Why it’s TOO SOON for Arsenal fans to PANIC…

Don’t Panic Arsenal Fans! by Sam P

There is a lot of anger and recrimination going on among the Arsenal fraternity again, after a woeful display against Borussia Dortmund in Germany that could easily have ended in another one of those really heavy away defeats that we had to suffer last season.

So we have the inevitable calls for Wenger to leave the club, while players like Mesut Ozil, Mikel Arteta and Per Mertesacker are being slated and told they are not good enough to play for the Gunners. And I can understand people’s feelings but just want to call for a bit of common sense and patience here.

I think we might have been getting a bit carried away after we beat Dortmund last season, but that was a really tough game in which we rode our luck. And don’t forget that we were the first English team to ever win there, so losing in Dortmund is not a surprise.

I know we were well outplayed, but Jurgen Klopp declared that his team’s performance was `perfect` and any side would have struggled. With defensive issues meaning our 19-year old Spanish right back made his full debut, while the most defensive of our midfielders Flamini was unavailable and Arteta had hardly played was always going to make it hard.

And as Wenger reminded us, we did have three decent chances to score and if Welbeck had been at the club longer he may well have taken one of not all of them. So don’t panic yet Gooners, remember that we played really well against Man City in the previous game and that we have injury problems and new players settling into a new system.

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  1. If you think about it, it’s only Chelsea that has been good.

    Liverpool have lost two already and are without Sturridge.

    City has lost to Stoke and again today.

    Spuds are trash

    United has the worst defense in the league

    Are they panicking?

    We have to get behind the team. We are clearly out of form, but we still are getting points and are undefeated.

    Today’s loss was our hardest fixture in the group (best team away), and we had out two fullbacks get injuries at the same time.

    So all is not lost.

    Let’s focus on beating Villa because they just beat pool and are no slouches this season. Hopefully we can get a 3 points and Welbeck on the score sheet.

    1. why does it matter what other teams are doing? Is this what we go by now? Other teams arent doing the best either so its okay that we also aren’t? I’ve watched the United performances earlier this season and being 100% honest we looked just as horrible as they did. Liverpool and City may not be getting the results they want, but they don’t look diabolical every match. The City match has been our only decent performance, and it was just decent.

      1. Quit throwing ur toys like babies. I Wenger a world class manager? that guy has turned water to wine over the years for AFC, he bought a struggling Henry, an unknown Kolo Toure, brought Ashley Cole through the academy, Fabregas? Anelka, Lgunberg, Pires, Vieira pulled Sol Campbell from the Spuds went 49 games unbeaten. I bet a lot of fans on here became Fans during those beautiful times, only a handful on here are actually veteran fans and they don’t whine as much. Then the plastic fans started crying for world class players, it’s actually fun when the fantasy line ups start popping up during transfer windows on here, it becomes irritating when some on here actually become as stubborn and adamant that the team cannot play without these so called world class players, i mean I still see Reus and Hummels and Carvahlo popping up even after the window is shut, I bet if Ozil had not been bought, his name would pop up so very often on here….all that glitters is not gold, we have done it before without the so called world class players, why not now, why not support the ‘mediocre’ ones we have? I commented earlier, one of our greatest feats in the champions league has been with a ‘paper’ defence of Flamini at left back, ‘calamity’ senderos at centre back, kolo toure and eboue, broke a champions record of the longest number of minutes without conceding a goal, the difference was that we as fans actually supported that team all the way, the players had our full support. We were slating ramsey a couple of seasons back, a 17 year old who took a modest club like Cardiff to the FA cup final does not just lose his talent overnight, even after his leg break, but we still booed him. Should wenger hand over the reins to a young and hungry manager who subscribes to the clubs spirit of ‘regular guys doing extra-ordinary feats’? Oh yes, should he be forced out, I don’t think so, after-all he does not have another decade on the job like it or not, he will have to leave sooner rather later but the club carries on. Lets support the players we have, lets leave the world class player alone, lets leave the price tags alone and focus on being supporters.

          1. read through again, then think properly about the question u just asked, I’m sure the answer will come to you

            1. So you think we can win the league this year then??? I dont, we are miles away from it. So your mate wenger isnt that great then is he.?? Get with it fella, we need a clever young manager, not an old dinasoar. Klopp or martinez even you cant deny would be better for us than wenger the 8 million a year man who dont even know how to make a sub.

