Why Mikel Arteta should change his mind on David Luiz’s contract (Opinion)

David Luiz‘s current Arsenal contract is set to expire this summer, but reports claims that he is set to be offered a new deal.

The Independent states that Gunners boss Mikel Arteta is keen to see the 33 year-old given an extension to his current terms, but I personally don’t want to see it.

I understand that Luiz can be integral to transitioning the play from defence into attack, and has one of the best long-passing ranges of our play, but his liabilities can not be discounted.

The Brazilian will turn 34 in April, and will surely be slowing down further, and that isn’t a trait I want to be tolerating in a back four.

We have the likes of Gabriel Magalhaes, Pablo Mari, Rob Holding and Calum Chambers currently as options this season, as well as both Mavroponos and William Saliba on the books enjoying first-team football out on loan.

I can’t imagine why we would send out the latter pair on loan again just to accommodate a player who makes controversial decisions all-too often, a player who has been with the club for two seasons, and has given away six penalties in the league, and picked up three red cards in that short time (stats taken from the Premier League’s official website).

I can’t see him improving his discipline, nor will be less susceptible to giving away penalties as he loses more pace, and while he may have enjoyed a strong game against Leeds, I would still rather see any of our other options in the line-up ahead of him.

Where would you rank Luiz in our defensive hierarchy? Would any of you be happy to see him sign a new contract?


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  1. David’s time at the Emirates is over. Let him go. His mistake are dangerous and his rate of getting red card is really annoying 😡😡

    1. I agree Luiz must GO. Apart from the 6 penalties and 3 red cards there has been several mistakes leading to goals he has made. Why must we extend a contract of a 34yr old who is not better than the other 4 defenders (Holding, Mari, Gabriel, & Saliba). At the moment Arteta is playing him to justify his contract extension. Luiz and Xhaka play well against small teams but against any better opposition they are so poor.

      1. Luiz and Xhaka must just be given free transfers and go. One old and one lazy players who are our liabilities. They always cause us matches.

  2. His stats aren’t bad and he’s formed a good partnership with Magalhaes, so better extend his contract if we win EL or finish in top six

    1. You always say this after one good game from Luis.

      What of Mari/Holding combo

      Saliba/Gabi combo


      He should not be kept as main team player but back up just because we are short at the back after Papa and Mustafi departures.

      1. Stats not bad? He’s given one of the worst ratings on WhoScored out of all the PL CBs that have started more than 10 matches.

      2. Holding and Mari combo is good too, but I believe Luiz works better with Magalhaes. If we sell Saliba and Chambers in the summer, we should keep Luiz

  3. I don’t hold the most recent red card against him at all but that aside he too often has a bad, error-filled game (too often with a deserved red card as well). I get that he has a lot of positives, he genuinely is a talented defender and passer and he does appear to have leadership qualities, but you’ve got to be consistent in this game, otherwise you throw all your previous good work away. We’ve got others waiting for a chance so I don’t think extending makes sense.
    Would love to see Mavrapanos given a chance. Looks really promising.

  4. I rank Luiz as the single worst of all our CB’s. Age, unreliability and a long history of mistakes that make him infamous are all reasons not to renew his contract. I will be amazed, contrary to this false rumour, IF he is retained. Reliability, in a key defensive position,is always paramount.

    1. Agree mr Fox. He’s very unreliable. One two good games, then something extremely erratic.

      Overall our defense is better nowadays but calamities like Luiz are still dragging it.

      1. Age again. Some CB in their 30s were awesome

        Some strikers in their 30s were too

        It shouldn’t be a factor

  5. In the words of the Bocelli song, “Time to say goodby”.After he retires, I think Luis should go into Management as he strikes me as an intelligent man with leadership qualities.Who knows, could be a future Arsenal manager?

    1. Grandad Did you by any chance see the TV prog where Bradley Walsh and his son Barney went to see the great Andrea Bocelli in his house where he sang that great song, seated at piano, while his daughter played on the violin?

      MESMERIC AND BRAD WAS HIGHLY EMOTIONAL. I WOULD HAVE BEEN CRYING WITH HAPPINESS TOO. Such a wonderful REAL singer. I used to sing opera professionally, decades ago and still sing now, even at age 70.

        1. gai When I sang OPERA, professionally, the internet was not thought about, let alone invented. I have many private voice recordings and a goodly number of videos of perfs I gave but will keep them private.

  6. He’s a great leader and a good player unfortunately for a defender turning 34 is gona be risky.
    If am the opponent manager I will ask my striker and Am to wear him out n made mistakes with him.

    I will rather MA offer him a coaching position to stay in Arsenal and to help the team chemistry.

    1. agree with the first line – He is a good leader and that’s what we need badly, for years we lack leadership. if we are a goal down we need some one to bring the team together and build confidence and win.

  7. I would be against this, if he was being viewed as a regular CB.
    However and I can’t believe I’m saying this, is his qualities might be served more, if MA tried him in midfield, alongside Partey and Xhaka.
    He obviously enjoys playing at the club and his experience and man management skills could be a worthwhile reasonable for a one year extension… but not at the expense of our younger CB’s.

  8. Hes been our best CB this season ,and that is my opinion .
    I would extend for another 12 months as his experience is something you cannot buy .
    I would hope he would extend on A lower wage and as a squad player .

  9. No! No! for me!. We better develop our young and promising centre backs. David Luiz on a good day can be good but too error prone! Can be a good manager though!

