Why Man United may have wrecked Arsenal transfer plans!

This is just my theory, of course, but I think that Arsenal and Arsene Wenger have just suffered a real blow in the summer transfer busdiness and I lay the blame firmly at the feet of Man United. The Old Trafford club’s decision to pay way over the odds for Angel Di Maria is having knock-on effects and they are not in favour of the Gunners.

I am not saying that United have agreed to pay what some media outlets like The Mirror claim could be as much as £72 million, has been done to hurt the Gunners. That would be paranoid and daft, but I do think it is the reason for Real Madrid suddenly deciding that they will keep hold of Sami Khedira despite the fact the German will be leaving them for nothing next summer.

There were rumours and reports that Wenger was about to launch a move for Khedira for a cut rate transfer fee of around £12 million, which may well have been enough even though the Spanish club wanted more, because they also need to watch the balancing of their books. Now they have made United pay at least £20 million more than Di Maria should have cost, they can afford to keep Khedira, leaving Arsenal and Wenger with very little time to sort out an alternative. So what now?

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  1. Im not too bothered, khedira for 12m is a steal but he’s not that tough cdm we so desperately need

    1. Wenger Mr. smart ass what you ganna do now? bang your balls and watch them hang? wtf? what is going on?Manure with all the shityness they have and look , first shaw, then rojo, and now di maria, and maybe later vidal, they are spending big and they didnt even make uefa cup…do you guys think our board and manager have ambitions? if they do then fukkk that ambition. they can roll it and shuv it all the way up their ass. united are spending big, so did chelsea and city and even loserpool and look at us, a week to deadline and not even replaced vermalen…nice job wenger and the sorry ass board. they are all just sitting and banging their balls. I am sick and tired of this crap season after season. we are just 2 major signings away from being a force and what wenger does? bang balls. Carvalho and even Balotelli plus an 8 million pond defender would have done the trick….just a shame to watch manure spend money like crazy on quality players while we try to get discount on average players only to find clubs like roma sign our targets. fuk this….

        1. Balotelli is no better than Giroud and unmanagable plus we can’t sign more till we get past ucl qualifiers. This is the highest net spend in Arsenals history. Wenger didn’t have to buy Alexis and we could have still scraped 4th.

      1. GTFO of here you spud fan. Money doesn’t represent a player’s talent. If you ask me, Balotelli’s price tag is 30m+, not 16m.
        And what do you mean by Wenger hasn’t got the ambitions? In fact, who the hell are you to question his ambitions? Questioning a world class manager that won the GOLDEN PREMIER LEAGUE, a trophy that no English club has ever won.. He bought Ozil last summer to assure the fans that the debt is over and a new era will start, best number 10 in the world too. This summer, he bought Sanchez. One of the world cup stars, fantastic striker and a versatile player. He also bought Chambers, who will develop to become a world class defender. We are ‘most most most likely’ talking about the next Arsenal’s Tony Adams. Wenger has also upgraded our RB position.

        We don’t need a striker because we’ve got Sanchez and Giroud. Both of them have different qualities as strikers. Do not give me that ‘Sanchez is not a striker’ speech because we all have seen him in the world cup..
        Wenger simply bought what we lacked at the end of last season And that is a pacey striker and winger, who can run at defenses and dribble, along with very good finishing.

        Wenger helped us build a world class stadium. Debts are almost over and now we have an awesome financial power. And so far in this new era, we won two titles.

        I’m sick of people like you, ungrateful prick..

        1. From next year due to the puma deal and other commercial income, we could spent 100million a year on players and still comply with ffp.

    2. Come on Wenger surprise us! Im not gonna lie… 2 0 down the other day I was thinking…not a-fukin-gain. But the comeback was a show of our character…but we still lack some STEEL. Come on. It’s not hard to see we are weak on the left ; buy Reus
      It’s not hard to see we are missing some1 who can actually time tackles and make interceptions ; buy Cavarhlo
      I think chambers proved he is a good backup cb…so we might pass in that department…but COME ON WENGER!!!
      Finish the damn thing!