              1. HAHAHAHAHA HAHA HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA He said Klopp!! You idiots do realize Klopp is like a younger Wenger. Too stuck in his ways to make changes to the lineup?? No, you don’t know anything about the guy except he is a big name, so you spout nonsense. As a fan of both teams, the similarities are crazy at times. I like both managers, but when I see people call for Klopp I think it’s hilarious, because it’s clear that the commenter really has no clue.

                Incarnate hit on exactly what I have said on this site forever. WHEN HAS ARSENAL EVER BOUGHT WORLD CLASS PLAYERS!?!?! They buy players and make them world class. This is what truly shows that you jumped on the early 2000 bandwagon. And that’s ok, but know the team you jumped on to. You know Bergkamp Viera and Henry the legends………… how great were they before Arsenal. Some decent, but not legends. If not go over and support Chelsea or City. It would really cause us actual fans a lot less headaches not having to read your mind numbingly stupid comments like condemning Welbeck to mediocrity after 2 games, or writing off the season in September.

                Just don’t come back when the billionaire owners get tired of sinking money into these teams and bail out.

        1. Yeah hate those fantasy lineups too.

          I highly rate our players, and my brain is good enough to tell me that the ones that rarely perform well (arteta,Ozil on this season,ramsey on this season, cazorla) can’t be blame because his bad performances started after been moved out of position.

          Cazorla is regulary poor on the wing but from time to time he manage to look ok , the other ones simply can’t stand the new job. In the case of ramsey i think that wenger told him to go an be like xavi and let wilshere be iniesta which is very stupid because wilshere and ramsey are the same type of player, gerrard and lampard together never worked. It’s the same case here, but we know wenger, he want’s to Have his own versión of barca , i fear that we can say goodbye to the old good no.10 spot. Wenger buyed the best 10 to play him out of position. Excelent decisition.

        2. @ Incarnate

          Seriously well put i couldnt have said it better.
          Its nice knowing there are still “supporters” on this site. Keep believing and stay positive cause i will.

        3. Stop living in the past and start looking at today’s footballing reality…..lots of people on this site predate the good years under wenger but those are long gone …. 10 years is a long time even for longstanding supporters …. The simple question is are we happy with scrambling for 4th place and last 16 of cl … If yes then wenger may well be your man if not then he needs to go… What Ramsey did as a 17 yr old is irrelevant to answering this question….ridiculous comment

        4. Honestly don’t waste your breath… the plastics have a period every month and scream Wenger out, Ozil is crap, Lord Welbz… you name it. The second they hit some form they’ll ejaculate everywhere and forget about it.

          People have to realise our team is massively off form and bar the City game our passing (the best aspect of our game) has been torrid… that’s practically everyone’s passing from Ozil to Mertesacker to Arteta. Yet this season we’ve gone 3-4-1 in our first 8, whilst that’s certainly not form of champions by any means it’s not terrible given we have played 3 heavy weights (2 of which are away). Like some others have mentioned bar Chelsea, no one else is really doing that amazingly (that is a legitimate title contender). City have gone 2-1-3 as a comparison. I think some just need to chill out and maybe reflect on how our start has gone when we’ve played 10 PL games & 3 CL games.

          1. plastics have been screaming for 3 years..4th place junkies roll out this crap endlessly..no sorry its not massively off form…its repeating the kind of form we have been seeing for years now which includes periods of good play, even excellent play, but with persistent weaknesses which wenger has failed to correct due to his own arrogance and the boards greed, and which lead to another empty seasons…oh sorry a welcome cup victory against hull city, replicating the success of wigan, and an amazing triumph in the community shield….am sure the frenchman will provide you with enough orgasmic moments and another 4th place high to keep you begging for more next season

        5. I’m sure if you became a fan during the Unbeaten Arsenal times and you’re still here, you’ve perhaps seen more bad times than good ones!

      2. @ RSH

        You are the most hypocritical person ever holy sh*t you and everyone keep talking about chelsea, city, liverpool and keep comparing us to them but when some1 finally presents you with the facts you now claim to not care how there doing. F*ck me the people on this site is ridiculous now

      1. Am with u brother…..wenger Out. Wenger out…… Dats why I luv real madrid.. U don’t perform u get sacked

        1. How fast will Arteta run if Wenger is sucked? How clinical will Welbeck/Sanogo be if Wenger is sucked? At the moment, we can only support our team and stop this bull sh@#$t about buying that or suck this.

