Why Mikel Arteta may need two seasons to get Arsenal back inside the top four

Mikel Arteta needs time to overhaul this Arsenal team.

Arsenal has finally made Mikel Arteta their new manager after a predictable process of finding a successor for Unai Emery.

The Spaniard has been given a three and half years deal, it is the hope of the club that he will return them to the top four and title challengers.

While that is achievable with Arteta, especially as he has been part of a winning team at Manchester City, I, however, believe that it will take longer for Arteta to bring success back to the Emirates.

I personally believe that it would take him two seasons to get us back inside that top four and here is why.

Firstly, I think this Arsenal team is too unsettled to give 100 per cent commitment to Arteta.

The likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Granit Xhaka and Mesut Ozil should be leading the Arteta revolution, but these players are unsettled with Aubameyang wanting out and Ozil more focused on political issues.

Secondly, I think the lack of confidence in this Arsenal side cannot be improved overnight.

When teams have been badly managed for a long time, they struggle to get used to better tactics and that is a process that Arteta’s team will have to go through first.

Finally, I think Arteta and his newly-assembled backroom staff will find that the rut at Arsenal from the outside looking in is not as bad as it is when you eventually become involved in cleaning up the mess.

But again, that will take time to evaluate and strategise a better way forward.

The bottom line is this, the problems are so ingrained that Arteta is simply not going to be able to turn it around in less than two transfer windows.


  1. HE might have to shake up the backroom staff some players don’t seem to know is wanted from them and fitness is a problem players walking around the pitch What did Auba do yesterday I think his mind is elsewhere

  2. AdMartin wait, just wait for Agu Emen, he’s surely coming for your head, as he keeps raving Arteta should turn it around before May or be sacked.
    He’s currently Justarsenal’s Rave of the Week. Pun Intended

    1. I fully expect to see clown Agu, that IQ “genius”, NOT, get his own comedy show on TV. People can hardly stop laughing at him. I bet proper comedians are dead jealous. There ought to be a minimum IQ standard to write on here. He’d fail for sure.

    2. Thanks Eddie I am thrilled to pick up “The Rave of the week award”
      I am honoured and would like to thank admin Martin and the other ravers on JA.
      It’s a huge privilege to win this trophy previously held by Eddie 90 weeks straight.
      Just to clarify I do not expect Arteta to make top 4 this season.
      I will reserve my expectations for next season till after the summer transfers.
      But yes I stand by my expectations for the rest of this season.
      Get 5th and make the EL final..
      Remember Emery had this squad cruising in 3rd only a point behind City after 8 games.
      Then the fans stomped and screamed and demanded Ozil play.
      So the team imploded and got 4 draws and 2 losses in the next six games.
      Emery got shafted by the fans and the weak board who made him play Ozil.
      That’s what happens when amateurs get involved.
      Arteta has a squad Emery had in 3rd so beating the likes of
      Spurs and Utd who are in free fall and Wolves Newcastle Sheffield and Burnley
      for 5th should be a doddle.
      Anything less and yes guillotine time for Mikel.
      A danger for Arsenal is if Man U sack Ole and appoint Pochettino.
      In conclusion Ladies and Gentlemen and Eddie thank you again for this prestigious award.
      To all the other Just Arsenal Ravers you all deserved this award too.
      But Egu was too good 🙂
      PS. Eddie. What pun?

      1. So according to you, Ozil and the fans are to blame for us dropping below 3rd and not Emery and his weird tactics?
        I see what a sensible fellow you are.

        Oh I’m sorry you don’t see the Pun, maybe after all you’re that Joker people say you are.
        Hey. after all I can’t shove meanings down your head.
        maybe for once if you take a minute to think clearly and stop blabbing about Arteta, Emery, Ozil and the fans every time you’d see the Pun in my statement.

  3. Arteta and whoever will get time if people can see progression and improvements in our obvious failings. But time is something football managers dont always get.

  4. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Frank Lampard, the student, just beat Jose Mourinho, the teacher, in his own backyard. I’m beginning to think these so called experienced managers are now obsolete and the AFC board might have made the right decision in appointing Mikel Arteta who represents the future and new generation of modern managers. Let’s be patient AFC fans, please.

    1. I for one think managers like moron, wenger and Ancelotti are dinosaurs now and their era has gone past. I cant think of a top club in Europe who has a manager/coach over 50 years old. Im sure someone will enlighten me.