      Not bad at all…

  2. Arsenal have had a problem of directly strengthening their rivals. Well it seems our rivals have been strengthening us indirectly, this way:

    Bale > Real
    Özil > Arsenal

    Suarez > Barca
    Sanchez > Arsenal

    Di Maria > Manure
    Kagawa > BVB
    Reus > Arsenal?

    Pleaaase let this to be true! After the RVP saga this would feel so sweet!

    1. Off topic!

      I don’t understand the FFP rules that well but how much can we still spend this summer? Our spending is around + £60 millions and selling around + £30 millions? Verm, Djourou, Eisfeld, Vela, Fabregas..

      And how many non-grown spots we still have open in the squad, 1?

      1. In reality we have spent 66 million (sky). Out is 35.6 million. Only 30 million net spend (excluding wages and agent fees). We could spend another 60 million which could rise to 90 if we beat Besiktas. We have 2 non HG spots in the squad atm which we will probably fill with a dm as we already have too many strikers (Giroud, Alexis, Campbell, Sanogo, Poldi, Walcott) so Podolski will be sold because he won’t play much.

          1. Common logic?you say we have too many strikers yet only Giroud and Sanogo are pure strikers and the both of them are not good enough to be starters they better coming from the bench!

            1. Alexis has played mostly as a striker for the last 5 years so that is rubbish and he is abit more like Aguero. One bad game where he wasn’t match fit doesn’t make him not a striker. Joel Campbell played there for his national team and proved in in the world cup. Walcott banged is a load of goals there till he signed a new contract then got shoved out wide again so he is more than proven.

              1. Please stop saying Sanchez has played mostly as a striker over the last 5 years he simply hasn’t that is a lie!
                Stop it.

                1. Udinese he was a false 9 and Barca only have Messi and Sanchez who can play up top so when Messi was injured, he played false 9 plus he plays false 9 with Vargas for Chile.

                2. Come on Ergs we have enough arguments about unprovables on this site – but surely we can nail this one down. Sanchez played as a second striker for Udinese and continues to do so for Chile. He was pushed wide right for Barca for one reason only; Messi. Are we dismissing the idea that a player can play somewhere other what his notional label dictates? It is not as if AS is not versatile enough to change.

              2. He isn’t a striker Iv seen him play a lot for these teams sure he drifts but mostly he’s wide forward.

              3. How Can sanchez has played as a false 9 striker at Udinese when pep guardiola who introduced the false 9 striker to the World first started Playing a false 9 striker in 2011(same year sanchez came to Barca) with Cesc Fabregas?

            2. What is this labels thing? Loving this, now we are modifying the term striker with “pure”. How many “pure” strikers have Barca and Real Madrid?

          1. There we go when I get common logic, people insult rather than argue back because they have nothing to say and they can’t prove that they are right.

  3. Real is not stupid to leave Khedira go on a free, they are a professional club. Especially now when they need money. I am not saying he will join Arsenal but either he will sign a new contract or he will leave THIS window. Or maybe January.

  4. Manure have bought a world star. I am jealous. The only player who would be able to top Di Maria as a player is Reus. If the Bvb try to keep him for the next season, then he will deff be snatched by Bayern. Comon Dortmund, dont act so stupid.

    1. Alexis is just as good if not better as he is a more established player plus has a yard extra of pace and more strength. Reus is much better than Di Maria and I would also say Robben is the best winger in the world despite being a diver. Reus is a Dortmund fan and would never go to Bayern. There is a higher chance of United winning the title. Reus used to go to Dortmund games as a kid. I would even say Walcott is better than Di Maria with extra pace plus he is a better finisher. Di Maria offers a great work rate and is a very good crosser.

      1. Walcott is always injured and inconsistent there’s no way in hell is he better than Di Maria stopping looking at things with Arsenal blinders on but as a football fan,Di Maria is world class a champions league winner,a world cup finalist Walcott is nowhere comparable!!

      2. I like Sanchez and I’m really pleased with him playing for us, but I think Di Naria is slightly better (63m is too much, no doubt)

        I do agree now Robben is the best winger, right now.