          1. *sacked, not sucked.. I usually don’t like correcting people but reading your comment made me think of Wenger getting sucked and scarred me for life.

    2. If we are planning for a title challenge, we need to WIN games. We can’t go too far behind Chelsea and then pray for them to have a slump in form. We need to win games if we are going to challenge for the title.

      …And yes it would be awesome to have Welbeck in the score sheet, and we expect him to be there sooner or later. But we can’t win games with leak in the back. We lost 2 heavy weights in Sagna, and Vermaelen – and we didn’t get the replacements we were promised. This is sheer mismanagement to have such a thin squad – and I feel that we have issues as grave as Utd in the defensive department

    3. You know what the real problem is? That there is a reason for that. Liverpool have half of southampton and Balotelli to fit in. United have a new squad and City are champions and an unlucky defeat to stoke is not too much to worry about.

      The problem with us is that we have the longest serving manager, which instead of being an advantage is the problem. We don’t have a game plan. Mourinho always has one. Our manager is deluded. He puts Ozil on the wings instead of where his position suits him best. Now Ozil is out of confidence and what about the rest of the squad ? Arteta… Are you kidding me ? We didn’t address the need to replace Arteta, nor did we did anything with the defense.

      We started the league with just 6 defenders and of course without a new striker. If Giroud wasn’t injured we wouldn’t have brought in LolBeck who needs who knows how much chances to hit the target. Wenger has to go. End of story.

  2. A top side would not have allowed Dortmund to play a ‘perfect’ game and would have broken down attacks.
    Playing a perfect game is not a one sided affair and one side has to allow the other to steamroller them.

    There is no secret here, Mertersaker is way too slow, he was even dropped from the German team when facing fast opponents, Arteta is too slow and needs to go, offers nothing.
    Flamini, not good enough, Monreal (improved some but still not top level), Gibbs 50% injured and 50% coming back from injury.
    The main problem is of course the manager: inept tactics, ridiculous transfer windows, thin squads, bizarre systems and playing players out of position. He simply has to go, I think Wenger over the past 10 yrs must have one of the worst records for an Arsenal manager.

    1. Wenger never learns from mistake. Seems to me that he always buys a good (at least sound good) player each year to calm us down. At the end, he never can address the real needs of the team. I really can’t figure out why he wants to drag the team to death.

      1. What top manager would the season with only 6 defenders. None, because its madness but that’s what Wenger chose to do. Why? Because he’s turned into a stubborn old fool. I’m not panicking I just now accept that with him in charge we are going nowhere because it is clear he cannot be trusted to make the right decisions anymore.
        He wont buy the right players, pick the right tactics, play players in the right positions or admit when he’s wrong.

  3. I am panicked because Wenger is “looking” at Yobo and Lugano! This is what we have become. A long summer transfer season where we loose a perfectly good defender in Sagna, sell another perfectly good defender in Vermaelen, loan a decent back-up in Jenkinson, and get Debuchy to replace one of them and a promising 19 year old to replace the other two. And now we are looking for scraps, left overs, players that no-one wanted. No team wanted these guys, anywhere in the world, thats why they are still free and available a month after the window closed and our great manager is now looking to bring one of them in to ARSENAL, yes ARSENAL, the team we expect to challenge for trophies.

    I am panicked because Wenger is becoming more senile every year.

  4. In the last 10 years :

    Arsenal: 0 times champion, 1 second place, 3 third place, 6 4th place finish

    Chelsea: 3 times Champions, 4 second place, 3 third place finish.

    Man United: 5 times Champion, 3 second place, 1 third place finish

    Man City: 2 times champion, 1 second place, 1 third place finish

    I dont care about the stadium build ( Bayern Munich built one too), I dont care about their owners having money (so do ours), They are winning and we are not.

    Give the Arsenal squad pre-transfer window to Mourinho and give him the funds given to Arsene and he would have bought the right players and would have played the right tactics.

    ARSENE MUST GO! and if need be we will hit bottom (like MANU did) before we go up but at least we will have hope with Arsene there is no hope.

