Why Pique to Arsenal is NOT just a daft transfer rumour!!

When I first saw the latest Arsenal transfer rumour linking the Gunners with a bid for the Barcelona and Spain international defender Gerard Pique, I thought that it was just a bit of journalistic nonsense, even though the Daily Mail report claims that it has got it’s sources from Spain.

But looking into it a bit more, it does look like a January transfer move could be on the cards for Pique, as his relationship with the current Barca coach Luis Enrique seems to have reached a point of no return. And the Catalan club are keen to get behind their former playing star as boss after the failure of the Tata Martinez experiment last season. They want to go back to their old boot room philosophy with the likes of Guardiola, Rijkaard and Cruyff doing so well.

So it looks like Pique will have to back down and apologise or move on, which the report claims is now the most likely thing to happen. So the Premier League is the obvious choice for Pique, especially as he has already spent some time here with Man United as a youngster. The paper claims that United want him back, but a move to Arsenal has a lot going for it for Pique. An almost guaranteed starting place for one, a life in London with his wife Shakira, a former team mate in Alexis Sanchez and a few Spaniards to help him settle in.

So I for one am quietly hoping that the report’s claim that Wenger has already spoken to Barca about signing him are true. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. between the Pique rumour and the one that is going around that Wenger wants Smalling in January I am going nuts…are we so freaking desperate that are willling to go out and sign these two “flops”??…there is a reason why Barcelona is considering cutting Pique out, he’s a mediocre player, not better than our BFG, so I don’t see an improvement there…As per Smalling, come on!! the kid is terrible, Chambers with his inexperience is way better than him!!…we need to make improvements to our Team, not just filling the blanks with whoever is having a hard time somewhere else…I really hope that this is just another rubbish rumour from the desperate pundits that love to put Arsenal in a bad spot and not another crazy idea of Arsene, which by the way, must start considering retirement…

    1. pique and smalling…….. They share two common attributes == ABILITY TO CREATE A PENALTY SCENERY IN THEIR OWN BOX OUT OF NOTHING

      1. out of topic, have you guys read article about Monreal being slammed on twitter by Arsenal fans? That is so mean. Why do people always try to be assholes like that! It hurts his feeling so bad. He is forced to play out of position and he only tried hard to defense which leads to a pen. Kos did that many times but still our favourite player.

  2. its common to often hear our fans say refs hate us, the F.A hates us, the media hates us…….. Tell u what…… We are just too nice… We are the nicest guys in a football pitch….. We are scared to even defend (so we don’t hurt the opponents) and then we take every important game Like its a London colney training ground practice…….. Tell me…. The ref hates us afterall, what’s d point playing nice then……u’l still get carded anyway……. WE NID TO SHOW MORE GRIT ……… BTW : forget pique

    1. I kinda agree. I dont want Arsenal to play like Stoke or anything but we play too nice. Sometimes rough and dirty needs to be done.

      1. @ darwin….now i would say ur are evolving in ur ideas…… CHARLES DARWIN ….. D father of evoLution…. Lmao

  3. @ camiran…….. Someone thumbed u u…..and it wasn’t me…… But it’s just u and i who have dropped comments at the moment…. So who could that be? ….. L()L

  4. Wenger buys a player that will mean putting one of his favorites on the bench (Mertesacker)… will never happen, also wenger will procrastinate trying to get him for as cheap as possible and he will end up going somewhere like man utd…

  5. Not convinced pique is a good signing.
    We need a “proper” defender in the mould of Sol Campbell Vidic Terry we do t need another ball playing Center half.

  6. Pique is coming and Reus
    Reid, Snailing,Vlar, Schneidelin,
    Kheidra, Van dijk ,Wanyama
    Carvalho, Fellaini , Schar, Cavani,
    Draxler, Bender, Pogba, Hummells,
    the Iranian Messi, Cabaye, Gourcuff
    Paul Gascoigne and Robbie Williams .

    1. Barcelona hardly conseed any goals the first they concede was El Classico. Pique is t at his best but still world class and is better than anyone currently in the premiership ( on reputation)

      1. they dont concede lots of goals because they have 70 per cent posession most games…as quality teams worked this out and focused on defending deep and counterattacking, their weak points were quickly recognised and that was pique….he is a slightly better version of our german….so no thank you…and his reputation comes from the team more than his own qualities

  7. We already have enough light weight defenders.So,no thank you.
    I would rather take back Vermalean as he seems to rot on that bench.

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