Why Leicester City WON’T win the league

Why Leicester City WON’T win the league. by AP

Leicester City sit 3 points clear of Tottenham, and 6 above Arsenal at the top of the League table. They are the bookmakers odds on favorites to win the league. They have been a giant killer, and at this stage agreed upon by the masses to be a true title contender.

They won’t win the league though, and here’s why.

Leicester City entered the season coming off of a tough relegation battle. Most believed that this year would be no different for the squad. The approach of all teams when facing LC was to get 3 points, to take it to them. This was a team that all other teams believed they could handle. The reality was that LC were a counter-attacking juggernaut the likes of which these teams not only hadn’t seen but were ill equipped to deal with. Vardy exploded for goals, Kante dominated the center of the pitch with his tackling and transition game, and Mahrez was a marvel.

They still are this team. This is why when facing Man City they can look so dominant. When teams take it to them they are playing into the hands of Ranieri’s squad. However, the league now realizes how good LC are. The lower half teams that once played aggressively to take all 3 points won’t try the same thing in the reverse fixture. Now LC will receive the treatment that top teams are accustomed to. A far more defensive style. Teams in the relegation battle will be happy to take even a single point off the league leaders.

Alex Neil employed a flat 5 back lineup against LC. Norwich had two CB’s bracketing Vardy the entire game. Tony Pulis used a similar strategy when LC faced West Brom. They played 10 men in the box and looked to cling to the single point.

LC play against Sunderland, Swansea, Crystal Palace, Newcastle, and Watford on the run in. All these teams will be more than satisfied with taking a single point off of Leicester. Leicester will now for the first time all season have to break down teams that are setting up to defend all game against them. And though they did score a key 89th minute goal against Norwich, if the last two games are any indication they are in trouble.


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  1. Personally if we don’t win it I care less who does, so long its not Spuds…..i will have to leave leave my work, leave a lot of good friends, move house and generally disappear off the face of the earth if these scums Spuds win it…….amd I ain’t ready for that

    1. I setting my self ready for near future disappointment, because I believe we are not ready for the title. I love Arsene as a person he looks like a symbol of Arsenal to me but his time is actually over for long. Am sorry but #WengerOut

    2. As long as Arsene is sacked at the end of the season it’ll all be worth it. But I still hope it’s Leicester rather than spurs of course!

  2. Please not Spuds win title!!! WORST NIGHTMARES EVER!!!! I pray to Leicester Cheese to win now we are finished!!

  3. Well I don’t think we will win it that is for sure. If any team should win I hope it’s Leicester.
    We can all agree not Spurs, and United can stay out of the top 4.

  4. All our summer signings are out for 3-4 weeks. I’m just wandering how many we will concede against Barca away if Cech and Koscielny both miss that game.

  5. Why Leicester won’t win the league? Why can’t they? They are playing better their players are being let-off the hook for nasty challenges and that is the kind of things that matter and if it was Arsenal it would have been Red cards after Red. No wonder a player or a fan’s mind will be irritated after the kind of treatments Refs give to the team. Dortmund came from Division 2 a year before they won the league twice so why can’t Leicester.

    1. i am confused, when was dormund in 2nd league before they won two times? they won the league in 2010-2011, and in 2011 – 2012, the years before they were in bundesliga 1…

  6. LC have the easiest fixture list, but if spurs win this weekend, its a two team race, if afc win, I think we are favorites… a mid week loss to The swans was a disaster, we have 4 strikers that dont add up to one great one…

    1. This season is a joke. Chelsea, City, Utd, Liverpool and our own AFC have been the main acts. No team has stepped up to take the title other than LC and perhaps the ever average Spuds. Who knows what will happen? No one.

      It’ll be a race to the wire for 3/4 teams which will include AFC. In precisely the same way that virtually all teams have been playing all year, the run in will be determined by who gets their act together in the last 10 games and in that respect, as this entire bizarre season has shown, nothing is certain.

      Spuds and LC have never been there before and history shows that can and will cause issues right up to the last game. The top 4 battle will also play a part in this (don’t write off CFC making it, Utd will still fancy their chances and Liverpool will be lifted due to recent results) and of course the fight to avoid relegation.