    1. Get the f00k out of here, man. What Arsene has done over the last 10 years is nothing short of a miracle. Forget the new stadium… To keep the club afloat, without going bankrupt, he was forced to sell his best players year after year. Yet, he still delivered top 4 finish, and therefore CL football. Look at what Arsenal has spent total in the last 8 years (minus the last 2 transfer windows). Zilch. In fact, I think we made profit from selling high, and buying low. Any other manager/club probably would’ve been relegated in that situation. When Wenger was finally allowed to spend some money, he made a few high profile purchases, and delivered FA Cup right away. Coincidence? I think not… Now you’re talking about Mourinho like he’s god. He managed Real Madrid, and Chelsea, clubs with virtually unlimited budget. Give him Arsenal team from a few years ago, and he would struggle to break into top 10. There is a reason he only manages big clubs (Porto, Inter, RM, Chelsea), and that’s the amount of MONEY that he gets to spend. He’s an average manager at best. Give him WBA, or QPR… will he be able to save them, achieve anything decent with them? I don’t think so. He buys talent, he doesn’t make it. Wenger, on the other hand, can do what no other manager can, and until he decides to go on his own, he’s got my full backing.

        1. Both of you are delusional. vlad how can you say Porto is a bigger club with more money then Arsenal? Porto sells their best players every year to stay afloat.

          Wenger kept Arsenal afloat? how? i didnt know we were going bankrupt. You guys have no idea about what you are talking about.

          Mourinho is a winner, thats why he manages big teams, because they want him. You guys know that this is not FIFA Mourinho actually can not just choose what team he wants to manage. This is real life he manages those teams because they offer him the job, because he is a winner.

  5. Why always trying to find the silver linings rather facing the reality? If other teams are not good now, we should be bad too! The bottomline is that we can only get worse as the season goes by because the team do not have enough strong players. This’s all again come down to Wenger’s way to set up the team. He always assume the best scenario that having all best players available. He doesn’t know how to manage and win under bad situation. Worst of all, he only knows how to find excuses. He shouldn’t blame the players because he picked them for the game.

    1. i used to think wenger was good at getting over-achievement from so-so players (gervinho, bendtner, …) [many years ago he was good at getting amazing results from amazing players]

      now i think he has some pretty good players up front, but his formation & tactics are wrong; he’s trying to squeeze ozil/wilshire/ramsay into each game and 3 into 2 won’t go. he wont play half of his good players (campbell, ox, roziscky…) or he only gives them 10-15 minutes.

      at the back, we have some strong players too, but NOT ENOUGH of them.
      and at DM, we dont have ANY.

      our FBs are told to bomb forward even tho we have slow to non-existent DM and one slow CB.
      + we’re playing thru the middle: there’s no width or wing play.
      recipes for disaster.

  6. Although I am in full rant mode, I would take Yobo or Lugano and Lassana Diarra on 1 year contracts in a heart beat. Lass is probably an upgrade in DM and we sorely need cover in CD

  7. Arsenal might be crap for the next 30yrs with wenger and still some fans here will thnk AKB because of a decade ago achievements. So unless you old supporters think you gonna live forever then arsenal dont need new fans coz they are nt getting any more young ones for their decade ago achievement.

  8. Well, I`m not panicking, I`m just bored with the entire Arsenal scenario.
    I was an Arsenal supporter for over sixty years, now I`m just an observer and a critic (a positive one I hope). Yes, I like to follow the result, the comments and the news but, I don`t get up in the early hours to watch a game anymore, which is a shame with all the technology available but I just go back to bed a little frustrated and the guy who frustrates me most is Wenger.

    1. You don’t get up early in the morning anymore coz you’re a little bit old mate…lol
      I’m just pulling your leg here hahaha … but seriously though, 60 years an Arsenal supporter? Would love to sit down and have a beer with you. That’d be awesome…Hey, can you name your best personal Arsenal XI of all time?

    1. yeah, unfortunately i think thats what its going to take (at a minimum) to get rid of AW.

      but our board is ballless too ; and probably cheap. i do fear who they’d get (esp if wenger’s allowed to linger around AFC [which would be an epic bad idea])

      + its been 170 years: someone fresh & good would excite players & followers.

