Why Mkhitaryan is perfect target for Arsenal

The Borussia Dortmund attacking midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan has certainly made a name for himself since arriving from Shakhtar Donetsk for €25 million in 2013, and with just one season left on his contract with the Bundesliga giants he is ripe for the picking.

According to the Mirror, the Slovenian captain is stalling over a new contract extension, and if they don’t come to an agreement soon then Dortmund will have no choice but to sell him or risk him leaving for free next summer.

There have been numerous rumours linking him with a move to either Chelsea or Arsenal after it was reported that the 27 year-old was seen house hunting in London. If this is true then it would seem to signify that Mkhitaryan has no intention of renewing his contract and will definitely be on the move this summer.

So why is he in such demand? It is because he has hada season of Lampardesque proportions in the Bundesliga, and his stats put all of Arsenal players to shame, including our assist king Mesut Ozil. Check out these comparisons…..

Arsenal transfer rumour

We all know that Ozil has created more chances than any other midfielder in the Premier League, but the German just does not match that with the goalscoring feats of many attacking mids. Imagine having an Ozilthat scores more goals than our strikers and you get an idea of how good Mkhitaryan hasbeen this season.

Go get him Arsene!


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  1. I thought he was Armenian. I think Arsenal’s top transfer targets are:
    1. CF
    2. CDM
    3. CB

    I don’t see right winger feature on there much.

    1. Mikhitaryan is a fine player.
      But do we need more stars?
      Leicester City won the
      league with NO stars.
      A miracle and probably
      a one off and yes they had
      only one comp to play for but…
      we can still learn from the foxes.
      They fielded virtually the same side all season.
      Because there were no stars they had to work as a team.
      They all worked their butts off.
      Their fans were united.
      They had one decent centre forward
      They had a relentless DM
      They had two big tough experienced CB’s.
      As far as I know most of their players cost less than 5 mill each.
      some were free, some unwanted but they all turned up every game.
      Compare that to some of the Arsenal “stars”
      like Walcott Chamberlain Wilshere and Wellbeck
      who are all injury prone, over rated and over paid.
      I think we need less stars and more fighters like Leicester.
      Elneny Campbell Iwobi Coquelin are fighters who together cost 7 mill.
      They are also paid less than half the stars salaries in fact
      Iwobi was on 750 quid a week cf to Walcotts 140k p/w !!!
      Less stars more fighters please.

      1. As much as I love Campbell I think he should leave for his own good. Once Wenger has you on the bench and you aren’t one of his favourites, there’s little hope. There is no going back to regular playing even if there are injuries, Wenger finds a way to play someone out of position(Ramsey) instead of you.

      2. @Davidnz, how signing stars with fight in them, just like Alexis Sanchez? A Star a fighter.
        Griezman and Kante think those boxes if you ask me.

        1. Fully agree mate, but one or 2 non-star fighters would be great too. I would still like us to sign James McCarthy as a squad player, great experience for his age.

  2. Sorry admin just want to make a point……

    Off Topic: Why was there no mention of the fighting that went on at the Man city game between Arsenal supporters. This is what I was talking about. The board and Wenger is turning die hard fans into enemies and instead of fighting the cause of all this we fight each other.

    Everyone has his or her opinion. I cant understand how fans can not respect that. But once again Arsenal FC sets the example by confiscating banners at the entrances and not allowing Fans freedom of Speech.

    Wenger is allowed to even blame fans for creating a toxic atmosphere at the emirates when for 12 years we have been sing our lungs out. We have been patient. Im tired of people making as if Wenger build the Stadium with his own hands. We suffered with Arsenal FC through the moving of the stadium. Now that the team is failing the fans are to blame.

    I didnt see Wenger take a pay cut when we were finicially tight. He still got paid alot of money to do a job. Think this season is worse cause the league was won by Leicester…. Do Arsenal fans understand what happened. A team that was dubbed to fight relegation won the league over a club that was dubbed to challenge for the league title. I hold my head in shame. I by no means take the big achievement away from Leicester as they deserve it but as a true supporter of Arsenal FC it is embarrassing.

    1. Don’t you think that chelsea man united liverpool and City should then hang their heads even lower?

      1. No I don’t. Im not a fan of those teams so they are not my problem. But just taking what you said. We have the most experienced manager in the Barclays Premier league. How is it that in 12 years he has not been able to master mind one BPL trophy. Wenger is suppose to be this football visionary but he seems to be the blaming visionary.

        First it was the stadium we all accepted that. Then it was selling of the best players excuse we accepted that. Then it was building a team and we accepted that.

        Now that all that cant be used he blames the fans. When is Wenger and the board gonna step out and say its our fault we were negligent in the transfer window but will rectify in the summer for sure…..

        We need to stop following people blindly. Our voices should be heard and if there is positive change with Wenger there then Im all for it. But we cant do the same things each year with new excuses. It is ludicrous.

    2. Thank you awesome gunners………

      @ Admin…and what does that mean ?…. Fact that the other big boys crumbled like pancakes and we were “favourites” doesn’t justify all of it…..we folded when it mattered most….and if i remember clearly, alot of people were dubbing Arsenal as the most consistent Top team *coughs* this season…

      This was supposed to be the season….remember?…… Judge him by may…..remember?

      But don’t worry, the big boys will be back…. Even the likes of soton, westham , the spuds and Leicester may be new revelations….. The EPL will be really really competitive next season….and we may carry the League(Not impossible), but it will be no doubt very very tough for us!

      One false move, nd we’d be somewhere unimaginable on the table

      I rest my case!……

        1. Yes but Arsenal is
          a rolling stone
          and rolling stones
          gather no titles and sing
          I can’t get no satisfaction 🙂

          1. I thought that you were going to start singing a song there, for a second. ??

            Your own version of “papa was a rolling stone”?

