Why Ozil’s burning desire is GREAT news for Arsenal

The Arsenal and Germany international star Mesut Ozil has been out of action now for 10 weeks, ever since he heard that crack while the Gunners were playing Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and it turned out to be a much bigger problem than anyone first thought (surprise, surprise).

But the club record signing is now back in training and no matter what you think of how well Ozil has performed since signing from Real Madrid last summer, we could really have done with him in the last couple of months. The German had not really started the season well and seemed to be suffering from a World Cup hangover like Per Mertesacker, but he was starting to find his form again and an in form Ozil is a massive boost to any team.

The concern for Arsenal fans, however, is which Ozil we are going to see when he does play again, so the clear enthusiasm of the German to get back on the pitch is just as good news as his return to fitness. The 26-year old says that he has really missed playing over the last 10 weeks and he cannot wait to be able to kick a ball in anger once more.

Ozil told Arsenal Player, “After a time, you really miss playing football. You miss the ball and just want to play. When you watch the games and think that you could have been playing, and playing well, it makes you miss it. But that’s the way things are.

“I’m working every day to get myself fit and I’m on the right path now. It won’t be much too much longer before I’m back on the pitch. I hope to be back training with the whole team again as soon as possible.

“When you watch the games, we’ve dominated a lot of them but have conceded unnecessary goals. That can’t happen, because in the Premier League, every team is capable of beating one another.

“We have to get our points by playing the game our way… I’m convinced that we will finish the season near the top of the table.”

As long as Ozil is not so keen to play again that he suffers a setback, his desire to get back in an Arsenal shirt can only be good. With him firing on all cylinders and with the likes of Alexis, Giroud and Ramsey hitting top form, Arsenal could be a match for anyone as long as we sort out those defensive problems he alluded to. Over to you and the transfer market Arsene….

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  1. OT: Here’s the team news for those who have yet to catch it…

    “There’s a slight chance of Monreal being available and a very slight chance for Walcott. We hope that Oxlade-Chamberlain will be fit. We’ll see that on Saturday.

    on Theo Walcott…
    He is back in training today [Thursday]. But only today. I might take him, I don’t know yet until he’s back to full training. Let’s see.

    on Oxlade-Chamberlain…
    That’s what we’ll see on Saturday after a test. He’s not in training at the moment.

    on Ospina and Rosicky…
    Ospina is back in full training and Rosicky should be back next week.

    on Wilshere, Ozil, Koscielny, Ramsey and Arteta…
    All out. They’re all progressing as planned.”


    Some worrying news on the OX plus no TR7, Jack, Ramsey, Ozil or Arteta. Wonder who will play if Ox fails the test, LeCoq??????

    And yeah great to hear Ozil is in high spirits and misses the game. Hope he also returns with a bang like OG because currently Carzola does not look like a man to easily drop.

    1. I just can’t wait for Walcott to come back. He is the player I am craving to be back, the guy gives us something different, he scores and assists..

      1. I miss Kos more at the moment.

        That defense still looks shaky without him. Going forward we aint doing too bad though Theo always adds something abit more special as you’ve rightly added.

  2. Leopards don’t usually change their spots but seeing as he has had time to see from the sidelines what is expected of him this time hopefully we may see why we paid all that money.Go for Oil when you finally start.

  3. Go for it Ozil when u finally start.
    The correction to the above cockup. My sincere apologies to one and all.

  4. When Ozil and Walcott are back to full fitness we might have the best attacking depth of all the top teams. If Wenger pays adequate attention to the defensive personnel (adding and organizing) we might see Arsenal do some serious damage in the CL after January.

  5. All i want from Ozil is to come back stronger and start supplying our forward line with the ball and bang in some goals also

  6. Sanchez – Giroud – Walcott
    ——— Özil/Cazorla

    Now that’s creativity, pace and hold up play haha! Have Özil and Walcott even played together? I mean, Walcott had the ligament injury AND the abdominal injury last year so he played like 10 games..

  7. Imagine if Ozil did as Fabregas has. Strengthened his body and embraced the PL. Unless he really wants to become a PL player i fear we will never see the best of Ozil in red/white. He can more than cut it in Spain and in many other leagues but the PL really is a different kind of animal, especially when playing centrally… i didnt like Arsene playing Ozil on the wing but in theory i understood it. He is lacking in strength and at times even in energy. The midfield is the hub of the battle… we dont play your orthadox number ten role so there is an importance on him to put in a shift otherwise we can look outnumbered at times.

    There is no doubting his talent of attack, but i just try to imagine what a special player he could become if he only added to his game. I think he owes us but more importantly he owes it to himself to become his all round best adopting Hazards and Fabregass efforts. We taught Fab and Hazard had to take on board Mourinho. I remember over in spain, Cruyff, said he couldnt believe che were asking a player of hazards ilk to run. He said he only wanted to see hazard attack and not run all over like he was too good for it or something. Look at Sanchez. I dont expect the same levels of stamina with Sanchez to Ozil but would love for him Ozil to use examples such as Fabregas and Hazard. Ozil could become the envy of every other club.

  8. Wenger is too loyal, his training staff is antiquated. The first thing they should ask of these layers is to put on 5-10lbs of muscle, stay fit, and enforce a rotation policy

  9. While its good to see ozil fired up to be back, I believe he shouldnt walk into the team once hes back. Ozil will have to earn his place, regardless of price tag. His past year has been poor and I wouldnt start him ahead of cazorla on current form. Anyway, we have a ton of games come christmas and both will rotate(hopefully), so ozil will get his chance. But right now cazorla is my first choice cam will a doubt.

  10. WTF is with all the Ozil haters???
    The guy doesn’t make a lot of noise but he gets the job done.
    Not his fault Wenger decided to play the best #10 in the world on the wing in the most physical league in the world.
    If you think he isn’t doing anything then go review his stats when he played, especially those when he played with Theo.
    Give him a fast runner for his passes and you have given him bullets for his gun!

    Welbeck has been getting a better understanding with the team and the guys are starting to realise just how good Sanchez’s footballing mind is (he was just too tricky even for our players for a time).
    With Ozil back at #10 and subbed at around the hour mark for Carzola our attack would be awe inspiring and they would both get the correct amount of playing time without burning out.

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