Why it makes sense for Arsenal to make a move for Chelsea star

Arsenal should consider making a move for Willian in the summer transfer window.

Willian seems to be on his way out of Chelsea after failing to agree to a new deal with the Blues. The Brazilian has been one of Chelsea’s best servant for the time he has been in London and that explains why Frank Lampard kept him on when he became the club’s new manager last summer.

Willian is also the only senior player that the former Chelsea player seems to trust and he has continued to repay that faith.

If the Blues do let him go, I believe that Arsenal should jump at the chance of signing the attacker, here are some reasons why:

Willian’s experience as a top attacker in England over the years would be invaluable to Arsenal as the Gunners rebuild their team under Mikel Arteta.

The Brazilian could also represent an upgrade to Mesut Ozil. The German struggles to influence nowadays, but Willian would be a more direct threat that would give Arsenal another option in terms of unlocking defences.

The Brazilian is also one of the fittest players in the Premier League. Just like most South American players, Willian rarely gets injured for a long period despite his age and I think Arsenal would be more than happy to have such a physically sound player in their ranks.

Having won several trophies throughout his career, the Brazilian would also come with a winning mindset as well and Arsenal does need that more than anything else right now.

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  1. Big fan tbh. Not sure how he would fit in. If we had funds that made sense he would be an option and possibly a coop

    1. Almost liability when he changes his playing style which is different form ligue 1 days. I’m wondering which idiot give him that idea, himself? EPL is lot quicker than ligue 1, but he slows his tempo lot more than ligue 1 days. Large pile of rust will be chipped off if he wanna continue EPL days.

  2. I was very optimistic we have a world class player in Pepe but we’ve seen little of him and I believe he’ll come good next season.
    Arsenal should make Willian transfer happen. He’s good at one on one situations.

  3. Someone needs to tell Pepe to stop hugging de ball too long. You can not run faster then the ball. One of the big difference between a world class player n avg player is that world class player knows when to hold onto a ball n when to release it. He needs to either learn proper from Messi videos or stop trying to be Messi. He needs to understand you dribble so you can provide an end product not other way around when your end product is dribble.

  4. I don’t think he will choose to play for any other EPL team. Maybe Barcelona will replace him with Vidal or Rakitic.

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