      3. Dude this is the age of money. Footballers these days dont give a flying F, about clubs. Ashley Cole, Van the man, Sagna ( the one who likes a new challenge) Fabregas who babbled once that he would never go to an another club besides Arsenal in England. Loyalty is nothing more then a bi$tch in football. Goetze and Lewa moved to Bayern, and so will Reus if the money is right.

          1. It’s not a deterrent when you are paying over the odds as ManU are doing right now. Monaco proved you don’t need to be a big club to sign the top players. If anything, the way ManU have spent this window confirms how quickly they’ve fallen.

      4. theo walcott is better than angel di maria?…one sec…everyone ready…ok…

        1. Seen both play over a 38 game season? Di Maria is more inconsistent. People comment and don’t watch players much. Di Maria is a big game player but Walcott can carry a team when Di Maria can’t. Walcott 14 goals 10 assists 2012/13, Di Maria 20 assists 5 goals 2013/14. Di Maria scores once every 14 shots which is half as clinical as Giroud who takes 7 if you look at the stats plus he plays for Real Madrid in an easier league. Argue against common logic?

          1. The only thing Di Maria does better is passing and even Walcott is a comparable crosser. He aint even better than Ozil who has had more goals and assists for tha past 6 seasons.

            1. Dude. from 1 to 10. Walcott is a 7. And Di Maria is a 9. Plz, dont say such things amongst other football fans bec i am tired of them making jokes about us.

              1. Have you seen him play over a 38 game season? Very inconsistent and world class but not in the top 20 in the world. In his best ever season he did 4 goals 17 assists in 27 games. In Walcotts best ever season he did 21 goals 16 assists in 31. Walcott got 1.19 goals or assists per game while Di Maria did 0.78. Di Maria played in a team full of stars while that Arsenal team was the worst for 20 years. People saw the Champs league final and decided that he is the best thing since sliced bread. There is nothing of the sort proving that Di Maria is better plus Walcott was injured last world cup. People will take the piss if I say William Carvalho is better than Khedira but people base ability on hype rather than the facts.

                1. Di maria carried Real to the Cl trophy, and he also was the main man for Argentina. And not Facking mr nice guy Messi. Di Maria has something which Walcott lacks, and thats an highly developed football brain.

                  Di Maria is a world beater who can change the outcome from a game all by himself with ease. This is a gift not many players in the world posses.

                  The problem why England does so shet is bec you people tend to overrate the brit. players way to much.

                2. Ronaldo carried Real Madrid to the champions league final plus Di Maria got no goals or assists in the knockout rounds or final so you obviously have no clue how good or consistent he is and rate his highly coz he plays for Madrid. 4 goals in a season and a goal per 14 shots is hardly world beating. FACT Walcott has scored the most in big games for us in 3 years and he carried us to 4th 2 seasons ago. People underrate players these days because they are English. Rooney got more goals and assists for a 7th united team yet he is not world class and Di Maria is in fact Rooney has had double figures in goals and assists for 7 years and no player in the league has done it. Real Madrid are way better than the Arsenal of 2 seasons ago yet Walcott has more goals and assists. Funny eh?



                4. Anyone can do flashy dribbling or play beautiful football but the very best players have a cutting edge and produce goals and assists. Messi aint flashy like Neymar but scored and produces assists. A game changer doesn’t score 4 goals a season in la liga. I bet people calling Di Maria the best winger in the world also think that 14 goals Balotelli who scored less than Giroud and missed more chances is world class. Messi and Reus are much better with a 10% higher take on percentage so your argument falls flat shouty one,

          2. Whether he is better or not, he ain’t worth anywhere near 70 million? RM must be pissing themselves laughing. More than Fabregas and Costa combined or not much different from Ozil and Sanchez combined. Man Utd have been mugged off massively.

