Why Klopp could HELP Arsenal´s EPL title hopes

I assume that there are quite a few Arsenal fans out there, mostly those of the WOB variety, that are pretty gutted with the news that Liverpool FC have announced the German coach Jurgen Klopp has signed a three year deal to take over from the sacked Brendan Rodgers as the manager of the Anfield club.

I know that a lot of us thought that the entertaining and somewhat eccentric Klopp was the right man to take over from Arsene Wenger at Arsenal when the Frenchman stepped aside, either sooner or later. Instead, we will now have to fave a Liverpool side that is likely to be given renewed energy and purpose under the boss that did so well for a good few years by leading Borussia Dortmund to back to back German Bundesliga titles against the might of Bayern Munich.

So why do I say that he could help the Gunners in our quest to lift the Premier League trophy next May? Well for one thing, we have already played Liverpool once in the league this season and only Manchester United of our big rivals can say the same. So Chelsea, Man City and Tottenham all have to face him twice and it is the spuds that Klopp faces in his first game in charge.

Another reason I believe Arsenal could have an advantage is because we have had to face Klopp´s Dortmund a few times in the Champions League recently and while they gave us a really hard time at first, we did manage to beat them in Dortmund and the last time we met Arsenal won well, so Wenger seems to have got the measure of how to face a Klopp team full of energy nad with a heavy pressing style.

Only time will tell of course, but do you think Arsenal have a slight advantage over our Premier League rivals with the appointment of Herr Klopp?

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  1. I know Alexis has been Excellent. But sometimes I feel there is one person that doesnt get the credit he deserves. COQUELIN. If you sit and watch every game arsenal played and when they scored, COQUELIN was involved in 80% of the goals. He is actually the one that Starts the move with and execellent tackle or interception.

    This is the sequence…. Coquelin intercepts and ball is picked up by OZIL/CARZOLA…. PASSES to WALCOTT/SANCHEZ they SCOREEEEEEEEE!!!!.

    So all im saying. That guy COQUELIN is for me just as important as OZIL/SANCHEZ staying FIT.

    Sorry for REPOST just thing COQUELIN needs to be appreciated alot more than he is already.

    1. No man coquelinn gets all the creadit all arsenal fans admit that if he is injured our title hopes we collapse we all know his value for tha stability of our game

    2. Klopp is good for Arsenal fans who want Wenger Out in two ways. However, this may not be this year though. He will help Liverpool to reach top 4 which prevents Wenger to Join ECL, without he will be sacked or let go by greedy owners. The second way is he puts pressure on Wenger to buy players because now 4th place is not a sure thing, this is in our favor too!!!! We have a spending Wenger who must bring top players to keep his job and I for one have no problem with that either. So Klopp pleas do good in Liverpool

  2. I’m sorry, but Klopp to Liverpool is at least worrying… at least in my eyes. Well, this season they wont be copeting with us, but Klopp can build something… he surely attract good players, and have an eye for talents. But right now, i think they have very average players. Always tought that after Wenger, Klopp will come.

    But anyway, i feel we NEED to win one more premiership with Mr. Arsene Wenger 🙂
    COYG for the title!

    1. The reason why people wanted Klopp is because his style is so similar to Arsene. Klopp likes to say differently but the truth is they are, you could easily name that game we played on sunday ..heavy metal football. Calling his own brand heavy metal and Arsenes a silent song is a head scratcher. Why want the copy when we have the real deal.

  3. Expect Klopp to do well at Liverpool with his style, esp with Sturridge back for them.
    With or without Klopp, Liverpool has always been a team that can do well against the top four and loose against the bottom four but lets hope they could pull of some surprises by beating Man City, Utd, etc…

  4. It depends though, surely, on how much freedom he is given. Brendan Rogers with hampered by this ‘transfer committee’ or whatever it was that essentially stopped Willian, Firminio (although it happened a year later), and even our own Sanchez from going there due to delays and penny pinching.

    Also players from Europe might think ‘yes I would like to play under Kopp’ more than ‘yes I would like to play under Rogers…’ but the truth is many do not want to play for liverpool. They are no longer the titan they once were and Liverpool is not as attractive a city as it once was.

    Only time will tell, and it will be interesting if the Yanks let Kopp free in the markets…

    1. They still have fantastic European heritage. Klopp will transform them into a giant once again. It is the perfect set up for him and he will be afforded more freedom.

