Why Mikel Arteta can win the Champions League at his first attempt

The Gooners must be excited about next season. Finally, after a six-year hiatus, Arsenal returns to play with the best in Europe as they are back in Champions League football after finishing second last term. Being back in the top European competition, the Gunners, like every other team, have what it takes to win it. Many may think it is too optimistic, but Mikel Arteta can win the Champions League on his first attempt, and here’s why:

The final of the 2023–24 Champions League is set to take place in London at Wembley. In its own right, this venue gives Arsenal the perfect hope to lift the one trophy that has always eluded them all these years.

Mikel Arteta has won 12 games at Wembley, suggesting the Spaniard has cracked how to win at the legendary venue.

Arsenal’s recent Community Shield victory over Champions League holders Manchester City in a penalty shootout strengthens the case for Arteta’s influence even further. The Spaniard’s leadership and ability to lead his team to victory in high-stakes contests have also been recognised.

As Arsenal begins its Champions League campaign, Arteta’s stellar Wembley record and the final’s location combine to create a captivating story of potential success. While obstacles will be ahead, Arteta’s impact and track record instil confidence and hope within the Arsenal camp.

So is the Champions League something the Gooners can dream of winning next season?

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  1. Yeah, he can win. But he can also go after the first six matches. This kind of speculations is not so productive. Funny maybe for the person who is speculating, but not for so many more.

    1. I am quite sure we are not going after 6 matches. Arsenal players are lot hungrier and mature and boast much more squad value than any of the other 5 teams of the group. We no more have juvenile developing players but all our players are already proven. So i m quite sure to make it to quarter or semi

  2. Whilst anything is possible in football, there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that we’ll get anywhere near winning the CL under Arteta.

    I love everything about him, and what he has done for our club, especially off the pitch, but European football is the one area that he has disappointed in.

    If my memory serves me correctly, on his three attempts at the EL, we’ve excited each time at home, and two occasions against poor opposition. Only got to one SF as well.

    Also, Arsenal as a club have never won the European Cup, and have a very poor record in the CL – despite the deceptively positive statistic of us consistently qualifying from the group stages.

    I understand that everyone is excited about our CL return, but this sudden confidence and expectation about our chances is coming out of nowhere.

    Given MA’s ability in Europe, and Arsenal’s poor European pedigree, a last 16 appearance would be very impressive, QF would be outstanding!

    1. Enough already! We now have a proper squad all created by him to see us give it a shot unlike the previous seasons and i’ll only take a round of 16 exit provided we win the league plus a domestic cup, it’s a loser mentality to suggest a “round of 16 appearance” is outstanding” why? “Because of our poor record in Europe” oh spare me that expensive joke.

      1. How is it a loser mentality to have an opinion based around logic, facts and reason? I prefer living in that world opposed to the world of delusion that you clearly prefer.

        If you had the IQ to bother reading my comment, I did point out that anything is possible by the way, so I wasn’t even being pessimistic!

        1. If you were to go by logic and facts ahead of last season you and many others would have predicted a dogfight for top four rather than going anywhere near challenging for the tittle which goes to show that your so called “reason, facts and logic” is rather baseless, null and void given the fact that we have strengthened and an exciting core with the right mentality and never say die attitude but unfortunately you chose the REVERSE AND SAFE ROUTE which is settling for less in other words……. PESSIMISM.

          1. Firstly, 99.99% of pundits, Arsenal and rival fans did not see Arsenal challenging for the league last season. That was the overwhelming opinion, but I’m glad MA proved them wrong.

            Secondly, a “safe route” as you put it, does not mean pessimism, it means a realistic view of things based on sound evidence.

            Or course I think MA has the ability to deliver the big trophies, and that the squad has improved, but the FACTS are that his performances in Europe do not match his achievements in the league, AND that Arsenal (whoever their manager is), are not good in Europe.

            1. What a convenience logic, facts and reason to be used only in defense of Arteta. When it comes to Wenger you throw all those three out of the window.

