Why Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang deserves £300k per week

Arsenal should pay Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang what he is asking for.

There is not a single member of the current Arsenal team who would claim he is more important or just as important as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

A recent statistic says that the Gunners would be in the relegation zone without the goals of their beloved captain.

The Gabonese attacker won the Premier League’s Golden Boot last season and is on course to claim that gong again this season.

Even more important is the fact that he is spearheading Arsenal’s attempt to break into the Premier League’s top six.

The Gunners are, however, struggling to tie him to a new deal with his current contract expiring at the end of next season.

A recent report claims that the attacker has asked Arsenal for £300k per week to sign a new deal after admitting that he doesn’t need trophies to prove that he is one of the best attackers in the game.

Aubameyang’s demand is lower than the club is paying Mesut Ozil and the German has done little to justify his hefty salary.

I believe that Aubameyang deserves what he is asking for because his goals are keeping the team in form at the moment.

I also think that Arsenal should pay him what he is asking for because any top European side could gladly pay a player with his reputation such a wage.

Arsenal has to loosen the purse strings and begin to pay their players what they are worth or else they risk losing their best players to their competitors.

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  1. I dont this report is from a reliable source but if he is aking for 300k that should be given because he is an important player in the squad right now.
    City will take their frustration on us now.MA’s still unbeaten away.Lets hope for the best


  2. No way.
    Anyone who asks for that much doesn’t deserve it. Anyone who asks to be the highest paid player in the squad, that is. We will not make the same Mesut Ozil mistake again. One player who earns more than the others in the squad has the power to destabilise the club and send it into meltdown.

    1. Do not compare him with Ozil. Ozil was a good player when we gave him that contract but Auba is world class. He is among the best strikers in the world . Bro what’s wrong if Arsenal give him 300k and get 20 plus PL goals for next 2 to 3 season. Can we buy a strikers who can give us the goals that he give, and that too playing from wing..It could cost 100 million and that not can not guarantee .

  3. OT Man city lost, doesn’t mean we’ll beat them. Arteta is going to the hound’s kennel on Wednesday, we’ll leave the Etihad with bruises all over our net.

    1. Are you sure we did not hire the Man City coach instead of the assistant?
      We are not going there to lose.
      After watching Sp*d yesterday and Everton today I think we made the right choice by picking Arteta. Time may tell.

  4. Arsenal are not in a position financially, position in the food chain wise or standing of the club wise to have any player on 300k a week. With that sort of wages, you have to be more successful, in a financial position to pay it and be playing well enough and challenging for the major two honours that bring in that kind of money and kudos. Arsenal have gambled this summer with our spending to get CL football, if that gamble doesn’t pay off we cant keep gambling with players and wages. Arsenal are in no position to have one player on that kind of money let alone two. One or both have to be sold or got out of this club for it to move on without strangulation or pressure to pay huge wages to a team playing way below standards. This team is not good enough to support super rich earners, when we aren’t playing elite football for elite money. I will make a prediction, if we dont get CL football, Auba will be 100% gone and if we could offload Ozil, he would too. The difference is Auba has a significant value and attraction, Ozil doesn’t. We are in s**t street and we are getting nowhere at a great speed. We cat afford to pay wasted wages when we cant justify them, thats the reality.

    1. This is cheap compared to buying, pay the man. Auba for 300K/wk or we buy an unproven player for the same or more.

      Look at what the loss of Giroud has done to the production from the striker position.

      Time to pay or quit the top five.

        1. Quantic Dream, I think otherwise. Put Mane in the Arsenal team and Auba vice versa. Mane might churn out average performances but Auba, who has proven his quality over the years even with just above average clubs will definitely end the season with Liverpool as top scorer of the EPL.
          Auba has stayed consistent over the years and have built his value and deserves £300K in my opinion. Mane have a few years more to go.

          1. No.
            Mane has much more competition for goals at Liverpool so the comparison is impossible.

            No central forward in the world is on 300 K. Even younger ones.
            With his age and the club’s policies changing, the club should offer him 200 and if he doesn’t accept, increase the offer to 220 K or 230 K, but that’s it. If he feels that is not enough, he should leave.
            I think he would take 220, though, because no club will give him more, not at 31. He ain’t Cristiano…

            Also, what if we give him 300 K and a year from now Martinelli is world class. Give him 300 K, too, as a consequence of having once overpaid Ozil? And then Saka proves great… Give him 250 K???

