Why Jurgen Klopp would be perfect for Arsenal

Why Jurgen Klopp would be perfect for Arsenal by RP.

Wenger has helped to install an exemplary youth development institution at Arsenal and although a large selection of the current ‘homegrown’ players may have been bought in, let’s be honest with each other, they was kids when bought. Arsenal are known for buying ‘kids’ and as such have some very exciting prospects developing in the likes of Dan Crawley and Gedion Zelalem, the future is not in question when you look at Arsenal.

Wenger has done good work with the youth and I will come back to this point a bit later on.

I believe the main question that is asked overall is “What was Wenger thinking?” and a valid question which he never answers, what was he thinking when doing the team sheets? What was he thinking not making a sub until it was too late to expect the subs to really turn things around, what was he thinking loaning out Jenkinson if he won’t trust in Bellerin? Shall I go on? How about if you readers post in and tell me some?

Outside of games though and anyone would be hard pressed to have a real complaint about Wenger, his passion for the game isn’t in question and his ability to manage a business isn’t in question either… just look at our profits. The stability of the club isn’t in question either, as just said about profits and previously mentioned about kids, the only area of complaint appears to come from Wengers tactical decisions on match day.

If that is the only area that Arsenal fans have to complain about then they should consider themselves lucky, they have a bright future and they have a great man leading them, that great man though now needs to ‘step up’.
When he 1st came to the club he had Dein to support him a lot and since his departure the responsibilities appears to have been picked up by Wenger, this has come at a cost to his coaching capability which has finally lead us to where we are now, having a worse start since prior his joining…

If Wenger was to be moved onto the board to help continue shape the development of the club as a whole then we would still get his wisdom in helping us unearth future great players, to develop players like he has done so well at doing, his staying would help in the transition.

Jurgen Klopp has shown willingness to let young players show what they got which is evident in how Bayern and other top European clubs have been eyeing up their players.

The youth players at Arsenal would give him ample depth in the team while continuing the promote from within and self development.

Klopp and Wenger appear to have a mutual respect for each other and if I am being honest, I think a little to respectful of each other as I can’t hate his team for beating us, they played very good football and it was entertaining to watch.

That’s another thing which would suit Klopp as Arsenals brand incorporates an attractive style of play.

The current team are within a couple years of being in its prime I would say, Wilshere and Ramsey are so very close but need to gain consistency while Gibbs needs to keep fit, Alexis is getting use to the country and Welbeck still needs to find his consistent scoring boots.

Chambers looks like he will grow into a fine player as well. This is where the team now needs hard work, they need to be able to keep their flair but temper it, gets the basics solid.

Klopp is good at getting players to do the basics well, his players are generally very good passers and they cover a lot of ground when playing which just shows the stamina, they get the tackles in and his team acts as a team.

Those are some qualities which Arsenal have been losing the past few years and I think every Arsenal fan deserves more from Wenger, Wenger has shown us that we can and should aim for better and he now needs to lead us, not as a Football Manager but more as a Director of Football.

Give up the hot seat for Klopp, get on the phone to him as soon as possible and you never know, he may just be able to talk a few of his players to join to help complete us.

Robert Parker

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  1. I’d like to hear an occasional 1 nil to the Arsenal by whoever is in charge. That inevitably ends up winning you the league.

  2. jurgen klopp is not perfect for this club.

    jurgen klopp bringing mats hummels, sven bender and marco reus is perfect for this club.

    otherwise i say naaa

    1. You’re pretty much right, but these idiots only go with the name that’s hot right now. Roberto Martinez HAD TO BE the next Arsenal manager last season. Haven’t seen his name mentioned once this year. However, this article is correct as well. Klopp has great faith in his young projects, which is why so many of them turn up successful. Where these people clearly do not pay attention to, or watch Klopp except for the 2 times this season we will Play him, is that things like this are his weakness……… Sticking with a struggling player even when it is hurting the team, not changing his tactics against certain teams. Wow, it starts to sound a bit familiar! Klopp is younger, but very much like Wenger. I have followed him for about 12 years, I think he is a OUTSTANDING manager, but if you think he will come in and save this team immediately bringing us in multiple trophies, you’re an idiot. That being said, I would love for him to take over. It is time for Wenger to go……. at the end of the season. You are also an idiot if you think replacing a manager like Wenger mid season will lead us to anything but disaster. Right now Wenger on his last legs can maybe guide us to a top 4 again……. potentially another cup run. We get rid of him now…… for anyone, hello mid table.

      So yes, bring in Klopp in the Summer. Because he will need a bit of time. He will more than likely have a similar finish as Wenger, the plastics will start crying, say they never wanted him, call for the next top name being bandied around, say that they deserve better because they started watching in 2002 and are afraid to jump off the bandwagon.

