Why Mourinho has a point about Arsenal spending

Mourinho right to say Arsenal should be winning titles by DN

While I know that Jose Mourinho’s words this week on the subject of Arsenal were just an attempt to put some pressure on the club and Arsene Wenger ahead of the Community Shield and the start of the Premier League, I do think that the Chelsea manager has a point.

The essence of what he said was that Arsenal are now in the same spending bracket as our Premier League rivals and so should be under the same pressure as Chelsea and Man City are to win the title every year. His suggestion that the Gunners are actually spending the same or even more than Chelsea these days was not quite right, as a Sky Sports report proved quite easily by using the calculator Mourinho suggested.

But even though Wenger has spent less than two thirds what Mourinho has since his return to Stamford Bridge, the fact is that by signing players like Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez, Wenger has proved that Arsenal can afford and attract top level players. If Wenger chooses not to then that is his affair. If he thinks that the best way to build a team is from within and to focus more on cohesion and team spirit than signings, well fair enough but he needs to get the results to back his theory up.

So although Lord Harris may have been wrong, and pretty stupid, to talk about Wenger having £200 million to spend if he wants to, it is clear that the Frenchman has serious funds and can add significantly to the squad if he wishes. So get that title Arsene, and then you can really make Jose eat his words and some humble pie for afters. Until then I would have to agree with the Chelsea boss on this one. How about you lot?

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  1. Yo boys anyone tryna join a fantasy premier league? Its real competitive every year. The code is 403175-258509.

    GO GUNNERS!!!! Bring hone the titile!!

    1. What do you mean by I agree with José??!how on earth have we been trying to buy the title??? We have spent one third of what Chelsea have done and this summer we have only signed cech for 11 mil. How are we buying the title? I don’t agree that José has a point. He has a point about manure,Liverpool and city but not us. We never over spend.

      1. RealMike, is there prizes to be won. Because I usually join a fair few leagues but only if Prize money on offer, it can be a hassle going through the different leagues making changes and so on etc. Also, what do you do with information gathered or do you not collect any, there are many who sell the personal and otherwise info to corporations/companies.

    2. We actually have a net spend of about 120-130m since hes been back whereas Chelsea only have a net spend of about 30m so he isn’t wrong and has a very big point but the differnece is we’re spending our own money, rather than just some rich sugar daddy.

      1. Chelsea have done their spending, its been ten years that they have been spending like crazy. Only last two seasons they have stopped spending big. We on the other hand are signing one WC player each year. And we are using the money we made ourselves. We never had someone like abramovich to inject us with loads of cash!

      2. our own money?
        did you somehow donate some money to the club?
        a Season Ticket Holders mybe

        1. I’m not a seasons ticket holder but have travelled two times from California just to watch my arsenal play. What I mean by owr own money is that the money we have made by finishing fourth and participating in UCL. We have worked hard to get where we are right now, new stadium and top class players.we are just two signings away from turning into a WC team.

  2. Mourinho has been talking a lot of crap lately. It seems he is insecure and is from time and time defending his park the bus strategy. The way he proclaimed how other teams would crave to adopt his methods is pure crap. We have seen other teams winning the league in more attractive and dominating way.

    Now lately he has just increased his idiotic comments by saying his rivals are buying the league. He has no right to comment on spending as he is the master of spending. He i strying his best to prove lvg wrong by making falcao world beater. Doesnt make one logic of paying falcao 7 million per year more than what Manchester United paid.

    The thing is he is too obsessed with what others do. I rate him as a top manager but his talks can be really rubbish. Let us not give attention om what he has to say. Beat him fair and square this sunday to start the season.

    1. Yes me too, stop talking so much about this jerk off José. Don’t we have other things to talk about??!ffs

    1. I think Wenger does really have 200 mil to spend, we are a rich club with lots of fund to spend on new signings, the only problem is we have an old stingy manager who doesn’t want to agree with the fact that we have the cash to spend and we need to spend!!!!

      1. 70 mil for reus????bull crap. We would never bid that big for a player. Even if we have 200 mil in the bank.this is truly crap news from a crap source for sure

  3. Do we really have an old stingy manager or do we have really impatient fans who are just growing more impatient because we can’t find those two players who can make us world beaters in today’s market. We all know the situation that nobody is really available in the transfer market but still are complaining about Wenger that he is not reacting enough.

