Why Ozil CANNOT win Arsenal the Premier League alone

The Arsenal and Germany international star Mesut Ozil has been one of the most impressive and effective performers so far this season in the Premier League. In fact you have all probably seen the extremely impressive statistics that show our number 11 to have been the best player in a creative role from all of the top leagues around Europe.

So Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal fans were very relieved to hear that Joachim Low would be leaving Ozil out of the Germany squad for the current round of international games, not because he was not playing well but because the manager was well aware of the amount of football his star had already played and the danger of him suffering from an injury or burn out.

So we are all hoping that the attacking midfielder can pick up where he left off when our Premier League campaign gets back under way with the trip to West Brom next weekend and the fact that Ozil is in sublime form and is breaking EPL records, with 10 assists so far and at least one in the last six games in a row has got the pundits purring and a lot of people suggesting that Ozil can win the title for Arsenal this season.

Former Gunner Martin Keown does not think so, however, and he explained why in his Daily Mail column.

Keown declared, “The way Arsenal attack and play football is key to all their success – that’s their brand, attacking football. Ozil getting all these assists is very key to that, but just as important is the number of tackles Francis Coquelin might make, or the number of clearances and blocks Laurent Koscielny might make.

“You have to demonstrate both sides of the game and I feel Arsenal are at a crossroads. From a physical point of view, they should have been able to outscrap Tottenham last weekend. And from a footballing aspect, they should have been able to cope better with Bayern Munich.

“We’ve seen them outbattled and outplayed in the space of a week, and this tells me there needs to be a better balance in both areas. The team that finds that balance will win the Premier League.”

So while Keown has been full of admiration for Ozil´s play this season and knows that we need him to keep it up, he still has some doubts about some aspects of our game and reckons that Arsenal will not win the Premier League unless we find a way to sort them out. Do you agree with him?

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  1. muffdiver says:

    Nemo is bad ass.
    He doesnt pass the ball, he sends it special delivery by foot.

    Imagine if he had someone like carmen electra to provide assists to.
    Yeah no goals would be scored…but we would have a bucket load of babies with beady eyes and amazing skills in our youth set up.

    Scouts. Make it happen

    1. GoonerLad says:

      Hahah “Nemo” really ?? xD But I agree he’s got so much vision he can see the solution to Chelsea’s problems

  2. ButtFlaps says:

    õzil can do it!!!

    1. Roe-hahn says:

      1st name you have spelt correctly on this site..Thumbs up !!!

  3. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Man – hey son! why don’t u go back home to ur parents?


    Boy – They’ll beat the hell outta me


    Man – then go stay with ur uncle then


    Boy – he’d beat me also


    Man – so who do u intend to stay with then?


    Boy – CheLsea!!!

    Man – why would u rather stay with em?


    Boy – cuz i’d beat em!


  4. SoOpa AeoN says:

    why should d whole world rest on the single shoulder of the German wizard?……….. Is he MerLin?

  5. Ks-Gunner says:

    Its been a while since we have been playing attacking football. Who are we planing to fool here?

  6. Robertthegooner says:

    We don’t have enough German and French gunners

    We should get Lewandowski, Aubmeyang, Reus, Hummels, Kondogbia, Pogba and Verane

    1. _liam_ says:

      Yeah, that’d only cost about £300-350m, if you’re lucky. I wonder why nobody’s just done that all at once. You also have one Polish player and one Gabonese player out of your list of “German and French” players.

  7. Okayblack says:

    To win d Premier League in dis very time, U need a very tick & balanced squad. At d Moment, Arsenal don’t have it….
    We could’ve had draw with Bayern, we definitely should’ve beaten spurs knowing d City slip-up earlier. So what went wrong? We may say injuries, but why don’t us have a squad dept? That beats me. U can’t win d league with only eleven good stars. One will definitely suffer burn-out, injury or loss of form, then a big problem.
    We don’t have a tick squad. It may be hard to win d EPL.

  8. Okayblack says:

    Moreover, next year is European Championships, most of our players are heavily involved in their National teams. So, at d turn of d year, they will start playing very safe in order not to get serious injuries that may rule them out of Euros. Its only natural with big players, they always want to play in these tournaments. So judging by dis, City have a way-better chance cos they have fewer 1st teamers international players of European origin. That may favor them… But I hope we Win, I’ve honestly 4gotten how it feels, winning d EPL. I want it back, Common Arsenal, gimme some Joy….
    GOYG, COYG….

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