  9. I can`t tell you my favourite XI because I spent time away in the Royal Navy and I`ve been in Australia forty five years when even getting a result meant waiting a week after the match. What I can say with true feeling and emotion is the lads that took the paddock at Highbury in the 1947/48 season when they won the league were my champions. Lead by Joe Mercer, Ronnie Rooke, Don Roper, Lionel Scott, Wally Barnes, the Compton brothers, Reg Lewis, Jimmy Logie and George Swindon between the sticks. Who have I missed ? It`s been a long time but if they could put on a show today I`d brush the years away and sit in front of the box in the middle of the night with pride.

  10. seriously am tired of coming in here to see idiots like Goonsquad8 nd NY gunner defending an old fool who has totally lost it all.

    A useless manager dat always sell his players only to replace them with midiocre player or sometimes dosen’t replace them at all.

    A manager that bought an attacking midfielder instead of an established CDM nd ST that his team needed.

    A manager that traveled to Rome on the final day of the transfer window, when he is supposed to think about his job first.

    A manager who plays Ozil, Cazorla on the wing when Podolski and Cambell are on the bench.

    A manager who substitutes 75/80 minutes on every match, even when he is 2 goals down.

    gosh! It is only a fool of the highest order that does one thing all the time and expect a different result… With the way thing are going, Arsenal FC will be lucky to make top4 this season except if Wenger is replaced, because i can’t see a fool like him changing his useless ways.

    Dear fans, this is Justarsenal, and not Justwenger so all you Wenger-ass-lickers should look around for Justwenger.com and lay your pledge your allegiance. Rubbish!!!

  11. “Panic”!! We don’t need to panic.
    It is still the start of the season, we are not going to be relegated… We just won’t win the league nor the CL… That is it.

    It has never been the objectives of the club (or the Arsenal hierarchy). We just do not have the tools to be a force in Europe.

    You cannot win a physical league with a bunch of light weight skilled players, or the CL with no DM and a manager who is tactically poor and rigid.

    We are here to “participate” at the CL because we “have to” get the cash attached to it and our main aim is to absolutely finish in those spots that will allow us to access the CL next year… Simple!

    Nothing more, nothing less.

    A Diego Simeone or a Klopp will come and ask for 4 or 5 players and if he does not get them he will blast the board or the chairman for not giving him the tools to succeed.
    Could you see Wenger do that?
    He is part of the all circus and the problem is he cannot even coach the team properly.

  12. Its rather RIDICULOUS for arsenal to have started the season without a DM and a new CB with the Competitions we are in makes it even harder.

    Wenger basically knew he was gong to have to sell Verm he has admitted to the french media about the need for that physical presences in the middle of the park, which have been one of our main problems over several years

    Now we have to be thinking about free agents, would not mind taking on a free agent Centerback to paired with one of our youngsters for cup games, but this should have been long sorted

  13. Comparisons huh? Manure have 7 defenders: Rafael, rojo, Evans, smalling, Jones, shaw, blackett, as well as blind and valencia who can both put a shift and kids vermijl and keane. So yes they’ve had defensive problems in their first outings but long term, they will be more than fine what with their lean season. The Arsenal on the other hand……WOW!

  14. its beyond that, way beyond it. we have a manager purposefully striving for top 4, cl qualifications to keep the sponsorship deals going. He knows exactly what holes he needs to fill but he won’t on purpose because that would increase the expectations on winning the title and if he doesn’t he knows he is out the door. Now all we talk about is how we need a CDM/CB and he’ll make every excuse to say that’s why we fell short but if we had a full squad there would be immense pressure on the manager to win the league and maybe even the CL.

    Come on guys wake up!! This is by design, this team is not built to win much especially not the title or CL. It is built for another top 4 finish and CL qualifications and the only way things will change is if we miss out on either of those.

  15. Off Topic: Does Wenger ever take time to read our comments? I don’t think so, coz If he did, he would not be so naive and act like an imbecile… Some things u don’t need specialists… And for an experienced manager like him to start a season with two centre backs is not just nonsense but unacceptable. If he is stubborn to the extent that he no longer listens to anybody on anything nomatter how reasonable,, then let teams hammer us, we finish on number 6, get knocked out of Europa by Ludogorets or Kharabakh,,, maybe he can resign.. I don’t want to wish him bad things but sometyms it’s just unacceptable… An injury to either Kos or BFG — WE ARE F****…. Wenger…. u……………………….,, just a stubborn big headed kant.. But I don’t hate him at oool…

    1. Why would the manager of Arsenal take time to read what a bunch of people who have no professional footballing experience or managerial experience say? He should however give some creedence to the advice of former arsenal greats, other pundits, etc who truly know the game. Thing is they’re all saying the same thing!!!! Desperately need a proper CDM, coverage at the back and a true left wing player (IMO)

      With Wenger’s stature at the club he WILL NOT BE FIRED! He will be given the opportunity to walk away when he sees fit. Everyone needs to make peace with that.

