Why on Earth did Kolasinac come on in added time against Forest?

Imagine being Kolasinac.

It can’t be easy going to work every day knowing that if your employer’s had their way you would have left years ago.

Arsenal have asked his agent to find him a new club and even offered to buy out his contract.

Kolasinac’s advisors job criteria though is to do what’s best for their client.

If they can’t find suitors willing to match the full back’s current wage, then those discussions are not worth having.

Equally why should the Bosnian have to walk away from a contract that all parties legally agreed, while content in living in London?

The Gunners did tell Schalke they could keep him after last year’s loan spell, but the Germans couldn’t afford that once they were relegated.

So the 28-year-old trains a few hours a day knowing his manager doesn’t trust him, he has very little chance of playing in the League and the likes of Edu have been trying to convince clubs to have you for nothing.

Essentially, he gets 100,000 pound a week for being a body.

Even the Chef must question does he warrant a place in the cafeteria?

So imagine the player’s confusion on Sunday.

He’s twiddling his thumbs at the City Ground like he does on benches up and down the country, assuming he’s never coming on.

Heck he’s watched someone in his position taken off after 20 mins and still been an afterthought.

So picture his reaction when with seconds to go and the Gunners needing a goal, coaches are shouting at him to take off his bib, despite not kicking a ball in anger since October.

He must have kept looking over his shoulder thinking it was the guy behind him being spoken too.

For complete professionalism, well done on him for keeping a straight face and running on, pretending this was even an option.

For everyone who says we have progressed and compares Arteta to Mr Wenger just think about this.

His great tactical plan was to send a defender up front and go direct!

This from a man who thinks we have to enough resources to freeze out Aubameyang and Pepe?

Worse, that could be Kolasinac’s last game for us!

A free agent in the summer, Arsenal are willing to release him now to save a few quid because every January that’s our priority, saving money.

It’s funny how Arsenal are one of the few clubs who can lose their first two fixtures in January, yet make the squad weaker, and have fans think this is positive, even not understanding why we can’t be positive after being knocked out by a Championship side.

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Dan Smith

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  1. I guess to attack Forest from the left wing with Kolasinac and Tierney. We don’t have someone like Giroud and I bet that’s why we’ve been chasing Vlahovic

  2. Its not the fact he bought kola on it’s the fact he bought a player on at all ,I believe it was the 91st minute and there was only 3 mins of added time anyway .
    Instead of telling the defenders and goalie to go up and punt it in the box he wastes time to the advantage of Forrest .
    Mind you his substitutions all match were odd anyway.
    Let’s hope he gets it right this evening.

  3. About right gotanidea, we obviously wanted KT to stay forward and as Forest had been strong on the left hand side break it made sense

    We didn’t have too many options and that move didn’t exactly cost us the game

  4. A greater mystery for all my Gooner mates is why Arteta believes in Eddie Neikita. THe guy is a headless chicken who wastes every chance we have – Can’t hit a barn door unless it’s a goalmouth scramble and NEVER plays the right pass in the penalty area. Conceding a goal away at Forest is normal, but screwing up every attack and not getting shots on target, let alone goals is unforgivable. None of the other players can work with Eddie – he’s a headless chicken and not Arsenal class at all – SELL NOW !

  5. Oh FFS it’s Day 4 already!!
    Jesus Christ, how is it you wake up everyday thinking about the same game and thinking about writing about it?
    There’s an important game tonight, oh out of the many possibilities about writing about ouar rivalry with Liverpool. Let me write about a sub made from a game we lost four days ago.
    The sub was a clueless sub, everything that day was woeful. We’ve all established this fact.
    Move on FFS.
    And constantly you’re always complaining about letting players go to save money.
    What is it exactly you want?
    Players that ain’t playing and contributing on game days, club decides to let them go, and you’ll always complain about it saying we’re trying to save money.
    Is Kolasinac any better than Tierney and Tavares?

    1. Kolasinac was one of our worst ever recruits and cannot hold a candle to Tierney or Tavares. He arrived on a free transfer and if he leaves on a free transfer then so be it.

    2. I couldn’t agree more with you @eddie. Imagine him writing for a newspaper. He’d be still writing and bitching about last week’s weather. Time to move forwards. There’s a big match tomorrow, 5.45am my time. Then there’s the big North London Derby 2.30 Monday morning. Yet we are still dissecting the fallout of the FA Cup third round. People need to move on. Build a bridge 🌉 and get the f_ck over it. Live for the now, and for the tomorrow. You may never know what is around the corner

  6. Some of the questions posed in the article are pertinent but should have been asked after the game so why an article like this days after the event? Why has that game been dragged up twice daily, when we have a big game tonight and in my opinion an even bigger game on Sunday? We were terrible and we buggered it up big time but I think it’s time to let it go.

    1. you’re correct Dan, everything about this decision was utterly confounding, albeit no more so than the loaning out of AMN, considering that we were short-staffed and we hadn’t procured a replacement first

  7. Cant argue about the article, the substitution did not make any sense at all, very worrying if it was thought that that was the substitution that was required at that time. Kolasinac has been out of the clubs future for months. Really baffling.

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