Why it would be better if Arsenal finish below Burnley

Finishing 7th or lower would be best for Arsenal. by Nothing Changed

I am a proponent of change. I don’t believe any manager can bring change after an extended period of time with the same club. SAF was the only one who managed this but he was the exception that proved the rule. But this is not meant to be yet again an article or opinion promoting or criticizing Wenger, despite the fact that I have backed him to be sacked with my William Hill promo code from Bemybet, and fully expect to collect my winnings at the end of the season.

But I will try to keep it short. Whether Wenger is still in charge next season or a new manager is in charge, finishing outside of the European football places in the PL which I believe is 7th or lower would be best for either manager. Unless, of course, we win the EL this season and manage thus to qualify for the CL that way.

Don’t win the EL this season and any Arsenal manager next season would greatly benefit from having to only focus on the PL and FA cup but not on European football. In fact, I think the EL is harder to manage than the CL. Combining a PL campaign with Thursday night football is challenging no matter how easy the competition.

Full credit to Chelsea for taking advantage of not having to play European football last season but I do believe it helped their PL challenge significantly.

No European football gives a manager a chance to work with players for a full week on certain weaknesses or training plans, tactics etc. It also reduces wear and tear and all the byproducts such as player fatigue and injury.

So imagine Atletico eliminates us from the EL and ask yourself would Wenger or a new manager not be better of next season without having to juggle European football? A new manager, as Conte showed, could have a huge benefit from being able to have a full week to work on putting his stamp on the team during training sessions. Wenger as well would have a full week to try to implement whatever changes he saw fit. And when playing against teams we like to think of as our competition (Spurs, Liverpool, Man U, City, Chelsea) we would likely have a fresher team the further the season progresses.

So IMO no matter who is in charge next season, in absence of CL football, we would be best off without European football and thus we would be best off finishing behind Burnley.

Nothing Changed

Updated: June 16, 2018 — 12:31 pm


  1. He wants sacking for saying we are trying finish above Burnley

  2. Nonsense! If Arsenal cannot get into the Champions League next season, their competitors (Liverpool and Tottenham) would get more popular and Arsenal’s reputation would slowly go down into something like Everton’s

    The only way to keep Arsenal’s prestige and attract more world class players is by winning the Europa League. Please support Arsenal and Wenger while we are still in EL, because he would most likely go away after this season, with or without the EL trophy

    1. I don’t think anyone would dispute that CL next season would be best for the club. The question is whether EL is better than no EL. Wenger said our team was tired from our EL game on Thursday after we lost against Newcastle.

  3. Wengers comments today on not being bothered by fans not showing up are really disrepectful to us all gooners worldwide.
    lets vote with our feet again against west ham.
    keep the stadium empty.

    1. By all means don’t show up. That is well within your rights. However, at least offer your ticket for re-sale by the appropriate means, else quite frankly you’re being selfish and the club shouldn’t be bothered by your absence. (Not that I’m accusing you of falling into this category, just saying..)

      1. So he wants to leave his seat empty to make a protest and you want him to give it someone else
        So not only is he not seeing his team he’s not even protesting

        1. Sorry you disagree john, but I see it no other way than being selfish. If someone has paid the money for the seat, the club are already have what they want. The protest would not be buying the ticket in the 1st place, but then you realise actually you’re quite easily replaced. Actively preventing other fans who would like to go and see their club is in my opinion not acceptable behaviour.

          Of course this is all just my opinion…

      2. Chris K as you said it’s my seat not yours.

  4. 3 teams qualify for the Europa from England, the 5th placed team and the 2 cup winners, so barring Southampton winning the FA cup, the 6th and 7th team get entry to the Europa as the other teams eligible will either be in the Champions league or already ready qualified for Europa through league position (Chelsea)

  5. Please stop heroworshiping Wenger. He can’t make any changes even if given another 10years. He’s finished but the coward Board will keep him there anyway till the clubs drop further.

    1. But I need a Hero!
      He’s gotta be tough, he’s gotta be fierce
      ..And he’s gotta be lasting over 20 something years!
      ..I need a hero.

  6. Absolute garbage, if u want to you can use any player in your squad to play on Thursday nights. Simply let someone else manage Thursday nights and use players outside of the main18 players until it gets serious. Our u23s need something to play for and so do those who are not making the matchday squad on a regular basis. I say enter as many competitions as you possibly can, look at how the academy are thriving this season. They are in the running for 3 trophies, I can’t begin to count how many have made first team appearances this season and the first team is just 2 draws and a win on penalties away from qualify for the champions league and adding a European trophy to the cabinet.
    I just hope wenger gets us there and then he leaves the role as manager on a high, this summer. He deserves that and so do the fans that have followed this dross since 2007.

  7. I have never been a fan of the Europa League. Thursday fixtures and the number of games make it extremely difficult to get into the top 4 PL places. Of course if we win it that problem would go away but if we don’t, and @Gelz is right, we are stuck with it whether or not we finish above Burnley.

    I want us to win our last 5 games and what happens in Europe happens! I personally do not think that AW will resign so the board will have to make the right decision and ask him to leave or offer him a position upstairs. Either way it is time for him to move on after nearly 22 years, his methods are stale and predictable which is reflected in the team performances. We need a big lift at the club, a top quality manager like Allegri plus a few quality signings and, voila, the Emirates will fill-up again. Simple!!