      Never ending cycle until you realize the board is the actual problem and start addressing that

  3. Maybe I will get alot of thumbs down for this but:
    1) I think Rudi Garcia would be a way better option for Arsenal, his only con is that he never managed a club as big as Arsenal (also Roma aren’t small potatoes either).
    2) I think Arsenal will (as usual) be too late for Klopp if they want him, I think Man City will have captured him long before our boards gets into action, because Pelleggrini is on the edge of sacking if he doesn’t win in the CL this week.

    Wouldn’t be mad at all if Klopp came to us though, but Garcia makes me more enthousiastic.

    1. i rate rudi garcia, but they owe alot of there success to there owner rather than rudi- the mans a genius, mugged off juventus so many times with transfers

  4. I personally think Wenger’s time is coming to an end. He made some errors this year and last which have put him in a bad place because logically an experienced manager should not have repeated those mistakes. That puts pressure on him and I think ultimately fan pressure will get bad.

    Shame really, and while I am a fan, I’m disappointed in what he did over the last two seasons.

  5. Even my dog can do a better job than arsene¡¡¡¡
    like a chilean and a loyal fan, i’m tired of watch my beloved team play like sh*t, so, we must fight against the greed and the stubbornness of the Wenger and the board…..


  6. NO NO NO NO NO!
    I stopped reading at “If Wenger was to be moved onto the board to help continue shape the development of the club as a whole ”

    No board, finished, clean break, OTF.

    Klopp would be great for Arsenal, people here saying he wouldn’t, perhaps you should look at the recent encounters between the 2 managers, Klopp is definitely ahead and plays entertaining and exciting football.
    Get Wenger out now, Bould to the end of the season and Klopp in the Summer.

  7. Well if any of this is true I hope some quality connections will be made between Klopp and Arsenal, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking. Wenger was right about the similarities between us and Dortmund so who knows. Klopp probably hates big money clubs so bad right now that he will snub Man City haha

  8. Twitter top hashtags for coaches:

    1. #WengerOut
    2. #RodgersOut
    3. #PellegriniOut

    At least we are leading somewhere.

  9. Let’s not be like wenger. Let’s ‘act’ in the hope we can change things.

    Sign this petition (if you haven’t already) and share it with all who care about AFC (A is for Arsenal and not Arsene)!


    1. Signed it and tweeted about. Love to see it hit the 100,000 and get some media coverage. #EnoughIsEnough #WengerOut.

  10. Blah Blah Blah! Boscielny is back and in the squad for dormund… even if he does not start and gets like 10min of game time, things will start to look up.

  11. Can someone plz explain to me how it feels to be proud of your club, bec i cant barrely remember the last time i was.

  12. If I followed his recent interview well it sounds like he intends on staying unless we really really really turn up our efforts.

    Do we honestly think he will let go of 8m, London, beautiful stadium, a club were he can do whatever he wants, a stadium filled with AKB’s, a board that worships him, and a silent board.

    But what do I know, I don’t get 8m to think about such!!!

  13. I think wenger will be doing his three years in charge whether you like it or not, he is an integral part of the arsenal that we were accustom to see playing in the the earlier years, he is not only the coach and manager but as infuse himself in so much of arsenal everyday business that i fail to see arsenal board having the ability to fire him.

    I for one will continue calling him a RIDICULOUS manager,why, because we play top quality teams giving them advantages in various areas to use against, playing players who do not have all the required requisites to play in very important positions, showing massive favoritism to players who are not even fully fit, over using players, while there are adequate substitutes on the bench or in the squad and not fixing the deficiencies in the team because of stubbornness.

    Yet while the manager must take most of the blame the players themselves must be held accountable in the case of several matches that we have drawn or lost due to the fact that they were in GLORY MODE, all going forward to get a goal, i will have to ask then where is our team leaders, they were caught in the glory mode too.

    I will say this team is just 2-3 players away from becoming a truly great side, because we do have a lot of good areas.

    i will however say petition and signs will not affect a business what does affect the a business is the reduction in profit margins that is when questions are asked and if there is no answer people get fired

  14. Fellow gooners, i’ve explained to you before the beginning of this mad schedule that wenger will be done as a manager, i didn’t realize it would start with anderlacht though. By the end of this schedule with the only team we might beat being QPR and a tie with WB i think we will be out of contention for even top 4 this year. I think in January the board will panic about missing out on lucrative CL next year and they will give wenger enough money to at-least make us qualify for CL and a top 4 finish. If he FAILS to do this even with the money they will provide for january transfer window THEN they will talk him into resigning (he’s not getting sacked) and ask him to pick his successor which will be Klopp. Like wenger he’s a one trick pony and has been found out in the bundesliga which is why dortmund is sitting down at the table. I would like to see simeone instead, plain and simple.

  15. kloop likes to play bus park and counter.. lots of hard workers and runners are needed. lots of injuries is possible. totally different than arsenal way. cant see him being perfect. it will take lots of time for him to settle in arsenal. dont know why others havent brought this topic yet.

  16. Im happy with any of the following-
    1. Pep Guardiola
    2. Mick McCarthy
    3. Jurgen Klopp
    4. Carlo Ancelotti
    5. Roberto Martinez

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