Why Oh Why are we letting Chelsea have Giroud!

Giroud! The perfect team player by Eddy

Hello Fellow Gunners out there. It’s been a while I wrote an article about us, but this one I can’t ignore and I hate so much. The Giroud to Chelsea transfer talk. I know a lot of us see Giroud as below world class but this guy can boast being among the top 3 best target man on the planet. And we feel he’s had his chances and wasted them.

Giroud I’ll say is a great player but Wenger, who claimed he made him who he his, failed to utilize his (Giroud) strengths. You never know what you have until you lose it. Giroud gives us another dimension, offers something else. He is a great option coming off the bench. We all know that yet we are letting him go. Not to any other team but Chelsea, a team that is very dangerous when it comes to set pieces and long crosses.

Now here comes the interesting part. Giroud won’t have poor Bellerin making his poor crosses, or Monreal or Ox, since they’re the only who ones who attempted crosses. But he’ll have Azpilicueta and Alonso!!! Moses and Willian!!! All players who can deliver great crosses especially Azpilicueta, who almost all his assists were crosses to Morata. Giroud will bang in a lot of goals for Chelsea I have no doubt, only a delusional fan will be blind to that fact.

I appreciate Giroud a lot, and I will miss him, but who comes on when we need a plan B?? And why are we selling him and keeping Welbeck?? And I am yet to mention the fact that Giroud, like Wilshere, has pure Love and commitment for this club not the cash.

Yes he needs playing time for the World Cup coming, but I believe we could use him and Lacazette on the same team but Wenger is probably too blind to see that. I’m definitely not happy with losing him but who am I to have a say?

Then, Aubameyang. Aubameyang, the fastest striker on the planet for the past 2 seasons! Oh what a great and fantastic news.
Heaven here we come. Rejoice gunners!! But oh wait!! We are ignoring one fact! He’ll struggle with us, he might get a few goals but he’ll struggle a lot. Why? Aubameyang thrives off the BVB’s style of play which is Direct!! They don’t waste time, and he gets the ball and finishes his job! But at Arsenal we all know it’s a different style of play! Short passes. Arsenal isn’t direct, Aubameyang won’t get those through balls he gets at BVB, he won’t get those explosive runs he makes over there. Simply because it’s pass, pass, and pass!! Take that shot! No! It’s pass and pass and pass backwards.

I pray and I hope he delivers and he finds it easy, but I have doubts because of our style of play. I see him ending up like Lacazette, frozen up front till he decides to start playing from the midfield.

Lastly, we still need proper wingers, defenders and A goalkeeper. But I won’t delve into that now.

Farewell Giroud, I appreciate and wish you all the best.

Thank you

Eddy Hoyte


  1. Clive says:

    Completely agreed with u.
    I will miss Oli G.

    1. kev says:

      AS Roma have accepted Arsenal’s £35m bid for Kostas Manolas.He will only be allowed to leave only if they get a replacement(Daley Blind).

      1. The cassette says:

        Got the Aubameyang champagne on ice, waiting for a defender to sign before i celebrate. Hope this goes through. Keep them updates coming bru..

  2. saurab kr. sanjel says:

    Sometimes arsenal fans think giroud is a donkey..sometimes they praise..atleast we have got upgrade in aubameyang, the most negative attitude arsenals fans seem to be in justarsenal.com.

  3. GB says:

    You’re a bit previous Eddy, he’s not gone yet and no talk of it happening at present either.

    1. Eddy Hoyte says:

      Chelsea already announced him??

  4. Trudeau says:

    It’s simple really. LMAO is more appropriate than OMG for the current state Arsenal is in.

  5. Guneal says:

    From the year 2004-to date Giroud remains the second best strike behind King Henry.

    Admittedly, he’s frustrating to watch a times so is Auba too. Auba has missed the highest chances in bundesliga this season.

    I am gutted he’s going. I duff my cap to a loyal servant of my great club.

  6. Coldzero says:

    It’s s shame Auba and OH can’t be paired up and alternate Laca and Auba in some games too.

  7. l says:

    Auba for OG anytime. Let’s move on Gunners.

  8. Joe says:

    Time to move on… wish you all the best Giroud

  9. Adam Criniti says:

    $18M for a 31 year old bit time player that is entering the limelight of his career isnt terrible business by AFC imho. Giroud has been an exemplary servant to the club and a good player for the Gunners but the writing on the wall was transparent when Arsenal turned there attention to acquiring PEA. Will he score goals for Chelsea, yes, a few against Arsenal, probably but his future at Stamford Bridge may be as tenuous as if he stayed @ the Emirates if Conte gets the ax following this season.