    2. You’re just seeing it?
      I said this before.
      it seems these experienced guys are losing the plot totally, unfortunately Arsene Wenger was the first to lose his plot.
      Ancelotti for the past 3 years seems like Arsene Wenger latter years.
      Mourinho tho he’s holding up is constantly struggling.
      Benitez can’t even get a top job, from Newcastle he’s at China now.
      Pep, Klopp, Simeone all started this generation of hungry young managers.
      It’s not about having 30 trophies as a manager anymore.
      It’s about what you can get your team to keep doing in a convincing way

    3. And how about Anthony Tayor, who must be the single worst ref of all. Did you see that lunatic foul he gave against the Chelsea forward who was flattened by the Spuds keeper! Gary Neville, myself and millions of others who saw it in real time knew it was a Chelski pen, which snaillike VAR EVENTUALLY awarded, correctly but far too late, so some sort of justice was done. Spuds were awful and Chelsea played them off the park. TAYLOR should by rights be banned for a spell for that ludicrous decision. It was incredibly wrong and he will be hugely embarrased now. Rightly too. People criticise Mike Dean but I think Taylor is far worse.

    4. Yup, one of the reasons im fine with arteta appointment as well. we as fans need to be patient tho. he has a lot of work to do and we arent going to see the results straight away.

  5. For the primadonna`s who dont want to buy into Mikel`s philosophy of tactics and especially 120% hard work………..they can f##k off!…….that goes for any favourite players of mine………..I earn the minimum wage, work hard and still manage to live and save up for the odd Arsenal game through sacrifices, so I`m never going to be impressed by any player who doesn`t work their testicles off for 90 minutes!…………..there`s plenty of young talent at Arsenal chomping at the bit to take their places with some graft!

    Anagram…………Mikel Arteta = A Title Maker

    1. Well said, Le Coq! And I agree 👍
      As much as I like that anagram, not a patch on Piers Morgan (if I remember rightly 😜)

      1. Yes Sue…………….Piers Stefan Pughe Morgan Anagram is probably the best ever!…………….Huge Fat Penis Sperm Organ! 😆

    2. Spot on Le Coq! 100% commitment all the time should be a given by all players, all the time but as we all know , it is not. And there is ONE player right now who must be the laziest player we have ever had. No need to name him , obviously!

      1. Hahaha Jon…………..I know who obviously mean and he is my favourite player, but if he doesn`t buy into Mikel`s philosophy, then he can f##k off!…………..and I shall dismantle my shrine to him!

      2. Jon-I’ve suddenly worked it out.Mesut Ozil beat you on the Bowling Green.Thats where your “Bias” against him has come from.
        For those who haven’t the faintest idea what I’ve just said look it up

    3. yup. i’ve had it with these players. Emery made mistakes but these players also stopped trying. dont care how much you dislike the manager, if you dont want to be here just say it and we will sell you! Anybody who has a problem with arteta i’ll be glad to see the back of.

      1. RSH, what is there not to disagree with on your post?

        This is a new start, MA has said he will talk with each single player, tell them his philosophy and see if they accept it and commit to it.

        Couldn’t be clearer and if MA says that, say, Luiz, my least liked player, fits the bill, I will go with his decision – do you think that will be the case with every other player and fan?

        Or will preconceived prejudices stop them from doing that, despite what MA decides?

        1. It will also depend on what we see on the pitch as well. The fans can tell who is putting in the effort and who is not. Arteta will no doubt make mistakes, but the players need to stick with him and listen and work for him and the club. What we’ve seen the past few months isn’t acceptable on any level.

  6. Truth is, no sane fan will demand instant success from our new head coach, however, performance is required to convince us all, even if results are not exactly what we expected, performances should, this will tell us either we are improving, and give us clear roadmap to where we are going. UE would have still be given till end of the season had it been his arsenal had style, to me he got confused by various public opinion and forgot to create his identity, he was lost this made fans got tired
    If MA could bring back the good AW attacking football, mixed with Pep pressing, even without good results fans will surely back him up as result will come easy with a good foundation

  7. Becoming difficult to score against would be a step in the right direction until MA is given the opportunity to replace certain non performers and those who are looking to move to pastures new.I personally hope that Lacazette does not fall into the latter category as I feel he still has a lot to offer.

    1. Grandad yeah he does…. I like his decency and the lad is hard working. I wouldn’t think twice securing the top 9 striker position to him(Laca) if Auba later moves out..

  8. I do think we can make top 4 this season.
    To be honest the top teams are struggling at the moment.(even the likes of liverpool and man city.Liverpool are very lucky to maintain their unbeaten run.)
    One good performance follows a bad one.
    So we have a chance to make top 4 if we start winning games.