  16. It’s hard to watch Dortmund play, because when I look at them I see the kind of football that I love and that I haven’t been able to watch at Arsenal for a while. What hurts me the most is that the quality is there. The only soft spots in our team are Mertesacker and Arteta/Flamini. If we had a quicker CB and more defensive midfielder like Bender, we would be able to play high intensity, attacking football as well. We have Debuchy, Sanchez, Ramsey, Wilshere, Campbell, Rosicky, Chamberlain, Walcott, Welbeck… All these players have pace and work rate, as well as technical skill, but we can’t tell them to press high when they lose the ball or to bring chaos to the opponent’s defence because not only do we lack cover in midfield and central defense, we also play them out of position. If we were never going to bring in a DM and a cover CB, we should have kept Vermaelen. If we had him now, we could try him on that DM position and play Chambers instead of Mertesacker. Selling Vermaelen was the worst thing on this transfer window.

  17. I hate Wenger no doubt but i hate the cry babies on here more who think they are more attached to Arsenal than the old man.Go get a life u fickle fans!

    1. Wenger’s been attached to Arsenal since 1996, I and many others have supported and been attached to the club long before 1996. Also witnessed worse times but the club always showed ambition. Some fans are more attached to Wenger than Arsenal itself and are afraid of change and the unknown after Wenger departs.

  18. I have no doubt that Arsene loves Arsenal, at least as much as we do. I have no doubt that he wants to win, I have no doubt that he want s to leave a great legacy, I also have no doubt that he just doesnt have the skills as a manager to do that anymore. It is sad to see someone who has been an amazing servant to the team, not know when to call it quits and hurt his standing and legacy out of sheer, stubbornness and hubris.

    I feel bad for Wneger but I feel worse for my beloved Arsenal.

  19. I wonder what most fans(AKB)’s on here think, Arsene had a great achievement with arsenal in the past but that’s the past, we can’t keep living in the past, Today is the present time, tomorrow is the future. Y’all need to sit down and think If it was all about achievement then Liverpool wouldn’t care about anymore trophies nor even coming to the CL or maybe Man.U wouldn’t change their manager so they can win the league again and redeem themselves.. This season is one of the most teribble one’s I have ever seen, We used to Dominate all other teams even while we are losing to them but this season is a whole lot different from that instead we get missing in possession. I wish everybody would just wake up someday and realize we are down in the drain and it is going to take a lot of years for us to get back up, every year we get worsen all cause Wenger couldn’t make the right decision, He is a good coach no doubt about that but Over the past 10years he is messed up(I wouldn’t why though) Arsenal used to play the most beautiful football in England but now you see players running so hard to gain a pass, If the pass goes wrong they get injured.. We’ve played 5 Competitive games now and won just one, lost against an average team (Bor. Dortmund), Played 2-2 against an upcoming team(Everton) I could remember we trashed them on opening matchday 6-0 once a time ago, The question now is what the heck is wrong with us (Arsenal) ??. I am here thinking that one day we might just lose the 4th spot and some fans we still want wenger in charge.. People be saying Wenger made world star players, yea he did that very well but is that why we are here, The team he puts together are here for victory so are the fans too, He made world star players, 1 currently plays for a rival team(Chelsea) and he is doing so well and would probably do more better against us.. AKB’s wake up from your slumber and stop picking on other fans calling them “Plastic fans’ cause what we do is We care and love the team we support and we want glory.. ONE QUESTION TO ALL OF YOU AKB’S, AREN’T YOU HUNGRY FOR THAT BEAUTIFUL FOOTBALL WE USED TO PLAY AND TROPHY ASWELL ??

  20. I said a few days ago that Aston Villa will tear us a new one; i didn’t even know at the time this is an away game as well……….. oh boy!!! I stand even firmer on what i’d said, Aston Villa will tear us to big holes and i will definitely see all of you here so we can all moan what it seems every normal person can see but arsene wenger. He says he’s waiting on debuchy’s injury diagnosis to decide whether to buy lugano or not LMFAO… This guy cracks me up, i really need to know what he smokes.

