football.”

So this is why it is good for our reserves to be sent to Coventry! And Cheltenham and Forest Green!



  1. gotanidea says:

    There was a time when Coventry, Derby and Leeds played in Premier League, when the oil money has not blown up the player’s prices

    The good effect is the English clubs are forced to develop good talents, but the big clubs can buy whoever they want (although I predict this practice is not sustainable)

  2. McLovin says:

    Did Leno really blunder a goal already?

    Not a good sign, but let’s remember:

    – De Gea was horrible during his first season
    – Cech cost us a ton of goals last season

    I hope the coaching staff can boost his decision making. He’s got good reflexes and that’s something you can’t teach.

    1. Dan says:

      He will cost the team more points then what he will win us chech has to stay 1st choice !!

      1. Ackshay says:

        You have already tagged him as useless error prone in multiple post ever since he arrived so stop whining. De gea would never have peaked at man u if he has constantly slanted by fans after his bad 2 seasons. Every freaking gk commits errors especially in claiming crosses or corner in their 1st season in england because they aren’t used to the lack of protection for gk. Casillas, buffon and even neuer would drop a few clangers when getting bullied by aggressive players.

    2. Sue says:

      Remember Cech’s first pl game for us against West Ham…. 2 blunders.. cost us the game!

  3. Innit says:


    I’m sorry. Wenger never spent this much on a defensive midfielder so Im still on a high
    Had to let my emotion out

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Me too, really excited about this signing. He’s already a very capable looking player but has massive potential still. If he can learn English quickly, he could be one of those leaders leading by example. He’s still a kid basically, nowhere near his peak. I’m really looking forward to watching him develop with us.

      Leno signing, I expected the no1 Jersey to be Cech’s to lose. Leno and Martinez will have to work hard and I expect them to push him. The GK position is one of those areas that mistakes are magnified 10 fold. I couldn’t be arsed about clangers around the training ground, competitive football is whole different animal. Players aren’t focused in training, they try to be but its impossible without anything on the line. Lets see how they go when given the chance instead of throwing a mickey fit like some tweenage nancy.

  4. Waal2waal says:

    there ain’t a goal keeper on earth that hasn’t conceded – the team must have played a large part in any shortcomings our new guy has. we’d all do well to put the finger pointing aside and let the guy assimilate into his new surround. By all accounts we’ve a real decent goalie on our hands – so it makes no sense in deriding the guy on his ability if his arsenal career has only just begun.

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