  5. guys literally everyone at dortmund has said hes staying.

    klopp today said hes confident hes staying.

    nana reus said..specken reckon he’s staying lecken…or something equally german

    jan kurtz- reus bratwurst maker said…hes owes me for last weeks order-the b*stard

      1. reus yes . watched dortmund last 3 seasons.

        di maria highlights.

        i see where your going with this…u have a point…

        but at the same time rose tinting our situation blindly is naive

        1. All I’m asking is for people to prove why I have rose tinted glasses than take the piss which no one has been able to do.

          1. i started here like u did…a crusader.

            now im the annoying uncle.

            just chill man… banter an where u can say your piece

        2. Marco Reus is hardly the flashiest dribbler but he is world class imo because he carries the team and gets plenty of goals and assists. I would call Walcott world class if he weren’t so injury prone as his stats are similar to Reus in a harder league.

  6. Arsene Wenger is dreaming if he thinks Giroud will score 25 league goals in 38 game BPL season,we are in trouble our squad is not good enough to win the BPL or Champions League!

    1. have faith man. heard our new fitness coach was made in the fires of mordor, was trained by hatori hanzo..and has a certificate from st johns ambulance

      1. Having faith doesn’t mean one must be delusional,we have only brought in replacements no reinforcements,since last season we’ve been crying for a DM and CF yet Wenger will have us believe he’s good enough to start and win us games against the likes of Real Madrid,Bayern Munich,Barcelona,Man City and Chelsea hell no we are in trouble in the bigger scheme of things!

    2. Why the thumps down?
      @ Dee@ease, people don’t like the truth and better not to wake them up

  7. I want to wake up one day and read in Arsenal.com:

    “Arsenal can confirm they have completed the signing of Cavani/Reus/Falcao with five years contract”

    This day should be before the 31st of Aug

  8. off topic

    Giroud haters:
    No, lord Giroud is not s*ht. We need to use players like og12 and podolski wisely. I’ll expalin: Against top oposition we should use Sanchez stamina in the middle, walcott in the right and i supose that cazorla left (wenger preference). Let those players to make runs and maybe to score but the key here is the oposition defenders to get TIRED and this is why Sanchez is such and IMPORTANT player. In the 2nd half arsenal has to use Podolski or Lord Giroud to EXECUTE the oposition. Why? Because both Sanchez and walcott (and even ox but that depends on wenger ) will work relentesly to get the oposition TIREDin the 1st half. Then if a player is underperforming ( say cazorla) you move Sanchez to the left in order to make space for LORD GIROUD who will probably do a good work due to fact that he alway’s look’s better when defenders are tired. If say cazorla and walcott are underperforming then you bring on PODOLSKI and GIROUD and then move Sanchez to the right. It’s a perfect system to kill almost every team, because both Giroud and Podolski are effective against tired defenders. We all know that podolski is an assassin. If the team is chelsh*t and they park the bus your better use both podolski and Giroud in the 2nd half to try to make the EXECUTION goal . The beauty of this system is that even if MESUT is underperforming you then move cazorla to the middle in order to let podolski in or move sanchez and so on, have to say that by this way we AVOID INJURIES… Obviously podolski depends on the oposition, maybe you need ox speed…etc. So our main tactic for this season SHOULD be: Our 1st half players need to work very hard to get defenders tired in order to make space for LORD GIROUD to do the final move in the 2nd half. I think that wenger is just waiting for walcott to be fit… The main tactical problem is that the wilshere’s forced starting place in the middle is screwing EVERYTHING: Mesut has to play on the left in order to make space for wilshere, ramsey doesen’t perform as alway’s and we play slowly. Wilshere is a sub not a starter, he is forcing the whole team to change..

    1. What’s a Giroud hater?is saying Giroud is better as a sub hating on him?we all know he should come from the bench to provide us plan B what we need is a new striker who’ll be plan A!

  9. Looks like poldi on his way out which for me is a shame only hope Wenger replaces him with 100k a week wages saved 12m in the bank and the number 9 shirt free

  10. Giroud will score 25 league goals this season. Wenger confirmed this.

    We just need a CDM and another defender now

  11. If Poldoski leaves, Will Wenger replace him with another forward or does Wenger see Podolski as an extra forward not needed to meet our needs. Or to free up salary for a CDM

  12. I’ve gone through di maria’s stats. He never scored more than 10 Goals in the league. Assisted more than 10 Twice(15 & 17). Commpared to that of ozil and sanchez, fabregas, kroos, isco, james are similar or better than him. This is ridiculous amount. Overpayed to the extent!! No way he is worth that. May be a good deal for 30-40 mil considering last season, But this is just pure madness!! Man u gone mad ! Signing of desperation !!