        2. Why do people think changing managers will be the end of Arsenal. Im not saying Wenger should go but I also dont think he is irriplaceable. Has Wenger and the Arsenal board brain washed people that much.

          Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man City, Bayern, Chelsea, PSG, Juventus all change managers and they are still bigs club that compete and not just make up places. Yes I know Chelsea and Man City didnt this year but in previous years they have been up there.

          Wenger will be a legend but he is not ARSENAL FC and will never be ARSENAL FC.

    3. @Admin………. I still can’t believe……..u think Wenger is irreplaceable!

      Every era must come to an End……what happens when that time comes?

      Do u think it will be the end of Arsenal?


      It will come…..u know it will

      1. My Main concern seems to be that Wenger cannot get the best out of players anymore which is the Job of a Manager. Players seem to be slouching. Everyone says the players are a family but I think there are many disagreements in the dressing room.

        How is a team like Arsenal suppose to wait till Giroud and Walcott gets their scoring boots back.

  3. To Me
    Lukaku, 50 million
    Mahrez: 40 Million
    Kante: 20 Million
    CB : 20 mil
    total: 130 mill
    Sell: Walcott: 20 Mill
    Ox: 15 million

    Total spend 95 Ml, would have seold Giroud had Welbeck was not injured

    1. I don’t really see too much that is special about Mahrez. He had a good season but there are many similar type of players. I would rather get Andre Schurrle.

      1. Schurle?
        Kind of a B grade version of
        KDB or a German Aaron Ramsey?
        Both Schurrle and KDB are
        Chelsea rejects and so are Lukaku
        and Sturridge so perhaps we should
        have a permanent reject catcher at
        Stamford bridge and pick up some
        more bargains like Cech 🙂
        Falcao any one?

    2. Dunno how u Lot come up with all these names…… But i see just two or three names capable of completing our front Line

      Auba / Lewy – CF
      Griezmann -versatile Winger

      They have proven emselves time and time again with the big boys and in the big Leagues…… What else do we desire?

      Our only setback is our “Ambitions”

        1. Obama? ?… I thought that he was worth Billions? ?

          According to sky sports:
          Arsenal haven’t even bid for Xhaka, yet!
          Which goes to show that all the rumours of a done deal,
          Were nothing more than fabricated lies to wet the appetite of the season ticket holder’s cheque books.

          When following transfer rumours, always look for the player in question and how he responds to the news thats linking him, because 9 times out of 10, you will find whether there is any truth in the rumour or not, from him.

    3. I like your additions. I think this is what will happen.
      Lacazette: 25 Mil
      Xhaka: 30 Mil
      CB: 20 Mil
      Maybe young LB and young RB – 10 Mil
      Total 85 Mil

      Walcott: 22 Mil
      Szczesny: 5 Mil
      Debuchy: 4 Mil
      Mertesacker: 4 Mil
      Silva: 1 mil
      Sanogo: 0.5 mil
      Jenkinson: 8 Mil
      Total 44.5 Mil

      Total spend 40.5 Mil, this is inline with total spend over the last few years.

      1. After these additions this will be Wengers fav team.

        Alexis – Ozil – Ramsey
        Cazorla – Xhaka
        Mon – Kos – New CB – Bel

        Yes Ramsey will play on the right, that is Wenger for you.

    4. 40 mil would probably give you mkhitaryan… and i would any day prefer him over mahrez

  4. Now,that is the all-round AMF have been talking about..
    Only two cam come close to those stats in Arsenal that is Cazorla and Rosicky…

    No,hatred for Ozil at all, but I always maintain that he is a limited 10…
    He fits teams like Madrid and Barca where they have potent goal scores where he will only supply final passes,but for Arsenal,he lacks a little something and you all know that in your minds…

    He is one-dimensional,but a very good player still…a player like Henrikh will be great IF he can replicate that form or half..
    But since we have Ozil, we can’t buy Henrikh again..we just have to give Ozil a potent striker..

  5. OT: Am i the only one who thinks Shakhtar donetsk have been producing good hybrid for some years now?…..but have been poached recently……ranging from willian to Mkhitaryan……douglas costa to alex tiexeira!

  6. Yeah that’s right, unproven stars (non stars) have no limit to what they can achieve plus they give their all.

  7. According to reports from Sky Sports, Arsenal haven’t even bid for Xhaka….. Yet! ?
    It’s going to be a painful summer transfer window, for all Gooner’s! …. So What’s New, I hear you say! ?

    1. May be not lodged an
      official bid but does not mean
      they have not made inquiries
      for his availability/cost.

      1. It’s no secret that our scouts have watched the player over 30 times this season and whats with that? did they keep falling asleep half way through the matches? ? ?

        I know what you’re saying but surely if Arsenal were really set about buying this player, they would have tied up the deal, Asap!… Just because the window hasn’t opened yet, that hasn’t stopped other clubs announcing their new signings, already.

  8. Out- arteta , flamini, rosicky, walcott, jenkinson, sanogo, debuchy, szczesny, ramsey, alexis??

    In- mkhitaryan, kante/ xhaka, vardy/higuain , gotze/ griezmann and another defender

    Vardy proven EPL goal scorer or higuain we need a goal poacher..
    Alexis for gotze/griezmann ( only if he wont sign extension to contract)

    With the players going out we should get some money back an open up more in the wages

  9. It is true we do not need big names after all Leicester City won the league with no big name,but we need players who have winning mentality and hunger for trophies once the club has that the sky is their limit.

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