    1. If Herrera can get himself a 300k deal at PSG am pretty sure Aubameyang will be eyeing much more than that. We need wage caps asap to rein in on this madness coz clubs are turning into cash cows for footballers.

      1. I agree, QD… it’s ridiculous.. not like they’re saving lives is it?! Some weeks they have the opposite effect!! 😜

  5. Looking at what Arsenal pay I could hardly say any of our players are on the minimum wage. Most are on at least £20,000 pw with many on £75,000 and a few on £100,000 plus We are broadly similar to the other top clubs.
    What will loosening the purse strings achieve? A few players earning silly money? PEA is currently on about £200,000pw which is as much as he is worth because Ozil just happens to be on totally silly money. The genie has been let out of the bottle now. How are salaries to be affordable?
    I would be daft not to appreciate what he has done for our goal difference since his arrival, but just because another individual has such a beneficial contract does not mean that a similar one should be up for grabs.

  6. £300K is too much. But that is where we find ourselves now. Football people caused it and may have to sustain or disrupt the status quo. The former might prevail and clubs may need to be innovative with making more money to at least break even.
    Concerning the issue at hand, there is not much time and I believe paying Auba £300K will be a risk worth taking.
    It will spare us of all try and errors.
    The Torres Chelsea debacle is a good case study to prove that no one can be a guaranteed scorer moving from one club to the other.
    There is no proven goal scorer in our team nor currently in the EPL who is better than Pierre Emerick Aubameyang. No one! Not even Aguero, Mane or Salah.
    Vardy and Kane come close due to the average players they are surrounded by (my reason for putting Auba above the rest….he receives services from average players yet, stays on top of the score charts not only in England but did it in Germany and France as well).
    This guy won the individual battle between himself and Lewandowski (a proven scorer) when they played against each other in Germany.
    Auba with mainly average players snatched golden boots from Lewandowski who was surrounded by top quality players.
    Arsenal for where we are now require stability to build up on and Auba provides that in leaps and bounds.
    Agree on a fransfer waiver on Ozil and ship him or sell a couple others to free some wages.
    Arsenal can have a breakthrough with this by selling some players that we may not necessarily have to replace. Eg. With the arrival of Saliba, Sokratis can be sold to free his 92K a week. Add that to Auba’s current wages and voila.
    Kolasinac 100K
    Bellerin 110K
    Meanwhile, Ozil’s deal ends in a year as well.
    I am happy with the current form of our players. Makes it a bit easier to sell. I see more shipping next transfer window.
    We can balance the books.

      1. That’s the crux of the issue
        Özil’s salary was a knee jerk reaction and was a shocking weakness in the negotiations from the club. They capitulated and now £350k is figure that PEA feels can ask for or get close to

  7. If Arsenal can sell Ozil, then lots of problems would be solved. Most of Arsenal players deserve to earn more than Ozil if it was based on performance

    1. Özil’s salary should not be the benchmark for future salaries – he is not good enough but the highest paid player, therefore lets pay PEA and Saka £400k because they’re better. Not economically sound

  8. Hell no.
    Had enough of this nonsense.
    The same over the top emotion and sensitivity got us to pour more than £300,000 a week down the drain on a lame over hyped fraud.
    Arsenal just reported a £27 million loss this year. The shirt selling genius is on £18 million a year because he has a very loyal and vocal fan club cried very hard to the board.
    Auba is 30 years old. Giving him a £300,000 a week 3 year contract is a risk with our current financial struggles. Shirt selling genius on £350,000 a week. Mkhi on £200,000 a week. Laca on £180,000 a week. Auba on £300,000 a week etc. All with us struggling financially. Not in the CL. Struggling to make 5th place.
    Making losses now, £27 million.

  9. Hell No…
    Auba is definitely Good but honestly I don’t see him Earning 300k.
    The Dude hasn’t Played up to 3/4years to talk of..

    He should move on If he ain’t settling with reasonable 250k..

    1. Guys like Ozil who played for 5yrs, what can they show. Besides that Auba deserves better wages than Ozil

  10. I totally agree, without him we would be relegated to he championship, give him his £300,000 a week, he deserves every penny.
    If they let him go they will be sorry

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