    1. Bale not worth £85 million… Ozil never worth £42 million… James Rodrigues nevr worth £60 million… Sanchez not worth £35 million… Shaw not worth £32 million… Di Maria not worth £65 million… Lallana not worth £25 million.. David Luis is not worth £50 million…. Torres not worth £50 million etc…….

      It’s all about inflation, and if a club is willing to pay that kind of money for a player then it’s up to them..

  13. 65m in the bank to spend plus the money of poldi is sold,7 days for Wenger to spend and strengthen.

  14. So according to writer Manure have wrecked our “transfer busdiness”. Does that mean we cant afford to buy Real Madrids Champions league winning parade Bus???

    Thats just mean man!

    1. Frequently Wrapped up in white bandages with blood marks here and there…he does resemble walking talking tampon!

  15. wow mesut ozil is only 1 assist behind messi in the most assists since 2010 in major european leagues . how about wenger starts using this guy properly and giving him the right ammunition to get the best out of him instead of shifting him out wide to fit in jack wilshire

  16. arsene wenger: giroud will score 25 goals in training this season.

    oh lord, we are doomed if we rely on giroud.

    1. Ole’ Arsene does get mixed up with Giroud’s scoring tally in the hotel room with one on the pitch!

  17. Everyone is singing Giroud’s praised because he scored one goal but give it another few weeks and everyone will be slating him again, it was the same last season and the season before… I’m fed up with it, we need more options up top…

    1. The fact everyone has forgiven him for one go shows how bad he is .. Everyone is excited that he finally scored a goal .. This should be a normality for a striker

  18. off topic I know but the amount of crosses Giroud converts is pretty impressive, should Arsenal be playing to his strengths rather than trying to walk it in the net as usual. You get 10 decent crosses into that box per match and he could easily become a 30 goal a year striker. With Arsenals ball retention and passing we should easily be hitting that 6 yard box at least 10 times / game. As usual though we just wanna hold the ball and go back and forth the pitch horizontally. Need to start causing more problems for other teams up front, because I can foresee we are going to get plenty of draws this season otherwise.

      1. Dan, at what point mate did you see me talk long ball. Putting a decent cross into the box now and again is not long ball. Sometimes Arsenal need to mix it up abit but they don’t . Every team knows what they are gonna get with arsenal before a ball is kicked.

  19. Oh and btw, I do not necessarily like Giroud that much, but if you like it or not, hes the best striker we got at the moment.

  20. I am making a bold prediction

    I believe we will sign BOTH Khedira and Reus by 1st September 2014

    I believe Ancelloti is bluffing to get more money and they are so rich and unprofessional that they would give someone up for free.

    I also have a gut feeling we will get Reus. Due to injuries, possible sale of Podolski and Reus is in the affordable price range. Also rumours of talks.

  21. Why do the majority on here not understand our formation and pattern of play!!
    We need goals everywhere in the side Giroud is the platform to build off the wall pass the man who occupies the centre half’s, the attacking mids are there to join in with him and we need our left and right forwards to arch there runs from out to in for Ozil to slide balls in for them after Giroud holding it up or Ramsey to slide the passes or arrive late himself we need to share the goals round the side more instead of this nonsense of let’s find a 30 goal prem scorer which no team has either lol
    Giroud is contributing well for us of course he misses chances what striker doesn’t.
    Wait till we can play Walcott right Sanchez left we will be massively more potent going forward.
    We need an enforcer to just help clear up in front of us because collectively defensively we are all over the place still at times.

