Why Mavropanos was still a good signing for Arsenal

Mavropanos is a Win-Win

One of the systematic problems with modern football is the selective short-term memory of football fans. We often forget how good Lacazette can be when he’s banging in the goals alongside his on-field hustle, how an attacking play almost never fizzled out at the legs of Alex Iwobi, how Nacho Monreal was eerily consistent and dependable, how Konstantinos Mavropanos was our best player against Manchester United on his full Premier League debut.

This memory loss on our part tends to make club decisions look mysterious and doubtful. Like why we still have the Greek youngster on our defensive roster and have sent him out on loan to a side where’s he’s sure to get minutes playing football.

Arsene Wenger was highly impressed with Mavropanos in training. He has the physical profile and aggression of a Premier League centreback. He was acquired for cheap like Guendouzi or Martinelli and only injuries (after an unfortunate red card) has stopped him from making a strong claim for first team football. Whatever the case, it’s still quite obvious that Mavropanos is a talent we can only win from.

In a parallel future, Mavropanos might not make it into our first team, but even at that, he can be sold for a significant sum if he continues impressing on loan at Nurnberg. In another parallel future, he develops into a dependable rotational option. And in the best version of parallel futures, we get a starting quality centreback.

Whatever it is with Konstantinos Mavropanos, we can’t lose. This is why cheap, strategic signings like his (or Martinelli’s or Guendouzi’s) is a practice we should continue further into the future. On these type of deals, we simply cannot lose out.

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  1. Good article, boss. Message is important: long-term perspective should rule over short-term frustrations when it comes to the nature of player criticism.

  2. Even a win on sunday will keep us in 10th position. Its time to change our game strategy to attack and score more goals.. So spend on attacking midfielders to save Arsenal.

  3. Mavro is unlikely to make it but as you say we will not lose on the deal financially.
    We have not looked solid since Petr Kos Mertz Hector and Ñacho. That back 5 cost 40m.
    Mustafi alone cost more.
    Coquelin and Santi 15m were a great combo. Ozil thrived Rambo ran all day while he Giroud and Walcott scored goals. A top four team costing less than Pepe and Mustafi.

  4. Well put.We should give these youngsters contracts that will allow us get some proper returns if they leave.
    We have a group of very promising upcoming players who if well managed may be the springboard that will transform this club.

  5. People are obssed with RH & CC just because they are English while this guy is equally good or probably better.
    And Saliba was panick buy.That money should have been spent wisely on a mid filder.

    1. Saliba is not a panic buy, that guy is quality with all the right attributes. He is next Rafa Varane n we all know how good Varane is. I want to see Marva and Saliba play together in defence but we are still some time away from this dream as both are still developing.

      1. How can you say Saliba is a panic buy?

        We bought him and loaned him back to his parent club so he can develop further. This reeks of strategic planning for the future not a panic signing. Some people on this board whinge about literally everything.

  6. I’m glad he left, i wish Nelson stayed, he was emulating Sancho and we wanted him back for that. But a waist, he needed to keep my up, play every week end! Many youngsters should be on wise loans, not benched or used up to fill holes out of position…

    A waist, Martineli Saka, Willock should play every weekend, in order to progress that way and enjoy football! Not fill holes then benched as Niles, Saka!

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