Why playing Alexandre Lacazette off the bench is good for him and Arsenal

Arsenal returned to winning ways when they beat Newcastle 4-0 at the weekend.

That win shows that their training camp was a needed one and that they have made the most of it.

Apart from Arsenal winning the game, I was delighted that Alexandre Lacazette ended his goal drought.

The Frenchman has struggled to find the back of the net for much of this season and starting him in those games in which he has failed to score may have affected his confidence.

Coming off the bench in the game against Newcastle United placed him under less pressure to score and the opposition defenders were also too tired to mark him at their optimal best.

I believe that starting him on the bench for the next few games could see him notch up more goals as well as come in to change games for the Gunners.

He remains one of the best goalscorers in the team but making him a super-sub could pay dividends to the club.

I like that Mikel Arteta started Eddie Nketiah in that game and gave the line up a fresh outlook, more of that could make us unpredictable and that is exactly what we need now as a team.

Lacazette is more experienced than Gabriel Martinelli and Nketiah but I don’t see any problem in both attackers starting ahead of him as he gradually returns to form.

I doubt it will harm Lacazette’s confidence too much if he is no longer considered an automatic starter and anyway, the best interests of Arsenal must take priority.

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  1. He had long enough to prove he should be starting and didnt prove it. Eddie is the future and I think will become better than lacca. Nothing wrong with competition

    1. please…..Nketiah is not epl yet maybe 3 yrs. Still too selfish in wanting glory for himself when a pass to a teammate would be better. A lot of posters can’t see what Lace produces ie hold up position and ability to score. Granted the past few games he has been poor, his touch has deserted him and his sitters….omg but he is still a better head to have on the park. Nketiah is another Walcott, potential that never eventuated

  2. Agree with your last paragraph, Ime 👍

    Just read Klopp’s comments about last night… he didn’t think Simeone saw a lot of the game as he was continually animating the crowd!! 🤣 Omg coming from him!!! He’s always doing it and even ran on the pitch to celebrate with Alisson once. What a complete idiot!!
    One thing’s for sure, that return leg will be a feisty affair, that is if Atletico make it off the bus, from the attack I’m sure Pool’s fans will give them… just like when City turned up……

  3. I also believe coming on as a sub late in the game will help Laca, and it will inject extra energy in the team in the final minutes of the game.

    @Sue I have a feeling Liverpool may find it hard to break down Athletico Madrid in the return leg. Just like one commentator said “they love to defend”, and I agree and they are good at it.

  4. Not at all, he is no supersub but top class, everyone wa a 6 in first half. When Ceballos readjusted is play in middle by not focusing on defe ding almost causing a goal in first half, playing forward, it allowed transition, Ozil and same exact team looking as a 9. Because we had balance in middle by this reajusting of Ceballos in a formation and tac tic clearly set to gun down Newcastle!

    Good players do not suddenly become bd then good again. They are good but must be abble to play.

    When 2 midfields focus in defending, team leans doing so, under pressure then…

  5. This post is not about the upcoming Liv vs Atl match nor Totts vs R8L in the CL today. But is about Olym vs Ars in the ELC tomorrow. Therefore us should focus on our own match of tomorrow. But us can watch today’s matches in the PL MC vs WHU and in the CL today to take delight in ourselves if any of our 2 top rival club sides suffer a setback in their outings this night. But let’s keep any negative comments us intended to make to ourselves because us too have an important match at away tomorrow in which us want to win. I think Aubameyang, Lacazette, Pepe and Martinelli should all start the match tomorrow. I think Martinelli and Lacazette can both lead the line jointly as 2 strikers pairing. While Auba and Pepe start from the opposite wings. 424 formation? Yes! But I am not Arteta.

  6. Just guessing he meant we instead of us. My hat is off to anyone who learns another language. They make mistakes sometimes. I know not one word of Samuels native tongue.

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