Why it was right to allow Aaron Ramsey to leave Arsenal for free

We are missing Aaron Ramsey at this moment in time but unfortunately, that says more about the current Arsenal squad than Ramsey himself.

We need to be honest about the Welsh midfielder, he was good, and on occasions was brilliant but he was injury prone and he was inconsistent, he was never at the world-class level and never was going to be.

In the period that he was with us we picked up just three trophies so he was hardly instrumental in us being serial winners and while I will miss him, he never deserved the sort of wages that Juventus are reportedly going to be paying him, not from us anyway.

I understand why Ramsey demanded a huge contract, he sees what Mesut Ozil is on and must have thought to himself that he deserves the same sort of remuneration based on his contribution to the team.

The problem with that though is that Ozil does not deserve the wages he is on and it would have been madness to pay Ramsey a similar wage.

If you are going to pay a player a ridiculous salary then you expect a certain level of performance from that said player and Ramsey has never done that on a long term basis.

We should never have allowed the 28-year-old the opportunity to leave on a free transfer, we should have sold him last year but that is a whole different story but it was right that we did not compound one mistake with another.

Would I have liked Ramsey to stay? Of course I would have done but not for the sort of wages he will be picking up in Turin. The brutal truth is that he is not worth it.

I hate to say this but it was the right thing to do in refusing to bow to the Welshman’s demands and let him go for nothing.


  1. Bro, all this is postmortem. I like moving on very fast regardless of the outcomes.

    1. Yeah, let’s move on, because there are younger and more energetic midfielders out there

      Just like Wilshere, I don’t think I’d miss Ramsey. He is good, but we need more powerful midfielder like Chamberlain

      1. you were making sense till you brought chamberlain into the topic.. its a joke to compare a powerful midfielder with chamberlain..

        1. Chamberlain was doing great as a CM at Liverpool, until his grave injury

          His runs in the middle and on the sides of the field were powerful, the opponents were rarely able to stop him

          1. I sometimes wonder if race sways your opinions, even if a little. Jack and Ramsey are better players than Oxlade, they know the midfield role better than him. Oxlade was the forever potential card, potential, potential, potential, we never got to see it, and Liv in their first season got what we got from him. He hasn’t stepped up yet, he is a utility player, and I think that’s why Klopp bought him, he’ll get games but he wont nail down a place in the team, he’ll help fluff up the squad and bring energy and pace to the side in times that stalwarts are swaying. I’ll admit, Jack, I was never sold on Jack, but I do think he showed us a hell of a lot more than Oxlade ever did, and it’s laughable to even suggest that he compared to Ramsey.

  2. You are absolutely right, if we had given him a massive contract, we would have regretted it in a few years like we do Ozil’s. Ramsey should have extended his current contract a long time ago as i feel the wage he was on was fair but i still understand why he wanted more after seeing Ozil’s mega pay.

    Some fans keep saying emery is making a mistake letting him go without realising the mistake was already made before he stepped foot in this club when gazidis and wenger let him run his contract down to the last year without taking action. Even emery said he wanted to keep him at the start of the season, but the club made the decision to rightfully withdraw the contract. The only blame i’d give the current regime is not selling him at the beginning of the season to salvage what we could, i hope this mistake don’t happen again.

  3. Hardly lived up to the hype ,when he broke through people were saying he was the new Stevie g .not even close to how good he was .
    Wish him well but an average player in my book ,think we only payed Cardiff 5 mill so we’ve had our money’s worth .
    Time to move on ,but knowing Stan he will only give emery enough funds for another Ramsey ,not a stevie g .

  4. Almost eight years ago we were ridiculed for being a selling club. When we stopped selling and started handing out massive contracts to underperformers, well, we should be more ridiculed than before. Now we know that even “top” clubs sell their best players (Chelsea, Liverpool) so if the new regime had any sense they’d adopt this model again. If we can’t move any of the wasters on, we should just freeze them out. Don’t give them playing time or even let them train with the first team. Then when they’re out of contract they’ll think twice before asking for that wage again 😉

  5. Hello Ramsey lovers,
    I am so glad that he is gone, cos Wenger’s forcing him instead of other players annoyed me a lot and fans who loved him more for his haircut and the fact that he is Welsh then for real footballing skills. I think he is insufficiently disciplined to compete for the position of the holding mid and insufficiently creative for the place behind the attacker… at the end he hold his “dear” club for ransom. Under Emery he showed that he can be disciplined, sometimes.
    He likes to go forward and it will be intersting to see reaction of Ronaldo when Ramsey runs in a way of his shot!

  6. I really don’t care. I just need an overhaul. All these players have had more than enough time and chance here, but all they have offered us are inconsistencies.

    Had enough of their mediocrity and overhype. They can all move on so that we can also move on.

    They have one good game here and there but expect massive contracts for that?

    I am ready for new blood. Be it not as big named and overhyped as our current cuties. I have had enough of the embarrassments they have put us through.

    But good luck to Ramsey. He is the most influential factor why we won those 3 FA CUPs. And for that I appreciate his input. But when it matters in the EPL or CL he is as average as all the others. Thank you Ramsey for the FA CUP memories but we also need to move on.

    Good luck.

  7. He was a good player but he wasn’t like Cazorla, Viera, Rosicky etc

    We need to look forwards and try to obtain someone as good or better

    Also I’m excited about our young players like Niles, Guendouzi, Smith Rowe, Nelson, Bielik etc

  8. I cried when Cazorla left us. Honestly won’t be crying for Ramsey

    Wish him all the best though

  9. I admire his sportsmanship…….but time to promote from within……think of Ajax on the verge of winning the European championship……we need to give our youngsters the opportunity instead of paying ridiculous amounts for players who are marginally better because of playing regularly.

  10. We will miss Ramsey for the end of season run in but if Smith-Rowe replaces him next year I’ll be happy. Saka to replace Iwobi and give Nelson some game time and we’re good to go.

  11. As I understand it Ramsay was offered a new contract which included a “substantial” increase in his salary.For one reason or another, he chose to maximise his earnings with another club who may yet live to regret their decision as, historically and currently he is injury prone.A very talented player but not a world class midfielder.The fact that Wenger and Gazidis made a catastrophic decision to pay Ozil £350k per week should not have been a material issue in contract negotiations with Ramsay, but it undoubtedly was, and we are paying the price for their give error of judgement.

  12. You hit the nail on the problem as regard to where we got it wrong financially. Fans that focus on Stan miss the point to some certain extent. What is wrong in handling over the administration of the club to football professionals. I will like those that know to tell how much the Liverpool owners made available for purchase of players in the last 4 years. Most of what they spent came from players sold. Every of their players is transferable as long as the prospective buyers is desperate enough to pay in millions. They will toy and tease them with that player until they pay what they want. In our club, it quite opposite. It was either we have incompetent or egocentric people. there are several players we would have sold for big money as a result of their form in the previously season. We lost 60m on Sanchez last season, 50m on Ramsey after Euro, 50m on Walcott after the season , can’t remember, he was scoring for fun, Bellerin also. We held on to player unnecessarily,sell poorly and bought average players at price above their worth. We are so wasteful.

  13. Only decent midfielder we have.
    All the others are either lazy or just useless.
    Arsenal were once a selling club and now they give them away for free.
    Brainless management and brainless supporters for trying to find justification in this.
    Arsenal are in decline – you are daft if you think that they will sign big name players in the summer – bargain basement rubbish…

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