Why Marco Reus should be Arsenal’s next signing

The international break is almost over now and it was apparent how vital Özil is to Germany as they struggled massively against Poland and then the Republic of Ireland. But what was also apparent was how much they missed Marco Reus. The German was injured throughout the entire World Cup and it was fortunate that the team collectively managed to overcome that shortcoming as they went on to lift the greatest trophy in football. But now, his absence is clearly seen and it has been costing them and will continue to cost them. Why is that? It’s because he’s one of the best wide players in Europe.

It’s well known that Marco Reus has a release clause that activates in the summer of 2015. The figure is up in the air but many believe it to be as low as £25million. It is also widely known that Arsenal tried to sign the German midfielder during the summer but in the light of his injury, decided against signing him and went for Sanchez instead as it was integral to bring pace into squad as we waited for Theo to rehabilitate from his ACL injury.

Reus is a very unique wide player. It’s difficult to find someone with that level of pace, touch and creativity who is very comfortable playing as a winger. He’s a midfielder at heart but he’s clearly very comfortable playing out wide, especially on the left. He’s a very similar player to Pires and I believe that will be one of the reasons as to why Wenger will pursue him in the summer. It will be difficult though as the likes of Madrid, Barca, City, Bayern, Chelsea and PSG won’t let such a bargain slip. But, the prospect of being completely first choice isn’t possible at any of those clubs aside from PSG. At Arsenal, it is certainly guaranteed in my opinion.

Reus is a very special player. I know we need a defensive midfielder and potentially another striker but at such a bargain price, it would be insane for us to not go for Reus. We aren’t completely set on the left either with no one really taking that position and calling it their own.


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  1. Hopefully by that time IF we sign him, Shad Frosthe(excuse on spelling) will have found a solution to our injuries. Reus is good but he is competing Diaby in time spent in the sick room.

    ION: Do girls/women also snore when sleeping? Just wandering.Thanks. 🙂

      1. Guys, I apologise for my comments which can be quite lewd, lascivious or overly explicit sometimes. But we are all guys on this forum (don’t know if there’s any lady, apart from one sometime ago that used to trip for Giroud so much). I just feel at home here, ok? No offence intended (but no change guaranteed).

    1. Dude, yes, girls/women snore. I have an aunt that (with due respect to her) snores terribly. In fact, she snores so loudly that it’s often a problem in her relationships. Too bad, anyway.

  2. Article like this makes me wonder how can someone have the guts to ask vote for justarsenal for arsenal blogging award in 2014. Based on what?

      1. With you? Not really. I prefer to debate with Arsenal supporters how competent Wenger is. I have some strong doubts that you belong in that category.

        1. Do you think that he will win the Cl trophy ever?
          Do you think that we will win the Epl again with him?
          Do you think that he can beat Moro once in his life?
          Do you think that we can beat Manure to 8 ever?
          Do you think we can beat Chelsea to 6?
          Do you think that he deserves the 8milion a year for reaching the 4th place.

          1. Again, you are not really an Arsenal supporter so there’s no reason to actually listen to you. Secondly, you have said debate not Q&A. But I guess for you debate means something like a monologue. Keep up the good work.

    1. Is there a justarsene or justwenger blog out there. I bet there is none, because if there was, you will be on there right now performing arseli*king ritualls with fellow brainless AKBs.
      My vote is for justARSENAL.

    2. This blog is all about Arsenal transfer news/rumours/team news. If you can’t handle or filter the rumors, ignore them and focus on the team news. This blog fun and one of the best because it is accommodating to all types of fans including AKBWBs (AKB with brains).

      1. @Budd
        Yes you are.
        I am truly sorry for implying that you don’t have one. You misled me into thinking so. No hard feelings Buddy. Just in-heat-of-the-moment stuff.

    3. Now I may not be a good writer, but I’ve written some articles which are better than some I have seen on this site but admin just never let them out. Sincerely, admin has the right to refuse any article, I just feel some topics have been over flogged.

    1. he wouldnt …an first id ask…

      why would reus leave a team that spanked us when they were missing like 4 of their biggest players

  3. The traffic of the articles is pretty fast out here now, though the comments are at there lowest!!!

    Admin could this be related to the type of articles plus there headings? Each time I come here now I even fail to comment on some of these articles.

    We are loosing men out here! Anyway I bet once the games are back on things will improve.

    Concerned JustArsenal follower.