      Expect major culling of the dead wood which will give us a chance during the transformation period.

      1. It’s a wonder you speak that way of Klopp and yet Arsene gets so much doubt. I like Klopp too but he has not done anything that would suggest he truly is the next or indeed a young Arsene Wenger. Whether liv can become a PL force will depend on Klopps ability to spot young or relatively cheap quality ..stars in the making.

        To compete with the che mancs and utds one needs a gifted manager ..liv and ourselves are wealthy clubs but just can’t compete for players with those three who can afford to waste fortunes. I look forward to seeing the wobs chosen one attempting to knock Arsene off his comfortable perch. Hopefully as liv aim too make ground on us we will have already moved further forward with the masterplan.

        We have strong squad with a great balance of youth and experience, also a top youth development set up. A sizable war chest and a manager who has a very good record in the transfer market. Nail Sanchez down with a longer contract and I believe our future is bright.

        1. We also have a manager who won’t spend it and has been proven time and time again to be tactically naive, in at motivation and and forging a winning side (talking league and UCL). Your for the youth the get sold or loaned out.

            1. What, and Klopp doesnt make tactical errors, or lack in motivational techniques from time. Well ..his seventh place finish in a two horse league would beg to differ. Yet from the little you know of him, or see compared with Arsene, you would put him in a different stratosphere.

    2. Your comment on Sanchez is incorrect, that had nothing to do with delays or penny pinching, they offered barca more money than us and higher wages to Alexis, Sanchez asked barca to accept our offer instead of theirs as he preferred living in london not the fault of their committee just old fashioned geography

  5. Even though players try that bit harder to impress a new manager, I think that it will take a while for Herr to wave his magic at the klopp End ?
    But he has the advantage of bringing in the stars from his previous club! As all the players there loved him.

  6. Bring Vargas to Arsenal. Alexis and Vargas play very well together.


  7. Herr coming to Liverpool or not coming, Arsenal will complete their winnig of the fifthruple by winnig the remaining quadruple. Herr Kloop is welcome on aboad the Premier League ship. But he will later get pushed off the ship by Arsenal at Anfield.

  8. That would have been great to see Klopp at Arsenal. But Klopp also fits to Liverpool and I really think it will be an advantage for Arsenal too. Here’s why: Klopp will lift the level of LFC and therefore the level of the whole PL. If you have 4 good teams then all of them reach the Champions League, if you have 5, there’s more competition. You cannot play average and get into the top 4 anymore. So Wenger needs to do something, otherwise he gets sacked.

    1. #Vitea111;
      You are right, this is exactly what I siad earlier, and I got 7 thumbs down, and 1 up. You say the same thing and it is opposite 7 up and 1 down!!!.
      Klopp is very good for Arsenal as a club. He makes it hard for the team to fight for 4 spot.
      Now Wenger have 2 choices, either spend, bring top class players, and make top 4 or even EPL, or stay stingy, and stubburn, and allow clubs like Liverpool to pass him, and he will be left out of ECL. Then is interesting to see how long Owners keep him at his job, and how long AKB’ continue supporting him with no European games.
      Only time will tell.

  9. The worst news. Arsenal should have snapped him up immediately and sent Wenger to the board room. Would have been the perfect replacement. Guess we can hope for mad Diego Simeone or some out of nowhere ultimate manager that no one has heard of.

  10. Klopp and Liverpool could be a good move, Liverpool will spend the money at end of season for Klopp and he will rebuild them, Liverpool have the fanbase to allow them to give Klopp funds.

    With the hard work Klopp does, I think Liverpool could become real challengers in a couple years time.

    Arsenal fans don’y worry, rumors are that Guardiola will take over Wenger in a couple years and after he is bored winning with Bayern.

  11. very gutted,,klopp , carvalho or moussa sissoko for dm and lacazette were my missing links..now just hoping one of the latters.

  12. How is Guardiola overated @ksgunner? Plz elaborate further. Anyway in my humble opinion klopp is a step down from wenger. Its like changing Alexis for Pedro. Managers with similar football style to Arsene are dime a dozen nowdays. Lets be patient 4 Pep or Diego. Up Gunners.

  13. If wenger stays involved at the club when he steps down as manager, (I feel certain he will) I think he will want to bring in a manager who can do another lenghty spell. Roberto martinez type of manager. Isn’t henry doing his coaching badges?

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