    We all know how Wenger in recent seasons have reacted brilliantly to most of the situations and landed us quality players like Cazorla, Sanchez, Ozil, Cech. So lets just wait until the transfer window closes, and in that period, if anyone (who we are targeting and not anybody else) becomes available, and if still Wenger doesn’t buys him, then you can complain about him but not now just because you can’t control your patience.


    1. Did you just say ‘and we all know that there is not really anyone available in the transfer market’.????

      By reckoning we needed another DM: Morgan was one class act but we have Arteta.

      And are there No top strikers either apparently in world football that are/or could be available if the intent was there.

      1. If we had a young and ambitious manager you would be surprised how many players would be available. Wenger just simply doesn’t want to spend and destroy what he calls the teams chemistry. Wenger needs to learn to be ruthless.

  4. There is a big difference when teams invest stupid amounts of money to buy a whole team … and when teams buy a quality player that fits in their team when they have the funds to do so … like wenger said politely, who cares what that b e l l e n d has to say …. can’t wait to really kick start our season in style this weekend, doggystyling chelsea followed by a new signing announcement.

  5. I’m fairly sure that last season Mourinho said the same thing. I’m also sure that last season we mentioned how we could by any player in the world and even went a step further by saying we could afford Leo Messi, I think Gazidas said it last year. Also last season I did feel we could challenge for top honours, I again feel we should and am hoping we click.

  6. It’s going to be mourinio’s third season in the BPL.
    Where ever he goes he last 3 season thats the maximum for him, he has to show his true colour now. If he loses Bpl title then you will see the end of him. That’s his nature. His criticising LVG now and LVG is the guy who mentored him to success . Mourinio is a guy who would say bad about his own father if he has to for his own good.

    1. José is the man on demand these days at just arsenal. Why don’t we all start a fan base for José since he always seems to have a point.

  7. Like him or not,Mou was right about Benitez only adopting one of his teams and ruining it.

  8. Maureen is the manager in world football who has spent the most money, more than a billion euros. in front of carlo ancelotti. he needs to be quiet

  9. Zelalem was fantastic today
    Brilliant assist – through ball and a very cheeky (soft kick) penalty

    I really believe he will become a World Class player one day.
    He is still young with years to come but has bags of talent

  10. I think germans are more gentleman than british people. Whats wrong with you? Are you unhappy? 90% of the germans are friendly an 10% idiots (Loser, junkies, prisoner a.s.o). in this chat the people are only 10% friendly… The war is over!

  11. We may have spent a similar amount over the last 2 seasons on the surface, a point I myself have made, but there is 2 other factors to bare in mind.

    1 – We do not have the financial power of the oil funded tycoons or United’s never ending well. We may have been spending a fair bit but it’s been on acquirable targets. We’ve not had to force anyone’s hand to sign anyone. That is a big difference when you’re talking about sustainability, but it’s also a big difference when you’re trying to grab the very best players to plug a gap in your team *cough* striker *cough*.

    2 – Our wage bill, while high, does not include ridiculous 300k a week beasts. We do not have the structure in place to just buy in mercenaries and entice them with high wages. We COULD change towards that, but it’d mean losing our ethos and our club spirit. What this means, is that when it comes to bargaining we are not at the level of the big boys who can smash wages to sign players. English teams do tend to overpay our players…

    As I said, I KIND of agree with Mourinho’s point that we are now spending within the realms of the big boys, but I also disagree. I think we spent a fair bit over 2 seasons but due to the totally different natures of our spending and the structure of the club, we’re not really in a position to actively challenge them for a signing. If player X has to choose between Arsenal or Chelsea, Chelsea will offer more money and generally 9/10 times get the player. It’s a harsh reality but it’s a truth.

  12. The business models are different. Arsenal are coming out of a tight hand situation, where as Chelsea are established spenders, with big pockets and buy young players all over the world and loan them out. Last season they had a full team of 25 members or so on loan, so each of them give a profit when sold, or walk into the team later saving club huge money. And Chelsea were lucky with Lukaku/Luiz/Schürrle/Mata sales at the price they did those.

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