  8. We could still be in Europe If we finish 7th.

  9. We are rebuilding the club is not competing at full strength recruitment of competent support staff has been done. We have broken our transfer record twice definitely the approach has changed. I said our fans are ambitious but,most lack football knowledge they may not notice the changes that are taking place ,but they want change. A new manager is not the instant coffee solution to the problems facing arsenal .Wenger will leave one day we will be outplayed like never before and the same fans will be like under Wenger we were not humiliated like this! Fans are not club’s strategists luckily.

    1. Counsel-with respect(so I don’t have this post removed by Admin like two others to you today)we are all aware of the new Recruitments that were brought in by Ivan Gazidis.This was done quite obviously because Wenger USED to demand total control of the Club.He has dramatically failed these past seasons with his outdated and tired old methods so change was required and credit to Gazidis for making this happen.But this Club will not recover overnight.Wenger has seen to that.Until the support sees change and something new to look forward to then the apathy will no doubt continue.

      1. Phil.. earlier I meant the stats that you said were absolute crap (meaning that we’d been absolute crap) not that I didn’t agree with you! And yes you’re right, West Brom do defend better than us!! ?

        1. Yeah I got it Sue.The stats are crap whichever way we look at things.

    2. So what’s your football knowledge?

  10. Fans by all means can have their own opinions and discussions, but at the end of the day for any club in the world, the only noise of the fans that truly matters is the noise made in the stadium on matchday. When your club is under-performing, it is the fans who can provide that extra little kick. I haven’t seen much of that at Arsenal for a long time and right now, it’s needed more than ever.

    Who cares about the manager and all the other crap that you have zero control over or ability to do anything about. Go out and support your team like a proper fan would!

    1. Exactly @ Chris clueless fans need to note this they have no control over who will manage arsenal in the future. They are easily misled by the low IQ pundits the likes of merson

      1. Wow-and I Get posts removed and you slate Merse because he tells it like it is.Merse is as down with what’s happening at this Club as most people and when he is asked to comment he does.The guy can’t hide behind the camouflage of a site like this and wouldn’t even if he could.

        1. Merse does talk allot of idiocy all the same, we all can at varying times but Merse takes the biscuit. The thing is though, football is not an all that clever sport, you don’t need a high IQ to be good at it, nor do you need a high IQ to be good with tactics for it. If it was that way then the players would all look like something out of University challenge, Carol Vorderman would have her paws all over the top ballers.

      2. Again council what’s your football knowledge?

        1. John0711, apparently Council has a better CV than Paul Merson!

    2. Well said Chris.
      Bet you won’t be saying that when we are fighting the likes of Everton, Newcastle, West Ham and Bournemouth for the mid table positions when your beloved Wenger has completely and utterly destroyed everything that is good about the club.
      Being a fan is knowing when to fight for change – not to allow stagnation and if the a**hole stays we will stagnate.
      I’m not bothered about the EL – we win it, he stays and Arsenal fade away…

      1. I bet I will. I’d give the same support even if (God forbid) we got relegated. Further to that, unless you’ve not been paying attention, we already are fighting against the likes of Newcastle, Everton, Bournemouth, West Ham (And I’ll add in Brighton) and I’m not sure how we are not lower in the league than we currently are…

        I follow as best as is possible in todays world the goings on at the back end of the club, but I have zero faith that the upper levels of management (who are the decision makers) have any real interest in what the fans really want or have to say.

        Therefore it seems only common sense to me to use my effort where it might actually be heard and that is in the stadium on match days no??

        And my beloved Wenger??? Haha Lets not get too hasty eh? He needs to go for a number of reason IMO. Do I believe I can have any impact on that happening?? Well no, I don’t. Simple as that really. Thus I drop the issue altogether and focus on what I can do rather than contributing further to the negativity that surrounds my beloved club!

        Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I’m aware that my comments here do not reflect the thinking of everyone

  11. Arsene must see reason to move up or leave. The gunners need. a new manager to inject vigour and vitality even with the current set of players. This team must not die in Wenger’s hands. Kroenke and the board will see reason if the fans continue to stay away.

  12. Win Europa League.
    Arsenal qualify for the Champions League
    Wenger keeps his job
    Wenger fails to strengthen the squad in essential areas e.g. goalkeeper, central defence etc.
    Wenger wastes money strengthening positions that are not priorities.
    Arsenal league campaign faultering by September.
    Arsenal’s league campaign over by November.
    Arsenal crash out of Champions League either a group stage or last 16
    Arsenal finish seventh or eight.
    Back to square one.
    Therefore – I could not care less about the EL – we need a change not for the manager to once again repeat the same idiotic, brainless mistakes…
    He does not deserve the Arsenal job…

  13. This is similar to the lies and excuses the Manager feeds us.
    So many times I’ve witnessed a team play on Wednesday in Champions League (after we’ve been eliminated) and face us the following weekend and still thrash us.
    It’s not true
    If City play Monday-Friday, by Saturday they’ll still thrash Wenger’s team – they have no character
    The Fatigue stories are facade.

  14. According to some fans on here we need rebuilding. If that rebuilding is down to wenger then it’s money down the drain. The man’s been rebuilding for ten years now and look where we are.

    We all know we are on a slippery slope downwards yet some fans seem to accept it because wenger is at the helm. For christs sake the bloke has had enough chances and it’s time to to say goodbye.

    We left Highbury to compete with the best, now we’re locking horns with Burnley! FFS, how much longer can this go on.

  15. My daughter asked her husband to name every premier league team’s bogey team…. when she asked him who Arsenal’s were, he said every team!!
    I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!!

    1. How true… we used to be feared by all… now maybe we fear all.

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