    The future is Laca and PEA

    Wts, greenest of futbol pastures Ollie!

  10. Durand says:

    Stop complaining people please. Giroud had endless chances without real competition for ST spot and never scored 20 or more PL goals.
    Auba serious serious upgrade from Giroud; top 5 ST in the world. Many clubs hating on us now, and yet some here moaning over Giroud.

    Giroud had opportunities and couldn’t produce consistently, so he’s off, victim of his own efforts.
    He’ll score at Chelsea, but Dembe Ba he’s not

  11. Goonerboy says:

    i feel so so terrible about this, and still cannot believe it, it pains me to the bone.

    Eddy,you are so spot on the directness issue, we are never direct in our play, we are rigid in our formations, we pass to the death which Giroud admitted to by saying “sometimes we pass the ball too much”…

    Am sure he will be terrific for Chelsea, goodbye Giroud, i love and appreciate you…

  12. Nothing changed says:

    I think you raise some fair points. But since Arsenal don’t play the way Giroud needs us to in order thrive, keeping him won’t make a world of difference to us. Selling him to Chelsea is dumb and unwise but if we needed the money and no one wanted him that changes things for me.

    Aubamayang won’t save us simply because no player or players can save us as long as Wenger is in charge yet I have a silent hope that Wenger might leave at the end of this season and perhaps a new manager will actually know what to do with Laca, PEA and Ozil and Miki. They are good players and when used properly should be able to compete with what Spurs or Liverpool have up front. Problem is that won’t happen under Wenger.

    For the club, it is still better to have recognizable names like Ozil, Laca, PEA than only the Xhaka and Iwobi’s and Welbeck. Whenever we get a real manager it will help him to have a few big-name players to attract others and to utilize. Until then don’t expect anything new from Wenger in terms of results.

    1. jon fox says:

      What a sensible post, full of the plain truth! I totally agree with every word and applaud the clear unambiguous way you have explained it.

  13. PIRES says:

    some fools were critisizing wenger for playing giroud and they realise now that he isn’t that bad….

    1. RichSA Alao says:

      This transfer just put Giroud value on the stage, and the dull comments of T. Henry and co silenced.
      And they have started eating their words, a la Wrights, Mersons.
      Go on bo, lion heart, go wear your colour,
      Salute, Monseur Giroud.

  14. ClassyGunner says:

    Dear Giroud, aerial prowess is your strength. Alas! we never utilized it. I am sad to see you go. However, I understand that you need to play. You are the only player I will ever forgive for joining the Chavs. Hope they play to your strength and you score a lot. Please just don’t score against us.

    1. maxi pimpi says:

      Heart warming. Nice one mate. I think he came to an understanding with wenger. I have always thought he brings another dimension to our game. But we never play to his strength. The basic thing is he needs game time because of the world cup. It would have been a no brainer for him to stay and compete with laca and pea.

  15. King says:

    No matter who we sign now…it doesn’t matter…the problem lies with wenger…it has gotten to the extent that even if he coaches a fish it would surely drown

  16. Invincibles49 says:

    Why can’t Wenger pull the plug now. Oh please oh please. I will be heartbroken to see Giroud go. But Oli, the doors to our heart will always be open to you. Good luck lad. A true Gunner you were.

  17. mark says:

    I’m happy for Giroud and hope he gets game time, he deserves to be playing and scoring regularly. We couldn’t offer him that so he is moving on.

    Aubameyang will be good for us. Either we will adapt to him or he will adapt to us. Maybe it will breathe new life into our squad? We need a bit of personality!

    I’m still concerned about our DM role. Sort that and we could be good for a trophy or 2.

  18. Dammy says:

    Forget Giroud , we need a defender .
    I’ll take anyone rn

  19. John says:

    Aubameyang is a great signing………and will give us goals…….but he does miss a lot too like Giroud……..I would have sold Welbeck………..

  20. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Can’t believe some of the stuff I am reading on here. In all these years he never really excelled. And I don’t buy the argument that arsenal’s play doesn’t suit him. He has to play as the team plays and not the other way around. It is a bit far fetched to suggest that Arsene is at fault for Giroud’s failings. Wenger is at fault for using him as his primary striker but never for Giroud’s failings.

    I even read some nonsense that Giroud is the best striker at AFC since Henry. As much as I can’t stand the guy – RVP is a different universe to Giroud and easily the best striker since Henry.

    I have a lot of respect for Giroud and his contribution but he is nowhere near PEA or Lacazette’s level and he has been bettered in two consecutive windows. He obviously has to leave and I wish him all the best even if he is going to Chelsea

    1. Sven says:

      Well said!

