Why it is TOO SOON for Arsenal and Wenger to relax

Calm Down! Arsenal are still in trouble! by DN

It does seem as though Arsenal have finally found the right balance and have learned some painful lessons about starting games slowly (a la Stoke) us focusing too much on the attacking side of the game when we should be solid and compact (a la Anderlecht).

And with Theo Walcott and Nacho Monreal ready to return, Mesut Ozil back in training, Mikel Arteta, Laurent Koscielny and Aaron Ramsey very close, it looks as though our terrible luck with injuries might be turning. The Gunners definitely had a change in luck this week when we were handed the best possible draw against Monaco in the Champions League.

So Arsene Wenger’s name is being cheered again, Arsenal look good for a UCL quarter-final place and we seem to be on the up in the Premier League as well, heading for an away game with a Liverpool side about as far removed from the confident, dangerous and in form outfit that took us apart at Anfield last season. So it is all plain sailing from here right?

Wrong! Or at least the players and Wenger cannot afford to think that way. We still have big issues to deal with and the January transfer window offers the boss a chance to solve at least two of them by signing a strong central midfielder and a top centre back. I would not be surprised if we were all left a bit disappointed at the end of the transfer window

We also need to start winning these big games that keep slipping away. Admittedly the Gunners were very unlucky against Man United but we still came away with nothing and that keeps the monkey on our backs and gives the media a stick to beat the manager with. The longer we fail, the harder it will become, mentally.

If we let another chance slip away this weekend, the confidence and belief that has been building will evaporate again as it already has many times this season. Things may be looking good for the Gunners now but we are still only in 6th place and are five points behind our big rivals Man United, 10 behind Man City and a massive 13 behind the leaders Chelsea.

So there is a lot of work to do in the EPL if we are to stay in the top four or even better our recent finishes which is what we expected. We also have a tough first tie in the FA cup against Hull and have no excuses this time for going out of Europe. It seems to me that there is a bit too muck patting on the back going on and we have come undone in these situations before.

Am I being too negative? Hopefully Wenger and the lads will prove wrong but I don’t think we are quite out of the woods yet. What do you think?

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  1. I just want Mesut Özil, Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott and Alexis Sanchez to start a game.

    Its nearly 5 months since the season is underway and the four hasn’t started a game togather. Do we need a miracle to see them start togather or what?

    1. SAD ???? I am ecstatic. Now i have a great motivation for sitting through the post match presentation on SkySports even we are humped on a bad day. Its never going to be a dull day in premier league now 😛

      1. im able to watch Red Bull games so i still actually saw him play regularly. I’d always rather see him on the pitch than in a studio.

  2. I’v just wasted 10 minutes of my. life composing an article. Signing the same imfo and it doesn’t recognise it.This site winds me up more than the comments

  3. @admin..(pat &Bob)

    I can’t believe no single article on just arsenals since the king himself #ThierryHenry Announced his reinterment today on the issue so that we can write our tribute… I thought it worth mentioning please do a article and we can pure our tribute to the king himself.

    The greatest Arsenal player and the reason I first fell in love with football has retired. Thanks for the memories @ThierryHenry #KingHenry

  4. Wenger needs to retire despite his 8mill/yr salary. He needs to go, the game has past him, his biggest signing has retired. All his former players, colleagues have gone on to do bigger and better things, isn’t it time for him to do the same? Its nothing personal, we live in a democracy and no man is bigger than the club.

    1. Hery is retiring today and you talk about Wenger. I think this sums everything what’s wrong with the Arsenal parade fans.

    2. Only four sentences, but factual errors, dodgy assumptions, flawed word choices and illogicality abound. “Despite his 8mill/yr…..blah, blah”. Why “despite”? “Biggest signing…blah, blah…retired”. And so? Has Ozil retired? “All his former players, colleagues……bigger and better things….blah, blah”. Really? I mean really. And so what – how is that relevant? “Nothing personal”, yeah right. “Live in a democracy” but you wouldn’t mind seeing him out of his job at your behest. “No man is bigger….blah, blah” – worn cliche and an imagined and contrived notion – he is an employee so not sure how you work that one out.

  5. AKBs are like polar bears. They go into hibernation and then all of a sudden after an emphatic Arsenal win wakes them up 😀

    1. if there was going to be a real discussion on the problems in our losses, as opposed to “just sack wenger” talk, then you’d probably hear a lot more discourse by all.

  6. #Confession : Overall i do not rate Giroud much but still his towering and strong physique makes me feel a little better and secured amongst our small players. I would pick up Giroud over Cazorla very often.

  7. We know its going to be a difficult game, and seeing how liv opened up the manu defence was bad timing. It will be a very open game completely end to end stuff. I just hope its not going to be one of those days when Giroud or Welbeck or both hit high and wide.

    Would have liked it if Sanchez was still on the field to take that penno Santi scored. Hopefully hes rested and still brimming with confidence. Against liv it could have been an idea to use Sanchez through the middle, would love a fit Walcott playing quick counter alongside him.

  8. Wenger will sign Hummels, Schar, Kondogbia, Cavani and Reus this January.

    And send Sanogo on loan.

    He will then announce his retirement in the summer and hand the reigns over to Pep Guardiola

  9. After the win over NC the board asked WENGER if he could manage to make 4th with the current team, complacent he said yes I am a genius, then forget about buying anyone in January, we might find a freebie somewhere, does not matter if he is injured, it’s just a gesture to show the Fans that we tried.
    Script from ARSENAL Creep Horror Tales

  10. Agree. I don’t think anyone is under any illusions that a loss to Liverpool on Sunday won’t send half the fan base back to panic stations. That’s how Gooners roll these days

  11. Who the f*%k is “relaxing”. I am a long, long way from being relaxed. Wenger, whatever you want to say about him, ain’t the relaxing sort either. Silly premise to the thread.

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