  9. With the appointment of Mikel Arteta Arsenal are apparently aming at succes on the long run. Mikel Arteta is the perfect man for the Arsenal board. They have got an yes-man and a manager ready to work under a limited budget. Typically, Arsenal.

    1. I’m prepared to wait and see before suggesting that he is a yes man. So many people are expecting him to fail before he has had a chance. Surely, come the end of the season we will all have a better idea of his ability – or otherwise.

      Wouldn’t it be better at this time of year, goodwill and all that, to give him at least a game or two before criticizing his character?

      1. I do have doubts about Arteta’s ability to motivate this team based purely on his lack of experience as a manager. However, he has 3 things in his favour:

        1. He knows the club.
        2. He knows the EPL inside out.
        3. Three years as Pep’s assistant.

        Personally I would love him to succeed and bring back the style of football the fans crave. Judging him at the end of this season is too soon, I would suggest giving him at least up to the end of 2020. We gave Emery 18 months!!

        I wish him well.

  10. I truly believe that MA would have
    AFC back in the CL hunt NEXT season
    if Josh, Raul and Edu were both
    ruthless and aggressive in the next
    2 transfer windows. Although the
    Jan window is a notoriously difficult
    month to move players in and out of
    clubs AFC would be foolish imho to
    not consider the following scenarios.

    If RM are serious about there
    interest in acquiring Auba than AFC
    have to move him on if the price is
    right. £60M or £20M + Jovic would get
    the deal done.

    If Hertha Berlin table an enticing
    offer for Xhaka, the Swiss man must
    be allowed to return home to the BL.
    Anything north of £20M should seal
    the deal, AFC aint gonna get CLOSE
    to what they paid.

    Although hes been hampered by
    injuries over the past year Ive
    already seen enough to move on
    Hector Bellerin if Barca and Inter
    come calling. A bid of £30-35M should
    close the door on his NL career.

    I rate Lucas Torreria, and wish more
    of the starting 11 possessed his
    fiery disposition on the pitch. WTS
    I honestly believe his dimunative
    stature and current skill set are
    more suited for any of the European
    leagues. If Napoli submit a fair
    evaluation of the Uruguayan(£30M+)
    than a return to Siere A should be
    on the cards.

    Move on El Neny, Socratis and Mustafi
    for whatever you can. Hopefully the
    lot will fetch around £30M

    Straight sales could see AFC recoup
    over £150M to reshape the squad
    starting with these players in Jan

    Dayot Upamecano: ESR + £35M
    Thomas Partey: £45M
    Ibrahim Sangare: £25M
    Youcef Atal: £25M

    Apprx. £125M spent

    AFC would still have made a profit
    in the January window and SERIOUSLY
    upgraded positions of need on the
    pitch with four fantastic young

    1. Why sell ESR? He’s our own future KDB (injuries aside) if groomed properly by MA who worked closely with KDB at Man City

  11. The defense is naturally going to sort itself out. With Saliba coming next season we will surely buy a CB to play along side him. The midfield is a different matter. We have a poor,poor midfield. Our creativity is rock bottom. With Ramsey gone we are left bereft of magic. I hope Arteta brings in a magician in the January window. Mikel Oyarzabal would be good start.

  12. Arteta is an interesting appointment and imo a much better one than Mourinho, pochettino or Ancellotti. Im glad we chose not to go down the superstar manager route. As for top 4, i doubt if we can make a realistic challenge over the next 3 seasons. Our main priority for the next 18 months will be to continue to significantly reduce the wage bill. I expect it to prove very difficult to improve a squad whilst reducing the wage bill. We need to find some bargains from lower level. Cant see how the likes of Partey would be interested in coming to us. I wish i had the optimism of some fans but i see a very long road ahead.

  13. Raja, you continue to ignore Martinelli in your line ups. He has been one of Arsenal’s consistly good performers, when given opportunities.
    Throwing money at Crystal Palace to get Zaha, in my view, would be a poor allocation of available transfer funds given the current deficiencies in midfield and defense.

  14. Sorry to say but anyone who thinks we can turn this club around in two transfer windows doesn’t have a grip on the situation of our club and our competitors.

    We won’t have a real chance and should not expect to be challenging for a top 4 spot before 2023 at the earliest.

    Step 1 is trying to break into the top 6 again. This looks unlikely this season with Leicester firing on all cylinders. Our best bet would be pipping Man U to sixth.

    So for me next season is all about getting back into the top 6. Next season finishes in 2012. Then we need 2 more seasons IMO and with our budget to rebuild to get back to a top spot.

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