Why Pepe should leave Arsenal and join PSG (or any French club)

Arsenal’s record signing Nicolas Pepe has rarely been given a chance by Mikel Arteta even when the Gunners were riddled with injury this season. There is no doubt that the Frenchman is very skillful, and it is a fact that he was prolific for Lille before joining Arsenal for a ridiculous amount of money three years ago on the last day of the transfer window. Lille must have felt like they had won lots of jackpots at the KU CASINO as they walked to the bank with a 72million cheque in their pockets.

So now it seems that he must leave the Emirates in the coming transfer window, and there have been rumours that Sevilla are interested in his services, and the latest rumours are that the French giants PSG are interested to bring him in as a replacement for the aging Angel Di Maria.

In my opinion, this would be the perfect move for the talented winger. Not only would he be guaranteed trophies and a healthy wage packet, but he will also be able to communicate with his team-mates.

Why do I say this? Well, we all know that Mikel Arteta likes to go into great detail into his tactics and likes to micro-manage each of his players on the pitch, and that is something he has not been able to do with Pepe. As the Ivorian international himself told the Mirror back in March when asked about his lack of game-time: “I am focused on how well we do until the end of the season and the club’s target, which is getting into the Champions League. Then we will see what happens.”

“When a team is winning it is hard for a coach to make changes.

“Mikel Arteta has explained that to me and the coach knows what I think and how hard I’m working. It is also about communication. Sometimes it’s not easy to communicate with the language barrier. It has been a tough season for me. Of course, it is frustrating not to play. No player enjoys not playing but I have to respect the coach’s decision and the team is doing well at the moment.”

That last sentence is the killer for me. If you have been in a country for three years and can afford the best teachers money can buy, how is it possible that you have not learned how to speak English perfectly? In fact I would expect any self-respecting footballer should have three or four languages under their belt if they hope to hit the big time.

So, for that reason, I think that PSG is the perfect move for Pepe, because if he goes to Sevilla will he still have the same communication problems?


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  1. Such a shame. The boy has so much talent but just seems to lack the mental side of the game. Hopefully we can find a deal that benefits all parties this summer.

  2. I don’t think his skills and ball control are as good as Martinelli’s. He’s just very tricky

    He scored a lot of penalty goals for Lille and I believe Arsenal decided to buy him before evaluating his AFCON performance, because he is a tall inverted RW and isn’t an injury-prone attacker

    I also suggest he moves to PSG, as he knows the league, culture and country very well. 40 M is good enough for him and we could use the money to loan Asensio/ Trincao/ Traore

      1. It isn’t too late to replace him. If no club wants him this summer, we could try him out in the CF position

      1. Could also be a good option to make him compete with Saka, but he’ll ask for a huge salary

  3. I would rather have the club sack Arteta than sell Pepe.
    My opinion on Pepe still remains the same.
    Keep Pepe and bring in a manager who knows how to get the best out of the players at his disposal

    1. Would you be happy with a manager that couldn’t communicate with his players (That worked out well for Emery, didn’t it?)
      Why would you be happy with a player that couldn’t (by his own admission) communicate with his coachs?

      1. Arteta can speak French fluently. And we have some French speaking players in the squad anyway. doubt if the issue is about communication. It is about Arteta. A manager who shows glaring bias.

        I remembered on this forum some years back. There was an article about Mahrez. Whether he could be a good signing for arsenal. Some on this forum said NO. That he does not track back. Blah blah bla.

        We see what he is doing at Man city presently. Scoring the goals.
        It is an indictment on Pepe if he can’t speak English after 3 seasons at the club.
        But when it comes to performance on the pitch, Pepe is not as bad as he is being portrayed.
        Pepe is the most composed finisher in this present squad.

        What I see is bias. Yes.
        Xhaka cost is a lot of pints. Stupid mistakes. He cost us penalties, 3 points. Silly fouls. Reckless tackles. And many fans on this forum still rate him highly and want him at the club.
        You can’t rate a player who stayed in the bench all season.
        Arteta said Saliba was not ready.
        Saka is a fantastic player. But Arteta kept playing him week in week out. When he could have started Pepe in some games to freshen things up.
        Arteta is bias. We have a manager who wouldn’t even give Pepe the chance to prove his worth. We are not Real Madrid who can buy an 80m pound player and put him on the bench all season.
        We won’t always agree. A manager should push and demand more from a 72m pound signing. He won’t prove himself by being on the bench ALL SEASON

      2. A manager struggling with the native tongue is a completely different thing to an individual player. I dont think that that is a reason, just an excuse. He isnt totally not used to the language, he has lived in England 3 years.