    2. Mancity never won champions league until last season. Nottingham forest winning 2 CL doesn’t mean they simply qualify for CL and win it. So history is just for talk. What matters is what we are today and today we are Arsenal with the most valuable squad. Coincidentally Except for mancity most of major teams are in transition. Powerhouse like Chelsea, Liverpool, Juventus are not even playing so at present scenario we need not afraid of any team.

    3. I’m afraid you are very wrong. The Europa League was not one of his priorities if you look at the kind of players he fielded in those games. The UCL is whole different ball game. He’ll start the very best in an attempt to progress the furthest Arsenal can. Watch this space

  3. Only if we don’t meet Man City in knockout stages and in the final game, because they’re better than us, as shown in the Community Shield match

    I believe we’d have a bigger chance of winning EPL

      1. I just hope they’d get bored and tired of winning it, because they got five EPL trophies in the last six years

        1. @Gai, sometimes, you over emphasized how good City are on Arsenal fans page. That’s more pessimistic than optimistic. No good team reigns forever.. If Arsenal had a bit of luck last season with their efforts City won’t win Epl. I feel this season the competiveness of Epl with top teams strengthening their squad won’t come cheap for any eventual winner. Personally, I don’t see MCity winning Epl or UCL their players won’t have the legs to go the distance again this season.. Arsenal could win Epl or may not but will be close.

    1. I’m sure you will change your tone regarding our chances against city when the season gets underway.

    2. @gotanidea I am beginning to think you just make comments to insight people to react to generate replys

    3. Better than us as shown in community shield, city had 55ball possession to our 45 and had 8 shots to our 7, last two seasons we outplayed city at emirate on December and still lost also having a player sent off, you didn’t say we were better than them, last season we outplayed city at the emirates to the extent they had around 35% ball possession, yet we lost 3:1, you didn’t tell people we were better than them and we will win the league, then we beat them on pk, suddenly they were better than us, arsenal had a game plan on Sunday, and had how they wanted to approach the game, they played to their game plan and lifted the shield, what happened on Sunday have nothing to do with what will happen next time we meet, everything could be different then, football is not as simple as you see it.

    4. Were you watching a different match? Arsenal played way better against Man City than in previous seasons. In addition, Man City have new players who are yet to gel.

      1. We finished 2nd In the league and got knocked out of the Europa League last 16 to an average Lisbon
        Mentally couldn’t handle the title race so that progress means we can win the CL ?

        1. “so that progress means we can win the CL”?? with quality additions,learned lesson from the heartbreak(as they’ve proved numerous time) and extra year playing together and working with the manager i’d say YES WE CAN.

  4. A bit much thinking we will win CL this year.

    With Arteta we have won an FA Cup with Wenger and Emery’s perceived deadwood.

    Unfortunately we have yet to find success in European football with Arteta. Never really looked threatening in Europa, and just qualified for CL this year.

    Resume’ and evidence are not in our favor, but we are still a dangerous team.

    Injuries, tactics, and dropping out of form players with have the biggest influence. If certain players are automatic starters in CL I’m not too confident.

    However, if he’s willing to drop Jesus for Trossard on form, or go defensive with back 4 when necessary over his preferred inverted Zinchenko tactic, we have as good a chance as anyone.

    Interesting season this year for sure. No excuses for early exits.

  5. We’ve been a bit shabby under Mikel in European games, but with the squad we now have we could be the surprise package. Man City, Bayern, Real Mad & Barca must be among the favourites, and with a good group performance we need to win just 3 games to make the final, although I’d feel it an achievement to make it past the first knockout stage.😜

  6. We should give it our all, the final will be held at wembley where arteta has never lost as a player and manager plus no long distance travelling,i’m confident WE ARE GOOD TO GO!! COYG!!!

    1. Yeah small part is ….getting to the final first
      Done that once in our history but apparently we now will based on ……finishing 2nd ?
      Makes sense

      1. I can list teams who won the CL without winning the league a season prior and 2nd is not a bad position at all to build an elite competition confidence on as it indicates we were bettered by just one team and eighteen others below us, a very good confidence and morale booster it is obviously.