      Europe will also still influence events (Spuds are going to get caned by Dortmund and have 6 games in 18 days, City are going forward to the next round of the CL and AFC could be out) but all this will impact games and recovery times, positively or negatively. I’m frustrated, your all frustrated, but there is still over a quarter of the season to go and I doubt any team is going to have all their own way.

      Just look at the remaining fixtures amongst the top teams (forgetting local derbies, teams fighting against relegation, European travels etc)…LC have got to play Chelsea, Utd, West Ham and City, Spuds have got us, Liverpool, Utd and Chelsea and City have also got to play Utd as we have got to play City. It is still anyone’s. The difference that just two wins or losses makes to every team amongst these fixtures is enough to bridge the points gaps.

      My personal view is that there will literally be a few points between 1st and 4th. It is going to as close a finish as we have ever seen.

  7. The only chance of winning tomorrow is out gunning Spurs so we must start with Sanchez,Welbeck and Joel as the front three. Might even prefer Flamini alongside Coquelin instead of Ramsey for this game, since Flamini goes forwards anyway.

    1. Agreed HA but not Sanches, play Awobie there and Ellerney in for Ramsey. Sanches needs to sit and watch, or a run in reserves. CB

  8. Yes leicester wont win anything, only Arsenal will win everything as they are the best. They will win all competitions and also La liga, Serie A. We have the best striker in the world Giroud and the best manager. Arsenal fans are the least delusional and always respect other clubs.

    Anything else to add

    1. Only point to add, is I’d advise against a career in comedy scriptwriting, you ain’t funny.

  9. Why not when their nxt fixtures except only the manure and chelshit ones are winnable???…even the last game they had against westbrom should have been a win for them had it not been because of bad luck and i MEAN IT!…leicester deserves by all means to carry it and for the arsenal family,this wld be the easiet to swallow coz the alternative is the Spuds!!!

  10. Just pray Leicester will win it and not the Spuds if we lose tomorrow. Like seriously. Arsenal will have to come out all guns PR after a defeat like this. Hull will smell blood and if they win the abyss will open. And then anihilation called Barcelona. And then it will be mutiny or at least very close to it. Sadly, also the players made peace with this thought. And that is scary. Nothing worked, tactics, bad reff’ing, bad luck, injuries. Will be an uphill battle. And for those thinking Ozil & Sanchez will elave this seaso, think again. They have 2 respectively 3 yrs contract. Won’t be easy. Wenger on the other side only one season. If someone like Dein was still upstairs he would take the first plane to Japan and sign Stojkovic on a piece of napkin and bring him to the Emirates tied up. That’s a Dein move. Unfortunately Gazidis is an yes man, pretty much like Woodward and only interested in the sales quota because it fattens his pocket as well. Get rid of him well before Wenger. The next will follow. Any other exec will not give Wenger a new contract. Stan doesn’t give a $hit who’s in charge as long as he cashes in (that’s why Gazidis and Wenger are still under contract).

    1. The problem with Arsenal is they cannot afford to miss out from top 4. Let us be realistic , we cannot compete with Manchester United financially. Even when they miss out on top 4 they make enough profits. Their addidas deal is itself astounding considering they almost earn double to the likes of Real Madrid and Barca ( though barca are due to get a new deal).

      If we somehow miss out on top 4, I worry for us. Dont get me wrong, Arsenal are no doubt a big club and have history but we are far away from an elite club like Barca or Bayern or Manchester United . The best case scenario would be City drops out from top 4 , that would be a huge plus for Arsenal. City depend on finance and without top 4 they wont be able to pull the trigger. And the sight of seeing Pep managing in europa would be funny.

  11. With all honesty if we don’t win it, I hope Leicester does win it. They played awesome all season and it’s a great Cinderella story.

    Also, I would prefer Leicester win it then Spuds, Citeh, ManUre, Chelski.

    But obviously I hope we can turn things aroundvtomorrow

  12. Every football fan in the world are with l. city in this moment, and every football fan is taking arsenal for a joke.

    its like the epl has decided to force arsenal to become champions, but wenger somehow still was eablle to find a way t f. things up.

    what a joker

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