Why Ospina is beating Szczesny into Arsenal starting XI

I wrote an article last week explaining why I thought Wojciech Szczesny should come back into the Arsenal starting line-up for the FA cup clash away to Brighton on Sunday. Whether Arsene Wenger brought the Polan international back for the same reasons, we don’t know, but I thought it was a great chance for Szczesny to excel and show that he should retain the status of first choice keeper for the Gunners.

He didn’t really do that though and it has been suggested that his positioning could have been better for the Seagulls’ first goal which beat him at the near post. I did think that Szczesny would prove to be the better keeper as long as he could keep his head right, but I am starting to change my mind.

David Ospina, after all, has done nothing wrong. Since his debut in the Capital One Cup defeat to Southampton, the Colombian international has conceded just one goal and that was a penalty conceded by Szczesny against Galatasaray. And while Ospina has told Arsenal Player that his recent clean sheets owe a lot to the defenders in front of him, he has made plenty of saves in those games and has commanded his area as well.

Our new keeper always seems to be in command and switched on and he puts that down to the fact that English football does not allow you to switch off because you will be punished.

He said, “[The defenders] helped a lot. They’re great players and great people. That has really helped me.

“They’re very experienced players. We hope to keep winning, keep learning every day and keep making the most of the opportunities we get.

“[As a goalkeeper] you try to help the team by giving them confidence from the back and keeping a clean sheet.

“Having said that, not conceding is a group effort, and I think the team did extremely well in that regard against City. From the defenders right through to the strikers, we all worked hard to win the ball back, and that was very important in terms of getting the result.

“English football is very direct. You have to be focused for the entire 90 minutes because you can score or concede at any moment.

“The football here is really physical and nobody wants to give an inch – that’s what I think makes this great league so exciting and special.”

Maybe it is that attitude that is the difference between the Arsenal keepers, because Szczesny can be overconfident at times, whereas it appears that Ospina responds well to pressure. The fact that he conceded the fewest goals in the group stages of the World Cup finals backs that up and also suggests that he is not going to give up his place in the Arsenal team easily. Is he set to be our regular number one?


  1. all the talent in the world, but shezzas attitude.
    last year he was golden gloves, but also had lapses-

    people saying sell him , need to realise he saved us in countless games.
    remind me, how many of u were saying sell cazorla, sell rosicky?

    only plastic fans we do at arsenal are for ventilation- so please cut it out

    1. A goalkeepers job is to make the defense his wall at all times, when there is a free kick, he makes a static wall of his defense, when the ball is in play, he makes his defenders into a moving wall, he only gets to make saves when that wall is breached, as for Shezza, he thinks more about the saves and his reflexes, but there’s only so many saves a goalkeeper can make without organizing his wall competently. During a school game, i had a defender running around like an headless chicken in front of me, he wouldn’t listen to me, the goalkeeper, he would jump into tackles and the when he got beaten, I was always left exposed, those shots were like penalty kicks lol. But then I insisted on a much inexperienced guy and the instruction was simple, ‘don’t let him shoot’ and we were fine from then on 🙂

    2. Golden Glove doesn’t mean he was the best GK though, it’s more a recognition of a solid back 5. Szcz, when compared to the top talents in the game, is not up to scratch in a few departments like kicking, decision making, defensive organization, and even shot stopping. Those saying sell him are going too far, but it’s high time someone (Ospina) has his chance. And should he not prove up to the mark then I’d be all for investing in a new GK and keeping one of our current two as backup.

      Szczesny was given the #1 Jersey at 20 on talent in an experiment to give a prodigy experience well before his years….in 4 years HE hasn’t applied himself and has been surpassed by players of similar ability (DeGea, Courtois) simply because they recognize talent gets you a chance – but hard work keeps you on top. Grinds my gears to watch a player have a shitty attitude towards such an opportunity. No sympathy if the lad is replaced long term.

  2. Szczeny has played so many season at arsenal, by now he should be an exceptional GK by now and not making stupid errors

    1. Wilshere 14 years Walcott 8
      Rosicky 8 Diaby 8 (injury)
      Szczesny 8 Gibbs 6
      Ramsey 6 Chamberlain 4
      Giroud 3 Ryo 4 Podolski 3 Sanogo 2
      Wellbeck 1 Arteta 4 Campbell 1
      Monreal 3 Mertz 4 Flamini 3
      17 steady players none yet world class.
      Szczesny is by far the most prolific in terms of appearances
      and is the closest to a consistently top class performer of the group.
      Giroud Mertesacker and Arteta are next in terms of games played
      and value to the team.
      Everyone else have been honest 4th place battlers with the
      occasional burst of brilliance but too often injry prone and form dips.
      Bendtner Park Chamakh Girvinho Santos Arshavin Squilaccii
      were said to be or potentially top class.
      Selling/relleasing Fabregas RVP Cliche Cole Toure Nasri Song
      Adebayore Vermaelen Sagna Fabianski Mannone was said to be unavoidable.
      Ten years with out a trophy.
      Two top players Ozil and Sanchez in two summer windows
      has not yet been enough to bridge the gap to the top 2.
      Has the club learned from these difficult ten years?
      The club is now the perfect 4th place franchise sustainable model ?
      Where to from here?

