Why lack of transfer action NO problem for Arsenal

Okay I know that Arsenal fans, or some of us at least, have become well and truly fed up with the twice yearly disappointment that is a transfer window. This January has been no different, in terms of the lack of money spent or new players arriving that is.

What has been quite different, however, is the fact that Arsenal have not been alone in this, or even out of the ordinary, as there have been almost no big moves made by any of the big Premier League clubs. Could this be proof that Arsene Wenger’s oft spoken criticism of the winter transfer window was right all along?

There was plenty of money spent by the likes of Man City and United in the summer and we did not do too bad with the manager bringing in players like Mustafi and Xhaka. Wenger has often said that clubs should be able to sort themselves out for the season ahead without needing to splash out halfway through and as long as there are no major injury problems I see his point.

So with none of the major title rivals having these sort of issues to cope with, although us missing Santi Cazorla is arguably the biggest blow, everyone seems happy to go with what they have, even Chelsea who have lost Oscar and Jon Obi Mikel to China.

So should we be happy that Arsenal have not lost any ground to the big spenders for a change and hope that our squad proves to have the strength and quality that the Frenchman clearly believes?



  1. Juhi McLovin says:

    Elneny out at ACON
    Cazorla injured for the remainder of the season
    Xhaka serving 4 match ban
    Ramsey injured (not that he’s of any use)
    Coquelin returned from an injury like 2 weeks ago
    Wilshere out on loan

    “We don’t need any more midfielders” – Wenger

    Injury of Santi ruined the little hope we had for this season. Wenger did the rest.

    1. Kostafi says:

      In the Ox last night, and at Southampton, I saw a player who could grow into Santi’s shoes. At 32, Santi is not the future. He maybe the present, but at the moment (and excuse the pun), he is not present.

      Wilshere also continues to put MOTM performances from midfield at Bournemouth despite not scoring goals or providing assists. His contributions have been quietly loud.

      I am for new signings but not for those that give Jim White a reason for a yellow tie on deadline day. Improving the team comes first and not a Di Maria/Payet type to fail to integrate and then bugger off. The ethos of the club has to be bought into- we have had too many saMircenaries.

  2. Pablo Picaso says:

    I hope we did not spend because we are reserving funds for the summer. We need to start searching for a replacement for Sanchez as I am sure by looking his looking for accommodation either in Munich or Turin.

    We also need to start looking for replacements for the following:
    – Wenger
    – Ivan
    – Bould
    – Ramsey
    – Debuchy
    – Jenks
    – Joel
    – Ozil
    – Jack
    – Sanogo
    – Akpom
    – Cech (the old man has become a reliability and might get worse next season. Not too sure Ospina would survive a full season). Let Ospina go, keep Cech as 2nd choice while we bring in a upgrade.

    Massive changes are required to push the club from being a bottlers club to have that has fight and grit.

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      I disagree with you on Cech and Ozil. They are two of the best players in the PL and the world in their respective positions

      1. Pablo Picaso says:

        With due respect to your opinion Arsenal_Girl but I tend to stand by my opinion on this one too.

        Have you been closely watching both players this season. Ozil decides when and when not to turn up in games, I would pick Silver, Debryne, Willian, Harzard, Fabregas, dare I say it Eriskson and Ali ahead of lazy Ozil. Yes the man has mad vision and passes but modern day football demands more than that. Maybe its time we ditched the traditional number like other teams and play a better system (like 4- 3- 3).

        On old man Cech sooner or later he will hang up his gloves so why not get in a replacement he can nature now (like Oblak)? He may have saved us 10 or so points last season but how many points has he cost us by been beaten on the near post countless times this season and the man cant save a PK to save his life?

        I believe we can definitely find upgrades, only Sanchez is hard to replace in our current squad.

  3. G-Rude says:

    We have a great squad and honestly we DO NOT need any more players.
    We just need a manager and management team that can make them play to their potential in every single game.
    Just saying!

  4. BUR says:

    Not even annoyed at that result last nite. Just have to laugh at Arsenal’s inability to put away a mediocre team like Watford, laugh at the inability of our manager to motivate the team at the start of the game. Laugh at how many times this has happened this season. Laugh at the Arsenal board taking the supporters for a ride. Laugh at wenger!!!

  5. Bolly from Borehamwood says:

    I’m surprised it hasn’t been mentioned yet that Arsenal were the biggest spenders out of the top six clubs in this transfer window.

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