        1. Can you name me one who havnt won a league title in 20 years and managed one top 4 finish in 6 years?
          If that were Spurs , we be calling that arrogant to talk about winning CL

          1. Well Dan, it is nothing else but what you call it. It is pure arrogance. What happens to take it one game at a time and one one competition at a time. Let’s wait and see how we start tomorrow before making any prediction.

  7. I think Arsenal might win out of sheer excitement of playing in the UCL, but without actually being aware that they are playing in the UCL. The moment our players become aware of where they are, combined with EPL, might just be too much for our youngsters. But I have a feeling they can shock the world though, just out of pure thrill of tasting the Champions league for the first time. And if it happens, oh my.

  8. UCL games comes with a lot of pressure especially towards the later stages. You have to be mentally strong to be able to win it. We will need our Odegaard and Jesus to be on top of their game if we are going to have a chance.

    1. I really hope we get drawn against them one way or the other so we get a chance to avenge that 10_2 aggregate annihilation we suffered the last time we played in the CL.🙅😬😠

      1. Let’s make it 150 for minimum semis at CL and 150 we win the league. I am going to buy a nice Seiko or Citizen next May with your money.

        1. No mate lol
          The bet is to win the CL !
          Your words were ….
          But if I were to bet I would’ve put my all on Arsenal.

            1. So to clarify you are betting me 100 pound that Arsenal will win the CL this season

              Your a loyal reader and I respect you so please think about this ………

              Arsenal havnt won a league title in 20 years , 1 top 4 finish in 6
              Can’t even do well in Europa
              Coudn’t handle pressure of a title race but suddenly are going to do what we couldn’t manage in our history ?

              Just step back and take the emption out of it
              Would you be saying this is you were not a Gooner

  9. Artetas record in the minor European comp is pathetic,would be surprised if we get past the last 16 ,Very surprised.

    1. When have you ever thought that Arteta was not a pathetic individual in all aspects in that last 3 or so years?

      1. First off I didn’t call Arteta pathetic I called his record in Europe pathetic .
        Secondly get off his D..k buddy because you you do actually look Pathetic,that’s me being nice ,now run along 👋 .

          1. Obviously Reggie isn’t on for Mr JA cringe to have a go at ,so he thinks he can have a pop at me @HH .
            Last time I respond to him now ,hes probably most cringeworthy poster I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading on here .
            I don’t want to get banned again before the season starts so I’ll leave it there .

  10. I note that, after spending nigh on £600, 000,000, reaching the KO stages would be “impressive” and the QF would be “outstanding”…. yet when we achieved that with a bunch of “deadwood” while not being able to spend anywhere near that reported figure, it was deemed a failure.

    I really would like to understand how this disparity in expectations and accountability works – meanwhile I expect to see our club do well in the CL and improve MA’s dismal european record. just as he has done in the PL.

  11. The season hasn’t started yet and the barbed comments are in full flow

    As for winning the CL that is a really long shot. Obviously it’s not impossible but definitely unlikely. There is a better mixture of European experience within the squad and that should enhance our chances of progressing with the next phase of the process to ultimate success in the league and Europe 😊

  12. I like optimism but I dislike optimism that is divorced from sensible reality. Certainly weaker teams than we now have , in the relatively distant past, have won CLtitles. But to seriously suggest we are likely winners this season is not realistic at all.
    The article makes out a case for us having a good chance in the final at Wembley but ignores, oddly in my view, that first we need to GET to Wembley.

    As a total realist I make us long outsiders to win the CL this season.

    In years to come, then perhaps, but reality in thinking is important IMO.

  13. Arsenal have as good a chance as any other team to win the champions league cup, have seen Morhihio win it with lesser team than Arsenal current phase 4 team.

  14. 99.99% of pundits and rival fans is a correct estimation but not a correct estimation when it comes to arsenal fans as some of us though very little could tell for sure something special is going down at our club especially after last summer window and pre-season and NO, being content with an early exit in CL is no “realistic view of things based on sound evidence” it is an act of COWARDICE given the fact that we now have strong group of players who cost fortunes to assemble over the years and the icing on the cake are they trust and buy into the manager’s project,willing to learn and develop under him,squad harmony intact and are willing to die for the cause as was shown last sunday………it’s okay to view it your way though cos it has no effect on the team’s performances, Enjoy.