        1. Lol this Hafiz dude seem to be doing it on purpose to make comments that he knows everyone will go against. I think he like to see acommenta lot of thumbs down. Most of your comments are funny though and I enjoy laughing at them. Especially this one saying Diego Costa looks like 18 years old. Lol

    1. dont care what paulista looks like…was watching him on scout nation in villareal colours, had to double check the video wasn’t recorded in fast forward coz the man is quick…like super speedy for a CB.

      Hopefully this is goodbye to being caught on the counter attack as we so often do

  3. 2-2

    Damn it

    Sheffield just one more goal to go to ET
    ( Apparently away goals only count after extra time)

  4. Ospina to me is definitely more focus, solid, and commanding in goal! Ospina is my no 1 choice, certainly the more in form and safe pair of hands to have in goal! Coyg!

    1. What do you mean by “proper” goalkeeper?

      Szczesny and Ospina are proper GKs
      What are they? Strikers pretending to be Goalkeepers?

      1. we need a world class gk…someone with quality, experience and consistency

        Ospina will make a good number 2….he can learn from the bench

      2. Good point. But I think Szcesny, with his frequent decision making errors is slowly moving out of the “proper” category. Ospina on the other hand has thus far proven solid.

  5. Tough luck to sheffield wednesday! Good fighting spirit by the blades, they almost gave the spuds a heartattack!

    1. actually prefer a london derby as a final.
      especially after spuds mashed the chavs recently-

      will be one to watch- no doubt costa will scissor kick eriksen in the eyeball.
      probably pull a ddt on the referee if he fails with the clothesline

      1. how long will it take for the FA to get control of Costa? how many transgressions? perhaps a serious injury will be the trigger? but I think they will do nothing.

        1. I wonder why no ones fakks him up rlly good. 10 years ago, no player whould dared to do such things. Expecially againt us or manure.

  6. Ospina has only a few games with Arsenal. But judging by his previous performances, his decision making is so much better than Sczesny. And decision-making is what sets apart otherwise similarly talented keepers.

  7. I watched Ospina play one game at the World Cup and he was exceptional, certainly looked world class. I appreciate that judging a player on one game is not realistic. There is also a big bifference between playing at the WC in Brazil and spending 80 minutes doing nothing on a cold wet English evening and then producing the world class save which affects the result. There is also a lot more to goalkeeping than producing exceptional saves. I have looked at Ospina’s saves on YouTube and it was noticeable that he appears to be fearless, diving at attackers feet as they are about to shoot (again cannot judge a player on YouTube extracts)

    I was surprised and pleased when we signed him. He may already be a world class keeper, or he could become one, we do not know at this stage. I think he has come to Arsenal to be the number one keeper and I wish him well.

  8. I think we are making big mistake by extending Arteta’s contract for 1 more year. He can’t defend at CDM and is behind Ramsey and Wilshere in CM position. We need a quality, fit, strong,
    tall CDM.

    1. By extending his contract now, it means we can now get a fee for him in the summer. Hopefully moyes will offer £4m and someone pays the same for fflamini. It will make for losing diaby for nothing. Take another £8m on podolski and we could have a decent budget again this summer.

      Glad campbell signed a new contract before leaving that should protect his sell on fee at leasT

  9. Just think of it. Wenger refused to bring Loris in bec of Seza. Another big fail from his side. Fakking Spurs took him. 10m

    Good teams need good keepers, and not hot and cold ones. Seza is a good keeper but i never trust him. Sometimes he looks worldclass to me sometimes he makes me feel that he is possesed by Almunia.

    1. We missed out on Courtois too. We were heavily interested in him but because of Szczesny we didnt go for him.

      1. @NGIH
        Exactly. Suarez main objective, ever since he left Uruguay, was to get to Spain to be with his woman. He ain’t coming back to England and would more than likely go to another Spanish club…

        1. disagree completely. what “other” team would he go to? Also suarez said it himself he loves the prem

  10. Think a lot of gunner have made there’s voices heard on this just watch his games OOOOOOOOSSSSPINAAA…. MUST SAY I want him to make more saves just to hear it lol

  11. De Gea has proven many times of his quality……RVP Utd has a super weak defence but De Gea saves them multiple times single handily…

    this is the showing of a quality gk

  12. In an arsenal shirt Ospina has yet to be really tested. However what’s clear is the back for look less jittery with ospina in goal the schezney. Ospina has an air of calm authority about him where as ws is an accident waiting to happen. I think ospina should remain #1 for now and harsh for schez that ospina may be in goal when the defence starts to get itself together. Bench time wont hurt him and if it does then he can be replaced with an adequate #2.

  13. most gk from top teams hardly get tested cause of their strong defence and midfield……

    just look at Barca….how many times Valdes actually get tested when he was there?

  14. Please don’t go too much of this Ospina talk, we still need to wait and see how good he is … I believe that he is still yet to be tested …

    1. @NGIH
      Exactly. If dude keeps a clean sheet against Barca, Real or Bayern, then we can start praising him…LOL

      1. I feel some sarcasm over here … Well, all these clean sheets wasn’t mainly because of him saving chance after chance, he actually barely touch the ball, even against man city … Saying this I’m not underestimating him, I’m just saying let’s wait …

  15. The second goal illustrates his weakness more then the first. Second goal he should have stayed on his line and trusted kos to cover it. If he did read the run then he could have come out but he didn’t, panicked and was left in no man’s land.

    First goal you can actually forgive him for his bad positioning. The ref should have called that foul. The ball was with chambers and would have been under his control. Kos thought so and schezney was caught off guard.

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