        1. He is a partner in crime and that for he is an accomplice. He chooses to be the shield. We all know that he is the main plillor who keeps the board together.

      1. Yep, he says so to avoid critisem. Everytime the transfer window is up and tickets are about tp be selled he babbles that we can affort every player in the world besides 3 players. Ronaldo, Messi, Bale. And now he claims there is no money. There is no money but it goes off somewhere else.

  4. Why Reus should be our next signing?
    is this a joke?
    the title should read ”why a CDM or CB should be our next signing”
    hell i’d rather have hummels than messi right now!

  5. I’m okay with the articles and their headings, I can’t complain. Comments are few because just arsenal members are on international break 😀 😀 and some are inured 🙁 🙁 🙁

  6. @drew. Spot on! Id rather we got the dm player and cb we need before any offensive signings. Hummels would be awesome but there are others that would do fine. Ideally we’d get an experienced cb in say his mid twenties that has some longevity balanced with playing time they would pair with kos/chambers and per would move to the bench. As for lw, poldi has to move on in jan and we need a replacement either signed or from within, (sanchez, campbell, gnabry even). All assuming theos fit and playing rw.

  7. off topic but why didnt ozil learn a lesson from girouds infidelity mess that almost ended his marriage?? as a man if u have to cheat which most of us do anyway u have to be discreet and cover ur tracks well..now another unwanted unnecessary distraction for him plus idle time as he is injured anyhow i expect nothing but 3 precious points this weekend from the best team in the world,come on arsenal….

    1. Well, for one thing Ozil is not married. Secondly Giroud was actually caught in the act (sort of speaking) while here we have allegations made in Bild (the equivalent of Mirror). I am not saying that it is not true but we still have to see some evidences yet.

    2. media overkilled the Ozil hatewagon so nobody even cares anymore. And yeh, Ozil wasnt married unlike Giroud. Still really messed up regardless. (If true of course)

  8. @Budd.
    Wow really! F**k me!
    I think I overstepped boundaries with the whole ‘brainless’ thingy. But then couple of your recent comments touched the wrong nerves. Buddy, I am really sorry for using the wrong words. But I maintain my stand on you overdoing the AKB thing.

    PS: If there was ever a thing like AKB, I will consider myself as being one. I became an Arsenal supporter because of Wenger.

    1. People take for granted what we have now. I am not a real AKB’er as I had and still have ideas totally different from Wenger. People think I am an AKB’er because i love absolutely every small $hit out of what Arsenal AFC is made off and like it or not, Wenger is part of it. I stood by all our players (and still do) when they were hitting bottom (Ramsey, Wilshere,Giroud even Bender!) and board members or staff. Is not that I like Wenger as a coach, it just a tribute I am ready to pay to have him for the next 2.5 years because of everything he did for the English football in general and Arsenal FC in particular. I am in no hurry. Blown in little bits when I have been for the first time at the Emirates after the Highbury Era. I am no ticket holder and I don’t live in UK but I spare just to be two or three times per season at the Emirates (and yes, tickets are very expensive but I save some beers and burgers (keeps the fat away) and there I go.

  9. Ok double personality… ehm …I meant different persons, right?
    Ok Pi; Can I call you Pi?
    So Pi, can you help me ask Haywill what’s with the “!=” stuff? Is that some mathematical/programming connotation?

  10. Ok reus is a superb player. But if and a big IF, we sign him, what would we do with alexis or theo? sit one of them? how about the Ox or Gnabry, damn, also cazorla an Ozil in wengers world? (i played both Nº 10, playing one and rest the other)…the thing is, we have a lot of wingers, and good wingers, 2 world class in alexis and theo, we cant afford to sit on the bench one of them…what about DM? we have the mighty flame and arteta getting older, and they are not to the step for a big game. WE HAVE 2 CB FOR 2 SLOTS!!!!!! dam*n WE NEED A DM WHO CAN GIVE US ANOTHER DIMENSION, a strong and fighter dm…arteta can play when we need control…and we are CRYING for another CB, in fact TWO!

  11. January Rumors As of Today:
    Reus: No
    Hummels: No
    Cavani: No

    Didn’t Wenger only get about 20mil pounds to spend in January? If that’s true, that the chances of a world class, “Arsenal Quality” player coming into the squad, in the upcoming months is rather slim.
    I think it will only be loan spells coming in
    Then perhaps a couple more reserves to go out on loan

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