  10. David Luiz has been the best central defender for us this season, some dont see it cant see it or dont want to see it. He has made mistakes and is liable to throw in a bad game but that goes for most players. Yes he will be 34 and yes he may lose some pace but his positional sense and a figure head to the younger players could be valuable. I dont think he will necessarily be first choice but he could be back up and a mentor.

    1. Something we can agree on Reggie ,like you said you can have a big mistake in him but that is where a good central partner come in to play to cover .
      He’s a great leader and is always Looking to pass forward and his passing range is the best in the team .
      Like I said up top give him 12 months and use him as a squad player .

      1. Keep Luis as an assistant coach,he’s great on leadership and experience.A motivational leader is a must for a team trying to rediscover the glory of the past.

  11. Jon, I have seen Andrew Bocelli live three times and will never forget these wonderful concerts.He had a beautiful voice , but is starting to lose his “timbre” which I think means quality of sound.Age catches up with all men, even you and I.I used to sing in the church choir as a youngster but my voice didn’t just break, it completely smashed.I still love all types of music and only wish I could have carried on singing like you did.

    1. Thanks for this Grandad.
      I too have a very wide taste and love C and W, show songs esp from older shows like South Pacific, Kiss me Kate, and any by Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Gershwyn, also English Victorian songs and a lot of Leider, plus a number of music hall and comic songs and monologues. Gilbety and Sullivan too and also Oratorio and some early church music.

      Bocelli no longer has quite the voice he once had but he still sang so movingly on that Brad and Barney prog.

  12. If arteta likes he can extend his contract&add him to his fast growing list of wrong signings&he alone will face the criticisms/bashings when he starts underperforming next season

    1. lykmatt, exactly right; Mikel Arteta rightly will be judged on team performance and where he spends his money regarding retention of players should be hid decision.
      By the way Dayot Upamecano has gone to Bayern Munchen on a 5 year contract for a transfer fee of €42.5 million (his buy out clause).

    2. Lykmatt please tell us who is on Arteta’s “fast growing” list of wrong signings, loans or contract renewals, then be prepared to be picked apart. I will give you two – Willian (free) and Runarsson (£1.8m), although apparently bought on the recommendation of our goalkeeping coach. Who else? Partey, Gabriel, Cedric, Mari, Odegaard, Ceballos, Auba, Saka?
      You are talking rubbish

  13. takes too long to move the ball, doesnt anticipate movement of the opponent and ends up in bad positions, was a good player but on decline and better to have young players making mistakes they will learn from and improve.

    1. Saliba is under contract to Arsenal. If they don’t bring him back and sell him it will be a major mistake.

  14. spot on , he has served his purpose now , bring back the 2 loanees , let Luiz go as well as selling Chambers. Quality younger players the way forward

  15. I think the true captain of Arsenal is Luiz.

    He seems the loudest in the dressing room when it matters (like after losses and such).

    Probably complements Arteta during tactics lessons. Takes new players under his wing.
    And seems to help with transfers.

    I get where Arteta is coming from in thinking of extending his contract. I think

  16. New contract for Luiz will be impeding the development of Saliba and Mavro in our team except Arteta plans loaning them out again and I bet they will push to leave permanently. Someone acknowledge that Luiz is error prone that’s why you need a good pairing to cover for him and I ask how do you cover for a tackle leading to a penalty or a red card? Luiz is top class to be this terrible for Us considering penalty give and red cards in just 2 seasons.

    1. Luiz saved a goal at 4-2 after leeds scored with an excellent timed last ditch challenge, not on his side, on Gabriels because he read it and covered it, people dont always see the good he does only the bad. And he has had to live with the bad thrown at him but he cant be as bad as some make out, he has won everything in domestic football and europe. I dont see and hope that it doesn’t impede our youngsters but helps them.

  17. Terrible idea. The smell of Edu’s rottenness in the air and Arteta’s preferences for certain players. Some people will never learn.

  18. This is the part where the owner needs to step in and say “No, we have invested over £60 million in Saliba/Gabriel partnership.” Add a good Holding and Mari to that along with Mavro coming back.

    Why a 34 year old with no future when we have 4 young CB’s that can be our future? Not like we’re fighting for CL spot anytime soon.

    Smart to play the long game here, set foundation for the future because we are not challenging for title next year.

    Continue chemistry with Martinelli, Saka, and ESR, and build the midfield so they can hopefully come together and be a force in the next 2 years or so.

    1. My thoughts exactly Durand, but it would concern me if they actually needed the owner, who knows jack-squat about football, to tell them something anyone with half a brain could figure out…let’s hope this sort of common sensical approach to team building wins the day!!

  19. Depending on few things i wouldn’t be against it like
    -taking a pay cut
    -accepting that he will not be playing as many games at least as a CB and playing as a DM
    -sharing his experience with youngsters may be a player/part time coaching staff position …listening to some people we should get get rid of anyone of 30 years old and over that would be a big mistake.

  20. Anybody who can’t appreciate what Luiz offers to the club is very blinkered. He is intelligent, a great guy, very popular and a natural leader, as well as being a good example of model professional for the kids. But above all he is very loyal and his attitude is spot on. Oh and aberrations aside he’s a half decent player still. I am sure he would accept a pay cut, a back up role and a one year contract simply to stay within the set-up.

  21. Good player. Arguably better than Holding but makes mistakes and overcommits. I think this should be his last year.

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