    1. Because we don’t have goalscoring midfielder that can run off a big front man like a Barkley .. We have creative midfielder that want to make the pass for the front man .. Hope that clears it up for u

      1. @Dan.M
        So whats the deal with the other 2/3 guys up front? Or are they all creative mids, unable to run into space or behind defenses?

        1. Ny gunner
          I can’t understand the stupidness of some people who comment on here actually beyond clueless!

          1. @ergs
            I hear ya. It makes me laugh reading how some think that if we buy a 30+ goal scoring striker than we can win “ALL” the silverware out there.
            I just wonder who is going to score the other 50 odd or so goals, Kos and Mert…Lmfao

      2. No that doesn’t clear it up!!
        So Walcott and Sanchez are creative only!!???
        basically according to your ridiculous statement we need a striker to score 60 goals!!! As no one else can score as there just “creative”
        Honestly what game do you watch!!

  22. Calm down guys…if we are going for really top player, they won’t sign until we’re in CL proper. Wenger has to play it cool, not say how desperate we are for striker or centre half/CDM etc, cos price will soar.
    Think he could have something ready for end of the week, once we dispose of Besiktas.
    If. God forbid, we didn’t get through, he’d probably have to set his sights lower.
    Looking forward to window closing, get on with the football.

  23. My biggest concern is that we are three games into the campaign and we already have five players out injured.

    Thats almost two players a game and already our squad is stretched.

    This is simply not good enough, you don’t hear of other teams having such a poor record.

    Something is seriously wrong at Arsenal for this to happen year after year.

    Its all down to Wenger….

    1. To be fair, Wenger has tried to change things with new fitness coach. Can’t help that Ba left his foot in against Arteta, some of the pr!cks on here were too busy cheering that Arteta was off!

  24. watching city vs pool if our ostrich of a manger thinks he has the pace power and movement to challenge for the title he is even more stupid than i thought…a team with mert arteta or flamini and monreal would be ripped apart by either of these teams…without 2 (at least) quality signings 4th place will be a struggle….the guy is living in some past era which is long gone…so will judge wenger by what he does in next 7 days

  25. Watching the first half of Man City v Liverpool I find myself even more disenchanted as a lifetime Gunner. These 2 squads are formidable BUT not head and shoulders above Arsenal in class if AW would simply strengthen the squad in 3 areas that have been discussed ad nauseam. I understand and celebrate the Arsenal business model, but @ some point you have 2 shit or get off the pot.


    Toby A…..7M



    51 Million net spent and a team capable of competing on all fronts.

    Disclaimer: love Prince and Campbell but business is business

    1. whoever is giving this line of thinking thumbs down is even dumber than wenger..its jut so obvious they must be legally blind or spurs fans….we dont stand a cat in hells chance of winning the epl without quality additions

  26. How did Manu ruin Arsenal transfer plan. Arsenal ruin Arsenal transfer plans only. We have been linked with Khedira since the end of the World Cup, so why didn’t we sign him then? It’s the same tight owners/chairmen and those others up there along with the manager that do this every season. Quality? what quality. We haven’t played one good game in the first three games. No tactics, even Lee Dixon in commentary for the American channels has more tactics. All Wenger does in the game is shout at the fourth official and telling Steve Bould the problems. You can tell from the look That even Steve Bould hears the same thing from Wenger in the bench every game. Why doesn’t he make changes quicker, instead of shouting at Steve Bould about who is playing poorly?

  27. I’m really looking forward to getting Walcott back. I think Ozil will love playing with him and with pace in the side, everything opens up for the likes of Sanchez.

  28. The real blow is that Cavani is now almost certainly not going anywhere since PSG have missed out on Di Maria and no longer have any need to quickly recoup £50m.

    1. Coming out of the woodwork in a timely manner I see – been waiting a while to say that have we? With 53 in 180 league games over 9 years imagine the flak he would get on here with a goal every 3.5 games!!

  29. Giroud out for at least three months…

    Who could have possibly envisaged an Arsenal player getting injured ?

    And our only real choice in that position.

    We now have eight days to sign a top quality striker AND a top quality defensive midfielder PLUS replace Vermaelin.

    Well done Wenger !

    Well done indeed…..

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