  21. Get him a theatre…

    Alex Ox-Chamberlain @ Alex_OxChambo 45m

    I tried to go past Welbz 1v1 today and somehow it ended with him playing guitar…. pic.twitter.com/2TyVd85oeY

  22. Of course there is nothing to panik about becuase we all know what to expect from arsenal, fighting for 4th, getting knocked out of champs league either group stages or last 16 FACT.

    and this season an outside chance of a possible cup run, Arsenal are no longer a big team or a fearfull team we just have to accept that. I just want to put a question to every fan outh there about this weekends game against Villa, How confident are you we will win? i mean like not worrying at all?

    Becuase for me there is not a single game where i can say ” you know what that games a banker” them days are long long gone unfortunatley.

    Prediction for Saturday

    villa 2 arsenal 1

    Realistic Fan

  23. Oh and i bet my bottom dollar that Stubborn stubborn man plays the exact same team,tactics as Dortmund and previous weeks, playing ozil out of position, No subs till 70plus mins etc etc etc

    and You all know its true

  24. did you guys hear arsenal has 100+ million extra money that wasn’t spent? LOL…. man we’re being fooled very well by the prof

  25. Normally Wenger waits until mid-season to make stupid decisions. But he has started his stubborn defiance of all things logical early this year.

    Wenger watches his player selections fail week after week but just dives in for more. I refused to watch the Dortmund game when I saw Ozil on the wing again.

    Wenger must come to the realization that he needs to put an ACTUAL winger on the wing. What a concept. Ox, Campbell or Poldi can play the LW but Wenger is too stubborn to accept the face that he did not plan well for player positioning. He just blindly acquired CAMs and then refused to use the players necessary for wing play – He just HOPED it would all work out. It has not. And if Wenger does not change soon, the season will be over with 3/5 of the season remaining.

    Ozil or Cazorla should be in the middle – always – never on the wing.
    Ramsey should play his box to box deeper role where he has excelled and if it means Wilshere does not get the start – so be it.

    Wake Up Wenger.

  26. You want the link-up play between Ozil & Ramsey down the middle, both players are suffering with Ozil on the wing. Mesut isn’t getting involved, and when Aaron makes those runs he’s good at there isn’t someone to consistently pick him out.

    Arteta & Flamini have also been absolutely worthless so far, neither cover the back 4 well. If you’re not going to invest in a legitimate DM who can actually play at this level, then you might as well play nobody and just roll with your best 3 attacking midfielders, because playing a player who clearly isn’t good enough anymore hurts the team more than having no DM would.

    He should consider a middle 3 of Wilshere, Ramsey & Ozil. I honestly don’t believe Jack or Aaron are any worse defensively than Arteta is at this point, and both of them offer more in attack. It gives Ozil his natural position back, and then allows us to play Ox & Sanchez wide. Would probably help Welbeck getting better service through the middle too, and Ox has looked decent when he’s actually got on the pitch (another head-scratcher tbh).

  27. Admin , people are commenting on the villa match on this post…see for yourself!!! it is because it is the first article showing, all the new articles after this are not showing. admin please do something

  28. Happy to see Ozil score today! I really hope Wenger plays him at his desired, natural position – the middle. Arteta and Flamini cannot anchor our midfield and I’d rather Ramsey take that place. Let Chamberlain play on the right and Cazorla or Wilshere on the left. Instead of one striker, play two instead – with Welbeck and Sanchez up front!

  29. Go to ‘news now arsenal’ there are newer articles there taking you to just arsenal.
    Must be a problem with main site.

  30. I think sitting here knowing that we can’t win the EPL after all the years gone says a lot about the board and about AW. I don’t think he has any class left. Yes AW runs the club top to bottom and even makes tea yep it’s true he gets up and makes tea lol but it’s time he did deans old job and get a young coach to run the team. I don’t no who maybe a Dutch striker that once played for this once great team

  31. why am i panic’d when utd lose again, spurs loose, everton loose and city draw chelsie and i am panic’d? bet RvP is is good spirits,,,

  32. There are over 10 articles after this… google ‘news now arsenal’ and click on latest from just arsenal to see newer articles.
    #sack admin

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