  15. We have a very poor record in European competitions to date an Inter Cities Fairs Cup and a European Cup Winners Cup (equivalent to today’s 3rd tier cup the Euro Conference League) and suddenly we are going to win the UCL. Why stop there? How about the quadruple? After all Man City only managed the treble. Less hubris and a little dose of realism would go a long way.

  16. Well, no one in their “realistic” minds ever saw Arsenal chasing for the title last season, far from it. So, I expect such “realistic” people to fail again when it comes to predicting how far could Arsenal go in the UCL. It will be fun though.

  17. Difficult to see Arsenal winning the CL on our return. However, it is not as unrealistic as some are making out. We have a strong squad that can compete with any in Europe on our day.
    We do not know what the draw will look like which can have an influence on progress through the tournament.
    We will clearly not be favourites but it is ridiculous for people to claim that the exuberance of fans equates to hubris as some are doing.

    1. Well said sir, i’ve given up on them already after a failed attempt of passing my views.it’s just what their IQ could churn out anyway.

  18. Impossible!

    Arsenal has the second most titles before EPL in the era of Football League (1888-1892) and Football League First Division (1892-1992).
    1. Liverpool 18
    2. Arsenal 10
    3. Everton 9
    4. Aston Villa 7
    4. Manchester United 7
    6. Sunderland 6

    In 2023, Man United has 20 titles (7 titles in First Division First Division and 13 EPL titles).

    A check on Alex Ferguson reveals that he has many years of managerial experience.
    1974 East Stirlingshire
    1974–1978 St Mirren
    1978–1986 Aberdeen
    1985–1986 Scotland
    1986–2013 Manchester United

    Ferguson was appointed manager at Old Trafford on 6 November 1986. He already has 12 years managerial experience before he joined Man United. However, he took almost 6.5 years to win 1st EPL title. I read from somewhere that he was most likely to be sacked if he never win in 92/93 season.

    Real Madrid is in different category as the backbone of a team with many world class players which won many Champions League title is still there. This is why smart manager Carlos can won it in 21/22 season.

    The facts tell us that it is impossible for junior manager like MA to win it in his 1st season in Champions League.

    With the STRONG SUPPORT of the owner’s son, nothing is impossible if MA is genuine a good manager. We can buy players to make it happen. I won’t bet against him and the owner’s son. BUT, definitely not MA’s 1st try if you take a look at Ferguson.

    Too bad, AW’s boss is the owner who is more interested in SELF-SUSTAINING MODE and owner’s interest is in other sport.

  19. I don’t think so arteta teams have seemed better suited for a league challenge than a knockout competitions up till now. Though it could be because we mostly used them to rest our best players but i don’t see that squad having the mental fortitude YET to win a CL.

    We do have more of a chance at a great run than our last appearances simply because the domination of Real, Barca and Bayern has decreased. There was a time where the semi final was mostly Real, Bayern, Barca or A.Madrid and one place available for others.

  20. Get into the final first. The torrid 2 legs of QF and SF are not easy games. And we don’t have good European away record under Mikel Arteta.

  21. @ Dan

    Put your money where your mouth is. HH took you on for the bet £100 pounds i believe. Looks like you are afraid!!

  22. I see people are bringing up how much money has been spent since Arteta has been the manager. Well Wenger spent £74m in his first 3 years and got knocked out of the UEFA Cup in the first round in his first season and then finished 3rd in the group stages in his next 2 seasons. This was a man that had been a manager for 12 years before joining us in ’96.

    Now £74m may not seem a lot of money these days, but it was in those days.

  23. Another article from the Comedy store.

    We might just get to the semi-final of the Moose Cup as my mates call it (League Cup), but anything more than that would be beyond this current side.

    Just my view having watched the pre-season and the Forest game.

    I must be in a bad mood!!!

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