  4. .After vast losess on Sanchez Ramsey Mustafi Aubameyang and Lacazette. With Chambers going for free, Guendouzie going for a pittance Mavro going for peanuts and Torreira likely to go for less than 50% what we paid Arsenal has to stop hemorrhaging millions. The reason Pepe is still at Arsenal is because he cost 72mill and the club wants at least 40m. So the club has to try and palm him off to one the money clubs PSG, Newcastle Chelsea any club fool enough to take him off our hands. PSG have just paid Mbappe a massive new deal so Pepe won’t be going there. Chelsea have a 90m flop Lukaku and Man Sheiky have just forked out 100m for Haaland and are trying to sucker 50m out of us for Jesus. Arsenal probably just has to persevere with Pepe like Nketiah till they miraculusly score a half a dozen goals then hock them off ASAP before they revert to type.
    Its like keeping Elneny and Soares as cover while the Xhaka/ Niles/Bellerin/Torreira issues are resolved.
    It’s all transfer poker and we have a hand ful of dud cards and not very smart card sharps at the table. Do you think other clubs will believe we have a royal flush and fold 🙂

  5. SoOry to be blunt but a player who cannot speak at least adequate and understandable English in three years is either thick in the head OR , which is the real reason , HE NEVER POSSEESED THE DESIRE TO DO SO. And that lack of desire is what I firmly believe MA is right to sell him this summer, which he will do. Just another in thlong line of talented young foreigners who simply did not make it in our intensely demandingPrem.

    One has to be realistic and not think every player who shows some talent is going to be ready for us He patently has never been ready nor ever will He has had THREE YEARS and failed to prove himself. Enough, so he must and WILL leave!

    You cannot run a succesful team on soppy sentiment towards those who wil let you down time and again!

    1. Jon, while i often agree with your posts, i see a tendency of justifying almost every single Arteta decision, mostly by changing the narrative to fit the argument.
      The facts about Pepe are the following:
      -Highest fee ever paid for Arsenal Player
      -Decent performances in his first year (could not do it consistently at any point) that showed his immense talent but also that he was tactically raw and less willing than the rest of the wingers to defend.
      -Was never given the chance to be a starter or to retain his starter position whenever he had a dip in form
      -Has scored more goals than any of our current wingers in a single season with an Arsenal Shirt, despite not being a guaranteed starter
      -Same treatment was NOT applied to Saka, despite the obvious dip in form (Who btw i love, but he is not as impactful as we make him out to be).
      -He has talent as you have said, but no, he did not have 3 years to prove himself. Unless Saka gets injured, he could have stayed for 20years and still not play, due to the way Mikel operates (Lets remember how Martinelli and ESR started playing as well, when Auba and Ozil were injured).

      So yeah, i can understand the “he didnt bother to learn English” story, but i cannot understand how our fan base tolerates singling out of ARSENAL PLAYERS and different treatment. How can you bench and not give even a small streak of games to a player that has last year OUTSCORED every single Arsenal winger this year? and without even being a starter?
      I rumbled a lot more than i intended to, apologies. The only point i wanted to make was that he got very few chances comparing to others and his numbers when he did manage to play a lot of games did not justify him being ostracised.

      1. Chris I thank you sincerely for bothering to take the trouble for a thinking and detailed reply to me. It is MUCH appreciated.
        You are correct that I do support MA and I do so firmly and with conviction. I see a special manager in the making and one who – after all those lax discipline and wasted last years of Wenger, (who funked the necessary discipline needed) – will drive our club forward with hard working and motivated players .

        MA has jettisoned the ones who would not buy in to hard work and good attitudes; namely Ozil,(whom I could not stand and regarded him as a harmful player with a disgraceful way of behaving, with his constant laziness and throwing fake sickies), Auba, who had long lost interest in working as all players ought to do. Plus the arrogant and harmful to team morale Guendouzi, who needed kicking out asap and was. Hooray!
        Unlike you, I see great harm in any player who after three years, cannot speak even basic English. That attitude is, to my mind, an intolerable one and his play was always unpredictable and undisciplined. I believe in team discipline and believe in it fully and am “thrilled”- i do not overstate that word either- that at LONG LAST we have such a man in charge.
        For balance, of course I accept and agree that MA has made many errors of judgement and tactical naivety and team selection.

