Why on Earth did Arsenal try to park the bus against Tottenham?

Arsene Wenger continually tells us that Arsenal is an attacking team and never set out to try and get a draw, but after yesterday I think I will be using any Mybet partnercode to back a draw at half time in every Arsenal match. Right from the beginning of yesterday’s defeat at Wembley it looked like we were happy to sit back and hope for a quick breakaway. This tactic simply doesn’t suit us and we certainly don’t have the defenders and midfielders that can close down a game.

We were lucky to get to half-time with a clean sheet, but we didn’t get even one shot on target which is simply not the way Arsenal play. That is why Wenger bought even more strikers in January, so we can score more than our opponents, but that was hardly the case yesterday. We did try to assert ourselves towards the end of the second half, as Hector Bellerin said, it was too little too late. “Yes, but we waited too long. In the first half, we were waiting for something to happen. We didn’t create chances, we didn’t have the ball like we should have done and then in the second half we paid for it. We need to take the initiative a bit more, to attack more and keep the ball because we didn’t do that today. In the second half, at the end they were tired, the weren’t pressing as much and we were creating a bit more space so we had chances. It’s a bit frustrating because you could see that we could have gone home with a point or even three. I think we weren’t at the standard required, so it’s something to look at for the next game.”

The next game may be too late as we are already 7 points behind Tottenham and our next League game is against Man City straight after the League Cup Final, but Bellerin is not giving up on us still making the Top Four. “There’s still plenty of games to play. There are loads of points still to play for, so we need to look forward. We can’t just be stuck looking back at this game. We need to analyse, need to make sure we don’t make the same mistakes and we’ve still got quite a few games to play. We still need to play some of the big teams in the top six as well, so we’ll see. You never know what can happen in the Premier League.”

There is nothing wrong with being positive and we could get ourselves a run going against smaller teams after the City match, but it looks like it is going to be ‘too little too late’ again this season. But would you back Arsenal to win any game away from the Emirates?

Darren N


      1. Well I’m sorry Muff but I ‘dislike’ United… we ain’t even catching United let alone City. Always love to see United lose ?

  1. Because of Wenger’s lack of confidence. His preference to play very safe and his unwillingness to take high risks have been plagued Arsenal for many years, and it has contaminated most of his current players as well.

    1. Sometimes you need me Re than belief. Team effort, creativity and a decent defence come to mind. They have no divine right to win but act as if they do. And how does a man who will be 29 in June think he can EVER emulate Henri?

  2. Simple.Wenger knows he has allowed Arsenal to be overtaken by the Spuds.We all knew what the game plan from them would be.Wenger would have known what the game plan wold be.Unfortunately EVERYONE knows we don’t do tactics and we don’t do variations.We have a plan A and that is it.Everyone knows Wenger will never drop his out of form favourites for an alternative solution so with the exception of Ramsey the Spuds knew who we would be playing and how we would be playing.
    Then Wenger drops the bombshell.Sit back let them dominate the possession dominate us physically and dominate the tempo of the game.I will then send on Laca to Esther score the winner or equaliser.FFS This man is a joke.On £9m a year I would gladly live with the ridicule and embarrassment I am many Gooner will face this week.Unfortunately our Board feel it’s only right to continually reward failure.If the man had any love for this club he would JUST GO NOW

  3. We didn’t park the bus.
    We had a balanced first half, but in the second half, Tottenham simply came out stronger and hungrier and pressed us back. That we can’t handle. It is nothing new. It is in fact just like in so many games during the last few years.
    Our players look less motivated and gets nullied, even by mediocre teams.
    The Wenger disease.

    1. It was parking the bus mate, Xhaka considered a DM and Elneny as well, the full backs stayed back and nothing happened in the wings, what is that? Yes bad tactics and everything but playing like that is something like playing safe, afraid of losing but that’s just what exactly happened

  4. I’m not sure what to think with this one. On one hand we usually say Arsenal need to play counter attacking football, and that is what we tried to do here. Maybe it’s a case of us playing it better, pressing to force the errors better, and passing quicker. being better seems to be our problem here.

    Wilshere Xhaka Ozil Mkhit needed to be much sharper with passing. Also we had no midfield runners as they are all on the ball players, we could’ve done with better running from midfield.

  5. Who has what is wrote this ? (Joke!)
    Park the bus, how very dare you ?
    Get over it, we were beaten by a better team, end of.

  6. If that was the best that they could do it would have been better if they hadn’t bothered turning up.
    I mean, if you cannot motivate yourself for the North London derby then you should not be playing for Arsenal.
    And if Wenger cannot motivate his players then he should leave as well.
    In fact, regardless Wenger should go as soon as possible – they man is a complete shambles…

  7. Whoever scouts for the players we buy should be sacked in the morning, the 2 strikers Lacazette & Aubamayang are average strikers & which we have paid over £100m for ! Granit & Elneny are woeful, our defence is abysmal, Kane outmuscled, outclassed & outjumped our centre halfs to score again against us, Spurs are streets ahead of us & they spend nowhere near what we spend on players, they work harder, they know their duties & they respect their manager who is one of the best in the world & we are a million miles away from them & to top it all, their ground will be better & bigger than ours !

    1. I think the strikers are ok, but the manager is the average one, and in fact below average, negative, expired, empty, deluded

      Tactics were bad, very bad

  8. Can someone pls tell Wenger if he didn’t know that we can’t win d League, d Champion League d Europa league or any other International competition without a proper defensive midfielder? n to say we’v been on dis for For knows when…

  9. It’s the delusional aspect that gets me. Wenger says Arsenal should have had the game won by half-time. Not bad for a team that didn’t have a shot on goal! Then Belletin says Arsenal could have taken all three points. From one shot on goal in 90 minutes when Spurs had 6. But for Cech it was a thrashing.

  10. Did anyone actually expected wenger to best pochettino tactically? We only have good match against big club when we want it more not by besting the team tactically. It is a shame for arsenal for fans to wish having players like dembele, alderweirld, lloris. One freak like kane is possible like bale before but spurs besting us on half the pitch at LEAST.
    Their defenders are better than ours, comparing their central midfield to ours is comical. The only area we rival them is attacking mid and strikers. For this alone wenger should be booted out of the Emirates. Players are too expensive he says so how can spurs get so many good players cheap.

  11. I honestly do believe that if Wenger would drop Xhaka then we could have won that game.

    I have tried to support him, I do think he has qualities but I do not think AFC will ever get the best out of him, he is lacking the qualities we need in a CM.

    I want him sold.

    Give AMN the chance, I know he is young but look how young Cesc was when he played over 40 games in a season, if they are good enough then play them.

    Let AMN try and nail down that DM/Def B2B role and see if he is good enough for the rest of this season.

    If he is then that has saved AFC buying a DM and can focus fully on rebuilding the def.

    New RB to compete with Bellerin.
    2 new CB.

    Next Seasons Def:
    RB: Bellerin and New Signing
    LB: Sead and Monreal
    CB: Mavrop, Chambers and 2 new signings plus Kos as a not expected to play but offers quality in depth.

    I’m kinda hoping Sarri joins us from Napoli and he can bring Koulibaly and Hysaj, add in Manolas and that could be the 3 def signings…

    Jorginho is a good CM for Napoli… Looks intelligent and able to break up play. Could help Sarri settle into AFC from Napoli if we raided them for players we’re missing and they have.

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