      Although, he’s also a scorer of some of the most fantastic goals Arsenal have scored. And a participant in a few special team efforts, if you remember…

  21. Gooner Craig says:

    Complete joke!!! Just goes to show how money grabbing the board is ffs. We are now officially a small club, one that bigger clubs with more ambition come to and take our players at will lol what sense does selling Giroud in January make? ??? have to laugh at this joke of a board

    1. bryden says:

      Makes sense cos u’re buying PEA

  22. Sal says:

    going to miss him as he was underrated by alot of the fans ( especially the ones that never attended a game and just watch from the couch or highlights) but he is one of the best target man out there, and will do well for chelsea but was hoping for a higher fee 25-35 would be a great return. after signing auba we have a fast deadly attacking force, but the best news of the day for me was ozil extending you won’t find players like him easy, his vison and ability to unlock defenses is unbeleivable. laca and auba will have fun runnning behind and miki might combine well with them if he gets his confidence back.

    so good luck giroud!! i really loved you big guy you rescued so many points and changed games when we played to your strengths, i will miss you thats a given!! but you will always have that scorpion kick to be remembered by.

    overall terribble season with where we are at, but im happy we minimized the damage from the sanchez saga it could have been much worse. COYG

    1. jon fox says:

      I also believe that OZIL rendewing his contract was the best thing that has happened to us this window. To me, at least , it was unexpected and I fully expected him to leave this summer. But huge money obviously talked , loud , clear and is to be cheered!

  23. jon fox says:

    I too have much regard for Giroud but we are never going to win the title with his standard as main striker, despite his relative success and at 31 he cannot be expected to play third fiddle behind the LACAZETTE and P-MA. Let us not forget either , that he is 31, and getting on to put it mildly for any striker. So go, even to the oil driven Chelski, Olivier, with our thanks, our warmth and our regret. But as realists know, it is inevitable that he leaves. Sad too but INEVITABLE!

    1. stubill says:

      I’m sorry to see Oli go, but it was necessary to complete the triangular moves of Giroud, Aubamayang and Battyboy or whatever his name is.

      Just think though, if Girouds wife had agreed to move to Germany, Chelsea wouldn’t have got Giroud, so it’s all her fault lol.

  24. David Rusa says:

    It is befitting that Giroud is commended for his love and devoted service to Arsenal. However it was the right time for Giroud to leave for a Club that would assure him regular football especially as this is a world Cup year. Besides at 31 years turning 32 later this year Giroud is no longer able to cope with the rigours of EPL. His lack of speed is a great weakness that made him to fall behind Lacazette and Sanchez in the pecking order. That notwithstanding, Giroud will be missed by genuine Arsenal fans. We can only wish him good luck in his new endeavour.

    1. stubill says:

      I’m not sure if that’s true, how much playing time will he get when Morata is fit?

      1. Midkemma says:

        I bet he could offer more than Morata, Morata is good in build up but I have always thought Giroud is the more natural goalscorer and I fear we have made Chelsea stronger for this… Next year will be painful when he plays against us.

        Transfer deadline day, what a day for playing with our emotions. Happy about Auba, sad about Giroud. Overall.. rollercoaster of emotions.

  25. Midkemma says:

    I am sad to see Giroud go, he wasn’t consistent enough for us as we never really had competition for him, he is better than Morata and I hope he causes Morata to become unhappy by claiming that starting spot for them. Would be nice for Giroud to keep Morata on the bench, I said when Chelsea bought Morata that I prefer Giroud. So sad he is wearing blue 🙁

    I was a bit disappointed in the article assuming Auba will fail by claiming AFC is not direct enough, we can be but we have been getting to an area where our AM haven’t been penetrating to create good chances, Iwobi and Welbeck are poor AM for assisting.

    Seriously, apart from Ozil, who else is providing those deadly balls? Jack has tried from deep but not been the AM and more of a deeper player who carries the ball forward.

    Welbroke? That guy doesn’t have an end product, great athlete and will have moments of brilliance but not a player we can rely on to make chances.

    Iwobi? This kid is a blend of Welbroke and Theo. Headless chicken at times and he is a great athlete so will have some brilliant moments, can’t be relied upon though.

    Ramsey? Maybe in a AM role but I do not want to see him in CM ever again, he is selfish and assumes it is up to the other player to cover for him.

    We do have a direct team if Wenger plays them and uses tactics…

  26. Tarquin Battersby-Smythe says:

    I am pretty sure if you took a straw poll of Arsenal fans they would not have wanted Olivier Giroud to leave and especially to those other financial dopers from West London. If only our long past it has been of a manager had had the decency to resign his dictatorship as well.

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