Why on earth did Arsenal boss not slam his pitiful players?

It was always going to be an interesting post match interview with Arsene Wenger after we saw Arsenal perform in a terribly weak and woeful manner to lose away to West Brom and leave the hopes of Arsenal securing another season of Champions League football hanging by a thread.

Even though we are all used to way our manager works I was still surprised to see the boss refuse to call out his pitiful players for their performances. How can he even think about defending them after the way they failed en masse to defend the Arsenal goal today?

That is what he tried to do though, talking about the quality of the deliveries from the home team and suggesting that they have caused the same problems to all the EPL sides they have faced. Maybe that is the case, but it does not excuse or hide the fact that the likes of Ramsey, Xhaka and all just let the West Brom players do what they wanted with next to no opposition.

The boys in the Sky studio picked apart our defending from set plays and they were as scathing as I have ever heard, calling it the worst Arsenal performance in a long time, and after the Bayern Munich bashing that is saying something.

Does Wenger really expect his comments to make us change our mind about how badly Arsenal played? I get that he likes to defend his lads but some things are indefensible. Would you not rather hear him, for once, laying into these fantastically well paid but underperforming Gunners?



  1. marty53 says:

    I think that’s what these players need, someone to shake them up a bit, they are living in the comfort zone and just seem to be going through the motions. A few of these players should have been dropped and others like Jeff and Perez given a chance.

    1. arsenalfan1 says:

      ‘Why did the Arsenal manager not slam his pitiful players?”
      Answer: Because he, himself, is pitiful and is ultimately the cause of the disaster that has overtaken the club.

  2. frank says:

    It’s all Wenger, the owner and the boards problems that show on the pitch. They buy the players so if the players aren’t good enough whether it is skill, motivation, mental strength, physical strength, formation or tactically, that falls all on them, not the players. There are no leaders out there because they haven’t bought one. There is no physical presence in the midfield because they haven’t bought one.

  3. Ronny331 says:

    Today the players more than ever were a bloody disgrace and they let us and the manager down big time.
    Listening to Henri on sky earlier and he showed 2 wb players all competing for the 3rs goal and all of our players stood watching them with just kos jumping. What is going on? Can this just be down to the sanchez disagreement as that’s when our cr*pness hightended.
    Where is ozil? Wenger announcing his future soon, when is soon? Tmw morning or end of the season?
    I hope that means that he’s known he’s leaving for a while and we are close to agreeing terms with a new manager. Fingers crossed.
    Ps we sick at zonal marking and somebody needs a boot throwing at them as per saf and beckham.

  4. davidnz says:

    Wenger has never berated
    his players publicly because
    its not his style.
    It is also true that he is not under the same
    pressure as other managers in the top tier.
    Top 4 is the goal top 4 is always achieved so no need
    to berate players after a loss if top four is in sight.
    There are still other big results to come this weekend
    and many games in front of us.
    Until Arsenal fall to make the Champions league
    we probably should not be having this conversation.

    1. HA559 says:

      United might not need top 4 if they win Europa. For Liverpool they have the easiest fixtures left on paper. But there problems have been the teams lower down the table. If they did what they done agianst the big sides they would be first place.

  5. Ronny331 says:

    @frank. I kind of agree but player powers becoming more and more of an issue lately.
    Chelsea and mou, Leicester and ranieri, arsenal and Wenger? Maybe bould is quietly doing a Craig Shakespeare?
    Makes me sick how Leicester suddenly turned it on, disgraceful!

    1. HA559 says:

      It’s funny how quickly football moves on. Few weeks ago Leicester players were ‘snakes’ now they are back to being heroes.

  6. gmv8 says:

    Wenger has himself to blame for his ‘favourites’ system. Ramsey was responsible for a lot of the goals conceded and poor play today, but why should he worry? He’s always picked. The fact is that we would be better of without Ramsey, I would’ve preferred Elneny playing alongside Ox and Xhaka – at least he would screen the back 4, and not chicken out defending against Dawson, and provide some steel there.

    1. HA559 says:

      Wenger ruined hisown legacy by continually putting faith below average players.Since Bournemouth dropped Wilshere, they’ve been on a good form 7 points from 9. At Arsenal Wilshere would be first team if fully fit for the season.

    2. frank says:

      Yes and no. Ok Ramsey didn’t follow the runs of Dawson but is Ramsey our best defender? Why weren’t our best defenders in the air following or marking Dawson and their other threats? Another thing, those corners landed in the 6 yard box. The keepers should be punching them away.

  7. Disturbance says:

    Our players remind me of Chelsea of last season. They look like they don’t really care and what’s more ironic is that all reports suggest Arsene will stay, but I think it’s easier to replace one manager rather than the whole squad. It’s a major rebuilding job and Wengers not able to do it. No matter Wenger in or Out, fans fighting in the stands, if he doesn’t leave it’s only getting worse…

    1. HA559 says:

      I wont mind if we let 10 players go and get 5 only, if they are better than the ones that go. Squad will be thinner but it will be refreshing.

  8. Ronny331 says:

    I feel he might stay as well, rather than think I’ll need to leave to allow a fresh outlook and manager to come in and turn things around he’s deluded enough to feel he can do this and that he can’t leave the club in such a sorry state.
    the latter is admirable but misguided and blinkered he needs to step back from the situation and look at it from an outsiders perspective.
    What effect this must be having on our worldwide marketing and brand money generation must be huge.
    I’d like to think Wenger would have people close to him to discuss this with, but who? He does it all on his own and he doesn’t even have a wife or family now that can advise him.
    Another two years would be unbearable for me!

  9. Gooneris78 says:

    This question goes out to the true fans of Arsenal football club,
    Will Arsenal ever return to the champions league in the nearest future?

  10. Gooneris78 says:

    This question goes out to the true fans of Arsenal football club,
    Will Arsenal ever return to the champions league in the nearest future

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