        But IMO , he has learned a great deal in his time here and I SEE NO POINT IN STARTING AGAIN WITH ANOTHER NON WORLD CLASS MANAGER.
        No proven WC manager would accept working under Kroenke . being an absent and uncaringowner. THOSE ARE FULL REASONS WHY I BACK MA and wholeheartedly want him to stay. He has just signed a three year contract and I, being a supporter, not merely a fan, will continue to back him.
        I believe I have already been proven right and will be proven even more so before long. In short I HAVE PATIENCE, CHRIS.
        Many, sadly for them, do not!

        1. Thank you for your detailed reply as well Jon.
          I would like to clarify that i wholeheartedly agree with your comments about Ozil and Auba (Not with Guendouzi’s treatment though, as i feel that we have seen and tolerated much worse in the past few years and that it was too drastic a response for my liking.). I also agree that a professional NEEDS to learn the language that is spoken in the country he works and that if he indeed has not, then it is entirely his fault. My point though is that when this treatment had started, Pepe was barely for 1 year at Arsenal, therefore that was by no means an excuse for benching him then and this is most likely proof that MA has other reasons for not selecting him.
          I would like to clarify that am also supporting Arteta, but i try to evaluate his decisions/actions and that means mentioning the negatives as well. I am very pleased with the cohesion of the team, the teamwork and spirit of our young players, the fact that he has managed to make the fan base have hope as they now see some future stars (and not booing in every single match), while i also take note of our huge improvement in set pieces and overall mentality to try to win and not abandon games in which we trail. That being said, i feel that he needs to improve his man management skills, tone down his ego a bit and consider that not all people have similar/mild personalities and that for the best interests of the club to consider approaching some players (guendouzi in the past, Pepe now, maybe saliba when the new contract situation will come up) in a different way so that we can make the most of our assets (one of my very few issues with him is the handling of such players and the diminishing of their value. for example if he was certain that Pepe would not feature, then we could have sold him earlier. Instead from the 72mil we purchased him, we let his value drop to 25-30mil. Am certain that we could have sold for 40-45 last year, when he finished the season with 16 goals.). every manager has his flaws and his strengths. The point is to manage to view the positives, evaluate them and consider if they outweigh the negatives or not(and also to think if the alternative options are better-new manager, new “process”, available candidates at the moment etc).

    2. Fully agree.
      Make an attempt to learn the language and not sulk.
      Sad thing is I can see a top class player there

    1. Yes NY Gunner.
      Pepe could not even get into the team all season. Even when Saka was injured or needed rest. Was Pepe that bad? At home against Wolves, We we’re losing by a goal, Pepe came in and scored the equalizer. We talk about composure, about a player with tricks in the box, a free kick specialist, a player with immense quality who can create something from no where.. that is Pepe.

      Arteta as a coach at Man city worked with Sterling, Sane. He improved them further.

      But Arteta in Arsenal is all about bias. Favoritism.

      Pepe is not good enough, but Xhaka is good enough even when he lets the whole team down countless times.

      A manager has to get the best out of his players.
      Play Pepe behind the striker. Give him a free role in the squad. His movement and intelligence in the box is superb.
      Salah played 2 seasons on loan at Roma.
      He wasn’t good enough for Chelsea. Klopp brought him to Liverpool. And he has transformed to a top quality player.

      Arteta should not sell Pepe. He should rather demand more from him and be flexible in his tactics and formations to get the best out of every player. Especially if that player costs 72m pounds.

      1. Skills,
        Conte is a world class manager and he doesn’t want Ndombele in his squad, irrespective of his price tag.
        I don’t know why Arteta doesn’t trust Pepe but the relationship is clearly not working. I think it’s best to sell Pepe before he gets into the last 3 years of his contract and let’s get a good replacement

    2. Totally agree NY, It isn’t the issue. It wasn’t the issue before Arteta came and he was banging the goals in. If you dont play you don’t produce, end of.

      1. Admin Pat, being born in a country doesn’t make you a native of that country. I was born in West Germany while my dad was stationed out there. I’m still English though.

        1. English military bases are considered part of the UK I know, but Pepe was born and Bred. That’s called Ivorian descent…
          But let’s not nitpick eh?

      2. 😂,Pat is right, Pépé is French,born in Mantes la Jolie (Paris suburb), same as Marhez born in the Paris region,they just decided to represent their parents/grand- countries of birth,Zaha is British isn’t he?

      3. Thanks Pat,
        Of course Pepe is French, he was born and grew up in Paris outskirts.
        Similarly if Nketiah chooses to play for Ghana he won’t lose his British citizenship.

  6. I never rated him that much even before he signed for us but the cheap criticism I read here is laughable. I dislike sentimental judgements but I guess its part of football so there’s noting anyone can do about it

    1. Also the criticism I read about him and and some other players simply tells me one of our starting wingers is overrated. That guy can be so predictable and average in a match yet because he’s young and full of energy he’s never faulted.

  7. Arsenal need to sell Pepe, Torriera, Maitland niles, Marie, Runarsson, Bellerin, Ballard, Nelson, Leno, Holding and Cedric. Guendouzi and Mavropanos (already sold), should have been kept. Why should Arsenal continue to keep Thomas Partey (highest paid player 250,000 pounds weekly) for being in the hospital injured. He has only played 24 premier league games, which has cost Arsenal champions league qualification. Partey should be sold and replaced appropriately. What good is it to have a player ,who is not fit enough play consistently and keeps milking the club with astronomical wages, yet, insufficient performances. There are lots of younger quality emerging that can be acquired with a much lesser wage demand and less injury prone. While Partey has been good at times, but he’s not worth that 45m pounds Arsenal paid for him and his 250,000 pounds weekly salary because of his frequent injury problems. He should be sold.

    1. Partey wasn’t injured for years before coming to Arsenal, but after the Covid break he was monstrusly overplayed by his country and club..

      1. Yes @ Admin Pat.

        I also feel that Partey and Tierney injuries contributed to us not making top 4.

        There will be more games next season. We should buy Bissouma and Neves this summer.


        A 3 man midfield. That will be interesting.

  8. I gave him benefit of doubt for 2 years as he showed glimpses of quality .. but the glimpses never evolved … going to have to take a sizable loss and fire whoever saw this guy as a 75m dollar player … just one part of a shockingly managed club …sadly arteta will be in the dug out come the start of the season so 2 quality strikers and a quality midfielder is the minimum needed in this window .. 7 or 8 players out a couple of back up purchases and academy promotions .. so far the omens are bad .. plenty of time but august will be around sooner than we think

  9. Wow so all football players have to be gifted with languages ? Maybe he is just good at playing football. Dont see any complaints over Gabriel’s lack of English. It’s all about artet on this one need to teach players how to play his way not just give anybody that doesn’t away for free

  10. He deserves a chance to play with the team .. the only problem is that Saka and Marti were doing great and MA was running out of places!

    I think playing him as a playmaker behind our striker and giving him more space will be the best option if he decides to stay. However, I think he wants to start with the team and due to the aforementioned reasons, he won’t be able to do so ..

  11. In the EPL Pepe always has at least two players covering him. He would never get room in the English game and he hasn’t got the intelligence of players like Mahrez, who is different class. It is a shame he wasn’t given a couple of starts though at the end of the season as he can always come up with a goal. Once Arteta gets a Bee in his bonnet about a player he freezes them out as we regularly see. Not a very wise way to relate to players. Better to get a modest fee and move on.

    1. I agree with you Sean.

      I see a pattern in Arteta similar to Pep Guardiola.

      Once a player does not fit into his definition of an ideal player, Arteta isolates him. Even if he costs 100m.

      Man city can afford to spend 100m pounds on Grealish and Pep benches him all season, but Arsenal can’t afford that.

      That is what I have seen in Arteta.

      I won’t be surprised if Arteta sells Saliba this summer just because he is doesn’t like the player.
      We don’t have the financial strength of Man city who keep buying players.

      Arteta must put his ego aside. He must learn the carrot and stick approach.
      Get the best out of your players Arteta

      A manage can’t continue to fall out with his players.

      1. Skills1000

        Arteta is an OCD micro manager. Players are so controlled in general that spontaneous creative expression is sacrificed for Arteta’s crazy control needs.

      2. I’m not sure what people are on about. Pepe plays in a similar position to Saka who is better than he is.
        He needs to convince Arteta that he deserves to play by his performances and commitment in training; and whenever he gets the opportunity to play.
        Pep benches Grealish because others have been performing better, Arteta benches Pepe because others have been better.

    2. Sean, if Pepe is being marked by two opposition players (ie “double teamed”) then durely that leaves another Arsenal player free to attack. A competent manager should be able to put that situation (the attacking play of Pepe and his ability to attract defenders) to the advantage of his team.

  12. Live and work in a foreign country, learn to speak the language of that country. Simple really. Other players have done, so there’s no excuse for Pepe.

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